Screencap by Boch. Via YouTube.
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Charles Sharp, 49, called 911 to report “intruders” on his property in Mantua Township, New Jersey back on September 14th. Despite his last name, he did just about everything wrong before and during his 911 call. His life ended as he traipsed towards police, in the dark, carrying a replica .45 pistol in his hand.

Sharp told dispatchers that he saw two men (and later a “girl”) prowling around in his back yard, one of which, he said, had a gun. What did Mr. Sharp do then? He told the dispatcher, and I quote, “I lit a quarter-stick to scare them away but they came back…”


Mr. Sharp’s residence. He died walking towards the street carrying a .45 towards police, in the middle of the night, as they responded to a “man with a gun” call. Screencap by Boch via Googlemaps.

Mr. Sharp described the suspects as a mid-60s white male with thinning hair, and a black guy and a “girl” behind the fence. They were allegedly messing with his shed. When he went to go out to confront them (after tossing that quarter stick to scare them away) he supposedly saw one of them trying to get into his truck in front of his house.

Wait. It gets better. A lot better.

As the police responded, he said that he believed he saw one of the prowlers in his truck.  As the dispatcher communicates with the officers, Sharp says…

“I have something my grandfather passed down to me. I don’t know how legal it is… in a will…”

Later he elaborated, “My grandfather willed me a .45.  I don’t know what I’m allowed to do with that. So I threw a couple of quarter sticks out. Maybe that’s not the professional thing to do, but…”

Incredibly, Mr. Sharp failed to tell dispatchers that he had exited the house. And that he was carrying the .45 pistol as the first officers rolled to a stop outside his house. You can hear the officers ordering him to put the gun down, but Sharp…didn’t.

Then they shot him. Mr. Sharp died of his injuries. The bodycam video begins at 4:52 in this video.

In a case like this, we can all learn some important lessons.

First off, if you detect prowlers on your property, call police right away. Try to stay concealed and observe and report. Do not leave your home until either responding police officers or the dispatcher tells you to, for your own safety. If you’re armed as police arrive, make sure your gun is holstered and well-concealed. And keep your hands clearly visible.  What’s more, you will likely not realize police have arrived until they want you to know.

Tossing out a couple of “quarter-stick” explosives to “scare away” trespassers? That’s shows a severe cranial activity deficiency. But taking a replica handgun outside to confront potentially armed perps? That’s nuclear weapons-grade stupidity. Especially with the police responding to your “man with a gun” call.

Even if Mr. Sharp had armed himself with a real gun, that would have been very foolish. Was he going to shoot (or threaten to shoot) someone for stealing his 40-year-old Craftsman lawnmower? Or maybe escalate a confrontation over yard tools into a gun battle? Again, for what? A crappy mower and a rusty rake?

Not only that, but going out to confront thieves could result in an exchange of gunfire. Again, for what? Some junk in a shed?

Lastly, if you’re ever on the phone with a 911 dispatcher and police are coming, give them your description. Let the dispatcher know what you are doing and your location. If the dispatcher advises you do something, like, oh, to put down your gun before approaching the officers, you’d be wise to follow those recommendations.

What could possibly go wrong with not using common sense in a burglary call? Mr. Sharp found out.

For those looking to hear the family’s response, CBS3 in Philly has additional information in a story.

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  1. He must not have had a balcony to let loose a couple of shotgun blasts from… see, it’s unwise to deviate from wise old King Dribblecup’s simple directions.

    • “He must not have had a balcony to let loose a couple of shotgun blasts from… see, it’s unwise to deviate from wise old King Dribblecup’s simple directions.”

      Well, any responsible firearm possessing homeowner needs to do what King D has instructed his OWN family to do when no balcony is available.

      Get down on your hands and knees, pick through the carpet, and smoke all the specks of parmesan cheese you can find. 🤪

      Be safe out there, and DON’T inhale.

      • There’s so much dumb here. From the homeowner, to the responding LEO, to even the way Boch writes his article by inserting his personal assumptions.

        “Rusted”? ” Crappy?” “Junk?” “Nuclear grade stupidity?”

        Really, Boch?…you choose to use your position as a *journalist* to stomp on the reputation of a dead man who lost his life due to a cop who didn’t exercise self control? Poor form, Boch. You can do better.

        The more I’ve read from you over the past year, the less impressed I’ve become.

  2. you are correct in everything you say in the story.
    You’re not allowed to shoot trespassers.
    You are not allowed to shoot thieves .
    You are only allowed to shoot someone if you are in imminent fear of a deadly force attack.
    You can use force to stop a thief, but it has to be non-deadly force.
    So go out there and strike them, pepper spray them, or taser them.
    Do not stab or shoot trespassers or thieves.
    Of course if you do go out there and they attack you with deadly force you are privileged to respond with deadly force.
    But leaving a place of safety never looks good when the prosecutor is deciding whether to file charges.
    I will say that police officer sure opened fire awfully fast.
    No verbal commands, he rolls up an open fire immediately.
    In these times with all the George Floyd protest, you would think police would think twice before executing someone like that.
    It will be interesting to see what the review board says about this.

      • Also in MS. People who make overly broad statements such as Docduracoat did, should identify what State they are referring to since (as you note) the laws vary quite a bit from State to State.

      • State law may allow it. Feds (via civil rights law and court precedent) may have a very different take.

        And with Merrick Garland’s DOJ, what do you think they would do in a case? Make it a political football and run with it?

        Let’s go Brandon!

    • White guy with gun possesses “White Privilege” and therefore nothing will happen to cop. Not even close, plus NJ so they will will just say too bad so sad, and will just wash their hands and walk away.

    • “You’re not allowed to shoot trespassers.
      You are not allowed to shoot thieves .”

      that’s not true everywhere. It depends on how the law is written in the state. Like for example, here, we can shoot a trespasser if they are committing a felony on the property, or are in the act of or threaten to commit a felony, that felony does not need to be an imminent threat to you. We can do this because the law has a little quirk in it, its written in such a manner without qualification as to say that you can use deadly force against anyone who commits or intends to commit a felony against you at any place your have a legal right to be right then, and you always have a “right then” legal right to be on your own property. Yes, we can shoot thieves too if its felony theft, basically felony theft here is theft of anything over $200.00 in value. And of course we can shoot someone attempting to break in, they don’t need to have actually broken in yet but just in the act of attempting.

      Am I going to run out and shoot a trespasser? No, I’ll call the police and let them handle it. But if that threat becomes imminent to my family or myself its all over and I will rain down hell on that trespasser.

      “You can use force to stop a thief, but it has to be non-deadly force.”

      that’s not true here. here, you can use deadly force (e.g. pulling the trigger) or the threat of deadly force (e.g. drawing down on them), depending on the situation, to stop a felony – either against you or someone else.

    • docduracoat:
      “Of course if you do go out there and they attack you with deadly force you are privileged to respond with deadly force.”

      Um, maybe not. The prosecutor just might say that you should have stayed inside and let the cops handle it. Since you left the house, you were looking for trouble, now you have found it.

  3. You steal my crap you’ll take a dirt nap…backhoe for the win. PS:I’m not calling the po-leece.

  4. An ill-advised homeowner and a startled trigger-happy cop are a bad combination. The cop got the drop on a foolish bonehead who didn’t realize he was playing a game for keeps. Totally unnecessary and avoidable situation all around.

    Sadly, an unfortunate outcome for both parties.

  5. The homeowner was either a total moron AND/OR under the influence of drugs/alcohol.

    Will be interesting to see the toxicology report on the victim, if it’s EVER released to the public.

    Owning firearms comes with numerous responsibilities, not the least of which is SOBRIETY!

    • Not everyone is a tee-totaller. Especially in their own home. And as has been noted many times, you don’t get to pick the time and place of an assault.

      • There’s a vast expanse between “tea-totaller” and significantly impaired. Everyone finds their own acceptable level.
        The fact that one doesn’t get to pick time and place of assaults should weigh into finding the acceptable level.

        My point is that toxicology results would show the level this victim thought “acceptable”.

  6. Part of the blame goes to the dispatcher. Based on the audio, some useful and relevant information was not passed to the responding officers. The dispatcher sounded bored and like he was just doing the minimum.

  7. Once dispatch heard that much stupid and “45” dispatch should have stopped it there and advised mr. not so sharp to put his gun down, shelter in place and show hands to the police upon their arrival and to identify himself by name, homeowner, etc. Next question…Did you put the gun down as advised mr. sharp?

    The whole thing just does not pass the sniff test. Time again for some Kris…

  8. s long as they are outside, they are not generally fair game. As soon as they begin the attempt to breach and enter an “occupied dwelling or other structure” then its game on. Wait till they actually attempt to enter. Same wiht a vehicle. Truckparked in the drive, you inside the house, no deal. If you are IN the truck itis then an “occupied vehicle” and, as before, its game on.
    Sad we haev to wait until things progress that far before we can take meaningful action.

  9. The bunny rabbit that wrote the description of what happened needs to stay in his burrow and always rely on the all powerful and all knowing government to take care other/him. New Jersey is a perfect example of what gun control accomplishes — the victim did know what a firearm is and how to use it in situations — the police shoot anyone and anything with a firearm (As an aside, it would be interesting to see how many blue on blue shootings occur in NJ, as the police open up on anyone with anything that looks like a firearm). This case shows that there is common ground between white working class people and black inner city residents when it comes to police acting recklessly.

  10. Wow. I thought cops only killed dogs, hostages and black people. It warms my heart to know that cops will kill absolutely anybody at any time. Because, really, why should dog owners, families of hostages, and black people be the only ones afraid of cops.

  11. John Boch, I like most of what you write, you are an asset to TTAG and the 2A community. However, your writing in this article reads more like something written by the Huffington Post or an intern at CNN. Your speculative or derisive comments may seem snarky and fun, but these statements take away from the valuable lesson that you are trying to convey.

    His life ended as he traipsed towards police,

    Traipsed? Was that in the official statement from the responding officer? Maybe he was traipsing, but I didn’t see that in the bodycam video.

    Was he going to shoot (or threaten to shoot) someone for stealing his 40-year-old Craftsman lawnmower? A crappy mower and a rusty rake?

    Speculating on his property? How do you know what his possessions were?

    Some junk in a shed?

    One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Property is acquired through time and effort. Steal someone’s property and you steal their time. Time can never be returned or insured. If you work for five years to buy a truck and a thief comes along and steals it, you have just given five years of your life to someone else. Some call this slavery.

    I agree what he did was stupid. I agree with your statement that we need to assess how important it is to place your life in jeopardy over possessions. The lessons to be taught here would be better received without out all the speculative and degrading commentary.

    • Try imagining what a prosecutor would say in a jury trial after you shot some guy in your backyard for messing with your shed. Maybe Mister Sharp didn’t mean to threaten someone with a gun messing with a shed, but if it that escalated and he had a real gun it certainly could have turned into a shootout or a shooting.

      And again what is that prosecutor going to say to the jury? “You shot that man over an old Craftsman lawn mower and a rusty rake?”

      You are getting all wrapped around the axle over not having a photo of what he had in his shed. Look at the bigger picture. Or not.

      • In TX many times the prosecutor “no bills” the shooter, especially if the incident occurred at night like this one. And it doesn’t matter what was in the shed. Private property is private property no matter the value.

        You might want to stick with IL law because you danged sure don’t know TX law.

      • I believe John is grossly missing the point. The guy could of been getting into the shed looking for something to break into the house with and or kill you with.
        I don’t care if its my lawn mower, jewelry, tv, or kidnapping my kids for sex slaves. It isn’t yours and you will risk your life for it. I didn’t make you try to steal from me.

        This articles is pure trash as it does basically nothing but bad mouth the victim.
        It reads like “the girl dressed so provocatively slutty that it was impossible for the man to resist his natural hormones, she wore a short skirt like a moron and then the dummy went to the movies without the protection of another man, the dummy should of known she was going to be raped, she deserved it for being so fit and in shape knowing very well that someone would just want her more because she worked hard for her image…..”


        Police should restrain from firing unless they feel immediate threat, even then they have the upper hand as they use body armor and are skilled.
        Your lack of human compassion for people who may not be as mentally sharp as you think you are is appalling.

        Obviously he was doing his best to protect himself, textbook SEAL level training by no means but he was trying the best HE knew how and was open and honest the entire time.

        I believe you should seriously think about how you talk about someone who gave their life trying to defend themselves next time before writing anything.

        This New Jersey attitude lately of letting criminals do what they want because the only right you should ever have is to defend yourself to any IMMEDIATE death is bull crap! This just makes victims.
        If 99% of home burglaries resulted in death of the thief, theft would drop off drastically.


        • This fool went outside and was on the phone while speaking with 911 as he was patrolling and speaking of armed robbers screwing with his property and his vehicle. he is an idiot. he got what he deserved for being stupid. ethnicity, location, socio-economic level, neighborhood, last name, absolutely nothing has anything to do with this case except for the Swiss-cheese homeowner being an idiot.

  12. Were there actual intruders? He threw out a couple of ‘quarter sticks’ and they still hung around?

    Sumpin’ ain’t right here. Methinks the home owner was in some sort of delusional state. There may never have been any bad guys.

    • I’m kinda with that, especially with a guy who has no idea what he can do with a gun which he apparently does not even realize is not real, but tosses around explosives like they’re candy? He may have just needed kilt.

  13. Interesting story…For me I would have called the deputies. Society has determined that some of the taxes I pay goes to fund these much younger guys and girls to deal with these kinds of issues. I’m not wasting any of my energy except keeping visual contact from inside my house and telling the dispatcher what I’m seeing.
    Accuse me of being a sheep, police bootlicker ect all you want. The reality is that I’m kinda lazy and insurance will cover anything that gets stolen. I’m paying for their service already so let the deputies deal with the problem I say. They have ROEs and such.

  14. This incident shows that no one is completely useless. At worst, he can serve as a bad example. Since Sharp managed to survive (somehow) to age 49, it’s likely he reproduced at some point. Therefore, he doesn’t qualify for a Darwin Award by offing himself before degrading the gene pool.

  15. This is not an uncommon occurrence with the largely untrained moronic thug U.S. Cops. I often tell people the last people on earth you want to call if you are in trouble, are the cops.

    Untrained cops shoot first and ask questions later. Compare this to professional trained police of Germany and France. German cops are thoroughly vetted before they are even hired and once hired are given 3 years of intensive training. Everyone in Germany gets professional training. Some U.S. cops get as little as 4 weeks training.

    Intense and professional training in Germany is a National obsession for everything. The tests that you have to take just to get a fishing license in Germany would disqualify most all of the backwoodsmen in the U.S. as the test would be way beyond their educational level.

    Although the snobby U.S. Far Right like to throw insults at the French Police they have been in some very dangerous hostage situations and unlike the usual failed U.S. Cop attempts which result in them shooting the hostages the French have killed all the terrorists and not lost one hostage in the operation.

    • I remember the Australian Woman who made the big mistake moving to the U.S. and when she called the police because there were prowlers around her house, when she walked out of her house in her pajamas to talk to the police when they arrived one of the cops still sitting in the cruiser shot her dead.

      Or how about the black man that was shopping with his girlfriend. His first mistake was “shopping while being black” because when a female clerk saw him bend over and expose his concealed carry weapon (which was legal) she called the moron cops who waited outside for him and when he came out of the store, they simply gunned him down. The moron cops believed that since he was black he was a dangerous criminal. His concealed carry license cost him his life.

      Or how about the Philando Castile case. Again, the moron untrained cop thought since Philando was Black he must be dangerous and shot him dead in his girlfriend’s car. The Racist NRA said nothing until intense criticism from NRA Black members forced them to release a watered-down tepid statement about the murder by cop. Again Philando’s concealed carry license cost him his life.

    • you might be the dumbest po s i’ve ever seen on these forums….
      Funny how you think you know something about German culture when you OBVIOUSLY HAVEN’T A CLUE….
      Keep on spewing your diarrhea from your disgusting face hole…. one day somebody might actually give you what you need to remedy your disease…

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation

        Your comment is awaiting moderation

        Your comment is awaiting moderation

        It appears little D is correct in his assertion regarding anglers in Germany.

        The fact is, Germany requires more extensive training and testing for fishing licenses then any American state requires for CCW:

        “Obtaining a German fishing license is time consuming and pricey. Its process entails taking a 30-hour course followed by a comprehensive fishing exam that tests what students learned. A good understanding of the German language is a must. The cost of obtaining the license is around $200. The license needs to be renewed annually for about $22.”

        I think “a 30-hour course followed by a comprehensive exam” is an appropriate requirement for the carrying of lethal weapons in public spaces.

  16. Remember when you go “armed” you always risk being shot accidentally by the police and even if you are “unarmed” it does not often save you either when dealing with the cops of today.

    Cops are they often even come to the wrong house and end up shooting people who had no idea what was even going on. Would you yourself not act strangely if your door was suddenly smashed in at night and would you not perhaps grab your gun. If you did the cops would gun you down and then claim “qualified immunity” for their own stupidity. Once again your self defense weapon even in your own home would cost you your life because of untrained cops.

    In today’s Capitalvania you are often “less likely” to get shot by the robbers than accidentally shot by the moron cops.

  17. Objectives. We investigated the possible relationship between being shot in an assault and possession of a gun at the time.

    Methods. We enrolled 677 case participants that had been shot in an assault and 684 population-based control participants within Philadelphia, PA, from 2003 to 2006. We adjusted odds ratios for confounding variables.

    Results. After adjustment, individuals in possession of a gun were 4.46 times more likely to be shot in an assault than those not in possession. Among gun assaults where the victim had at least some chance to resist, this adjusted odds ratio increased to 5.45 .

    • Resisting an armed robber drastically increases the risk of death to the victim, according to results from a new study done at the University of Chicago.

      While victims actively resisted in only 7 percent of the robberies studied, those incidents accounted for 51 percent of the deaths.

      Conclusions. On average, guns did not protect those who possessed them from being shot in an assault. Although successful defensive gun uses occur each year, the probability of success may be low for civilian gun users in urban areas. Such users should reconsider their possession of guns or, at least, understand that regular possession necessitates careful safety countermeasures.

      In one study it was shown that people who resisted being robbed and shot it out with the robbers on average were less likely to survive the encounter than if they had done nothing.

      Trying to play Clint Eastwood of Dirty Harry fame is not worth losing your life over saving the theft of your property. When you are dead your possessions are meaningless but this is way over the head of the stingy, cheap ass far right who regard money as more important than losing their life. In other words, they would rather be dead than lose a single penny of their money. Many get their wish. A world with less Ebenezer Scrooges is a better world to live in anyway.

        • Hey jwm, why don’t you take a closer look at the ‘Fake Miner’ post above, maybe click on his name and see what happens. He’s certainly a sloppy disinformation agent.

          It is so amusing to see you cheer on the very government you claim to detest. Y’all are so easily manipulated, it is embarrassing.

          Efrem Zimbalist Jr would be so proud of you.

  18. Depends on the state as to if you can legally confront a thief. IMO you should be able to even though your sarcastic tone about people’s property shows your ignorance of what things are actually worth to some. You need to watch how you talk about folks and their property. I’ll fight ya if you talk that around me

    • To Matt

      You are a poster boy for proving my point about stingy, greedy, grasping people putting property above life. I am sure every penny that passes through your hands is squeezed so tightly that it screams for mercy.

      And by the way you cannot take your money with you when you go. But your relatives will spend all your money you left behind in one day and laugh about it.

      • Never forget. This guy wished for unarmed protesters to be mowed down by automatic gunfire just because he didn’t agree with their politics.

        • to Herr Hauptman Dud Brain.

          What a laugh. You had your Storm Troopers trying to overthrow the U.S. Government and destroy democracy and the Constitution under the banner of your Lord God Herr Drumpf (fake 45).. You and your jackbooted troopers were every bit as dangerous and evil as an invasion by a hostile foreign country.

          When Hitler tried to take over the German government with his beer hall putsch the government opened fire on them with machine guns and imprisoned Hitler. I say again the same should have happened on Jan. 6th and Trump should now be sitting in prison writing his own book “Mein Kampf”. You could ask to be his secretary since he is not able to compose complete sentences. You could be a modern day Rudolf Hess

        • Stormtroopers? People were walking around in the Capitol Building taking selfies. The protesters ended up politely filing out of the building. Why do you think YouTube is censoring that video? Ah, who am I kidding? You never think. You only act on emotion, and you clearly hate anyone that disagrees with your politics.

          Is it or is it not okay to kill a non-deadly threat? Should criminals be arrested and tried for their crimes or just shot on site? Do you think the federal police should be the judge and jury? These are basic questions that a five year old could answer. You’re for the mass murder of hundreds of unarmed protesters that you don’t agree with, yet, in your mind, you’re the good guy.

          “You had your Storm Troopers…”
          “You and your jackbooted troopers…”

          I knew you were delusional, but this is a new development. So now you think I’m the commander of your fictional jackbooted stormtrooper army? (LOL)

        • “Why do you think YouTube is censoring that video?“

          First, can you specify what video you are speaking of, and who exactly recorded that video?

          Do you think it is impossible that, while some individuals were “calmly walking around taking selfies” that other individuals were violently assaulting the police with chemical agents, clubs, and sticks?

          And how do you explain the New York Times video showing multiple vicious assaults by insurrectionists against uniformed police officers, resulting in the documented serious injury of over 100 Capitol police officers?

        • @Miner

          I can’t find the video any longer. YouTube is censoring it. Even if I search for it by upload date, the newest video it now shows is two months old.

          Miner said: “Do you think it is impossible that, while some individuals were “calmly walking around taking selfies” that other individuals were violently assaulting the police with chemical agents, clubs, and sticks?”

          I never once said that didn’t happen. As far as I can tell, at a minimum, there were assaults, vandalism, and trespassing. None of those crimes warrant being shot dead on site by the Capitol Police like sicko little d fantasized about.

          Miner said: “And how do you explain the New York Times video showing multiple vicious assaults by insurrectionists against uniformed police officers, resulting in the documented serious injury of over 100 Capitol police officers?”

          What are you even talking about? When did I say that didn’t happen? Like a fool, you’re arguing against something that didn’t even happen. This is actually my point. Those videos are everywhere because they are being promoted by YouTube, which serves the political Left. You’re either a propagandist or a useful idiot. Please point me to someone charged with insurrection. You can’t because that’s nothing but a talking point for fools like you to latch onto. You’ll keep saying it though because you want it to be true. You think you can craft your own reality just by wishing it into existence.

        • Dude, you are being what smart people call disingenuous.

          “Stormtroopers? People were walking around in the Capitol Building taking selfies. The protesters ended up politely filing out of the building.“

          It is clear that your claim is there was no violence, based on your statement I quoted above.
          You even claim there is video to support your position.

          But there is no video to support your claim, empty speech as usual.

          I’m sorry you were disappointed that no one has been charged with insurrection yet, be patient as the investigation develops.

          There are plenty of charges to go around, and as the soft headed dupes of the Trump conspiracy continue to plead guilty and turn State’s evidence, we’ll have more information regarding the plot to disrupt the constitutionally mandated certification of the election.

          Indeed, many of the capital attackers have been charged with obstructing government process, along with a laundry list of other crimes.

        • Who’s being disingenuous?

          Miner said: “It is clear that your claim is there was no violence, based on your statement I quoted above.
          You even claim there is video to support your position.

          But there is no video to support your claim, empty speech as usual.”

          I never claimed there was no violence. You’re the one lying here. You need to go back to the beginning of the conversation. I’m pushing back against the idea that the unarmed protesters should have been taken out with automatic gunfire, as enthusiastically proposed by our resident bigot. Using hindsight, we know there wasn’t a deadly threat, so why would you advocate for that unless you want to see people you hate murdered? What a sicko. The only killer was a cop shooting an unarmed woman. Yes, some assaults took place outside the building. Then they got into the building, wondered around, and filed out peacefully. They didn’t leave in handcuffs.

          Why do you think YouTube would censor that? Why do you think they’re only promoting the violent videos? Use your brain, and think about it. I’ll post the video for you if I can find one again. Why would you assume I made that up? When have I ever lied on here? The answer is never.

        • I found a video that shows the protesters entering the building, casually walking around taking selfies, and leaving the building, just like I described. I couldn’t find a video that showed all of this without commentary. Some of these videos were only recently released due to a judgement. Why was the federal government fighting the release of this video? Why is YouTube censoring it? I saw a few of these videos last week, and now can’t find a single one with the exact same search. Hmm…

          You can see the protesters calmly filing out of the building at the same point they entered at the 1:15 mark. These are the people dacian wanted shot dead by the federal police. What kind of murderous nut would want automatic gunfire unloaded on that crowd? I noticed you jumped into the conversation without condemning that.

      • To Herr Hauptman Dud Brain

        Your comments support an insurrection that tried to destroy our country and everything it stands for. Your comments still support a take over of the government and the establishment of a one party far right dictatorship with no democracy and no freedom of speech, a consistent hallmark of the Far Right fanatic. Your comments mirror the same lame excuses and falsehoods Adolf Hitler used at his trial and when Herr Drumpfs trial comes up he will again mouth the same nonsense and outright lies. You and your fellow Far Right fanatics are the greatest danger to the U.S. and its democracy which would be one devoid of freedom of speech an have all traces of democracy eradicated. You fool no one and I find your outrageous lies and excuses and falsehoods chilling. Yes chilling to think that we have people like you living in this country of ours.

        Herr Drumpf’s storm troopers were screaming they were going to kill the Congress people and even constructed a real gallows. They came close to being gunned down by security people with machine guns and with the entire world watching no one who is sane and believes in democracy would have condemned the security details from using deadly force against such viscous criminal filth screaming for “blood and iron”, exactly the way the German Nazi’s did in1923. History repeated itself and you are devoid of all knowledge of history or lusted for a return to the Nazi past.

        This so alarmed U.S. Generals that they made plans to arrest Trump and they made calls to the Chinese Generals assuring them that they would not let Trump start a nuclear war to remain in power. When Top U.S. Generals panic and prepare to intervene into a domestic issue you know that we had been teetering on the edge of a complete collapse of our government. And all because we had a deranged President Trump supported by people like you. You and Trump are a danger to everything Americans hold most dear i.e. the American way of life and we the people will not let you turn our country into a dictatorship devoid of a free press and freedom of speech and democracy.

        And one last comment, there have been plenty of Conservatives on this very forum who condemned the capital riots and saw them for what they really were i.e. an attempt to destroy our Country with you cheering them on every step of the way.

        • @small d

          small d said: “Your comments support an insurrection that tried to destroy our country and everything it stands for. Your comments still support a take over of the government and the establishment of a one party far right dictatorship with no democracy and no freedom of speech, a consistent hallmark of the Far Right fanatic.”

          This is so over the top, I’m not even reading the rest of your word salad. Once again, you’re projecting some prejudiced image in your mind onto me. Please quote me where I said that I support an insurrection? How about a take over of the government? How about establishment of a “one party far right dictatorship with no democracy and no freedom of speech”? LOL!! That’s hilarious, even for you!

          Please quote me where I supported any of that! Of course you can’t because I didn’t! I’m actually the one here supporting freedom of speech. I’m the one saying that unarmed protesters shouldn’t be mowed down by automatic gunfire coming from the federal government police (which you keep fantasizing about)! Talk about gaslighting! Wow!

        • Dud Brain you lied from beginning to end. Miner49er scorched your lying ass out when he pointed out the 100 Officers that were hurt in the insurrection while you claimed the Nazi storm troopers were just harmless tourists. You mouthed Trumps lies and laughable response to the insurrection word for word.

          You are still lying between your teeth when you say you are supporting freedom of speech. The insurrection had nothing to do with freedom of speech when the Nazi thugs were assaulting cops and trying to murder Congress people and screaming they were going to do it when they found them and it was all broadcast live. I would have thought you could have come up with a better sugar coated lie than freedom of speech. That one was really laughable.

          Oh what a tangled web you weave when you practice to deceive, especially when you use such outrageous lies. Remember Dud Brain the entire world watched what was happening “live” where were you and what planet were you on at that time.

          I would respect you more if you would have just admitted you were Pro-Trump and supported his attempt to overthrow the government and create a Trump dictatorship.

          I might add on one of the prime reasons that people supported Trump and still do is that psychologists have found that they loved Trump because he is as racist as they are. And your constant attacks on all races of immigrants and refuges in most of your storm trooper posts proves what you are. You fit the Trump pattern to a “T”, pun intended.

        • Again. What lie? Quote me or you’re FOS. I said the protesters walked around inside of the Capitol Building taking pictures of themselves, then calmly filed out of the Building. Are you saying that’s a lie? I never denied any assaults took place earlier in the day. You’re welcome to quote me if you think I did. If you can’t quote me in your imaginary lies, then that makes you the liar. Don’t accuse me if you can’t back it up.

          “The insurrection had nothing to do with freedom of speech when the Nazi thugs were assaulting cops and trying to murder Congress people and screaming they were going to do it…”

          Who’s been charged with insurrection? Give me names and a source. Do you charge a murderer with jaywalking? If you can’t give me a source, then you’re lying yet again. And here you are calling me a liar. Typical. Accuse me of what you’re guilty of. If you accuse me of something, then you have to prove it. I’m a liar in your fantasy world, just like I’m the one commanding the evil stormtroopers. You’re not only a liar, you’re delusional.

          Do you get to open fire on a crowd when someone in the crowd says they’re going to kill you? This would be good to know because someone told me they were going to kill me and my family. This is a true story by the way. Does that mean that I get to open fire on him the next time I see him? Using the events at the Capitol as an example, does that mean that I get to shoot a girl that’s with that guy and his buddies, so that I can send them a message to back off? Wasn’t that yours and Miner’s piss poor excuse for murdering the unarmed, petite woman, Ashli Babbitt? So who said they were going to kill the Congress people anyway? How have they been charged? Give me your sources or you’re FOS.

          And there you go with your racist BS. Quote me on anything racist I’ve ever said. I know you’re lying because I know I’m not a racist. I’m not obsessed with skin color like you and Miner. I treat people as individuals. You’re treating me like some crazy stereotype in your demented mind because you’re a bigot. You hate people that disagree with your politics so bad, you want to see the federal government police mow them down with automatic gunfire (your words, not mine), and you have the audacity to say they’re my stormtroopers! You’re a nut!

        • *comment is awaiting moderation.

          Long story short, I’m asking for you to precisely quote me on any lie you think I told as well as anything r a cis t you think I said. Back it up or shut up.

        • I’ll be busy at work today, but I’ll check in this evening. If you’re going to continuously hurl accusations at me and call me names, then back it up. Quote me on any specific lie or r a cis t thing I said, and I’ll respond to it. Or, be a man, and stop making things up and lying about me.

        • Dud Brain your a damn liar from the get-go.

          You tried to claim the capital rioters were tourists when they assaulted and injured 100 police officers.

          You still deny they did not erect a gallows and chant they were going to kill Congress people, this you totally ignore with the wave of a hand.

          You deny that thousands of dollars of damage was done to the Capitol building by your so called “peaceful protestors” . Really Dud Brain do you think that millions of people did not see what happened that day. Where were you and again I ask on what planet. You really do live in an alternate universe. I am beginning to think that you actually believe all the idiocy you post here.

          Now if all is not a disingenuous piece of propaganda and outright lies I do not know what would be.

          And quite lying between your teeth your posts prove you approved of the insurrection and that is treason pure and simple.

          And you never fail to jump in about immigrants and refuges on your many prior posts. They are there for all to read. Your hatred for them would not be missed even by a blind man.

          You fool no one but yourself. You want a one party system with Trump as a dictator devoid of a free press and free speech and a country that does not allow immigration or refugees to be admitted. And other people have called you out on your racism not just me.

          And finally scream all you want about your innocent Nazi rioters hell bent on murder. Again just as the German Government was correct in opening fire on Adolf Hitler and his gang of Nazi thugs during Hitler’s beer hall putsch of 1923 so too should the Capital Police have blown away the Nazi traitors who tried to overthrow the U.S. Government and murder the Congress people for Herr Drumpf (your Lord God) in 2021. NOW TRY AND DENY AND LIE THAT YOUR NAZI THUGS DID NONE OF THE ABOVE. I AM WAITING FOR YOU TO LIE YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS ONE.

          Yes Dud Brain I stand up for what I say on my posts while you try and lie your way out of everything you post by saying ” I really did not say that or I really did not mean that”. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.


        • I asked you to specifically quote me so that I could respond to your accusations. You failed to do that. You’re calling me names because you disagree with me and you have nothing to offer in the form of debate. You’re like a child.

          Have you forgotten what this conversation was about? I’m calling you out for fantasizing about murdering hundreds of unarmed protesters simply because you disagree with their politics. You don’t kill people unless you’re stopping a deadly threat. This is a very basic threshold that everyone on this site understands, including you. We know that threshold was never met because at the end of the day, the protesters walked around the Capitol Building taking selfies, then peacefully filed out of the building. Do you think they left in paddy wagons? Have you seen that video? I’ll post the video you and Miner claim don’t exist if I can find another one. Why would YouTube censor that video while they promote others? It’s almost like they’re pushing a narrative for people like you and Miner to consume.

          “You still deny they did not erect a gallows and chant they were going to kill Congress people, this you totally ignore with the wave of a hand.”

          Point me to the quote when I ignored that? I don’t see where I said anything about that. You’re making things up because you have no ground to stand on and you know it. How many people said they were going to kill Congressmen? One? Five? Fifty? Who said it? Should the federal police shoot someone if they say that? Should the federal police unload automatic gunfire on a crowd of hundreds of unarmed protesters because someone said that? Your position of doing that is indefensible, and somewhere deep down in that murderous black heart of yours, you know that.

          “You deny that thousands of dollars of damage was done…”

          Oh really? Where? When did I do that? Stop making things up. That’s why I asked you to quote me. If you’re going to call me names and accuse me of things, then prove it. You’re just crafting your own convenient reality. You are lying.

          “And quite lying between your teeth your posts prove you approved of the insurrection and that is treason pure and simple.”

          Where? When? Quote me fool. There you go again lying. The only position I’ve EVER taken about this situation is that it would have been wrong to indiscriminately unleash automatic gunfire on the crowd. It would also be wrong to carefully pick off certain criminal protesters with a rifle, but that wasn’t even your position. You said the federal police should have used automatic gunfire.

          “And you never fail to jump in about immigrants and refuges on your many prior posts. They are there for all to read. Your hatred for them would not be missed even by a blind man.”

          Okay, here we go with the racist BS. Again, quote me. If I said something that you think was racist, then let’s discuss it. You can’t do that because I never said anything that was racist. I never have because I’m not a racist. The position of the Left is to scream RACIST!!!!! whenever they want to shut down the conversation. Children that watch too much MSNBC think that means you can’t be against the left wing position of open borders and unlimited illegal immigration without being a racist. Adults believe in nuance and debate, but your actions aren’t those of an adult. You just hurl insults, make things up that I never said, and assume to know what I think. You aren’t having a conversation with an individual. You’re talking to some stereotype in that bigoted mind of yours.

          “You want a one party system with Trump as a dictator …

          Your delusion is getting worse. Quote me. You’re speaking to someone, but it isn’t me. You just ignore what I say, and make-believe whatever is convenient for you. I’m nothing but a stereotype to you because you’re a bigot.

          And here we have reached the end of this useless conversation. I could have a more honest and reasonable conversation with a fence post. The next time you want to accuse me of something or call me names, then quote what I said, so that I can actually respond to it. Otherwise you’re just some hateful bigot hurling insults at a stereotype in your mind.

        • quote————-Have you forgotten what this conversation was about? I’m calling you out for fantasizing about murdering hundreds of unarmed protesters simply because you disagree with their politics. You don’t kill people unless you’re stopping a deadly threa—————-quote

          Look Dud Brain we were talking exactly about that and how many times do I have to drill it through your head that you are an abject liar when you say the people did not try to kill Congress people.

          You are making a fool of yourself and proving that you are totally deranged. God but I am glad you do not live in my neighborhood. You are not mentally stable enough to be permitted to own a deadly weapon. You are living in your own little fantasy world.

          You continue to ignore 100 officers injured,

          you continue to ignore the fact that the crowd was yelling they were going to kill people.

          You continue to deny they were trying to overthrow the government

          and that alone Dud Brain is more than enough justification to open fire on a howling mob attempting to overthrow the government and commit murder which they stated in no uncertain terms. Again Dud Brain you are not being permitted to ignore the truth or dance around it.

          I will not let this one go Dud Brain keep lying and I will keep throwing the truth in your face which you consistently refuse to answer or discuss. Sorry you are not dodging what happened.

          quote————-“You want a one party system with Trump as a dictator …

          Your delusion is getting worse. Quote me. You’re speaking to someone, but it isn’t me. You just ignore what I say, and make-believe whatever is convenient for you. I’m nothing but a stereotype to you because you’re a bigot.———-quote

          Again you are an abject liar as you have defended Trump and the Nazi mob as being innocent tourists even though the insurrection was broadcast world wide for all sane people to see and understand yet you continue to deny everything about what happened. Again you are a deranged liar.

          And by supporting Trumps attempt at a dictatorship and the crowds attempt to overthrow the government you prove that you are one of them and yes you wanted a one party system because your support for them proved it. Your own post proved it. Now lie your way out of this one.

        • “how many times do I have to drill it through your head that you are an abject liar when you say the people did not try to kill Congress people.”

          I didn’t realize that. Who did they charge with the attempted murder? Are the assassins still at large? Please provide your source(s).


  20. Where are the replies to your thoughts? 🤪
    And your replies to OTHERS thoughts? 🤪
    Lil’d has actually told several commenters on TTAG that HE KNOWS what they think. 🤪
    He’s been called out for quoting things that those people have NEVER SAID! 🤪

    I’m beginning to think it’s just a bot with crappy software.

    Just in case it isn’t………..Hey derpian, take your fvckin meds.

  21. Unless the fool presented the replica at police or was demonstrably in the process of presenting then it’s a bad shoot; stupid on every front. ROE exist for many reasons and one of them is to prevent this.

  22. Why are comments disappearing?

    Did the author not like being called out on not giving advise outside of his state?

    Is TTAG becoming just another BS “media” source that likes the 1A when it applies to them but not their readers?

  23. There is something going on at TTAG; something. Some germane comments are being suspended, some are disappearing. Then, as of the last two or three day, we have had to contend with totally unrelated comments, religious commentary, undecipherable comments, “work from home” comments, readable but incomprehensible comments. Overall, at least since 2013, the BS comments have become orders of magnitude over historical norms.

    One unknown is who ultimately curates the text and comments? TTAG is not a host. TTAG is not the provider of the content form (that is WordPress), and behind WordPress (if I understand correctly) is Cloudflare. What seems to be at hand is TTAG, WordPress and Cloudflare all can affect what viewers see. So…where does the content control actually lie? If it lies at all three, then mishaps are bound to arise.

    We do know that John Bosh announced he is the content sheriff at TTAG. But does WordPress actually dictate manners, first? Does CloudFlare have any standards that are imposed on WordPress?

    What is happening before our eyes is some sort of spam attack on TTAG. My suspicion (because I am suspicious of everything) is someone is attempting to overwhelm TTAG, so as to make it so messy, that people abandon the forum (a DDOS attack, if you will). If we are seeing a spam attack, it is possible the actual sources may not be subject to accurate enough analysis to block only spam senders, without crippling the site.

  24. I am honestly impressed with the durability of this man’s lucky streak. Given the incredible variety of shockingly stupid decisions that can result in death, the fact he made it into his sixties is a testament to a charmed life.

  25. Best advice? GTFO of NJ if you’re a sensible gunowner who can afford to leave. The place is loaded with Darwin Award winners just waiting to claim their prize.

  26. This was a terrible tragedy and the Writer, John Boch, showed no sympathy at all for the poor man who was killed. The homeowner was scared and excited and was not thinking right. He knew it was a fake gun. Maybe he was hard of hearing. Whatever made him not put down the gun, he never have been killed. I resent the attituce of the writer.

  27. Must say that I also resent the uncaring comments of what sounds like hate filled democrats laughing at the poor soul that died. Some of ya’ll are really awful. Hope none of you live in Texas. We don’t like such hateful and callous people.

    • Seems you are a bit confused about the use of deadly force.

      When a private citizen decides to use deadly force in self-defense, the private citizen must be convinced of the immediate potential for being made dead. Being “convinced” falls under the concept that such a decision must meet the standard of what a reasonable person would do under the same circumstance. No reasonable person would have a gun, thus, the standard is very difficult to meet.

      For law enforcement and other armed government agencies, refusing to put down a weapon (gun), represents “imminent/immediate” threat of death or grievous bodily harm. One never knows what an unknown person holding a gun might do. Action beats re-action.

      LE and other armed government agents must be protected because they are the official, appointed agents to protect the public. When armed government agents are killed trying to determine intent of an armed person, everyone loses; we have lost a part of our public safety.

  28. We could Keyboard Kommando into the wee maws over this, and there’d still be disagreement. Laws governing response to intruders, trespassing, breaking and entering, as well as the limits of owner/citizen response vary widely State to State, and in some cases municipality to municipality.

    As I read the article, the author laid out sequence of events that ended when the guy died. The author the proceeded to point out the mistakes the man made, and yes, the dude did almost everything wrong. The author then gives his opinions/views as to what would have been more appropriate actions by the decedent in his opinion.

    Before I go further let me state, that I know diddly squat about New Jersey’s Laws. I’ve never been there, and have no intentions of
    visiting. So I’m not going to compare my local laws to New Jersey.

    To sum it up, Mr. Replica Gun Guy is dead, because of a chain of events he put in motion, and every reaction he had to the unfolding B & E, showed a definite lack of common sense/not thinking about how his responses would be viewed by responding law enforcement. Mr. Sharp’s “Home Alone” antics eventually cost him his life.

  29. “hate filled democrats laughing at the poor soul that died“

    No, that laughter is coming entirely from the right wing gun nuts who post on this forum. You can clearly read it in their comments, and if you spent any time on this forum you would recognize their names and be familiar with their multiple posts of antagonistic and violent rhetoric.

  30. Author John Boch assumes that he was stupid to defend his property because according to Boch, all anyone could possibly have in a shed is “A crappy mower and a rusty rake.”
    How the f**k would you know what he has in his shed?
    Someone I know stores his entire gun collection in his shed because his wife doesn’t let him keep guns in the house. They’re inside a gun safe inside a locked shed, but still, it’s a shed.

    How about, for a change, placing the blame on the criminals, where it belongs, instead of blaming the crime victim and his heirloom gun (whether it was real or a replica). By blaming the gun and blaming the victim, you’re absolving the criminals (the thieves and trespassers) of all responsibility for their crimes and the deadly consequences of their crimes!

    It’s the fault of the criminals that the crime victim is dead, so the criminals should be charged with murder in this case. Stop blaming the gun and the crime victim!
    But considering it happened here in New Jersey, the police will probably arrest the widow of the victim in gun charges (yes, in NJ you can be arrested for having a nonfunctional REPLICA of a gun!) and let the criminals get away scott-free.

    Sure, you’re right that it’s dumb to go outside and approach armed criminals at night. However, as for calling 911 and just waiting, you might end up waiting FOREVER and getting no police response to a 911 call. Ten years ago (in summer 2011), I called 911 three times to report a violent crime in progress, and police NEVER even showed up. This proved to me that you can’t trust the police to even respond to 911 calls in New Jersey, much less show up on time to stop a crime! I wrote the police chief about this non-response to my three 911 calls, and they didn’t believe me, so I’ve requested my cellphone records from my cellphone provider to have proof that I called 911 three times that day. It’s a long story, and I’m still awaiting resolution for that ten-year-old incident where cops failed to respond to my three 911 calls.

  31. OK then, that article is written by someone who wants to spin this story away from the cops.
    I live about 2 miles from Charles home. The man who shot Charles was at my home a few years back and what saddens me is, I called 911 regarding 15 shots in the middle of the night!
    Funny thing is many believe the cops shot the rounds off with intentions of locking me up.
    The man who shot Charlie yelled and screamed at me to put down what was in my hands. I received directions from the cops. I did what they said and I was not shot.
    One cop wanted me to fight him but 3 on 1 those odds suck!
    ill link the audio, oh ya something else all three cops that night stayed down the road from my home and I was the caller, oddly this cop pulled right up to the house. The other cop sounds like he was sitting on a sofa eating ice cream as he yelled at the cop just pulling up that this dude has a gun, Sorry but I am rather sure the one cop knows Charlie and I am shocked all he did was confuse the man who shot Charlie.

    Oh one last thing, Charlie was retired Air Force, he served 21 years for this country, with that said, I am so confused on something, Charlie said his Grand Father willed him a 45, he also said he is not sure of these officers, if you live in Mantua Township New Jersey you may not trust them either, I see both Charlies arms down to his side and I see the cell phone, but I do not see the gun but the gun is laying on the ground near where he dropped his cell, he stated the intruders had a gun, so ok, I am to Believe Charlie did not know this was a replica? I am sorry but what if Charlie left the other fire arm in the house as he did say he was unsure of the cops and also how legal it was.. Just smell odd to me,, Any who Rip Charlie Sharp and thanks for your service!

    John Eppehimer

  32. The funny thing is!Not only did the dispatcher not relay vital information to the officers!The officer first on the scene the one who said he had a gun and yelled to the officers shot Chuckie!Where is his body cam footage ?Everything else was there!And the officer that shot didn’t have enough time to get out of the cat and find Chuckie see what was in his hand before he emptied the clip!He took the word of the first officer!Or should I say he panicked!!Something needs to happen to these two officers before someone else gets killed

  33. This homeowner fool was WHOLE entire moron. Why TF was he outside. In his underwear. Whilst on the phone with 911? All the while brandishing a pistol.


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