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Gun ownership has been under sustained assault in Washington State for the last two years. With an “assault weapons” ban that basically redefined all semi-autos as weapons of war, outlawing private gun sales, raising the age to buy a gun and “safe storage” mandates, the state’s push to emulate the success of California¬†has made life tough on millions of lawful gun owners.

Despite Washington pols’ best efforts, though, law-abiding citizens continue to use firearms to defend themselves. As KOMO reports . . .

The homeowner called 911 to report a burglary at his home in the 9800 block of 13th Ave. SW at about 2:45 a.m. after hearing glass breaking downstairs, according to Sgt. Ryan Abbott with the King County Sheriff’s Office.

“A short time later while on the phone with the 911 operator he had reported that he heard somebody coming up toward his room,” Abbott said. “And then the next thing that was heard was shots fired.”

The burglar had assumed room temperature by the time police arrived.

There may have been more than one person in the home.

The homeowner thought there might have been multiple people inside the home, but investigators have not been able to find anyone else associated with the crime yet.

The state, however, has decreed that no one needs more than ten rounds of ammunition. Fortunately, if there was another burglar involved, hearing the gunfire and possibly seeing his accomplice shot was enough to convince him to shuffle off into the night.

Politicians, professional gun-grabbers, confounding Fudds, and their billionaire financiers are hard at work, day in and day out, doing everything they can to disarm America. The fact that firearms are used far more often in a defensive capacity to protect lives means nothing to them. But after Monday’s events, we’re confident it now means something to at least one suburban Seattle homeowner and his family.

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  1. If I watched CNN , I’d probably not see this, right? God, I hope the perp wasn’t a poor illegal.

    • It used to have the highest gang population in the state.
      Now that honor goes to the Auburn, Kent, and Renton down in the valley. Approximately 10 miles from me. Lots of MS13. For the most part they don’t mess with civilian’s. Maybe the odd robbery or possibly home invasion, but I have yet to hear of them doing that.
      If SHTF I have a feeling we may see more of them.

        • I’m in Federal Way. Can confirm MS-13 is in FW, I’ve seen the gang tags with my own eyes.

        • I moved away from south-King Country (and the entirely state) two years ago, but yes, MS13 was moving well into Federal Way. Gunfire was becoming a regular thing even out on Dash Point.

        • Good lord. Back when I was ex-pat in oligarch-Oz, the miscreants were unorganized n passive.

          Those neighborhoods were vanilla strivers.

    • They tore down the projects a few years ago, high-density housing is being put in. White Center has been slowly gentrifying for a while now.

    • i live close by and we hear gunfire EVERY NIGHT. the SPD radio calls shots fired daily and sometimes more thal once.. the news hawks don’t even give it more than 20 seconds on the news then they are on about some slight that trump did . pure bullshit all the news sites in seattle are socialist.

  2. Just goes to show, BIG BAD GUNS being used to protect lives, just as they are designed to do…
    Thanks, for bringing this news to the masses….god knows you won’t hear about this in the mainstream news…

  3. I predict in the near future, the homeowner will experience vandalism against his property and social ostracism.

    They will run his ass out of town on the next train out…

    • Fortunately the residents in that particular neighborhood support the homeowner. This incident happened in my area.

  4. I would rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6. All antigunners should have big signs in their yards proclaiming a gun free home, that would keep a lot of criminals from getting shot.

    • Those “hate has no home here” signs are a good symbol of defenseless people with stuff to take.

      • They are usually of the group that actually does hate and are not tolerant of anyone else’s political viewpoint. (We have them around here.)

  5. Writing headlines is hard. Seems to be related to how well the writer can move viewpoint from receiver, to the viewpoint of the subsequent receiver(listener). We are great consumers (receivers) of information, we are more audience in society than presenter. Thus, headlines are complicated.

    The headline of this article could easily be construed to mean that the homeowner was in the burglar’s abode, firing shots that killed the burglar. A classic misfire (pun intended) is from long ago, “Enraged Ex-Wife Shoots Husband in Lobby”.

    An earlier posting read, “ACLU Drops Suit Against Oklahoma Gun Range That Excluded Muslims”. A quick skim would easily cause one to infer the ACLU recognized it would lose in court, and cut its losses. However, “Owners of Gun Range banning Muslims Yeilds And Takes Down Anti-Muslim Signs”. From this headline, one would likely infer that the gun range management actually faced a heavy financial loss if the matter went to trial.

    Writing headlines is hard work. Similarly, some of the “normal” stuff we commit to writing sounds good to us as receivers, but totally misinforms the “receivers” of what we write.

  6. Actually, the 10 round mag limit is also incorrect. That was proposed legislation that died in the state legislature, fortunately.

    • There’s also not an “assault weapon” ban here, just some extra annoyances to buy any semi-auto rifle (but not to assemble one from parts).
      Also the age restriction is only on semi-auto rifles. An 18-year old can still buy an AR lower and an AR upper, and walk out the store with them in under five minutes (and then assemble and openly carry the semi-auto rifle).

      We’ve got some stupid new laws, but we’re still light years ahead of California.

    • Same O , Same ,O , , BETTER to have it in not need it , , that to need it in not have it .
      My Home , Will protect it , IT ( thug get into garage have at it ) , however get into my home
      its time to defend , God bless my home and people in it !

  7. “Kills Burglar”

    I think you meant “Kills Uninvited Visitor.” After all, we must be PC.

  8. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to call the incident a home invasion rather than a burglary? Seems like news outlets like to downplay the threat of the crime often.

  9. “The burglar had assumed room temperature by the time police arrived.”

    That’s one seriously shitty police response time.

  10. Making drugs legal and enabling there use in pubilc breeds more burglars who need money to buy things the government won’t give them “for free”.

    No one trusts a drug addict when they are around. “Nobody wants to hire them”
    I wonder why???

    You can legalize all the drugs you want. As long as I can shoot a drug addict dead for violating my private property, stealing, I’m happy.

    • I fail to see the connection. Who cares if they’re a drug addict or just a hardened thief/criminal or if they’re crazy or an asshole?

      The problem is their action of threatening you. If you’ve got a valid reason to shoot them then you have a valid reason to shoot them. Why they gave you that reason that is immaterial. What matters is that they put you in that position and you don’t have another way out so… *bang*.

      • The problem with people who support drug legalization is they also don’t want to have to suffer the consequences of there bad results. Like getting shot because they lost all inhibitions when they became intoxicated and broken into someone’s home.

        Do you I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery???

    • No one trusts an alcoholic when they are around. Nobody wants to hire them.

      Does that mean that alcohol should be illegal…again? It worked so great last time!

  11. The last time I remember hearing a 911 call in Seattle about glass breaking and footsteps on the stairs was being treated to “he’s getting closer; he’s in the room” and then the audible death of the homeowner was played.
    The Governor of Washington with the Frod-Blasey glasses loves listening to that stuff.

  12. As an Eastern Washington resident I have been as frustrated by what those dickheads on the coast have been up to but things are not quite as bad as this article makes things sound, yet.

    THERE IS NO “ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN” IN WASHINGTON STATE, YET. They did pass a law making it a hassle to buy so called “assault weapons” but no ban on possession or sale of new semiautomatic firearms as your article suggests.

    THERE IS ALSO NO MAGAZINE BAN, YET. The legislation you have linked to is proposed every few years but has not been passed into law.

    I don’t know if these errors are from lack of proper research on the subject, if they are not errors but just the result of a poorly worded article, or they are an attempt at deception to make the article more sensational. I am hoping they are not a result of sensationalism and I would assume that is not the case because I hold you to a higher standard than MSM. Basically what I’m saying is leave this type of bullshit to CNN and all the other major news outlets.

  13. Lots of burglars get shot in Washington state. It appears on the news but is never seen as a bad thing. Law enforcement and local media tend to support the shooter. This is not California. They only bad is Gov. Inslee is a liar and promotes bad policies. He uses idiotic terms like “common sense gun laws” which I take to mean that common people are stupid and only exceptionally bright people can see he is a lying sack of lies.

    • Exactly. I was shocked it didn’t pass. Surprisingly they didn’t have the votes. It will be back next year for sure. Those fucking communist pukes never sleep. Worse than the Army of the Dead in Game of Thrones. : )

      • Yeah, they’ll pass it , if they have to bus in the votes! Never thought we’d see it here either, they’re like cockroaches!

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