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Yes, these ‘Downfall’ takeoffs have been done to death. But every once in a while, someone comes up with a particularly well done version. With this one I laughed, I cried. Seriously, I had tears in my eyes by the end, but that last mental image requires liberal amounts of brain bleach. Just so you know.

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    • I am freaking laugh crying. “I’m spending millions of dollars and you couldn’t make a free page on the most popular site on the internet.” The spooning at the end is what really set me off.

  1. In Der Untergang aka Downfall the Walther .380 Hitler ostensibly used to shoot himself is shown on the floor near his body uncocked with the hammer down. Whoops.

    • The actual gun was a .32. Decocked and hammer down, eh?


      …actually, there’s quite a bit of debate over what gun, if any gun, was used for the suicide. The general consensus is a PP in 7.65mm (.32 ACP) but there isn’t full agreement on model or caliber let alone even gun or no gun. At any rate, PP’s and PPK’s were NOT popular in Europe in .380 at all. Nearly every single .380 version made was sent to the U.S. .32 ACP was the predominant caliber for these pistols in Europe by a huge margin.

      • Since the subject has already been brought up, does anyone know what actually became of the Hitler “suicide Walther”? It must be worth a couple of fortunes.

  2. Morgan and Bloomberg spooning to Rachel Maddow.

    now there’s a horrible image I can’t get out of my head.

  3. Unbelievably hilarious! Kinda’ like a 3 Stooges version of ” Moe Hitler”. This video deserves millions of hits.

  4. Interesting, my understanding was that Hitler only ever got worked up over awful hollywood remakes. Guess the man was deeper than I realized. /sarc

  5. Pretty good but I kept waiting for a line or two referencing walking right through the gates of heaven. That would have been good coming out of Hitlers mouth and contrasting/comparing the megalomania.

  6. I think I need to call my wife to pick up some depends on the way home from work. I just pissed my pants at, “I MIGHT AS WELL PAINT OUR INFOGRAPHIC ON THE WALLS WITH MY OWN S**T!”

    Thanks to all who made this and for sharing. You have made my Good Friday an AWESOME FRIDAY!!!

  7. “The only thing our supporters do is “LIKE” things on Facebook”


    “Piers is going to laugh at me”

    Oh man. That was awesome.

  8. I like the sentiment, but don’t pat yourselves on the back too hard. We should be thinking about the high-ground.
    The antis spew enough shit that they will eventually drown in it, but you know Godwin’s law.
    Keep it classy.

    • That was classy!

      Classical mocking- Rule #1 when dealing with prog-tard bullies;
      like “The Little Mayor Who Thought He Could Be Emperor”.

    • You mean Godwin, who makes duck calls in Louisiana? The one who said, “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Uncle Si or Vietnam approaches 1?”

      Or do you mean a pontificating attorney? If it’s the latter, I’ll stick with Santayana.

    • The gun grabbers are all too willing to overlook/discredit the Constitution, the essential “Law of the Land,” why in the Hell should we pay any attention at all to their farcical and phony “Goodwin’s Law” that is simply a pre-emptive scare tactic along the same lines as “You’re a RACIST!”

      If commentary is valid, and historical references are accurate, it does us no good to refrain just because THEY want us to believe it will reflect badly on us. Crap. A Fascist is a Fascist, and comparisons to historical fascism and Fascists are entirely appropriate.

  9. I agree with staying on the high ground. This is spot on in terms of being ON the high ground.

    I laughed my ass off! My wife came in saying what are you listening to?

    This is outstanding!

  10. But if it wasn’t for all of these great parodies of this scene, I probably would have never heard of Downfall. A pretty good movie, BTW. Easy to get on Netflix.

  11. Dude, that was pretty damn good…up there with the “Hitler reacts to Brownells…” version, which is my favorite. I loved how the dude kept saying “The Demanding Moms say…” Good stuuf


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