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As I wrote this morning (I Am George Zimmerman), the fact that George Zimmerman sustained injuries during his fight with Trayvon Martin is not proof in and of itself that Zimmerman acted lawfully in self-defense. But this high-def version of the police station video shot on the night of the killing does provide an indication of the amount of force used against George Zimmerman by Trayvon Martin.

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  1. The new sites were quick to get the original video up. Let’s see how fast this one gets to press.

  2. I thought the grainy videos were inconclusive. It would have been interesting if photos were taken before Zimmerman was cleaned up and treated.

  3. Just a note – it appears the magnification was done by Andrew Breitbart, and gentleman who we may all agree with on the subject of firearms law, but lacks any semblance of critical thinking and set out to locate a wound whether on exists or not.

    It may well be one, I’m not saying it isn’t, just take it with a dash of salt until someone that isn’t committed to their version of the truth does their own HD transfer.

    • Strange post.
      First, Andrew Breitbart has been dead since March 1st. If he did this picture, then the liberals really have something to worry about.
      Second, he has never been shown to doctor any of his information, although he may have made honest mistakes.
      It seems you are confusing Breitbart with the New York Times, ABC, NBC, or the NY post reporter who broke the news about the cop-killer bullets nobody uses.

        • I agree: Breitbarted means showing the truth in a way that the agenda-driven MSM never would. And I think that’s what the video does.
          Just like for some, swiftboating is a pejorative, precisely because it means uncovering the lies of a politician.
          On the other hand, MSMing means dishonest editing, partial truths, or blatant falsehoods.
          I’m sure you agree with this, mikeb…., given your well-known intellectual honesty.

    • …and on balance, it should be noted that most of the evidence and arguments purporting to show that Zimmerman sustained NO wounds are brought to us by gentlemen like Al Sharpton, the NAACP and Jesse Jackson who have demonstrated even LESS of a commitment to unbiased truth (Brawley, Duke Lacrosse team, etc.), and have shown absolutely no remorse when their allegations of wrongdoing have been found to be completely contrived, even when their completely false allegations have caused real harm. Men and organizations like these truly do set out to find racism even where there may not be any, and they’re even more likely to invent facts than just about any right wing organization just shy of the Klan, because when they are shown to be wrong they aren’t held responsible by anyone for their complete lack of integrity because they always get to play the downtrodden card.

      • I had no idea, but his surname is on the original video, so I don’t think the assumption on my part was out of this world.

  4. First, it’s not a “fact” that he sustained injuries. Second, that video does not show that he did. Third, ANY vid on the internet should be heavily scrutinized.

    • Have you read the police report? I will agree that nothing is absolute fact. But I find it almost impossible to believe, that the police would falsify a report and at the same time, drag the paramedics that are said to have treated GZ, into the lie. Or maybe you just think it is one big racist conspiracy.

  5. I have a problem with GZ leaving his vehicle and following TM
    My wife is a watch captain, her job is notify local PD and send emails not follow and apprehend
    So far none of us know what actually happened, probably will take months and neither the pro/anti will be satisfied.
    TM is dead, right or wrong GZ has a rough road to hoe

    • I’m with you, when private citizens intervene to stop a crime or investigate a “suspicious person”, they don’t get any legal protection, qualified immunity, or benefit of the doubt. Unless it truly is an exigent circumstance, and unless it truly is a last resort, I would never consider getting involved beyond notifying the police of something. Look at the Joe Horn shooting in Pasadena, Texas. He was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing, so legally speaking he wasn’t wrong, but I have to say that the price he paid for intervening when his neighbor’s house was being burglarized was way out of proportion to any good he might have done. It’s just not worth it. GZ’s entire life will now be defined by this incident, which when you get right down to it was about nothing.

  6. One can hear it now: “But that’s not a very big wound. No part of his skull appears to be missing. You don’t just pull a gun on someone who’s pounding your skull onto the pavement and won’t let you up, especially if that person is just a child!” This entire episode has become grotesque.

    • +1, on all points. “This entire episode has become grotesque.”, and bizarre. Welcome to “post racial” America.

    • hey roping, I might be catching some of your sarc here, as I have had to grow into with TTAG, but I always find it interesting, the people that want to support Trayvon Martin keep calling him a kid, a child. He was 17 when he passed, thats old enough to be tried as an adult.
      Had this story gone the other way and trayvon shot zimmerman, im sure he would be tried in the court system as an adult.
      Think about all the 16-17 year olds involved in school shootings and what not, they get tried as an adult.
      Sure, if TrayTray was 13, or 14 years old, I would defend people calling him a youth.

  7. 1. Who enhanced and zoomed the footage?
    2. What was the source of the footage from which the enhance version was made?

    • Remarkable, in that clip, that the congresswoman from Illinois says it was a modern day lynching….but is referring to Trayvon, not George, as the lynch victim. Chicago is bleeding and she thinks Sanford FL has the poor laws and law enforcement? The arrogance is stunning.

      • She is a politician which means scum of the earth. Politicos and other elites have started wars to focus and occupy the minds and hearts of their people so to divert them away from considering domestic problems and who are the ones behind those problems. Chicago is a bleeding battlefield.

        I think the Founders were wise in originally calling for only letting landowners vote. I think if we had kept that system then we would not today have been duped into America evolving into a state where 1% of the population owns 50% plus of the wealth. Ironic, isn’t it? By letting the non-land owning masses vote (the good ones along with the huge masses of foolish sheeple) America has become less of a democratic republic and less prosperous in terms of real wealth.

    • the subtlety of that “practical”, in the context of this post, is brilliant political commentary – and prophecy.

  8. Like the old saying goes….who you gonna believe, Al Sharpton or your lying eyes ? 🙂

    • Late last night and the night before- Tommyknockers Tommyknockers knockin’ at my door!
      Hope you have read the awesome book and not just watched the crap movie.

      This whole thing is race related, not anymore about self defense related, im not even sure killing george like they want on that twitter feed will satisfy the most thirsty of pallets for white/hispanic blood.

  9. Miami…this past Friday night….14 people shot including a 5 year old girl.
    Two dead. News? What news? When do the protest marches start? Where’s Sharpton and Jackson?

    Sorry this was not a politically correct shooting(s).

    Look it up

    • Haha! Personally think we will be in for amusement if he ever decides to open his mouth in public. And I think he will. How can the type of person who arms up and walks the neighborhood looking for trouble STFU? He put himself in a fix huh? Too bad it wasn’t just a barking dog he killed.

  10. ok it doesn’t matter cause either way you shot someone that was obviously innocent so either way go kill yourself you might as well deserve it

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