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And there I was thinking that a madman shooting people is the common thread that runs through most mass shootings. Apparently not. Not according to Josh Sugarman, Executive Director of the Violence Policy Center, writing for his HuffPo homies. “High-capacity ammunition magazines are the common thread that runs through most mass shootings: giving attackers the ability to fire numerous bullets without reloading. Last week’s attack in Arizona joins a long list of mass shootings made possible by the easy availability of high-capacity ammunition magazines: Columbine, Virginia Tech, Luby’s, Stockton, and all too many others.” We then get a slide show of 10 mass shootings with [supposed] high capacity mags, without a definition of the term. Assault weapon much?

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  1. Stupid me, I also thought it was the criminal that was the common thread.

    I went the Huffington site and tried to log on using my google log-in in order to leave a comment.

    Before logging in, Huffington asks permission to steal all the information in my google contact list. Holy smokes…NO WAY. I am shocked that the actually asked first, but I wonder how many people didn’t read the screen and clicked “Allow” without knowing what would happen.

  2. I just left a voice mail for Mr. Sugarmann, (202) 822-8200 x101, advising him that his organization would have more credibility if it blamed the criminals rather than inanimate objects for crimes.

  3. Let’s blame the person responsible for the crime. If I kill you with my car because I don’t like you, I guess it’s the fault of all cars? How dumb does that sound!

    • It does make sense to blame the car if it has a high-capacity fuel tank. You can kill more people that way since you will have to stop and fill up the tank more often during your killing spree.

  4. The Columbine murderers had four guns: two sawed-off shotguns, one ten-shot 9mm carbine, and a Tec9 with several high capacity magazines. They also had 99 homemade bombs that didn’t work. Most of the murder victims were killed with the shotguns or the “low-capacity” carbine at point blank range. The Virginia Tech shooter had two pistols, a .22 and a 9mm. The largest magazine he carried held 15 rounds, the rest 10 rounds. He had 19 total magazines and plenty of time to use them since there was no resistance. The Luby’s shooter had two pistols and no “extended” magazines. He didn’t need them. Everyone was shot point-blank, where it only takes one shot. The Stockton schoolyard baby-killer used a Chinese AK with either a 20- or 30- round magazine. The LIRR killer had two 15-round pistol mags and 160 loose cartridges in his murder kit. He shot his victims as they sat in their seats. Charles Whitman climbed the booktower and committed mass murder with a revolver and a deer rifle. Not a high-cap in sight.
    In every one of these cases, had magazine capacity been restricted, there would have been no difference in the result. None. Which is an inconvenient truth that people will just have to get over. The common thread that runs through mass shootings isn’t magazine capacity; it’s that the victims were defenseless against madmen with guns who decided to kill some people just because they could.

    • You’re correct Ralph, mass murderers mainly use regular old guns and standard Mags. The use of so called assault weapons and hi cap mags is almost nonexistent.

  5. Columbine? Since when are shotguns and Hi-Point 995s considered “high-capacity”? Granted, they had one Tec-9 there, too. According to the wiki, the 995 was using 10-round mags and was shot 95 times. The Tec-9, using 28 to 52-round mags, was fired 55 times. So, the high-capacity gun was fired fewer times than the low-capacity gun.

    They also had pipe bombs. Pretty sure those are illegal to have in a school zone.

    Just imagine how much positive stuff could get done in the world if the liberals that don’t know anything but spend large amounts of time, money, and energy trying to convince people they do had at least a clue.

    • Eh, Ralph beat me. That’s what I get for multitasking instead of finishing a thought and hitting “send.”

  6. By the way, the Tec-9 is one of the most useless and inaccurate weapons (and I pretty much love most guns) ever made. If you can hit anything with this garbage it’s pure luck. The lil gangbangers like there so called cool look, but they always miss their intended target and kill innocent bystanders.

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