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On Friday, popular firearms video impresario Hickok45 and his son John posted an announcement on their YouTube channel. In short, they’re terminating — at least for now — their relationship with the National Rifle Association.

We have high hopes that the NRA will come out of all this strong, lean, and more effective; however, we’ve come to the tough decision that we can no longer take support from the NRA or continue to use our brand to ask people to join. It was not easy yesterday to tell the NRA folks we needed to part ways, but they were very professional about it and understood.

The announcement came one day after the NRA filed suit against former president Oliver North and suspended the org’s number two man and NRA-ILA head, Chris Cox for allegedly participating in the attempted palace coup against EVP Wayne LaPierre. Those moves were apparently the last straws for Hickok45 and his son.

The NRA had been a significant sponsor of the Hickok45 brand and the they had long advocated that gun owners join the organization in support of gun rights. But as they two told their viewers . . .

We need a strong NRA. We want a strong NRA. …

We don’t know exactly what’s going on. We hope for the best. We want to give them the benefit of the doubt. It’s just there’s been so much stuff lately, it’s hard to continue to do that. And it’s hard working with them in an official capacity, where it’s not really our place to get into that or talk about that. …

Hopefully, a year from now, we’ll all be looking at this and thinking, ‘Wow, all that was the best thing that could ever have happened to the NRA, and now they are streamlined, and they are getting things done.’ But who knows?

This is not an insignificant loss for the NRA. Hickok45 and John aren’t known as Second Amendment firebrands. They’ve always avoided getting involved in politics and gun control issues, for the most part, concentrating on shooting guns and the fun of shooting. In that way, it’s safe to say their brand reflects and represents a large portion of America’s mainstream gun owners.

The fact that the NRA has now lost Hickok45 over its recent and widely reported controversies is a serious blow to the organization and its efforts to recruit members and raise cash.

It’s just time for us to bail out for a while. Or permanently, probably. …

My membership card is staying in my wallet. I’m a Benefactor member and I’m happy to be a Benefactor member. And I’m not going to cancel my membership.

So Hickok45 will no longer take the NRA’s money to promote its brand. You have to think that the troubles at the NRA are having the same effect on a lot of gun owners, just in the other direction. Undoubtedly more of them are taking a wait-and-see approach, choosing to withhold their support unless and until the NRA’s manifold troubles are resolved.


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      • While at refreshingly being honest (which is better than most ‘nra/zomg’ fud-shills can say) here is the main punchline to Hickok’s post:

        “We don’t know exactly what’s going on.”

        That’s completely understandable. But always be careful to not stab the good guys while taking a step back. Much as for the USA herself, and in the same timeframe, there was a failed globalist coup at the NRA, which as typical has prodigious political, media, and social-influencing resources at its disposal.

        After it seems to have been successfully, if pyrrhicly, put down, .. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt become its departing weapons. ‘Up is Down’, ‘Good is Bad’, it’s way beyond most enthusiasts paygrade. But while gaining control of the NRA would have been their best result, causing enough FUD to effect financial harm .. to politically de-fang the NRA .. becomes a very functional Plan-B.

        For honest posters, think, stop doing more damage. Like the Hickoks, it’s Ok to not know what’s going on. It’s Not Ok to ‘think you do’ and help the wrong side. Reel in the apoplexy for a while. Try to see through the propaganda. Relax. Not every war needs to be fought from every armchair. They often have their own generals, and they can succeed better without incoming friendly-fire. $0.02

        • That’s where I’m at. I don’t want to support crooks and cronies (and especially infiltrators, should that prove to be the case), but at the same time I know the forces of global collectivist authoritarianism have been drooling for the demise of the NRA for a long time. I just want them to clean house openly and quickly should that be required.

        • Succeed at what exactly? So far they’ve succeeded at banning bump stocks, promoting red flag laws, helping pass the ’86 MG ban, the ’68 GCA, the ’34 NFA and that’s just the big stuff I can list off the top of my head.

          If you seriously think the NRA is the only thing keeping the 2A alive, then the 2A is pretty much dead anyway. We’ll be fine if not better off without them.

        • “globalist coup”?

          Huh? La Pierre is a corrupt asshole. Its not a coup to want him gone.

        • The only way we achieve lasting political change is by doing absolutely nothing…over a long period of time.

        • There has been way too much “gettin’ their come uppins” over the past several years by those who achieved their ultimate “power and position”. The executive members AND LaPierre appear to have reaped many monetary benefits from their all too cozy back scratching at the expense of the rank and file dues paying members. Wayne and other “elites” are earning way too much and currently producing a disastrous product. They have forgotten that the majority of their members earn significantly less than they do. They expect them to fully fight for the second amendment and not acquiesce like they have in recent years. What is wrong with Wayne earning only one million dollars a year instead of five million? There are many areas that need further scrutiny and adjustment.

          These distractions and improprieties are causing a significant hemorrhaging of members and are falling directly into the sights of those that desperately want to see them fail so they can complete their anti gun agenda. It’s time to really clean house very quickly before it’s too late and everyone loses.

        • John C. Taylor:

          OK, Boomer…

          Are you even aware of how horribly the NRA has back stabbed gun owners with collusion and compromise? They’re the traitorous scum and I haven’t been a member since my early 20s in the late 90s.

    • No really, no. What about all the posters here saying they will no longer support the NRA. Do they know something too?

      I know the NRA is a bloated walrus that has lost it’s way and pretty much outlived it’s usefulness.

      • An 800lb gorilla so fat it can barely move, and that’s only until its feet are taken by the ‘beetus. With prominent figures like Brownell and Cox leaving/being forced out & influential supporters like Hickock bailing out, the NRA is definitely progressing to the amputation phase.

        I sure hope the biggest local state/regional orgs are getting their contingency plans in order, since they will need to re-group rapidly to construct a national presence (a good one, this time) once the VA office finally collapses. GOA is okay on its own, but I’d much rather see a truly independent consortium of rights & sportsman groups band together to create the next guiding force to represent gun owners.

    • One thing for sure, regardless whether he’s been good for gun rights, Wayne LaPierre’s name has become toxic and he needs to go. I’m certain the NRA can find an effective replacement if only they’d look. But they can’t because LaPierre won’t allow it. He’s become the NRA’s Nicholas Maduro. If he really cared about the NRA he’d step aside.

      • Whoopie said, “But they can’t because LaPierre won’t allow it. He’s become the NRA’s Nicholas Maduro. If he really cared about the NRA he’d step aside.”
        I believe a person who wants to see the NRA survive and recover even stronger would not hesitate to resign. It seems apparent that the present leaders have lost the respect of the members. Logic should be telling these Mr LaPierre that it is time to step down and stop the bleeding.

      • I’m also in the “I’m not sure what’s happening” camp, however, given my understanding I believe you’re entirely correct; at this point LaPierre inspires no confidence and has become toxic. If he cares for the organization, and our rights, he’ll step down.

    • Alls I know is, it a clusterfuck. What more do I need to know.

      This is why I’ve never become a life member. I have never trusted Wayne. If he doesn’t at least register on your bullshit meter, then yours is malfunctioning. As it is, I hold my nose an re-up year by year.

    • I doubt it. However, I will keep my membership but I will donate to other 2nd amendment groups who are doing good work legally to kill gun control legislation. Besides, donations to the one’s I’ve started to support are tax deductible unlike donations to the NRA.

    • Many have called for an independent audit of the NRA. I think that’s a good idea. Instead of funds going to fight for gun rights much has been going to WLP’s lifestyle and his wife’s wardrobe. The Second Amendment Foundation is an alternative. They are using the courts to challenge the gun grabbers.
      Personally I think it is time for new blood in the NRA leadership.
      An American philosopher said something to the effect that movements become businesses and eventually become scams. Hopefully the NRA doesn’t fit that description. Let’s have an audit!

    • Now that NRA’s leadership has been siphoning from membership dues for lavish vacations and designer suits, then I more than support Hickok 45’s decision.

      • He’s hardly a “jackass”. He was a TEACHER for many years. Don’t judge somebody because they talk slow, soft and relatively simple.

        • And you’ve never seen someone be a teacher AND a jackass?

          Well, I guess we know that you didn’t go to public school.

      • Your not to Bright are you. Were you dropped on your head as a baby ? Stop crying little boy.

    • Yeah, the “class act” shadow banned me on YT because I pointed out the NRA’s financial corruption.

      • Yeah, BS. They don’t “shadow” or otherwise ban people just for edgy comments. John (the son) may comment and mock you back, as he has me when I talked trash about the NRA, but they walk the walk of supporting 1A as well as 2A.

        • Yeah, no BS, jerkoff. I’ve made the same comments on other channels and not been banned. My comments have been no different than what you’ve seen on this site about the NRA’s corruption. Bet you call Kinman “Mr. Hickok sir DURR DURR DURR”. Idiot.

        • Some people get banned, not because of their content, but because of the uncivil delivery of their opinion.

      • I’ve been shadow banned a lot on youtube. It happens the most when mentioning NRA stuff. I doubt it was him.

        The Algorithm does not check which side of politics you are on it can only check what you are talking about.

      • And now freely admits to being bought and paid for the NRA. “Hickok45 will no longer take the NRA’s money”. This clearly means they have already been doing so for some time.

        • In every single video, in the part where they plug sponsors including Federal ammo, they plug the NRA. If that wasn’t obvious enough for you, they put it on the description section of every video.

          Either you’ve never watched a Hickok45 video, or your skull is so hopelessly numb that the planet would be better off without you.

        • Some Jason:
          I was merely pointing some facts out for those too blind to see them. Just FYI, if your knee jerk reaction is to attack everybody on your side, soon you will find yourself alone. If you haven’t already.

        • “And now freely admits to being bought and paid for the NRA. “Hickok45 will no longer take the NRA’s money”. This clearly means they have already been doing so for some time.”

          Glad to see you have seen the light of what has been occurring for the better part of the last century with the NRA and the need if it is to exist to be corrected. I hate to be a troll alone calling for turning the organization into what it’s mission is supposed to be,representing members/Americans 2 nd. amendment rights.

        • I did to you what you did to Hickok45.

          If you didn’t like it, then maybe you should stop doing your fertilizer spreader impersonation.

          And, by the way, I don’t help “my side” by letting jackasses be jackasses.

          You might notice ads all over the internet. It’s how people like yourself are kept from having to actually pay anything to learn anything – which is, considering your obvious state of ignorance, something you don’t do. That doesn’t mean anyone is paid to do anything or express a specific point of view. Some people, as Hickok45 stated in the video, don’t believe in badmouthing their supporters. In fact, everything you see online these days has an ad attached. So why are you even here? Because guess what? There’s an ad right over there —>

          You should go to that world where you’re the only source of truth and money so that every opinion and “fact” is bent to your whim and never shaded by anyone or anything else. Good luck finding it.

          In the mean time, you might want to develop some capacity to think, Kenny, instead of just mumbling profane crap into your hoodie.

          • “Do YOU know a six-letter word for the front end of a firearm?”

            Is it “Front end”?

            Oh, wait….that’s seven letters.

            Never mind.

        • If you watch Hickok45’s YouTube channel very much at all lately, there is no way you can tell me you thought he was endorsing the NRA at the beginning of every video out of the goodness of heart. Of course he was doing it for money, that’s how the YouTube game is played. He shouldn’t have to “admit it”, it’s just the way it is. You also can’t get mad at him for playing the game well and being successful. I can guarantee if you were in his shoes you wouldn’t be mad. Therefore you can’t be mad because you’re not in his shoes. If that’s why you are mad than step up to the plate and take a shot. Two philosophies that Hickok45 most likely consider when he started out on YouTube, 1) Where there’s a will there’s a way and 2) you are guaranteed to miss every shot you don’t take. He has the will and took his shot. I’m not mad at for being successful.

        • ” “Hickok45 will no longer take the NRA’s money”. This clearly means they have already been doing so for some time.”

          Been curious about that…did NRA recently cut-off funding for Hickock45, thus he is no longer taking money from NRA?

          • I doubt the NRA cut him off.

            The NRA has pretty much been completely exposed as a scam. I imagine they’d be willing to pay pretty much anyone willing to still shill for them. They can’t exactly afford to be picky right now.

            • “I doubt the NRA cut him off.”

              Just wondering if Hickock45 was virtue signaling, when in fact he was dismissed by NRA.

              • I’d say pressure from his fans is more likely.

                I watched that video, and he did the whole “it’s not because you said we should, it’s because [other reasons]” thing that children do when they’ve been made to do something they don’t want and don’t want to admit it.

                And then after that, he did a bunch of kissing up to the NRA, which was pretty pathetic.

              • “I watched that video, and he did the whole “it’s not because you said we should, it’s because [other reasons]” …”

                My only source has been comments here. Guess I gotta put the beer down, and sidle on over to his website to see the actual video.

        • Nothing wrong from being sponsored by the NRA. It’s when he believed that something radically changed at the NRA that he temporarily took a step back…

      • It’s not Hickok or his channel shadow banning you, it’s youtube’s acceptable content algorithms shadow banning your comments. YouTube and parent Google/Alphabet try to hide anything gun or NRA related that they can get away with, they’ve even delete Hickok’s channel before.

      • I’ve liked him for entertainment, but not so much as a source for true reviews. He’s pretty much just a fun ‘ol Grandpa plinker that gets to play with guns.


        “Hey, waddya say we hit that steel out there?” *plink!*

        “Let’s not forget those water jugs!” *plink! plink!*

        “And we didn’t forget you, little piggie!” *plinkety plink!*

        • Hickok45 is bought and paid for by firearms manufacturers, ammo companies (Federal) and the NRA. Who has the NRA represented the most in say the last 20 years? Firearm manufacturers. I went to the NRA show in Indy and it wasn’t that different from the SHOT show except it was public. Who gives Hickok45 firearms? Firearm manufacturers, he doesn’t make anything directly from his videos because all of the gun channels on YouTube have been demonetized. While I’ll watch his videos for amusement, some of the guns he likes are ones that I would never recommend. Basically he has been bought and paid for years ago, god forbid if you use anything other then Federal ammo or Ballistol or any gun you have wont work right. I made up my mind on the NRA long ago, I always thought Wayne LaPierre was taking them in the wrong direction and making too much money to do so. The final straw was when the NRA pretty much abandoned my state (Illinois). I don’t need Hickok45s vague advice in order to make decisions. He posted a video yesterday on 6/23 that said we’ll see you at the NRA show in Indy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E3Qw_zCvSc Obviously he posted that one AFTER he posted his NRA video on 6/21.
          BTW: I give my money to ISRA in Illinois.

        • Have you watched any of their content?

          The Hickok45 channel receives very, very few firearms from manufacturers. They do a good job of mentioning where firearms come from in each video.

          Your unclear writing makes it difficult to what you are carrying on about with regards to the mention of the NRA in their latest upload. Are you expecting them to go back and edit out all mentions of the NRA from their previously shot videos and re-upload them?

        • What I’m saying is I don’t need his advice on the NRA. He made A LOT of money off of his channel and personally IMO he was taking decent money from the NRA since YouTube no longer gives him any cash. The old dude is a marketing machine and perhaps the NRA cut him off. He does make mention of where he gets his firearms but come on, he cant just say S&W, Ruger, Glock or you name it gave me this so he names a store like Buds. I would be willing to bet that Buds gets another gun from the manufacturer. You don’t know that he doesn’t get to keep the guns, I think he does. Take you for example: You are not going to get a free box of ammo, let alone cases of it unless you plug that companies ammo large. In Hickok45s case that happens to be Federal. The guys a marketing machine, I watch his videos for amusement but if the NRA stopped cutting him large checks, that’s his problem. I made up my mind on the NRA a long time ago. I don’t need one of their formally paid lackeys who got cut off to tell me who to donate MY money to. Big surprise, Hickok45 is a millionaire over his videos. 3+ million above board. How much was he paid under the table?

          • Why is this about money he makes? Is it because of not having the same fortitude and ability he does to go out and become a multimillionaire? People need to stop blaming successful people for their inability to be as successful. Furthermore if people are mad because of the current shit sandwich that the NRA has made and giving Hickok45 money for promoting the NRA, than stop giving the NRA money. It really is that simple. Hickok45’s video views has went down, anyone can look at what his YouTube channel has done as far as statistics. My bet would be it’s because he kept endorsing the NRA. Did the NRA back away from him because of the lack of viewers or did he really back away from the NRA? Who cares and does it really matter? I guess it might if you have given money to the NRA while Hickok45 was on the dole, but Hickok45 had nothing to do with anyone giving money to the NRA. I stopped watching Hickok45 videos awhile ago and it had absolutely nothing to do with how successful he is, how much money he makes, or where that money comes from. I quit watching his videos because I got tired of hearing the NRA pitch at the beginning of every video. I believe the NRA could be a good representation for gun owners but only if the top echelon are canned and new implemented that are truly for the 2A and freedom. Currently Ol Frenchy isn’t it. He needs to go just like North and Cox.

        • They don’t keep the guns that they receive from Bud’s. They are sent back and sold on Bud’s auction site, with a portion of the proceeds going to a food bank.

          Whether you like their videos or not, Greg and John are very transparent about their relationships with vendors and manufacturers.

        • You have no idea about their transparency. All you have to go on is what they say in their videos. The problem with that is that’s not my point. My point is simply this: I will give my money to organizations that stand for my 2A rights. The NRA was scratched off of that list when they pretty much tucked tail and ran from my state. The Illinois State Rifle Association did not. To hell with the guy who may or may not of been taking the NRAs money,

          I don’t need some guy on YouTubes advice. As for Hickok45 being on the NRAs payroll you might want to read some of the other comments, there seem to be a bunch of people who think the same thing.

          “Hickok45 will no longer take the NRA’s money”. This clearly means they have already been doing so for some time.”

          “I actually backed away from Hickok45’s channel quite a bit because I got tired of hearing support the NRA every video.”

          “In every single video, in the part where they plug sponsors including Federal ammo, they plug the NRA. If that wasn’t obvious enough for you, they put it on the description section of every video.”

          “I say it’s too little, too late.
          And furthermore, they still sucked up to the NRA as hard as possible in that video.”

          “He has made over $3 million from his youtube channel. He knows he will never see that amount from small, bobo alternatives.
          The left owns the internet and he knows that he has to appease them if he wants to continue. Distancing himself from the NRA is his sacrificial lamb.”

  1. Tom Gresham will no longer support his Life member sign up, either.

    The NRA bureaucracy has screwed up big time and they may or may not be able to recover. Every organism tries to protect itself, and the NRA’s “top men” will try to do the same.

    I would like to believe that there are people of honor that will do what’s right. The ongoing shenanigans make me believe otherwise.

    Also of note, Gresham went on for some time about accepting Democrats under the pro-2A tent because some help is better than no help. Much to my pleasure, he finally realized that the majority of Dems vote for legislators that openly threaten our rights. At least the Republicans and RINOs pretend to support our rights while campaigning.

    • ” At least the Republicans and RINOs pretend to support our rights while campaigning.”

      I can see that. The Ratpublicans always talk big, but only pretend. That’s all they ever do. Just look at that Commie Trump, who’s supposed to be “Our President”. What a JOKE.

        • How does attacking Trump from the right make anyone sound like a Hillary Clinton fan?

          Sounds more to me like you’ve hitched your wagon to a single politician, and are unwilling to criticize that politician regardless of what he does.

          And Trump has been awful on gun rights. Yes, he appointed one originalist Justice to the Supreme Court (Gorsuch), and one who might be okay on some 2A stuff but I don’t have high hopes (Kavanaugh). He failed to throw his weight behind pro-2A bills like concealed carry reciprocity or the Hearing Protection Act. He directed ATF to ban bumpfire stocks for absolutely no reason. He’s been behind these “red flag” laws. So either unhitch yourself from that wagon and stand by the Second Amendment, or just shut up, put your jersey on, and chant we’re number one or some such nonsense, because you’re clearly more interested in politics as a team sport than the actual implications on the ground for things like gun rights.

          I don’t care what you think about Trump or anything else for that matter. I care about preserving and protecting our Second Amendment rights. After that, there’s plenty of time to debate other issues. But unless we do, it won’t matter which of our economic theories was correct when we’re both on a cattle car on the way to some approximation of hell on earth.

        • Stop drinking the Kool aid.
          Trump has had more than enough time to put up.
          What did we get so far?
          Unconstitutional bumpstock ban in violation of the 2a and article 1 section 9 just for starters
          Him whining about how he doesn’t like suppressors (except the ones protecting him)
          Him trying to violate due process(“Take the guns first, go through due process second,” )
          No national reciprocity (still an infringement) or actual Constitutional carry ( you know the actual 2a and supreme law of the land since December 1791)
          He’s had time and a whole department full of lawyers but no joy yet.

  2. Their livlihood relies on social media. Anyone associated with the NRA is risking that livlihood. I believe this was a business decision. I also believe it will only delay the inevitable. It may allow them a little more time, but youtube will shut them down at some point.

    We can pretend all we want, but the left has already usurped control of public information and multimedia entertainment. And we allowed it. Civility equals surrender.

      • He has made over $3 million from his youtube channel. He knows he will never see that amount from small, bobo alternatives.

        The left owns the internet and he knows that he has to appease them if he wants to continue. Distancing himself from the NRA is his sacrificial lamb.

    • YouTube has already shut Hickok down once, it was only a mass outcry from the firearms community and national visibility that forced YouTube to reinstate. A lot of smaller channels haven’t been so lucky, and even more have been demonetized (allowed no add revenue).

  3. The best and possibly the only hope we have of keeping our firearm rights is the NRA! I don’t pretend to know what’s going on but I am a member of other large organizations and been involved with running them — having served on a number of Board positions — and there are always personality conflicts. Those conflicts are usually based on differing opinions regarding the goals of the organization and how to achieve those goals. I strongly feel we all need to support the NRA regardless of its internal troubles. The gun grabbers are licking their chops over this — don’t let them win!

    • The gun grabbers are kicking their chops because maybe they won’t have to pay Wayne anymore to screw us out of our right. Are you kidding yourself? Have you been walking around with blinders and hearing protection on for the last decade? The NRA routinely is selling us out far longer than a decade. They can be placed in the room where all our living gun control was born. Hell evidence of them approving it is not hard to come up with. The NRA must change or die. It must support the right with no fudd “but” comment or fade into history. We don’t need sell outs throwing us under the bus for a new suit and a big check. We need people who are legitimately concerned and willing to fight for every millimeter of our rights. To not recognize any of what I said makes you part of the problem.

    • Sorry, but I only joined the NRA (temp year-to-year renewal basis) years ago because I wasn’t yet aware of others like GOA, FPC, SAF, etc. For at least two years now, all I’ve received are offers of free flashlights and a big ‘ol honkin’ off road truck filled with 25 guns and $50K to go with it all!!!

      Gimme a break. I joined to protect my rights, not get trinkets. My membership lapsed and I’m waiting for the dust to settle before making any decision to renew, if ever.

      • Yeah, the junk trinkets from the NRA are annoying. In that sense, I’m very pleased to see them get rid of Akerman, assuming it was the marketing company responsible for things like that. The junk mailings and trinkets cost money, I have to wonder if those are even cash positive? I’d far rather my membership dollars are spent more effectively.

    • We can’t afford to let the NRA go under anymore than we can only belong to one single organization. 10 million people in each organization goes much further than spreading out over 3-4 organizations. If one group isn’t laser focused on an item you are interested in one of the others likely is. The issues facing the NRA are significant and need to be addressed rapidly. Wayne gets paid enough to buy his own suits, cars, food, etc. Minimal non-luxury travel and lodgings for attending functions 150 miles from home are reasonable. I won’t quit, but I won’t add any extra $ till these perks are eliminated. I don’t care if these behaviors are “normal” in other organizations. The NRA is expected to fight for our rights by lobbying and supporting/filing lawsuits. If Wayne can’t tighten his belt and better manage the collective wallet he needs to resign.

      • I agree .I am an old man I have seen a lot going on we all haft to stick togher it will work itself out piear will pass he will get caught with his hand in cookie jar .stuf like this is what the gun haters love it distracts all of us from seeing what they are doing and their some people dining comments that are working for the gun haters so everyone needs to step back a few steps and not hand our origination to the gun haters our selves are what has got the NRA were it has came from we haft to stick togher and work thrue the bad seeds that is around all of us .if everyone THAT ARE TRUE NRA MEMBERS WITH ACTEL NEED TO HAVE A VOTE IF YOU DONT HAVE AN ACOUNT NUMBER .YOU CANOT VOTE THEIR ARE WASE TO GET IT DONE LEGALLY.

    • The NRA needs Gunowner/Patriots support now more than ever, the liberals are licking their chops at the turmoil going on now. Members need to weather the storm and continue to support Our NRA!!!

  4. I will support the NRA up to a point. Especially in the area of hunter’s safety, women’s issues and safety, and firearms education. I am a paid subscriber to their “America’s First Freedom” (Magazine). No the NRA isn’t perfect. No institution on earth is, including the Christian Community/Body of Christ (the churches collectively). But again bear in mind other pro-gun Second Amendment institutions which remain non-NRA affiliated. They include for instance The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin at http://www.jbs.org and http://www.thenewamerican.com, respectively. Also, JPFO, Inc. at http://www.jpfo.org. JPFO, Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization.”

    As a gun owner, voting citizen, Second Amendment activist, and devout Christian I deplore and hate this so called “mass shootings and gun violence” (guns don’t cause violence, criminals do) as much as the anti-gunners! Nor do I pretend to have all the answers. I do know this: this is not the America and Oregon I was born into back in November 1956. The nationwide breakdown since the 1950’s, which escalated during the 1960’s and 70’s, has undermined freedom, decency, and morality! Freedom cannot exist apart from Biblical based morality (Galations 5:13). The Bible states:

    “A wise person will increase learning, and a person of understanding will attain wise counsel.” —— Proverbs 1:5

    I enjoy viewing Hickock 45 online videos. This despite the fact they could be performed in half the time. Regardless, keep making them. I will continue to watch and view them online.

    James A. “Jim” Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Active and identified with Shasta Way Christian Church of Klamath Falls, Oregon.

    • Um, Jim…you know it’s not a requirement to post all your real info here, right? Maybe use your Starbucks name?

      Unless you’re giving a fake name, address, church affiliation, etc. after all. To throw those gov’t black choppers off the trail. Got it (wink).

      • To Guesty: Starbucks name? Government black choppers? I really don’t know what your are talking about or what your point is. I don’t even do business with Starbucks.

        • Just an attempt at humor using terms/jokes that are well know within the prepper community. Just saying you posted what appears to be a true name, nickname, age, residence, and church affiliation. With that, it took only 30 seconds to find out that your middle name is Adair, your age is 62, you went to Henley High School, and your P.O. Box starts with the number 4 (I won’t write the whole address).

          There’s a lot more info I found such as a phone number (ends with the numbers 22), relatives, and more, but I won’t post it here because I think you get the point. Use a nickname, and don’t give out personally identifying information on yourself. At least to protect your family. A “Starbucks” name is just a joking way to say a chosen nickname, such as “Peanut”, “BillyBob”, or such.

          Be careful out there on the Web.

        • For example, I highly doubt the person who contributes to the comments under the name “possum, destroyer of arachnids” is actually a possum. Just a creative nickname that gives no info as to his true identity.

          Unless he really *is* a possum…

          • “Unless he really *is* a possum…”

            How can you even doubt? Every social site I have “joined” requires using real names, and real profile data. Otherwise, you get disbarred, or something. If a frog can sing about being green, a possum can be a real thing on the internet.

            “…anything can happen when a dream comes true.”

    • At the time the constitution was ratified the musket was the equivalent of today’s AR-15. The type of gun isn’t the problem. We have gotten soft on criminals a 20 yr sentence shouldn’t be reduced to 1-5 years and we shouldn’t allow the dangerously mentally ill to wander about victimizing our fellow citizens. Three strikes = your Mom, Wife and Daughter (Dad, Husband and Son) all have to be victimized prior to the system taking a criminal seriously and removing them from circulation. Yes, this is a simplification but a criminal in jail cannot continue to victimize free society. In all of these mass shootings it is already against the law to: murder, maim, use a firearm in the commission of a felony, and in most states it becomes a death penalty case to murder more than one person. Hmm…is any of this paper that the law is written on protecting you? The law isn’t worth anything if we don’t enforce it. We don’t eliminate cars to prevent DUI and if you don’t prepare for war you will never know peace.

      • “We have gotten soft on criminals a 20 yr sentence shouldn’t be reduced to 1-5 years…”

        Always supported the idea that felons convicted of crimes where physical damage of a victim is manifest should receive life sentences, and be placed on a body part registry. Not just organs, but body parts.

  5. I don’t support the NRA and haven’t for awhile. I don’t like the NRA’s stance on freedom when they say some regulation is necessary. I actually backed away from Hickok45’s channel quite a bit because I got tired of hearing support the NRA every video. I would happily support the NRA again if they would change their stance to a no holds bar freedom can’t be freedom with regulations. Regardless of the internal woes of the NRA Ol’ Frenchy needs to go too. His very words stated the general public doesn’t need machine guns. Just what I want another democrat in sheep’s clothing representing me for my rights. (Sarcasm is free of charge)

  6. Everyone has an opion on this announcement, and Yankee Marshal ain’t buying…

    Found the video to be an interesting perspective; right, wrong or indifferent.

    • Yeah, everyone does have their own opinion. And personally my opinion is that the Yankee Martial is one of the most annoying and least credible 2A personality on YouTube. Still, I can’t really go either way on this issue with Hickok45’s decision. But it is kind of amusing when people like YM bookend their own content on trying to go after other content produces. That kind of purity spiraling is what holds us back IMHO.

      • An annoying, disingenuous person who admits to such should not be dismissed out of hand. I don’t agree with TYM on everything, and his videos are not “classy”. But some of his observations serve well to knock the box, and sometimes worth the view.

        Of late, he has a video proclaiming that “pro-gun” people who are one-note regarding the 2d (self-defense, self-defense, and self-defense), entirely miss the point of the 2d – overthrow a rogue government. All other uses of firearms are ancillary, and not mentioned in any of the writings regarding the RTKBA proposition. His is a viewpoint that is non-trivial. My take on the message is TYM is objecting to the lack of attention being paid to defense of freedom, rather than a utilitarian proposition that is pointless if a rogue government cannot be stopped.

        TYM sorta presents the Obama (erudite, articulate, sharp creases leading to nothing good) and a bull-in-the-china-shop (Trump) dilemma. If method of messaging is more important than the message, we are disadvantaged.

    • Yankee Marshal is a true jackass who makes his living off of near-slanderous clickbait like the one you linked.

      Other than that I don’t have a strong opinion about him.

      • If the method of the message is more important than the message, proceed at your own risk.

        TYM is not the gold standard of pro-gun channels on YT, but he is clear about his intentions, calling out ACKMAC long before the debacle of 2019. Calling out others, as we do here, who “talk the sorta talk”, and do not blink at infringements in reality. Indeed, TYM “sounds” like many people who comment here, in tone of commentary.

        TYM does avoid the echo-chamber effect of so many other “gun channels”. Always avoid listening only to people you like, who reinforce your own presumptions.

        • “TYM does avoid the echo-chamber effect of so many other “gun channels”. Always avoid listening only to people you like, who reinforce your own presumptions.”

          Preach elsewhere. TYM’s shrieking and self-aggrandizement is both ignorant and tedious.

          • “TYM’s shrieking and self-aggrandizement is both ignorant and tedious.”

            As if there are no shriekers here?

            Personally, I find echo chambers the most tedious of all. As noted before, if you are impressed with method over substance, have at it; bear the result.

          • “The dude’s a fan of Chiappa.”

            I think the Rhino is cute. Even saw a girl hiding one in her purse while she drove a red car on covert CIA operations.

    • You’ve clearly not watched any of his videos. He is “pro-gun” and he’s no fudd.

        • Got a link to it? Serious question; the only bump-shooting related videos I recall are the ones where John showed how to do it.

        • I think I googled the one you’re referencing, but if so it’s one of the long boring talky-talky vids he does. That would explain why I hadn’t seen it before. If someone can confirm I’ll watch and see what he actually said about it. If this is the one, the comments indicate that he’s joking about bump stocks at the beginning.

          “New Channel Direction” -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scHA929aV_g

  7. Hey Hickok,what took you so long,as a computer savvy fellow you should have seen read the information from recorded hearings and testimonies before congress.

    All that should have spoke volumes of the veracity of Negotiating Rights Away claim to represent members Americans 2 nd. amendment right and interests.

    That said better late to the party than never,every NRA member has had to face up to the truth,rather than NRA statements of such things as “Stand And Fight” and “From My Cold Dead Hands”, Bravo Sierra that that Negotiating Rights Away pushes to keep their coffers filled with members money.

    • Give him time, man; have you seen how long his videos are? It’s probably been uploading to Youtube for the past two months or longer.

  8. The link to the below 1981 movie “Sophia’s Choice” and many other Holocaust related movies and videos prompts me to continue to write pro-gun/pro-Second Amendment letters to newspapers and speak out! American gun owners, including hunters (so called Fudds) must do a much better job of not taking for granted the Second Amendment, private firearms ownership, voter education and responsibility, and civic activism.


    1944 was indeed a turbulent year. World War II wouldn’t end until 1945, at least for another year. The above link is to the 1981 movie “Sophie’s Choice.” A mother with her two children end up at Auschwitz, Poland in 1944. This during the height of the deportation of Hungarian and Carpathian Jews, including Gypsies (Roma). A ruthless cruel Nazi SS officer approaches the mother and her two children in the selection line. We cannot even begin to fathom stark terror and fear like this! The murderous Nazi SS, like their counterparts in the Soviet Secret Police or *NKVD (under Stalin’s brutal murderous reign of terror!), and likewise the Japanese Empire until 1945, were all cut out of the same cloth: godless brutal murderous evil cruel men who no doubt were under the power and control of Satan! We therefore remain forever indebted to our American and Allied veterans of World War II (1939-1945). Yes….these are my
    sentiments. And lets not forget the Korean War (1950-1953) and Vietnam War (1961-1975).

    May God bless America. Actually though, wouldn’t it be nice for a change if Americans would repent collectively and start being a blessing to God.

    James A. “Jim” Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Native Oregonian since November 1956.
    Cell Phone No. 541-851-1168

    “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach (disgrace) to any people.” —- Proverbs 14:34

    * Be sure to view online the 2008 You Tube video: “The Soviet Story.” This film depicts not only both Nazi SS and Soviet *NKVD collaboration, but likewise reminds us there is little, or no difference, between the three basic branches of Totalitarian National Socialism: Communism, Nazism, and Fascism. Also, the 30 minute online JBS You Tube
    video: “Overview of America.” Finally, “Grinding America Down” by Curtis Bowers.

    • You are right- totalitarian states are fundamentally all the same. There are distinctions without a difference.

      They are all enemies of individual Liberty.

  9. OH LOOK after the NRA who compromises our rights away and is burning down they stop shilling for the big corp of lavish people abusing gun owners hard earned dollars with hot young paid interns who have Luxury NRA Paid 4 Apartments and NRA Paid 4 Gucci Suits for Wayne and the boys…to jet-set around the world.

    They are just another commercial who don’t stand up for gun rights or talk about politics even while the communist seek to ban the firearms they use in their videos to make millions.

    OH Yeah to get Hickok and Son to speak anywhere on gun rights its not Free..they demand a high fee to speak about our and their Human Natural Civil Rights!

    They are NOT doing work like true #2a activist who volunteer their services cuz its the right thing to do.


    I wish they would do the right thing with their platform and support gun rights and call out the commies!

    And support SAF,GOA,FPC that are doing good work taking these illegal gun laws to court and that cost money!

    Plz Support the above and not the NRA for now!

    We should not want the NRA to go away but, they need a serious make over and a new lean management team….

    Suppressors are Safety Devices! Its about safety!

    Please sign pre-written letter from GOA and ASA to Potus.. Links below. Thanks!


    Suppressors are Safety Devices! More than 20% of Americans suffer from hearing loss!

    All together gun owners can be the gun lobby…and be the media…we have social media!

    U carry all the knowledge of the world in ur pocket! Get Active! Don’t just do the 1 click a year and give XYZ gun rights group a few bucks…be active and get involved and volunteer as a Precinct Committeeman & Precinct Captain in ur community to get Pro-Freedom & Pro2a People elected to office.

    If not u then who?

  10. So regardless of how the NRA moves forward, the reality is that they have a problem with perception amount those who are/were supporters.

    They ignore it at their peril.

    I’m in the “change the leadership” camp, myself.

    Time to remove the smarmy and move forward with a clear direction about firearms and the 2nd amendment.

  11. The NRA has consistently sold us out behind the scenes to manufacture tension and increase their donations.

    Textbook create the disease and then sell you the cure strategy.

  12. I will retain my NRA membership for now, but my donations go to GOA. When the budget for NRA-ILA is less than what Wayne LaPierre gets as compensation there is a major problem. Wayne and all the hangers on need to go, and NRA needs to be streamlined. Seventy six board members? No other group does this, NRA needs to be cleaned out and reorganized.

  13. All I know is what has been published. While I won’t bash the NRA, I won’t make any absolute statements regarding their efficacy.

    When my membership expires next year, I’ll assess whether they have earned my membership dollars…or squandered them.

  14. Well I’ll have a NRA membership until at least June 2020. After that who knows? I occasionally watch HICKOK45 but find a distinct lack of real forearm knowledge. And it’s boring as he!! watching him shoot(but he’s good!) Folksy doesn’t cut it for this 65year old. On a particular FB gun group the majority were touting GOA. What does GOA actually DO other than take people’s $$$$? It really IS a big deal Hickok dissing NRA…

    • Taking money and failing to succeed is slightly better than taking money & betraying the donors. Couple that fact with the truth that GOAs problem is simply that it is small, and you can see how them taking on the dying NRAs burden is a good thing (compared to the status quo, anyway). Personally I want to see a national org arise from a confederation of the bigger state-level groups, though. Couple that with real member-vote accountability & I think you’d have a force to be reckoned with for multiple generations.

    • I personally would say SAF or FPC honestly. They seem to be the groups moving the ball down the field federally. Otherwise determine if your local orgs (incl NRA affiliates) are worth a darn and give to them.

  15. the nra has become lapierre’s private preserve and the board needs to get rid of him

  16. I say it’s too little, too late.

    And furthermore, they still sucked up to the NRA as hard as possible in that video.

    We don’t need a strong NRA. What we need is the NRA gone so that GOA and SAF and all the actual pro-2A organizations don’t have a massive, bloated, beached whale sucking off all their donations.

    We need gun rights organizations who fight. In Virginia, where NRA’s headquarters is, and where our awful governor has launched an all out assault on the Second Amendment, NRA is nowhere to be found. They’re never there when we need help in a fight. Sure, sometimes they’ll swoop in once a battle has been won already and take credit, but that isn’t anywhere near the same.

    NRA is responsible for bumpfire stock bans and red flag laws. They aren’t on our side in any meaningful sense.

  17. All the reports I’ve read; & I have read every one I’ve spotted, (as I really care about the rights issue), the same we don’t know what happened. The longer they struggle to keep it hidden, the more it stinks to high heaven for me. I’m not having a damn thing to do with them until they become straightforward. They are hiding. Honest people do not hide.

  18. I don’t watch many YouTube gun channels and the ones’ I do watch I don’t watch very often but Hickock’s alright in my book. I’d say that in this case he’s acting as a very large canary in a coal mine.

    I don’t pretend to know WTAF is going on at the NRA but IMHO LaPierre has to go and the organization needs a complete overhaul. At the very least Wayne has lost trust and cannot lead even if he knows how to “fix” the NRA and it really is all some crazy plot to get him.

    Ah well, at least there’s some lulz to be had with the whole thing.

  19. Wayne is a common denominator in much of what we know to be wrong at NRA. Like the old saying goes, “follow the money”. In this situation most of those roads lead back to Wayne.
    As a corrupt POS I am not particularly surprised, disappointed but not surprised, tat he hasn’t done the right thing and resigned. Call it for the good of the organization. Say it’s to spend time with family. Tell the world you are leaving to pursue your dream of becoming a puppeteer. Just leave.

    Worse than Wayne not doing what most people would agree is the right thing is that the Board of Directors has not requested his resignation or fired him outright.
    My gut tells me he is wrapping up a disgracefully generous golden parachute and indemnity agreement for himself and the it’ll be adios.

    +1 to Hickok and Son for taking the high road.

  20. I’ll admit it. I’m one of those fans of Hickok45 and his son. They helped introduce me to Firearms education with their videos. With millions of other people as well. And we are very disappointed in what has become of the NRA. So I’m glad that he and his son have stepped back away from the NRA. As I think most of us should do so as well.

    I will be in Nashville Tennessee next year for the next NRA convention. But I’ll be carrying a sign outside the convention hall saying Wayne LaPierre needs to resign as well as the rest of the NRA board.

    Next year I hope I’m not the only person standing out there doing this. But I will do it if I have to buy myself. I will be keeping my NRA membership card just like Hickok45.

  21. Life Member as well, but LaPierre just cut the balls off the only part of the NRA that was doing any good, the ILA. He has to go, and if the Board won’t do it, replace the Board. Failing that, burn their house of cards down. We don’t need them. They are not there for the members, they are only there to line their pockets.

  22. The Liberal anti’s are laughing right now at their victory. Divide and conquer and Hickok is playing right into their hands., Sad.

  23. I know there is a lot that I dont know but I do know the NRA has compromised on some issues to stand for the 2a one can not compromise at all to compromise at all is a loss so I have left the NRA quite some time ago gun owners of america seems to be the way to go for me atleast right now

  24. So, if you think fixing the NRA involves getting rid of the chief executive, the CEO think keeping his job involves getting rid of you.

    So long Neal Knox, Col North, Chris Cox…and a few board members over the years.

  25. It’s a personal move for money. They are no better than the NRA.

    There are a lot of “pro 2A” personalities out there, but few are true to their brand. It’s all marketing for money. Even gun and accessory manufactures are not pro 2A, they are pro profit, they don’t mind licensing just like the NRA doesn’t mind. The NRA doesn’t mind licensing because they make more money that way, as they are a training organization initially. Hence Hammer’s push to get license carry over constitutional carry in the state of Florida.

    There are few pro 2A gun owners in America. Most are gun owners for sport or hunting. It’s a hobby for them. In their minds, guns are toys not tools. A bump fire stock is not a useful tool to use to defend America, it’s a range toy that no one should want to own. Drum mags are just for fun at the range. And so on.

    I would say most gun owners are scared to exercise their 2nd Amendment as intended. They just buy guns because it’s fun. They rather make and watch gun porn all day than plan how to fix America. They will complain about the lefties (and AOC) ruining America while they stare at pictures of guns for hours.

    Channels like Demolition Ranch and Hickok45 create gun porn for people to distract themselves with as anti gunners take guns without resistance. Channels like that don’t care about America, they care about the millions they make off of the “Murica, f*** yeah!” branding.

    Would you rather die on a battlefield or live on a multi million dollar piece of land with all kinds of man toys? Would you rather have a lot of enemies trying to kill you or a lot of fans giving you stuff?

    We know what most people are going to choose.

    • You know, it is by no means mutually exclusive to both be deeply pro-2A (against any and all gun control, seeing the Second as liberty’s backstop, etc) and enjoy having fun on the range.

      I agree that bumpfire stocks are pointless and that they make your guns worse. So what? If you want to have one, it shouldn’t be a problem. Bumpfire is fun. Not every shot you take need be serious training. My biggest problem with bumpfire stocks is that someone needed to invent them in the first place – we ought to be able to just have select fire rifles without any restrictions.

      Same with drum mags. I don’t own them, because I don’t think they’re good. Some people disagree with me. If you think a drum mag serves a tactical purpose, or if you just want to spend more time between reloads on the range, who am I to deny you?

      And more importantly, whatever we may think of bumpfire stocks or drum mags or that idiotic AR musket that Franklin made or whatever else, it doesn’t matter. When the politicians and the NRA start to go after them, it’s important that we stand in their way, that we say NO. Because it won’t stop at bumpfire stocks, or whatever other silly accessory the gun grabbers just found out about. We can’t let them win on the little things.

      So yeah, I’m committed as they come, but you know what? I LIKE having fun on the range. I own guns that I have zero practical use for, but love anyway, because they’re fun. If I was to only keep the guns I needed, I’d be down to my LWRC M6IC , my Gen 5 Glock 19, and maybe my Mossberg 500 and M1A. But that’s not happening, because I really like my milsurps and my lever action and all my other fun guns.

      Think of guns like sex – it’s absolutely necessary for the survival of humanity…..but mostly it’s just really fun, and we do it mainly because it’s really fun. Replace “humanity” with “liberty”, and you’ve got my perspective there.

      Also, you want to get people on our side? The dark historical/political lectures aren’t nearly as good at doing that as taking them out to the range and showing them a good time. If I’m trying to convince someone that my position on guns is correct, I offer to take them shooting before I start quoting Solzhenitsyn at them. There’s always plenty of time for Solzhenitsyn later.

      • Evan,

        What you said. A million times. I supported the NRA for years – many years somewhat reluctantly – because they weren’t the best pro-2A organization, simply the largest. And there is value, politically, in size. I allowed my membership to lapse, and I’m unlikely to renew. The NRA training program is excellent. I hope it continues. As a voice for 2A rights? They suck out loud.

  26. I am an active gun enthusiast mostly shooting to hAve fun and improve my skills and pass them on to my sons.I see hickok45 as a fellow being making some mistakes but manning up to them in a professional and respectful manner. Far above what most progressives do.
    I would use him as a model if I took a swing at a web based gun show. Honest, a bit wordy and knowledgeable

  27. I’ve wanted to join other gun-right orgs in addition to the NRA, but I never got around to it. Now is a really good time to diversify.

    • Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, and Firearms Policy Coalition are all good ones.

      NAGR is a scam, avoid them.

      If you live in Virginia, or want to help us out in our fight against our governor’s all-out assault on the Second Amendment, Virginia Citizens Defense League could use the money. If not, there are lots of good state organizations across the country.

  28. This is simply about finances or their pocketbook. Totally shameful. Putting their pocketbook at a higher priority than THE CONSTITUTION THE REPUBLIC THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE…. shameful and treason.

    North and Cox never should have been hired by the NRA and should have been fired many times by the NRA.

    I and my family of 12 NRA Benefactor members plus me 50 year plus member of the NRA fully supports Wayne La Pierre including the compensation he receives.

    Cox does not support the 2nd amendment he supports unconstitutional federal state law and bs regulations. He has been run out of many states while with the ILA.

    We the Members of the NRA are the NRA not cox not north not Wayne La Pierre ….so do not condemn the NRA.


    I fully support the total repeal of 1926 mail law on shipping hamdguns, the 1934 1938 NFA laws passed by a nazis commie congress and commie nazis president fdr and 1986 crap by brain dead reagan signed the bill due to his wife nancy and fascist nazis commie globalist new world order bush senior.

    • Cool. If you support repealing all those laws, stop wasting money at the NRA, which is responsible for about half of them and does absolutely nothing to repeal any of them.

  29. I belong to another Very Pro 2A Org, that does not change my position. I think firearm enthusiasts of all types should hang tough an give the NRA at least a year to regroup, realign, clean house and then state their Mission, Goals and Plan of Action to achieve everything.

    I’m believe we as firearms enthusiasts are better with the NRA than without them. Yes, there are major problem in multiple areas but we should not cut and run. I haven’t been a NRA Member in over 35 years but I’m going to suppot them and join for a year because they really need it now and they’re worthy and deserving of it IMHO. I’ll see where they stand in July 2020 and go from there. I wish them success.

    • Well said. The NRA has made self corrections in the past, and always for the better. Meanwhile, I never argue in behalf of any organization, but what that organization represents. In this case, the Second Amendment.

    • “I’m believe we as firearms enthusiasts are better with the NRA than without them.”

      Do you have a rational basis for your belief? “They’re better than…..” is not really persuasive.

      Having worked for a national non-profit, it takes quite a lot of kool aide to support any non-profit that maintains its chief exec “needs” $20,000 suits in order to be respected.

  30. Man, the Yankee Marshall just keeps racking up the “I told you sos” recently. My respect for his opinion continues to grow.

    • “Man, the Yankee Marshall just keeps racking up the “I told you sos” recently. My respect for his opinion continues to grow.”

      Oh boy, now you’ve done itl

    I personally will not watch another of their videos. The NRA has done FAR more for me than these two.

  32. And since these two pansies want to make grandiose announcements like this, they should now stop hiding behind their anonymity by posting under their real names.

  33. Paid membership at NRA generally holds at 5.5-6 million members while overall national support of the Second Amendment is no less than 100 million. The NRA will see any corrections that need to be made for a stronger, healthier and more efficient organization. Meanwhile, my NRA card will too keep its place in my wallet.

  34. To the author – Can you vague that up a little more?
    I like guns; I enjoy H45’s videos (mostly), and I have no use for the NRA. But your article seems directed to insiders only, who already know the back story. It contributes *zero* to explaining what prompted H45 step away from the NRA.
    Can someone please clarify this?

    • Hes a notorious NRA shill. When people were starting to see the light that the NRA does not give a damn about our rights, when it started going mainstream via a lot of well known 2A advocates, Hickock stood his ground that the NRA is perfect. Hes been known to delete comments and block anyone on his channel that speaks against the NRA. While I give him credit for standing for what he believes in, my better guess is either hes paid off by them or hes simply a Fudd who doesn’t care about 2A freedom. This sudden retraction from the NRA seems to me like hes losing viewers and is trying to gain his relevance in the community again.

  35. Hickok45—we sidelined you until we know all the facts about why u changed ur attitude when u don’t know what’s going on. Hmm. Had to cut ur video BS short. Wonder how you would have done during the war between the states. By-by hickok45. It’s been a slice….

  36. “They’ve always avoided getting involved in politics and gun control issues, for the most part, concentrating on shooting guns and the fun of shooting. ”

    That statement is incorrect. His Fudd-ness turned myself and many others away from his channel by opening his yap and revealing his support for gun control. His response was that he didn’t care and would continue to be a Fudd. He also started appearing as a guest speaker at some Ohio RKBA/liberty rallies. More than a few of us very active long-time individual rights advocates stopped attending these events specifically because his Fudd-ness was invited to speak.

    So, no, he has not “always avoided getting involved in politics and gun control issues.” He has spoken at RKBA events in Ohio as a guest speaker. Screw the Fudd… I don’t give two shits about Hickok45 or the NRA. They are cut from the same dry rotted cloth.

    • I stopped watching Hickok a long time ago due to the NRA plugs.

      But I don’t remember anything besides the NRA plugs that was particularly fuddish/pro gun control.

      Do you have any examples? I’m not saying I don’t believe you, I’d just like to know.

      • I don’t remember specifics but it was bad enough for me to push away from the Fudd. I believe it was the NRA nonsense and, IIRC, he poo-pooed open carry? It’s been a long while so I don’t completely remember. I couldn’t get his Fudd-ness out of my head after that point and began avoiding his videos.

        If I’m remembering correctly about OC, I was left scratching my head when he showed up as a guest speaker at one of our RKBA open carry events. The event had such a Fudd overtone and push (NRA, Trump, Fuddery – to the near exclusion of actual RKBA and liberty) that I was embarrassed to have invited so many people (many of them showed up as a result). From there on in, myself and quite a few of my friends vowed to not attend any that had him or had that Fuddery as a centerpiece. I’m sorry to say that I have essentially stopped doing events as most became copies of that particular gathering. Prior, they were pro-liberty events that I was proud to promote and stake my reputation on.

        • That sounds pretty fuddish.

          It’s one thing if you don’t think open carry is a good idea tactically (I disagree, but I understand the reasoning). It’s another thing to say that gun people should be “in the closet” so to speak.

        • “It’s one thing if you don’t think open carry is a good idea tactically (I disagree, but I understand the reasoning). It’s another thing to say that gun people should be “in the closet” so to speak.”

          I agree with you. I have no problem with differences of opinion on a variety of topics. When it comes to a fundamental unalienable right, I become unhappy with people who try to take those opinions and use them to help tyrants infringe upon my rights.

          I wish I could give you more specifics about how my opinion of Hickock45 formed. I really liked the guy and enjoyed his videos. But, whatever series of events occurred, it repulsed me enough to say, “Screw that guy!” Every now and then I would take a peek in the hopes that he would redeem himself. Apparently, he never did and what I saw only re-enforced my previous repulsion. I really wanted to like the guy and somehow give him a pass.



  39. While you are gripping about Trump and Hickok45 and all the other gun Channels ,the Liberals going to take your guns and they’re going to take your comments and your views and they’re going to turn them against you, you can thank the Yankee marshal for that. It’s just a matter of time

  40. I am not sure what is going on at the NRA, but I know (a) it happened on Wayne’s watch and (b) that a strong board would have held him accountable for the problems facing the organization.

    I am pro 2A, but Wayne is just a guy. He has to go before trust can be restored.

  41. I stopped watching these 2 DOPES when they supported the NRA bump stock ban as a panic move to punish all US citizens for the Las Vegas FF the son is a shockingly poor presenter his videos are intolerable and the old man and all his reviews are carbon copies of each other most are 30 minutes us useless dribble that could be in a 3 minute synopsis- No more nra support – No more hickup45 support there are too many good deserving folks out there to watch and who will never sell our rights down the river

  42. in recent years I have not been impressed with the NRA’s backbone, but I don’t want Establishment “conservatives” taking it over either.

    need to find a capable person who isn’t part of the Beltway crowd

  43. Obviously HickoK45 has a large following just read some of the reviews from this post. However I don’t want o get into conspiracy theories or media underhand tactics to undermine the intended purpose of the NRA but the NRA needs to get outside independent financial review by a legit forensic accounting analyst firm. If that means cleaning house with new officers and paybacks of abused spending so mote it be. I say let the chips fall where they fall .
    Gun owners need a responsible origination that can make a difference and stand up to the gun grabbers etc. I hope the NRA can be that or another time will tell but the NRA needs to prove scrutiny of its own house . I am a life member andIi will still support the NRA.

    Please excuse any fat finger typo’s from my iPhone

  44. It’s odd to me that most of the NRA complaints come non NRA members, I think the NRA is doing just fine, still getting my American Rifleman every month and still getting emails and they’re still putting videos out, business as usual. As for complaining about CEOs and Company presidents making too much money, who the hell are you to decide that? And have you ever worked in your life before? Get out and get a job and the first thing I want you to do is go to the CEO and tell him he’s making too much money, lol and as for complaining about Trump and guns, he has legalized you to have and carry a firearm. And the bump stock ban has not gone in front of the Supreme Court yet and they will probably get rid of it. It amazes me the ignorance of Youth nowadays and their patients, now if anyone can remember Bill Clinton and his bans on firearms? Which leads me to believe that everyone complaining is young and dumb. And I have yet to see them on the NRA chat app, complaining so I know they’re not members, so that leads me to believe they’re liberals infiltrating our gun websites. And they can go straight to hell !!

  45. I’m another Benefactor Member that’s not quitting, But I am not sending anymore dollars until LaPierre is gone. I’d hope they would also change the rules making it easier fir prospective Board members to be nominated by petition . Only one or 2 a year are on the ballot nowadays, used to be namy more. Being ‘Nominated by the Nominations Committee” is same as saying “Nominated by Wayne ” !

  46. OK, guys, I’m going to assume that we are all on the same team, here, and our differences are method vs. policy differences.

    I support the 2A, unequivocally (I am, in fact, a 2A absolutist – outlaw nukes? Chump, the engineering plans for a workable nuke have been available on the Web for decades. Finding the fissionable material is the issue, but that has NOTHING to do with legal prohibitions). I, too, find the NRA a little bit wobbly in its support of the 2A – bump stock bans? AYFKMRN??? I think there are other organizations that are more uncompromising in their support of the 2A.

    Having said that, the NRA has become a mostly political organization, and in politics, size and money are the only things that matter. I like having the NRA (mostly) support my 2A rights, just because they are big, rich and noisy. I also like the more absolutist advocates, like GOA, SAF, etc. They more closely represent my views. But the voices against the 2A are also loud and well-funded. We need to respond. I would personally prefer that the NRA not be such . . . well, it’s not PC, but they are pussies. But I’d rather have a loud, well-financed voice that is mostly on my side than lose that voice entirely. I will continue to support GOA and SAF personally, but I wish no ill to the NRA. In fact, their training programs were their original raison d’etre, and continue to be excellent. Give them props for that. If they aren’t your cup of tea, don’t join. But in what rational world does it make sense to denigrate and wish ill on an organization that supports 80%+ (probably more like 90%) of my views, just because it doesn’t support 100%??? That is how we get the shitty politicians we have. In this instance, the perfect is the enemy of the good.

    • “But in what rational world does it make sense to denigrate and wish ill on an organization that supports 80%+ (probably more like 90%) of my views, just because it doesn’t support 100%???”

      Because the missing 10, or 20 percent are more important than the entire 80%?

    • “But in what rational world does it make sense to denigrate and wish ill on an organization that supports 80%+ (probably more like 90%) of my views, just because it doesn’t support 100%???”

      It’s quite simple really. When the options for politicians range from bad to worse and are forced to choose the lesser of the evils it is nice be able to say absolutely NO. In this case that is what people are saying in regards to the NRA, NO. I am one of those that have said no and quite frankly the NRA has brought this shit storm on itself. It is impossible to claim to fight for people’s rights while whittling away at them at the same time. The NRA has been talking out of both sides of its mouth for quite a while now and it has caught up with them finally. I hope the entire top of the NRA crashes and is able to recover better and stronger to actually put up a real fight for the 2A instead of this half assed mongoloid body struggle that the NRA has demonstrated so far.

  47. Hey I just had a question, is it known if Hickock is being promoted through Ackmac or not? If Ackmac went away then him going away too would make sense. Just thinking about this in light of the NRATV stuff.

  48. OK. Advertisers worked for Ackerman MCQueen whom the NRA paid $40 million to promote the NRA. Kickock worked for Ackerman. Ackerman got fired, so Kickock, Dana Loesh, Cam and company at NRA TV, all of them who actually got paid by Ackerman are out of a job. Ollie North was being paid $1 million by Ackerman, he lost his million too. Wayne sued Ackerman to find out where the money went and that lawsuit will identify the good guys and the bad guys. Allegations are Wayne was spending Ackerman (NRA) money for personal stuff. It will all come out. What I see is Wayne given some golden parachute (millions and he will leave). Cox the head lawyer is gone, too. So, a year from now it should be a clean outfit. The NRA has over 15,000 affiliated gun clubs across the nation. Part of their job is too elect pro-gun people at the state level to protect the second amendment. There is no other group who has any affiliate groups one the ground. The SAF and GOA who I also give money to are great, but they only do litigation, which is only a part of the problem. The bigger problem is the anti gun people electing enough folks to Congress to repeal the second amendment which is their goal. The NRA is the only group that can stop that. Duh? SO Hitchcock got fired and now is pissed. Oh my. He was getting pretty boring anyway. He was an English teacher and 10 years a reserve deputy, never a full time cop, never in the military and never in harms way. Once I met R Lee Ermy, the Gunny, he was the real deal Hitchock is not the real deal. My 2 cents. I have by the way wore 5 badges and served 24 years in the military.

    • Congress cannot repeal any amendment. Congress can propose a change but then 3/4 of state legislators must approve the change……..

  49. People.. there is power in numbers. Regardless of the cause or concern. If something is trying to work for our benefit – as the NRA has, then we should support it to the utmost, even if that org might be struggling. I hate to think of anyone bailing out due to unknown issues. I, as many do, enjoy Hickok 45 for its efforts. Hate to see this. Lets fix… not bail!

    • The human mind is complex…even though we don’t know exactly what’s going on it tells us that something bad, albeit unknown, is going on and for many that’s enough for people to say “time out” until we find out what’s really going on…..

  50. Sorry about this kick to the curb but listen, when you were jerking off the Uzi, that’s a fuckin bolt over barrel, stop guessing and at least look shit up. just ask Uzziel Gal the guy that built it

  51. Taking expensive flights with related parties that have little to no benefit to the organization, extravagant clothing purchases, “working” vacations charged to the organization, and now expensive lawsuits. This is what’s happened under the leadership of Wayne LaPierre. Read the State of NY complaint, yes it’s politically motivated but the allegations are problematic. Time for a leadership change before they get any more of my dues. Too bad because the NRA has a lot of good programs. But waste and abuse, possible fraud and tax evasion can’t be overlooked.

    • This is what we can all agree on…. that there’s a shit storm of something bad going on in the NRA and for Hickok45 that was enough to call a time out. All this other stuff about his “other motives” is bullshit because no one knows it except him…..

  52. He temporarily separated from the NRA. For some of you wanna bes out there, STFU as to his motives because neither you nor I know and we don’t need to know what you think! What we all do know however and what we can all agree on is that there is a shit storm of trouble within the NRA with stories of hundreds of thousands being spent by certain people on clothes and other items coupled with other credible people being let go and for Hickok45 that was enough to temporarily distance himself from the NRA until this shit storm clears. So…in the meantime, wait until the shit clears and then weigh in….. :).

  53. Well its not enough to not be supporting or holding support ,just as much at issue is who can we support while the NRA screws around. I have always felt the NRA was more controlled surrender and so have not consistently supported them. What are your thoughts on GOA?

  54. Maybe they’ve gotten a little fat over the years. No big deal. Trim some fat and work to reverse all gun control laws. Pro gun advocates need to stick together. LaPierre has devoted his career to the 2nd Amndmnt. And I surely don’t mind he wears expensive suits and has junkets to do so. I want him looking at his best . But they have to not give in at all and even work harder to “REVERSE” the strictest of gun control laws that were imposed as of the 1930s. And that I mean !

  55. To say that these two fellows stay out of gun control.issues is just wrong. I have heard hickok45 in particular speak against gun control legislation.

  56. The NRA has bent over for the anti gunners too many times. You give anti gun groups an inch and they come back for a yard.

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