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concealed carry training

A TTAG reader writes:

robert, it is so sad that you outdated, old thinking fools have nothing constructive or very intelligently stated to respond or add the overall problem of guns, gun deaths, massacres…etc all you can do is make fun of and demean the well thought out folks who are trying desperately to instill some sanity and reason into the outmoded and terribly unsafe current gun situation…when confronted with an intelligent and well documented statement related to the ‘gun control’ and ‘situations’ here in the u.s. …most of your beer brain soaked responses spout the same (again outdated) rhetoric…”oh, you know that when strict gun laws are implemented, the murder rate goes up”…”gosh, chicago has the toughest laws and controls in the u.s., but they have the highest rate of crime and gun related deaths in america”…if you would take a moment to actually think about what you are spouting, it might dawn on you, that regardless of the current ‘toughest laws’, that the murders are not performed by those people because they are amidst those ‘tough’ laws, but because those ‘tough’ laws are so loose in their structure, outdated, and at all mandated and ‘controlled’ . . .

and no, idiot, the obama administration is NOT trying to remove our guns (and yes, i am an ex marine and a current gun owner)…please tell me how they are going to go about this, knowing that there are more than 310 million guns here in the us. alone…you can take as long as you want to tell me how they will do this…go ahead…i’m always up for a laugh…you also say….”if only we had MORE GUNS…well my friend, we HAVE more guns…as a trained, ex marine that has probably fired 3x’s more weapons, and typed of weapons…i still cringe when teeny brains such as you state…”well if we had more armed people around these instances of horrific killings they would be lessened”…really, now tell me a 10 hour, weekend schooled person with a carry permit would react in one of these situations…: a person is blasting away inside a building, store, restaurant, (god forbid) another school with an automatic pistol or rifle…etc, you actually think a 10 hour rambo will be able to calmly reach into a backpack, briefcase…whatever, make sure ‘calmly of course’ that it is fully loaded, off safe…and then take a perfect rambo type aim at the madman randomly shooting people, and hit him between the eyes and not take out 3 or 4 more innocent people…hey, rambo…when was the last time you had a crazy person, dressed in body armour shooting at YOU…sheeze…so the almost 10,000 folks killed in the last 15 months by GUNS will be reduced because of MORE GUNS on the street…also, when you answer how they will rip all 310+ million guns out of our homes, also please tell me why do we need these 30 round, armour piercing mags…why do we need automatic firing weapons fed by these mags…handguns are possibly needed for say…home protection…that said uzi’s are NOT…that also said, handguns and those types of weapons are for NO OTHER purpose designed other than to KILL…and you have the gall to say “truth”

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  1. Where do I get all of these neat toys the reader speaks of; Armor piercing mags, automatic weapons, 10 hour Rambo courses. Sign me up.

    • Clearly he worked in the janitorial services division of the marines.
      If he didn’t he clearly does not understand firearms and their use.

      • I don’t know any Marines who refer to themselves as “Ex-Marine”. They also know how to generally use upper and lower case letters and proper grammar. As for spelling, well this Sailor can’t confirm that! 🙂 – Just kidding on the last part.

        This guy is not a Marine.

        Edited to add – Apparently I am not the only one who has detected this based on the others’ comments. 🙂

        • A TTAG reader writes: He might read it so what???
          Troll says:
          “Old thinking fools have nothing constructive or very intelligently stated to respond or add the overall problem of guns, gun deaths, massacres…etc all you can do is make fun of and demean.” It is hard to read that without thinking the writer is an uneducated DA?

          “As a trained, ex marine that has probably fired 3x’s more weapons, and typed of weapons.WHF???

          What is a ex marine??? Never heard a real Marine say that?

          “Ex marine that has probably fired 3x’s more weapons, and typed of weapons”

          Hmmmmw? A infantry Marine probably knows of:

          M16-M4-M249-M240-M27-M203-M2-M39-M110-M40A3- A5 Sniper- M24 -M9 -Colt 1911- M82.

          Probaly been trained somewhat on three or four of the above. Knows his Grenade’s, and mines. Maybe shot a pistol a few times.

          So a AR type of weapon. A machine Gun type. A pistol type. A hand exposive and RP type of Gendade. Maybe even a shotgun.

          So maybe five types of weapons? (and yes, i am an ex marine and a current gun owner)…Troll what do you have???

          As a ex marine he should know better”automatic pistol or rifle”. “these 30 round, armour piercing mags” ex marine thinks there are armour piercing mag out there??? WTF?

          “Why do we need automatic firing weapons fed by these mags”?

          I say: “Who is we”??? What automatic weapons??? What Mags??? .

          Being the ex marine that you are, I’m sure you know that the standard M16/M4 Mag holds 30 rounds. Also being a ex marine you know that automatic fire wastes ammo, is very inaccurate. Marines don’t like it.

          “Handguns are possibly needed for say…home protection…that said uzi’s are NOT…that also said, handguns and those types of weapons are for NO OTHER purpose designed other than to KILL.”

          Don’t even undersatnd the above a little bit. I have a Uzi and think of it as a fat hand gun. It would be/or is fine for home protection.

          RF- This guy is a troll!

          I think his MOS was DA/Gomer. If he really owns guns. Let’s be worried?



        • +1 on the “ex marine” thing. Never once have I heard that from a real Marine.

          Also, I think he’d be a little more accurate on the automatic vs semi-automatic distinction.

        • Not a Marine? Shoot, this guy probably isn’t an American. Did you notice he spelled “armour” the British way? I’m saying he’s a foreigner. That or an imbecile who can’t spell. Either way, I put very little stock in his poorly-written opinion.

        • He says he is a gun owning ex marine (marines are never ex unless they effed up) and he uses lower case for America and God while talking about why we dont need ‘automatic’ weapons. Dirty, filthy, libtard freak in wolf’s clothing.
          Robert, what quality beer do you drink when you soak your brain?

        • I’ll tell you who the ex-Marines are. They’re guys like me, who don’t subscribe to the rah-rah bullshit of “once a Marine always a Marine.” I spent a couple years in the Marine Corps when I was a teenager. That experience has faded away into near insignificance in my life as opposed to the many others whose lives are so barren that their past military experience defines them as a person.

            • What the hell are you talking about, Robert? I’m not the one who’s talking for all former Marines except the ones who were shit canned. I’m the one who’s pointing out that you can’t talk for everyone.

        • To everyone saying this guy isn’t a Marine because he said ex-marine. As a Marine myself,(admittedly I have been out for a few years now), it is quite common to see fellow Marines that have completed their service refer to themselves as former or ex-marines when talking to a group of people that the majority were never in the Corps when talking politics at all. This avoids confusion that can be caused by people thinking you are currently active and thus using your situation to further a political agenda(which would not be legal under the UCMJ) while still giving a backstory to why you are saying what you believe. I am not saying that this guy is a Marine, clearly he isn’t. I think just calling someone out for using either of those terms would be a wrong assumption to make. I would concede that the average TTAG reader would have a better understanding of military customs than the average civilian and I would never use either of those terms on this site.

        • MikeB: It’s true that being a Marine does not define all of us. However, my experience has been that those with less than 3 years of active duty all too often left with an OTH or General discharge, so often times they didn’t part ways with the Corps under friendly conditions.

          Guy22: most Marine officers have trigger time behind all individual weapons and many crew served weapons at TBS, including SMAWS, AT4s, some mortars. FWIW.

          Yette-man: “This avoids confusion that can be caused by people thinking you are currently active and thus using your situation to further a political agenda(which would not be legal under the UCMJ) ”

          While retirees are technically still subject to the UCMJ, the correct term being retired and retained, the reality is that no one is bringing back a retiree to prosecute, let alone for a political orders violation. As for all other former Marines, they have nothing to worry about. I too have never heard the word “ex-Marine” being said in a positive sense.

          As for the spelling of armor, let me assure the lot of you that there are enough foreigners and Americans of foreign descent (self included) to make it look like the foreign legion. In and of itself, that proves nothing,

        • I think GringoFusilero identified him “Did you notice he spelled “armour” the British way?”…… It’s Piers Morgan

      • Clearly this guy is either a wannabe or an ASVAB waiver

        Either was as a Marine, 0311, NCO, and Instructor.. disregard the last. This guy is no impact no idea

    • I want some magical “Armor piercing mags”, I bet I could sell em to the entire Armed Forces. Those sissy Geneva Convention approved rounds not taking out that fortified position? Load the Armor piercing mags!

      • I want the Australian Armor Piercing Mags!!! Throw them, penetrate the target and they come back to you!!! A lazy fat mans dream come true!!!!

        • I am a Marine. I served in the Marine Corps from 1996-2000. There is no way this guy is a Marine. We don’t use the term ex-Marine. Only the press does that.

        • Yeah, I am a Marine and I can tell you this guy is a fraud. The only ex-Marines are the ones who are kicked out. What a piece of trash. Anytime, that imposter wants to talk about actual solutions and what causes gun violence, bring it on. The only problem he will have is this Marine has a degree in Law and Justice and actually has studied criminology. He probably won’t like the truth but then again he’s obviously not fully honest because he’s claiming to be an ex-marine.

      • As a current soldiers, my opinion does not carry more weight than anyone else’s. I am a citizen of this country, just like anyone else on TTAG. I may have fired a multitude of weapons and carried my weapon in a foreign country, but this does not make my opinion better or carry more weight than any of the other 2A supporters on here. I just have more training than some people. I also educate myself on firearms and did so before I came to the conclusion that our lawmakers are going after something that kills fewer people than lightning per year. Additionally, you can’t assume that if an assault weapon were not available that shooters would not have switched to a different weapon to commit the murder. The columbine and VT shooters used commonly available weapons with small magazines cause numerous casualties. These shooters spend time planning their shootings and circumvent laws. They adapt to the situation.

        I did swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution, as did this guy if he is indeed a former marine. He obviously did not read the document he was sworn to protect. I will do everything I can to support this entire document. Not bits and pieces.

        Every DGU situation is different. Nobody can say that if I had a gun, things would have been different in a mass shooting. What we can say is if I had a gun there is a chance that the situation could be quickly ended. Without a gun there is little chance at all to stop a shooter and everyone in the kill zone has to wait until someone with a gun arrives. I would rather have the chance than not. It gives me choices on how to respond.

    • Which is why the Marines accepted him, but did not embrace his knowledge and, intelligence. A DS JARHEAD.

      Maybe he should be talking to one of those 1000+ Green Berets, instead of wasting YOUR time.

      How utterly pathetic a clown he is.

  2. Another useful idiot heard from. “They won’t take your self defense away (Guns)!!!”
    Yea? talk the the Witch of the West about that. Some Marine you are.

    Oh, man I just caught that A/P mag bit. Disrespectfully ROTFLMAO!!

  3. I was unaware the Constitution of the Republic of the United States had an expiration date. Your time would be better spent spouting this rhetoric at the Huff Po. Now run along and go back where you belong.

  4. I would think a marine would know the difference between an automatic weapon, and a semi-automatic weapon.

  5. Don’t feed the trolls.

    On a more serious note, for a supposed Marine, he has no idea what he is talking about. Referring to semi-auto rifles and pistols as automatic is just ignorant. And what self respecting LTC/CHL holder carries in a briefcase and not in a holster. This guy is a fool.

  6. …yes, i am an ex marine and a current gun owner…

    …30 round, armour piercing mags…

    …dressed in body armour…

    So it’s either a Brit, an ex-pat Brit, or just a rambling pile of bogus. Anyway you slice it, it’s not someone putting forth a cogent argument with an even marginally realistic back story.

    • Wow. Never seen “bogus” used as a noun, but considering the person you are referring to, I think it’s apropos.

      Nah… I don’t think he was ever a Marine either. Maybe he borrowed Piers Morgan’s brother’s uniform.

      Unless he meant “marine invertebrate”.

        • Naaa, not a royal marine (as if the brits have anything that isn’t ‘royal’- LMAO). He’s an elevator operator in a fish tank who just happens to have a blue and gold uniform.

  7. Really? How many factual errors do you need before it is obvious that this grabber is neither a Marine, nor has received any training in firearms.?

  8. As a Marine myself, that rambling nonsense was painful to read. Please sir, try again. This time with some proper punctuation, coherent sentences, and less liberal, anti-gun talking points that only make sense when you remove facts and clear thinking from the equation.

  9. Honestly, that may be the stupidest combination of words I have ever come across. Come on, Soldier, you can do better than that.

  10. Former Marine my ass. You look at all the bad grammar and illogic in this piece and the best you can say for this guy is PTSD. More likely some sort or traunatic brain damage (like Gifford and Brady). He questions TTAG’s logic and intelligence and he can’t even figure out normal punctuation and use of capital letters.
    I have yet to find a flaw in any of the logic or statistical examinations presented here and yet in almost every case the disarmament crowd either relies entirely on emotional arguments or misrepresented statistics or outright lies and falsifications.

  11. I think the OP Marine was issued: Brain, Lacking, One Each…….

    All obama has to do is make a law, however unenforceable, that makes semi’s illegal, and then leave it up to the states and local to arrest and prosecute….that alone, although very uneven in its action, will send thousands of law-abiding citizens to jail and scare millions more into giving into confiscation…..obama doesnt need to go door-to-door…..i think the Marine is a moron, if he ever really was a Marine.

    I will not even go into the parts about armor piercing ammo….at least not until I am finished cleaning my GAU-8/A Avenger gun and sorting through my depleted uranium ammo stock.

  12. I wasn’t aware people were running around committing crimes with and stockpiling automatic pistols and rifles.

  13. “as a trained, ex marine that has probably fired 3x’s more weapons, and typed of weapons”
    – once a Marine, always a Marine,
    “automatic firing weapons”
    – “trained” would know better than to say stupid things like that
    “30 round, armour piercing mags”
    – is this Piers Morgan?…..

    • Hope he doesn’t see this, but Mikey Numbers is WAY smarter than our “ex-Marine”. But “way smarter” is IN NO WAY intended to connote actual intelligence. A possum is way smarter than a dung beetle, but that’s as far as it goes.

  14. I like how he complains that all Robert does is “make fun of and demean” people then calls Robert an “idiot” and us “fools.” I also like how he uses the phrase “well thought out” in a rant that does not use paragraphs or, for that matter, hardly any punctuation at all. He says he is “a trained, ex marine.” Did we get trolled?

  15. This fool wouldn’t know the “TRUTH” if it smacked him in the face. The 10 hour Rambo would at least stand a small chance of making it out alive or saving another life if they’re armed. Now our 10 hour Rambo could also be unarmed and try to hide like a good little sheep while the nutjob killer slaughters everyone. I guess if you’re going to get shot at by some wacko it would be nice to a least have a fighting chance, and being armed is better than being a good little sheep and hoping you’re spared.

    • You sound as if you’re figured out the meaning of “ten-hour Rambo”. Would you help me out with it? Of all the embarrassing claptrap he spewed, that one puzzled me. The rest I already forgot about.

      • “10 hour Rambo” refers to people with their concealed carry permit (which they got in a 10 hour or shorter course) who now think it makes them prepared to “take on the bad guys.” The unnamed author is basically saying that they would be woefully unprepared, and probably do more harm than good.

  16. Funny, despite my poor spelling and inability to write long messages here due to lack of mobile freindliness of the site, I still attempt to use grammar.

    Why cant the antis and grabbers try to be a little more polite and appear to be less stupid?

  17. Definitely not a marine. I’m not sure if they are just yanking your chain or this person actually believes what they wrote. One of my biggest complaints about the anti-gun folk is they know absolutely nothing about guns. While I don’t claim to be a firearms expert, I wouldn’t want to debate particle physics with an amateur physicist that builds particle accelerators in their spare time if I don’t know anything about particle physics. I might come out of the argument looking like a fool.

    • You definitely don’t want to argue with this guy. He’s “a trained, ex marine that has probably fired 3x’s more weapons, and typed of weapons.”

  18. I question this reader’s credentials as a Marine when he says “30 round armour piercing mags.” No Marine, Soldier, Sailor, or Airmen who has been through basic training in the last thirty years would use that terminology. Perhaps some of the doctors, lawyers and other specialized personnel that really never use their weapons, but definitely not somebody who has shot “3x more weapons” than Robert. I am a Soldier, and I can tell right off the bat this guy is either lying about his service or didn’t learn a darned thing about firearms, or reality, during his time in service.

    To his point about the President not trying to take guns away, that may be the case. The President hasn’t explicitly supported such a measure. However, he has supported proposed federal legislation by Diane Feinstein and others that contained such wording, at least before being told it was a non-starter in the DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED Senate. Additionally, as state legislation currently being proposed in Missouri and elsewhere proves, confiscation/mandatory buyback is absolutely on the agenda for many of the “gun control” proponents. I would ask this reader what his answer is to that. Further, by making the owner of banned weapons felons, even without going “door to door,” for the law abiding it is absolutely gun confiscation as they can no longer lawfully posses or use them. So yes, whether or not President Obama is behind it, the “gun control” movement is going after (read: trying to remove) law abiding gun owners’ guns.

    • Every time someone mentions that Obama hasn’t explicitly acted, the scene from Star Trek (TOS) “Space Seed” pops to mind where Khan says “You are an excellent tactician, Captain. You let your second in command attack while you sit and watch for weakness.”

  19. Moron.

    I appreciate that fact that this site allows others to exercise one of their other constitutional rights (which exist only because the 2nd), but really…?

    Just another troll.

    Oh, and by the way…come and get them. Please.

  20. Sounded like a 14 yo throwing a temper tantrum to me. If I had an armor piercing mag I wouldn’t need ammo to put into it. X marine my ass. Closest this yutz got to the military was an old John Wayne movie.

  21. RF plese ignore all these fascist [pigs this guy is a toltal moron who never been around a wepon his whole life. As he goes on his ”tiny brain” rant on emotion we got facts its proven more guns= less crime. FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Armor piercing mags, full autos? I think i am calling bs that this guy was a former marine. I also feel for the parents of this person on that fateful night when his mother dropped him on his head when he was an infant.

  23. I spent 26 years in the Marine Corps, retiring as a First Sergeant. I was Infantry (03 field) the entire time. I was a Sniper (8541) during the first Gulf War, 1st MEF. I have fired High Power Rifle, Small Bore Rifle, Small Bore and Big Bore Pistol Bullseye, Steel Silhouette Pistol and taught marksmanship and Exterior Ballistics. I am an avid weapons collector and continue to teach on the outside. This dope who wrote this, is not nor has ever been a Marine. If he was, he was an incredibly poor student and retained nothing related to firearms.

    • First off, thank you for your service. I agree with you 100%. This person is either lying about his military history or was a poor student and deserved to be an “ex Marine”. It’s people like this guy who are spewing the anti-gun rhetoric around the country. They only serve to enable the gun-grabbers to continue their quests in disarming the American Public. Sad excuse for a human being, is all he is.

    • J, thank you for your service!!! Semper Fi!!!! Never was a Marine but was a grunt(11b30) from 1981 to 1996 in the Army. Sniper qual’ed in 1983 and have worked with Marine Recon before! I have the utmost respect for Real Marines but this REMF doesn’t even qualify for the title of Jarhead in its loosest definition!!
      BTW: have ya got an extra M40 or MK19 laying around anywhere??!! LOL!!!
      1st Cav Div 1991-1993 in the Sandbox!!

      • I wish I did! You know of all the money I have spent on firearms I have put money aside to build an M40 in any configuration. I believe the current is an A5 with Schmidt Bender. 91…were you in the Gulf? Up north I expect? We burned through (so to speak) the oilfield east of Jabar. Yeah; I fully expect this Guy’s shadow never darkened a door a PI or San Diego. Just another angry leftist…Thanks for your Service as well!

        • North and South, was part of a LRSD unit. Went here and there sneaking and peeking. We always joked about being overworked and underpaid spies!!!!
          Yea an M40(or the Army M24) woul b great!!! But then again I Really like the M14!!! Ya just can’t beat the classics!!!
          Closest I have now is a Marlin XL7 in .270 with a 22″ barrel, Blackhawk bipod, synthetic stock and an NC Star 6x24x50AOE Red Dot Reticle scope!!! Works pretty damn good with anything I handload from Nosler 130gr flex tips to Federal 150gr SJRN’s or 150gr SJSP’s.
          Have an M1 .30carbine but up close work for it. 110gr SJHP’s in it!!!!

      • I have too many to talk about but one, my custom built M1A (actually embossed M14) has been languishing since I stopped shooting DCM (currently CMP) .I selected a Douglas barrel, chrome lined with a 1:11 twist; optimal for the SMK 168gr at 600 yards. I need to put a nice piece of glass on it…

        • Nice!!! Have been hunting a good Garand for awhile but all I have found were out of my price range.
          Would like to find an SDV also!! Like the Russians or not they built some damn good sturdy weapons!! The SVD, AK, and RPK(?) were all nice. We qualified every 6 months on Soviet weapons and was always fun. Aim bottom left of target, squeeze trigger, and by the time the recoil gets the muzzle up to the top left of target you have, if you held your aim, placed most of the 30 rds of 7.62×39 into your target!!!

  24. Well, I’ve been to one world fair, a picnic, and a rodeo, and that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard come over the internet

  25. This statement has all the hallmarks of a rant written while drunk (exempli gratia the awkward repetition of the word “other” in the final sentence).

    While gun ownership is clearly not be for everyone, the bottom line is that the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights lays out the principle that the citizenry of this new and distinctly different nation is to be guaranteed the right to transform itself into a military entity should the need arise.

  26. Sweet Armor piercing mags! Now I don’t even have to worry about the ammo shortage, I can just throw my armor piercing mag at them. I doubt this person is a marine or a gun owner. Heck he/she doesn’t even know the correct terminology when talking about guns. The only thing this person can tell us about is Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

  27. because those ‘tough’ laws are so loose in their structure, outdated, and at all mandated and ‘controlled’

    Can anyone tell me what this is supposed to mean? I mean, anybody with a little imagination can see how intimidating it would be to see a man pierce body armor with a magazine (or I suppose, a soup can, or a brick, but I digress), but what on earth does it mean to say a law is “at all mandated and controlled?”

  28. This writer broke my troll detector when he claimed “ex marine” status. It is to my understanding that no true Marine calls him or herself such a term, EVER. The “these guns’ only purpose is to kill” garbage is also a dead giveaway.

  29. What you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  30. Maybe he meant ex-kreigsmarine? That would explain the English-as-a-Second-language rambling, inaccurate response. But those guys tend to show better sense.

  31. “…that regardless of the current ‘toughest laws’, that the murders are not performed by those people because they are amidst those ‘tough’ laws, but because those ‘tough’ laws are so loose in their structure, outdated, and at all mandated and ‘controlled’ …”

    I don’t understand what this means. Can someone help me parse it?

    • Matt: it means the writer never learned the meaning of the old saying: “It is better to be quiet and be thought a fool than to open mouth and remove all doubt!!”

      • It means: Turn your f’n guns in you bowling, beer drinking, animal killing, cop hating, seditious, paranoid, inept, careless, cross dressing, wannabe toads. I have no cogent argument, so I will babble inanities under the guise of a 3x trained military professional who’s security clearance provides knowledge of armor piercing mags and the automatic firing weapons fed by these mags. So do as your told!!!

  32. Some how, even though he fits the requirement of being able to fit his head into a jar, I doubt that this guy served in the United States Marine Corps.

  33. “…also please tell me why do we need these 30 round, armour piercing mags…why do we need automatic firing weapons fed by these mags…handguns are possibly needed for say…home protection…that said uzi’s are NOT…that also said, handguns and those types of weapons are for NO OTHER purpose designed other than to KILL…

    As many have said above, this section is great evidence that this guy is full of crap. Nobody who was a Marine would make this many gun-related errors and blanket assumptions in one (rambling sentence). It’s just a shame that I had to get all the way to the last sentence before I could unreservedly call BS.

  34. The anti’s love to pull that “Fraud”: “Yeah, I’m a [cop, gun owner, marine, weapons instructor], but…..” crap. I don’t think he’s a Marine, NOR a Gun owner. What i do know is, He doesn’t deserve to Live and Prosper in MY FREE COUNTRY. Now, You, Take Piers and GTF OUT. Go, now.

    HEY BTW, thanks to all the TTAG readers and responders… the comments provided on this page were awesome, hysterical, and therapeutic (after hearing from this clown).

  35. Are “typed weapons” an early attempt at 3D printed weapons? Was someone just sitting at a typewriter entering a series of 0s and 1s that came out looking like a gun?

  36. thanks for the laugh, this should hold me over for a few hours while I’m out and about!

    …armor piercing mag, lol! Hope I don’t choke on my assault sandwich!

  37. “… and then [armed citizen responding to a spree killer] take a perfect rambo type aim at the madman randomly shooting people, and hit him between the eyes and not take out 3 or 4 more innocent people …”

    It always floors me when citizen disarmament advocates are more afraid of an armed citizen (who is only aiming at a single attacker) than the actual attacker who is trying to shoot as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Even if the armed citizen did unintentionally shoot 3 or 4 bystanders before taking out the spree killer, how is that worse than letting the spree killer continue unimpeded to kill 10, 20, or more people?!?!?!?

    The commenter also misunderstands a monumentally important yet simple fact. An armed citizen who is trying to stop a spree killer is not intentionally aiming at bystanders. Thus any bullets that miss the spree killer would, if they even strike a bystander, hit in a totally random fashion. Bullets (especially from handguns) striking a person in a random location rarely cause death. If I am a bystander near a spree killer, I’ll gladly take my chances with any misses from an armed citizen/s trying to stop the spree killer.

  38. Children, a magazine is a stockpile of munitions, which can be armor piercing in their nature, or not. This can be located anywhere from holes in the dirt, limestone caves in the mountains or in a cigar box. The vessel for containing the munitions is an irrelevant detail, as much as it is irrelevant that a Glock Pistol is made up of more than one material – its the purpose and intent behind the design that characterizes the terminology and nomenclature.

    You language mauling mutants would have it explained to us as “that plastic thing that goes up which shall not have its capacity infringed upon.” when it comes to magazine.

    I see the 2nd Amendment produce a Battlefield that is daily fought upon without consideration to non-combatants. This Ex-Marine clearly understands what it is you pro-guerrilla warfare fetishers seek, and what it is you find.

    Playing silly buggers will get you buggered silly.

    • “…why do we need these 30 round, armour piercing mags…”

      So you would have us believe that he is referring to a 30 round, armour (telling spelling, that) piercing hole in the ground? Or a 30 round, armour piercing limestone cave?

      He clearly meant “30 round magazines full of armor piercing ammunition.” His phrasing was ignorant, especially for an “ex-Marine” and a gun owner.

      He was ignorant; you’re just being disingenuous and stupid.

      • The more you know!

        Armor piercing holes in the ground do exist in some parts of the world. In the business of human population reduction and resource acquisition they’d call them High Explosive Anti Tank-Improvised Explosive Device.

        Now if I were to be foolish I would insist that Criminal Record should not be expunged, meanwhile an ex-Marine should be quite capable of making distinctions about himself and his choice of associates.

        “No such thing as an ex-Marine”?

        Sure there are, you just wont see them at your group therapy sessions.

        • What.
          are you talking about?

          You’re not being disingenuous now. You’re just making no sense.

          Begone, troll.

        • Let me see if I follow your chain of logic:

          -IEDs can be used to penetrate armor.
          -IEDs can be concealed in a hole in the ground.
          -Small arms ammunition can be concealed in a hole in the ground.
          -Anything used to store ammunition can be considered a “magazine”.
          -Therefore, the term “armor piercing magazine” makes perfect sense. Somehow. Don’t ask me how.

  39. I spent 13 years with the amphibious Navy and spent a lot of time deployed with Marines aboard ship. As everyone before me said, no way is this clown a Marine. What a joke, I hope whoever wrote that pile of crap is reading all these comments and feels like the fool we all know he is!

  40. The OP called. He’s requesting that anyone with an extra supply of babania please contact him immediately and say that Jones sent you.

  41. So… many… ellipsis’s….

    It’s funny how emotional these people get. Ad hominem attacks really destroy any credibility to an argument.

  42. As others have mentioned, he’s probably not an American, or he’s an American who thinks Armour hotdogs too much and that has affected his ability to spell.


  43. You must be doing something right when trolls invest so much effort at olympic level bloviating and the general response to their “numinous” sputterings is along the lines of “kindly f*ck on off…”

  44. Do run an article about Armor Piercing Magazines! I am always willing to be enlightened.

    He has a point about the “10 hr rambo” (disregarding the fact that most folks who are interested have many more hours in their hobby then that.)

    After years as a cop, over a thousand hours of training, I wouldnt guarantee I would function especially well in a surprise or ambush situation like a mall shooting. I do know that if i were armed, I would have options that I could take to extract myself from the situation that i wouldnt have if i were unarmed.

    Those options, might allow me to assist in the evacuation of other threatened persons, and reduce the damage the shooter could do if he were unopposed.

    I chose to carry, even as i accept the addition personal risk that can result from mistaken identity, or the liability of a stray round.

    I do this for the same reason I have fire detectors, fire extinguishers and first aid
    kits. Because I want options in that 10 minute plus time it takes for the professional responders to show up.

  45. My god I don’t know what’s thicker the irony or idiocy. He clearly has no idea what he’s saying, there’s no way he’s a former marine. last time, or every time iv been witness to an argument between a liberal and patriot online or real life, no matter how many common sense, logical, excellent points we put out, the liberals just scream, cry, and resort to name calling. The TRUTH here is that this man is a f**king idiot. Iv yet to hear ONE argument or point from a liberal that makes ANY sense.

  46. Welcome to the anti-gunners new tact that I keep seeing. I even called someone out at a recent party. They say they are either gun owners or ex-something and then spout non-sense “as if” they had authority on the subject.

    Its like a guy at a bar pretending in is a Doctor or James Bond trying to score a date with some hot chick. Its not going to happen. TTAG is not that dumb.

    For my third post of the weekend, I repeat FOAD!

    • This is the type of thinking we are up against. I hope people don’t think this guy is a one off lunatic. This is the norm when it comes to anti’s. There is no negotiating or reasoning with these people. You will never persuade them to see things your way. Their mind is set and the only thing we can do now is to ignore them, that is until the time comes when we have to use physical force against them. That seems to be the only thing these types understand.

  47. I wasn’t in the corp But, I know many and not a one of them would refer to themselves as “EX”. Marines are Marines forever even into death they are Marines. HOORRAAAAHH!!!!! This “EX” is a troll.
    I’m not a marine so forgive me if I get the following wrong (and please feel free to correct me):

  48. @RF – why bother posting the rantings of a troll? This “Feinstein In Disguise” FIG, for short, is a waste of the electrons it takes to display it on my laptop.

  49. The quickest tip off you have a troll or liberal or both is when they have to resort to name calling or 4 letters words as they don’t really know what to say with out the white house puppet master telling them what to say. As a Military Family since WWI and now with my grand children, none of us call our self EX!! We ARE Marines.

  50. Why is it that these foaming-at-the-mouth anti-gun libs have to always lie, make up faux-facts, and resort to name calling and stereotypes to make their ill-supported claims? This isn’t my first rodeo and the closest that guy might have got to “Marine” was getting kicked out of boot camp!

  51. I quit reading at the first insult. The whole thing upon scanning thru it is insulting. Pro or Con, that just don’t work.

  52. Is this mikeybnumbers in a different ‘net guise? Really. How is it possible for someone to be that far down the kool-aid hole and not see the world getting dark? My Saturday migraine is wide awake and there is plenty of scotch in the cabinet…this will not end well…

  53. Just how many spelling and grammar errors are one allotted
    before a “constructive and intelligent” response is negated?

    I smell high school drop out; that or Ivy league. Maybe he’s using
    free form grammar to show how us how highly educated he
    really is. I tremble before his overpowering IQ.

  54. The writer of the ramble above is paranoid about guns and expressing emotional immaturity. Poor little thing.

  55. SGT Johnson USMC 0352 TOW gunner. 02-06
    I studied armor and what the TOW Missile can do to different types of armor in SOI and there is no armor that i know of that can be pierced by a magazine no matter what the vilocety. In addition, i do not believe weapon manufacturers have engineered a mag shooting anything. Just thought i would let everyone know. In addition this TangoUniformRomeoDelta is not and never will be a fellow Teufelshunden. Thank you to all that have served no matter what branch but to all my Brothers out there…… SEMPER FIDELIS

  56. Um, the anti-gunners sent in a grade D troll. Same old tired, tired talking points and ad hominem attacks. Zzzzzzz.

  57. My lord. . . this guy is no marine! With spelling like that he would never have made it past the sign-up table in the high-school lunch room!

  58. As soon as I saw ‘ex-marine’ I knew this person was lying through their teeth. As I’m sure anyone who is, was or knows a marine, you’re never an ex-marine. “Once a marine, always a marine,” is a slogan of pride almost every marine I’ve known not only says, but lives by.

  59. “…that regardless of the current ‘toughest laws’, that the murders are not performed by those people because they are amidst those ‘tough’ laws, but because those ‘tough’ laws are so loose in their structure, outdated, and at all mandated and ‘controlled’ . . .”

    What the actual fvck did he just say? Seriously, what does that mean? I have no idea what he’s trying to communicate right there.

    “…really, now tell me a 10 hour, weekend schooled person with a carry permit would react in one of these situations…”

    I like when people make the argument that the Average Joe wouldn’t have the mad skillz or strength of nerve to take a shot at a mass shooter. Did this guy not hear about the Principal at Sandy Hook? The woman went and got in a fist fight with a guy with a rifle but he’s suggesting that she wouldn’t have been able to shoot him if she’d been armed? He uses his own personal idea of what a shooting would be like and how a person would react to it as solid fact. All while totally ignoring actual instances of people fighting back against spree killers. Another example of the Ideal being more important than Reality. These people live in their own realities.

    I can be kinda scatterbrained sometimes. I tend to think faster than I type and it makes my rants come out a little garbled. I tend to jump from one point to another before I finish making the first one but Jesus H. Christ, I know how to use paragraphs. I don’t know what that guy was one when he typed that but I doubt it was legal.

  60. Mikeb302000,

    I noticed that you claim service in the Marine Corps. Just out of curiosity, which boot camp did you attend? What was your MOS, and what years did you serve? What units did you serve in when you got to the fleet?

  61. If he or she is an ex-marine (hell, if they have any experience with firearms, schooling, or interaction with other members of society) then Obama just got inpeached and Ted Nugent replaced him as pres for the next 3 years of the term.

    Also, see there are mindless idiots who make their side look so much worse on the anti gun side. Now we just need a pro-gun news guy (Stossel) to get whoever this ex-marine is on an interview program so he can do this same rant.

  62. I really want to hear more about Mikeb302000’s claimed service. I wasn’t a Marine myself, but I know more than a few and it isn’t typically something that someone just does “for a few years as a teenager”.

    At this point, I want to know if Mr. Buonomo deserves a small modicum of respect for stepping up to serve, or further scorn and infamy as a poser and stolen valor perpetrator.

    • Maybe you’ll understand when you grow up a bit. I’m 60 years old. I went to Parris Island in the summer of 1970. Radio Telegraph operator was my MOS, I forget the number.

      Far from my service being deserving of respect, it was just like most cases, a mistake of youth. Nowadays it’s pretty much agreed that Vietnam was an immoral undertaking which the US did for all the wrong reasons. Iraq and Afghanistan will be seen the same way in an increasing manner until 30 or 40 years from now they hold the same embarrassing place in our history. You do see the difference between these conflicts and WWII, don’t you? The guys who participated in these recent wars were dupes who were brainwashed or tricked in one way or another by the politicians who for the most part did not serve themselves (along with their sons who did not serve.) Being dupes of the corrupt system, many of them wore their “vet” status like a badge of honor. Other dupes pat them on the back and encourage the deception. But the truth is there’s nothing to be proud of there, nothing at all.

      So yeah, I’m an ex-Marine who’s lived a full and varied life during the 40-plus years since my discharge. I’m not impressed with your internet handle (and you’re not the only one around here). FLAME DELETED

  63. Well, I guess it’s good that I never set out to impress you. I know I’m not the only one, and my service was fairly unremarkable like a lot of other veterans. I didn’t get a chance to see your “deleted flame”, but I can guess and just say that the feeling’s most likely mutual. It also seems quite likely that you took an oath you either never understood or cared about in the first place, or just forgot as you got older.

    If what you say is true, then I won’t bother offering you any respect for the service because you certainly don’t accord the same to your own or anyone else.

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