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Serial #1 of 20 (above) is 100% hand-engraved with the remaining 19 being hand-chased.

Henry donates 20 special commemorative rifles for auction with 100% of proceeds benefiting conservation groups across the United States

BAYONNE, NJ – October 25, 2017 – An icon in the firearms industry, Henry Repeating Arms is proudly celebrating twenty years of American manufacturing. Since 1997, Henry Repeating Arms has stood for quality, reliability and has provided award-winning customer service on a personalized level that sets the brand apart from the competition. Throughout its history, Henry Repeating Arms has had a steadfast and unwavering commitment to keeping its manufacturing operations in the United States and providing its customers with firearms that are “Made in America or not made at all.

“Over the past two decades, I’ve come to realize that it’s our customers that make Henry the brand it is today,” said Anthony Imperato, President and owner of Henry Repeating Arms. “Henry is a brand that represents many different things for customers from all walks of life. It’s their stories, their passion for Henry and shooting sports that continue to push us to be the best possible firearms manufacturer we can be.

The Anniversary Edition Big Boy rifles feature highly-detailed engraved brass receivers boasting the brand’s motto, “Made in America or Not Made at All.” The stocks are hand-selected AAA Presentation grade American Walnut.

Celebrating 20 Years with 20 Rifles

Supporting the shooting sports has always been at the core of Henry Repeating Arms’ DNA, so the brand felt it would be fitting to continue that tradition as it marks its 20th anniversary. Henry Repeating Arms is announcing that it has partnered with the Hunting Heritage Trust to auction off twenty Anniversary Edition Big Boy .44 Magnum rifles with 100% of the proceeds going to a range of non-profit organizations working to support hunting, shooting and wildlife conservation in America.

“The incredible, positive impact that these organizations have had on the shooting sports industry is immeasurable and we’re proud to have the opportunity to help fund their work for years to come,” added Imperato. “Collectors and Henry enthusiasts alike will be drawn to the intricate, hand-engraved details these rifles will feature, along with their special Anniversary-edition serial numbers.”

Serial #1 of 20 features a highly-detailed, hand-engraved custom brass receiver boasting the brand’s motto, “Made in America or Not Made at All.” The other 19 rifles in the series, while equally detailed are machine engraved and then hand-chased. All of the rifles feature presentation-grade, AAA American Walnut and collectible “One of Twenty” serial numbers. Each rifle will be auctioned on starting with the first serial number.

The organizations that the auctions will benefit include the Boone & Crockett Club, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, Dallas Safari Club, Ducks Unlimited, Hunting Heritage Trust, Kids & Clays, the National Rifle Association Foundation, National Shooting Sports Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and others.

An American Brand Two Decades in the Making

Headquartered in Bayonne, New Jersey, Henry Repeating Arms has a storied, twenty-year history and has achieved a number of milestones that have truly put the brand on the map with its customers and the industry. The company’s first lever action rifle, model H001, quickly became one of the most popular .22 caliber lever action rifles on the market, with customers drawn to the high-quality craftsmanship, genuine American Walnut wood, and affordable price point.

In 1999, Henry Repeating Arms unveiled the legendary Golden Boy which took the industry by storm and was named Gun of the Year in 2001 by Guns & Ammo magazine. In 2003, after receiving incredible demand from its customers for a centerfire version of the rifle, the company introduced the Big Boy which is now available in .44 Magnum, .45 Colt, .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, and .327 Federal Magnum.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find more than just lever action rifles inspired by the original design of Benjamin Tyler Henry from 1860. In the Henry Repeating Arms portfolio, you’ll find single shot rifles, shotguns, the U.S. Survival AR-7, as well as specific models designed to help introduce today’s youth to the shooting sports. Moreover, a full catalog of accessories, tools, and apparel continues to draw in Henry enthusiasts the world over. Like its firearms, all of these other products featuring the Henry Repeating Arms logo are manufactured in the USA.

Supporting the Shooting Sports

Henry Repeating Arms’ history is also highlighted by countless philanthropic efforts and charitable contributions to a number of organizations that support the shooting sports, hunting, wildlife conservation and those which serve to protect and defend the second amendment and American citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. Henry Repeating Arms also supports every national youth shooting sports program offered today through cash and custom firearms donations, and critical event sponsorships. Organizations include those such as the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance, the National Rifle Association’s Youth Programs and the International Hunter’s Education Association.

In addition, to further its charitable efforts, Henry Repeating Arms formed a program called “Guns for Great Causes” which exists solely to assist those in need. “Guns for Great Causes” has helped raise significant funds to aid children’s hospitals, individual families as well as national and local veterans’ and first responders’ organizations.

In recognition of its ongoing support of the National Rifle Association over the past 20 years, Henry Repeating Arms was presented with the President’s Special Recognition Award. The award highlighted the incredible charitable contributions and philanthropic efforts spearheaded by Henry Repeating Arms, which have helped raise over $2.7 million dollars and supported a wide range of programs organized by the National Rifle Association.

For more details on the auction for serial number ‘20HENRY01’ and to view the schedule for the rest of the series visit

For more information about the company and its products visit or call 866-200-2354.

About Henry Repeating Arms

Henry Repeating Arms is one of the country’s leading rifle manufacturers. Their company motto is ‘Made In America Or Not Made At All’ and their products come with an unlimited lifetime guarantee backed by award-winning customer service. The original Henry rifle played a significant role in the frontier days of the American West and is one of the most legendary, respected and sought-after rifles in the history of firearms. The company’s manufacturing facilities are in Bayonne, NJ and Rice Lake, WI.

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  1. Every shooter should own at least one Henry, pick the caliber that most interests you. Yes they are not cheap but the quality of wood, blued finish and overall fit and function more than justify the price. Mine is the base model 22lr.

    • The basic H001?
      That’s only a few bucks more than a basic Ruger 10/22 but has five times the charm. The Golden Boy will be not-quite double the price of the 10/22 and it’s charm can soften the heart of even a dedicated gun bigot.
      So yes, if you have any money to spend on a rifle at all – consider a Henry.

  2. I’ve dropped plenty of hints that Santa should leave a big boy carbine with a large loop lever in 327 federal under the tree for me this year. I’ve been a good boy (so says I).

  3. I’m sure Henries are very nice guns. I probably wouldn’t turn one down if it were offered… ok, I definitely wouldn’t. But my personal issue is the fact that I like a loading gate rather than the… whatever the Henry system is called. I have no science to back that prejudice up, I just don’t like it. Call me a “Gate-ist” if you want, I can live with it.


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