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Hard Head Veterans is excited to showcase their micro lattice helmet pads – an excellent and affordable upgrade for tactical or ballistic helmets. Developed in association with Carbon, using their Digital Light Synthesis manufacturing process, the Micro Lattice assembly is a superb energy-absorbing structure.

This substantially improves the protective capabilities of a helmet by mitigating and even preventing head trauma.
Micro Lattice Pads inside of helmet
The micro lattice pads average single-digit deformation numbers when tested to 1400 fps with 9mm projectiles on our ATE ballistic helmet. Regardless of whether they are at -60 degrees or 160 degrees they still perform the same.
foam pads in helmet
This cannot be said for standard foam pads.

HHV Micro Lattice Helmet Pads

  • Up to a 66% decrease in ballistic transient deformation over standard foam pads
  • Up to a 21.70% decrease in blunt impact accelerations over standard foam pads
  • Lattice construction allows unrestricted airflow keeping helmets an average of 14 degrees cooler
  • Pads do not absorb sweat or water making them quick-drying, positively buoyant, and easily washable.
  • Comfort lattice conforms evenly to the user’s head
  • Available in 1” and ¾” sizes

Shock Absorption

The Carbon DLS process enables lattice structures that absorb and dissipate energy through the precise tuning of strut thickness and cell size.
HHV lattice structure
This lattice structure facilitates the absorption and dissipation of energy by aligning internal damping struts against the directions of impact. With over 28,000 individual struts, the lattice is built so each strut is specially tuned at every point on the helmet. Increases or decreases in the stiffness of the lattice structure are enabled through precise adjustments to the thickness of each strut, allowing the lattice to absorb and disperse energy from various impacts.

The Micro Lattice Helmet Pads are compatible with the following helmets, among others: ACH, MICH, LWH, ECH, Crye Precision, Ops-Core, MTEK, Revision/Galvion, Gentex, Team Wendy, United Shield, and most others that utilize Velcro attachment.
Micro Lattice Helmet Pads
You can find documentation of the ballistic testing online here; read a more in-depth explanation on the Hard Head Blog.
helmet pads
You can find the Micro Lattice Helmet Pad system on the Hard Head Veterans website.

HHV helmet pads

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  1. Are these really nessessary> I think not except for real COMBAT SERVICE PERSONNEL. THe ultimate wannabe Rambo must have. And by the way helmets are NOT bloody well designed to stop a HV Bullet they are to protect against falling shrapnel. A LINER may well make helmets that just a little bit more comfortable but it does sweet bugger all for protection.
    Here’s the problem.
    Far too many entriers on this site seem to be COMBAT ORIENTATED to a frightening degree as if most of America just cannot wait for a CIVIL WAR or the chance to slot some poor bugger. BE very careful of what you wish because as sure as Little Apples are Green those most wanting a civil war will almost certainly be the first victims
    I would have thought that paying maxxie dollars for the chance to go off to AFRICA to shoot semi-domesicated game would be enough.
    What is it about Americans that they seem to want an excuse to kill anything and everything that moves if they are not OD’ing.??

    • Wrong. Helmets are available now that can stop some rifle rounds, at least from some range.

      This liner can help more than just comfort.

      It’s physics. If you slow down the duration of the impact it reduces the power of the impact. So if it takes 0.02 seconds for this lattice to compress and transfer impact energy to the head instead of 0.01 seconds for foam (arbitrary numbers) then the force is cut in half.

      That spreading of energy over longer time upgrades the resistance of the helmet regardless of material.

      This could dramatically improve motorcycle helmet safety for one thing.

      And we are not all dumb asses that can afford to fly to Africa to murder exotic (to us) animals. Plenty of Brits / Europeans and Asians do that as well…

  2. Don’t call $200 pads affordable. All the news stories mention how 3d printing makes these more affordable but they are $200 for helmet pads.


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