Heller Attorney Gura Seeks $3.2m Fee from Washington, D.C.

Before the McDonald case, Attorney Alan Gura (left) helped beat the City of Washington, D.C. in the Supreme Court Heller case. In both cases, his petition led to the Court’s decision to strike down handgun bans. To the victor go the spoils. Post-Heller, Gura’s looking for $3.12 million in fees from the Capitol city for beating the system. The District Attorneys who got pwned by Gura say the fees should run around $800K . . .

Paying the full $3.2 mil would be a hardship against the city’s budget during difficult financial times. Apparently Besides, as legaltimes.typepad.com reports:

Lawyers for the city note in court papers that the Heller case has provided Gura ‘tremendous’ career opportunities.

So should we reduce a DA’s pay if he looks like he’s going to run for public office or join a big law form as a criminal attorney?


  1. avatar Wes says:

    Just another example of what happens when idiot politicians usurp what should be common sense. The citizens wind up paying for it, sometimes literally.

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