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  1. A novelty imho. 10lb trigger…really? Without forearms of steel I would not see many people hitting a target more than 3 yards away. I would label this as a belly gun. The BG would have to practically have his hands around your throat before you could get a good shot off.

  2. At a $200-250 price point, a box full.
    At a $250-350 price point, two.
    At a $350-500 prince point, maybe one, if the trigger can be lightened.

  3. It’s the same height and length as my Kahr CM9, it’s just thinner. 2 rounds vs. 6+1. Hard choice. #sarcasm

  4. I seem to recall that a company produced the .45 ACP “Liberator” one-shot pistol (with several extra rounds in the grip) for about $1.75 in WWII, including box and instructions. Smoothbore, no extractor (use a stick to push the empty out). It was to be airdropped into occupied Europe, with picture-type instructions on how to shoot a German soldier in the back and take his weapon. Of course, it was pressed steel and tack welds, not a cool titanium widget with porting and other spiffy features. Still – $1.75. An original with the box today will set you back over $500 as a rare WWII collectable.

    • I thought of the liberator also, when I saw this. The story of the FP-45/M1942 is accurately told at this Wikipedia entry.

      I don’t know how much I would pay for this gun. It would depend on what I thought I needed it for and how much money I had. I can think of situations where I would gladly pay up to a million dollars for it.

      • Good reference – I see I was way underpriced on the initial cost ($2.40 – I was off by nearly 50%) and especially the collector’s cost on one today. Two grand plus! Yowza.

  5. I’ve never been a derringer fan but this seems to bridge the gap into subcompact. With that in mind…I would buy it if the market price was less than a Kel-Tec P3TA and only if I were in that market already. So…$250 tops and only if a micro .380 with 6 +1 was somehow a worse idea.

  6. The ported barrel upside: it reduces muzzle flip and recoil. The downside: it increases the report and muzzle flash while reducing bullet velocity. In practice would that porting get this gun back on target any faster for the second shot?

    Price information from the Heizer www site:
    MSRP Non-Ported Ported
    Aluminum $499.00 $569.00
    Titanium $729.00 $799.00

  7. I’m hearing the limitations, etc…but I want one. It won’t do anything my current collection won’t do already, but that has nothing to do with it. I just want one.

  8. They really should make a budget steel or aluminum version of this. I won’t pay $600 but I would pay around $300 or less.

  9. I love 45’s and I’d like to give this gun a shot, but the 10 pound trigger is going to really suck. I guess it may be useful if your going to gut shot someone who’s already choking you to death.

  10. If the gun is manufactured with the same attention to detail as the video, I wouldn’t pay 10 cents.

    Honestly, I’ve seen better product demos from high school students. Heizer should be embarrassed. Must have let the guys in engineering make this video.

    • Yeah, they should have let my Daughter in High School make the video. She is pretty good with Auto Desk Inventor 3-D CAD Program. She can even make mechanical moving parts have true simulated animation.

  11. I understand that this product has not officially hit the market yet, and I have not seen any reviews of it. First, it is a neat concept as far as construction and use of materials; however, derringers have been around for quite some time. Even though it would be a single action weapon, I would prefer the Bond Arms derringer series, where you can change the barrel out to get just about any caliber you want from .22LR all the way up to .410 shotgun/45LC. For example, you could have a .357 magnum LCR and have a bond arms in the same caliber as a back up if needed. Just sayin that this weapon, while apparently cool, is not the end all be all of derringers. I would not buy one unless I had absolutely no other options available.

  12. I laughed at the part about a ‘tactical’ reload. Really?! My reload of that thing would consist of looking for a large rock to crush the bad guy’s brain housing group in.

  13. Small gal has this in her purse pulls it out to shoot the bad guy jerks ten pound trigger misses gun jumps out of her hand due to .45 short barrel recoil and very small grip she stands there in shock due to now being deaf the bad guy picks up the gun and now finishes the crime while being armed. I’ve had and own a lot of small handguns and this would truly be just a novelty. Therefore I wouldn’t pay more than $200-$275.

  14. I got the ported 9mm Double Tap for $340 new in box. Shot winchester silvertip 115gr hollowpoints at 7 yards. Consistent 3-5″ groups to POINT OF AIM. I carry this now as it looks like a phone in my pocket if it prints at all, and even at 50′, I kept the two shots in the 7 ring of the silhouette target. Upper and lower lobe of the right lung. Yes, I must have been pushing my shots a bit. I challenge any of the “kitchen counter” gunsmiths here to actually TRY something before condemning it.

    (Don’t worry though, you’re safe behind your keyboard. No one expects anything constructive out of you on here.)

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