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Heizer Shotgun, c Heizer

We’ve reviewed the DoubleTap over/under pocket pistol and gave it a resounding “meh.” It’s a cool design, but the limited ammunition capacity and punishing recoil were definite detractors. Now, Heizer (DoubleTap Defense’s former partner and the subject of a lawsuit over the breakup) has announced that it will start shipping its own new handgun, the imaginatively monikered Pocket Shotgun, in the fall of this year. Sort of a single shot Judge — and making liberal use of a number of DoubleTap design features — it will shoot either .45 Long Colt or .410 shotgun shells. Well, one of them. Make the jump for their presser . . .

Heizer Defense is an affiliated company of Heizer Aerospace and will be launching the Pocket Shotgun in Fall 2013. The product will be sold through Distributors and available to all Dealers.

Tom Heizer, a Principal of Heizer Defense commented, “It should be noted that Heizer Defense is an independent company that is dedicated to the production of safe and technologically advanced firearms. The Heizer Defense Double Barrel Pistol and the Pocket Shotgun is being developed, engineered and refined by Heizer engineers. We have several patents pending that will be used in the manufacturing of firearms that will be shipped in 2013”.

“It is important to know that we will only use Stainless Steel or Titanium frames. We believe that these are the safest and most durable alloys. In our opinion lighter metals do not provide the safest and most enjoyable experience that our consumers deserve. We will not allow the commercial distribution of a pistol until we are certain of the safety and the durability of the product. That is why we have chosen Stainless Steel as our base material”.

Hedy Heizer Gahn, Principal of Heizer Defense also added, “We want to assure the public that we remain committed to manufacturing firearms that are as safe as possible, the result of the state of the art technology and manufactured in the USA. Our core principal is that we will develop firearms that are safe and use the best available high grade materials. Our patent pending trigger system is very smooth with an appropriate re-set. We received so many compliments at the NRA Show; we know we are on the right track. We look forward to launching our products in the Fall. We have been quiet about our launch plans and will continue to keep our integrity regarding product availability”.

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  1. So, this is a titanium-framed Liberator?

    What response is approximately half of “meh?”

  2. I have said it before. A Bond Arms Derringer would be a better choice overall if you want to shoot a .410 shotshell. I have the CK2000 Model, which allows me to shoot 2.5 or 3″ shotshells and .45 Long Colt, I also happen to have the .357 magnum and .22LR barrels. It is a heavy handgun being made out of stainless steel, but with all that extra weight, it reduces felt recoil.

    As the previous review noted about the Double Tap – it hurts. A .410 out of the bond feels like a .45acp out of a 5″ 1911. I predict that whoever shoots a .410 out of this is going to sustain injuries.

    With the bond, you have plenty of accessories – grips, holsters, extra barrels . . . etc.

    IMO, it is a better choice and option. I would avoid this single shot.

    • I completely agree with you.
      Any Bond Arms derringer would be superior to this pistol,
      with the exception of weight, as this pocket rocket would weigh
      a lot less than a bond arms, although that might not be a good thing.

      I have to wonder why they made it a single shot weapon, though.

  3. … punishing recoil …

    This I suspected all along, with such a narrow profile. Looks like it really hurts.

  4. This a novelty item for people with disposable income. Frankly, the Judge is a joke for anything but shooting snakes. How is 4 less shots better? I can see no practical value for this, except playing a joke on your unsuspecting friend.

  5. So I would get a gun that is exactly 1/2 as practical as its impractical progenitor? With a side order of intellectual property theft?

    pfff. I’ll be getting another Glock 19 or maybe an M&P.

  6. Oh for the love of…WHY? Seriously, outside of novelty, what practical use does this gun have that other guns don’t already do well?

  7. By the way, Nick, you called it “Sort of a single barreled Judge.” Pretty sure the Judge only has one barrel too. “Single shot Judge” would be better, but I knew what you meant…that it is even more useless than the Judge.

  8. From the Lawsuit article.
    “In the lawsuit, DoubleTap™ Defense is seeking, in addition to monetary damages, an injunction to stop any further action on the part of Heizer Defense, LLC and others to manufacture or market a product based on the intellectual property of DoubleTap™ inventor Ray Kohout.”

    I imagine that DoubleTap would have to win the lawsuit first before poduction of this pocket shotguns production is halted? I mean the darn thing is identical sans the barrel.

    • This is the HD1. They also have an HD2 that is listed on their website that is almost identical to the Double-Tap except for a few external differences.

    • I imagine that DoubleTap would have to win the lawsuit first before poduction of this pocket shotguns production is halted?

      No, they should be able to get an injunction to prevent distribution, as long as they can persuade a judge to the merits of their case.

  9. Colt gave the world the first practical revolver in 1836. 177 years of progress later and the newest tech available is a single shot pistol?

    • Hey, at least its not like Hollyweird or Red Jacket, recycling the same things over and over again.

  10. If this had two shots, it might be worthwhile, as a more concealable version of the Bond Arms gun for emergency use. Two shots is bad, one is ridiculous.

    • I think if it was two shots, it would tread just a little too close to the line of the inventor’s patent.

  11. Anyone who would stake his life on .410, much less only ONE shell, deserves whatever he gets.

    • It’s for firing a warning blast through your front door. Won’t need another shot after that, the sensible yet wayward urban youths will have fled hastily.

  12. Kind of interesting the battle going on between the 2 companies. Bet the MSRP for a single is $500 and up too.

  13. The .45 acp “Double Tap” is a solution looking for a problem. This thing is just plain stupid.

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