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“TV images show police using G36 assault rifles H & K in a troubled region. The reporter refers to Chihuahua, Jalisco, Chiapas and Guerrero,” reports (translated). “These images should not exist, because the German government in 2007 specifically prohibited the export of arms to these four states. The German government in 2005 had approved the sale of these guns to the police of Mexico in 2007 prohibited the supply to these four states, “due to serious human rights violations.” So how did that happen . . .

The informant claims that H & K supplied illegally to the four states in question, both G36 rifles and their parts. The government gave him a false statement, he says, to avoid jeopardizing the pending export shipments and to mask the prohibited transfer. In addition, he paid bribes to the head of operation within the Marketing Management of Arms and Ammunition of the Ministry of Defence (DCAM).

“According to my informant, General Aguilar was the one who took the bribe: $ 25 for each rifle G36 and $ 20 for each handgun from H & K”, says Jürgen Grässlin process. He adds: “The DCAM received and distributed the weapons delivery. Aguilar claimed to do the deal.” . . .

The consortium H & K claims that weapons were delivered to a central location and disclaims any influence on its subsequent distribution in Mexico. It also rejects paying bribes.

Furthermore, he believes that tests were shot and police were instructed in the use of the weapon. “H & K is evidence to say that it was a display ‘for possible future shipments,” because this is not about shipping to one region but to a state, Chihuahua, which the German government prohibits the sale of weapons. That shows how close is H & K break the law and how shameless and recklessly introduced as police weapons and regions in conflict. “

Aside from Heckler & Koch’s willingness to supply corrupt cops with automatic weapons, and grease the wheels to do so, any chance that some of these rifles may have gone astray? You know, to the drug cartels operating in those states? Just wonderin’ . . .

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  1. Gosh it is a pretty gun though isn’t it? My favorite gun from the 90’s… at least thats when I became aware of it.

  2. I don’t understand the point of the title of the post. The article says that the police have HK G36’s, not the drug cartel.

  3. Ed,

    Well that’s what happens when you post late at night after a long day. Post amended. Thanks for keeping me honest.

  4. I find it amazing that in a supposedly free country, that the rifle in question is legally unavailable. Just a chunk of metal and plastic. Land of the free indeed.

  5. This is not a fun topic guys. I have used this gun myself while serving with the German army and it is way to dangerous to end up as a war trophy of a cartel man or corrupt cop. Makes me think back of the video of a gun fight close to the US border. Someone was using a MG3, shooting what must have been at least a couple of thousand rounds.

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