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Regular readers know I never take home invasions stories at face value. Most times, they involve drugs or other criminal activity. At the same time, I take the possibility of this ultimate nightmare seriously. I realize that the odds of a violent home invasion make number 32 on the roulette table look like a safe bet. But I will NOT be caught unprepared. I am amazed (but not amused) when people laugh—laugh I tell you—at a firearms-based home defense plan. To wit: Mikeb302000’s remarks about your comments underneath the post Home Defense: Paranoia’s Limits Are Out There, Somewhere . . .

What incredible comments! I’m laughing right now as I write this.

I should have thanked you the other day when I linked to this post.

I’m glad you’re not as wacky as your commenters, Robert. But keep working on it, you’ll get there.

My favorite was the built-in tourniquets in the pants, and the famous, handgun is only useful to buy the time to get to your long guns.


Authorities say the incident began around 10:30 p.m. Saturday when the young son answered a knock at the door — and was greeted with a gun held in his face. The invader pushed his way inside, where he saw the boy’s older sister sitting watching television.

He demanded to know if anyone else was home, then forced the kids upstairs when informed their parents were asleep in the bedroom. With the entire family now awake, police say, the man forced the mother to duct-tape her husband and two children while pointing the weapon at all of them.

The invader is then accused of pushing the father down a flight of stairs, which caused his tape to come loose. Police say he brought the father back to the top of the stairs, re-taped him and then shoved him a second time. The father’s head struck a wall, smashing a hole in it.

“He told them he would have to kill them all because they had seen his face,” said a justice source.

The invader then stabbed the father several times in the stomach, say authorities. That’s when the son was able to grab a metal pipe and begin hitting the invader over the head. He was quickly joined by his father who broke out of the duct tape. The mother and daughter ran upstairs and out the front door, screaming for help from neighbours.

Police were called just after midnight — about 90 minutes after the attack began — and arrived quickly. They arrested the suspect, who suffered extensive injuries. Police also seized a firearm, which turned out to be a pellet gun but looked like the real thing.

The family was also taken for treatment, with the father being the most seriously injured. He remains in hospital in stable condition.

On one hand, Mikeb302000 could say, with complete justification, that these attacks are an anomaly. You’re more likely to shoot yourself or a loved one by accident than experience this kind of life-or-death random assault. On the other hand, I could say that the statistical probability of irresponsible firearms incidents (regularly reported here) could also be rounded down to zero.

The truth about guns: the vast majority of American firearms owners never experience a home invasion nor create a negligent discharge. And yet . . .

Is it really funny to suggest that decent, upstanding citizens are willing to accept the risk of owning a gun to minimize the risk of losing everything they hold near and dear? And that preparing to use the gun or guns or other self-defense weapons properly and effectively makes their owners somehow worthy of scorn and derision?

Surely all sides of the gun debate share the desire to protect themselves and their family from people who would maim or destroy what doesn’t belong to them. Surely the idea of armed self-defense is worthy of respect, even if its implementation seems disproportionate.

I pray that God keeps Mikeb302000 and those who share his views safe from violence, no matter what they say about my right to own firearms. At the same time, I wish that someone or something opens their mind to the possibility that the vast majority of gun owners are acting in their own best interest and, yes, the best interests of society. If the history of this country teaches us anything, it’s that self-reliance and social stability are not mutually exclusive.

We must always keep our sense of humor. But our core values deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Americans died to protect the rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. And there are those of us who refuse to die to preserve the misguided notion that our personal defense is someone else’s responsibility. No joke.

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