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Pity poor David Hogg. He held a rally Saturday at the NRA world headquarters near Fairfax, Virginia. While (someone’s) money can pay to organize rallies against gun rights and provide armed security, money doesn’t buy intelligent demonstrators.

While the event played out, the National Rifle Association didn’t miss the chance to ridicule Hogg and his bleating sheep.  First, demonstrators failed to shut down the Waples Mill NRA headquarters during a weekday, when it might actually make a difference. Instead, Hogg and his Parkland high kiddie crew marched on a Saturday when virtually the entire building routinely sits empty.

Furthermore, the nation’s oldest civil rights org also didn’t miss a chance to make fun of David Hogg’s hypocrisy in bringing paid guns to an anti-gun rally to provide protection for him. Indeed, Hogg likes to hide behind armed good guys while demanding gun control and disarmament for you and me.

Hogg’s armed security detail stood out like sore thumbs for trained eyes. In fact, even gun grabbers could probably figure this one out.

Hogg had little to worry about with lots of police on hand to keep order. Not only that, but on the pro-gun side of things, multiple people open-carried long guns. We covered it earlier. Clearly, when good-guy civilians bring guns to rallies, civility prevails. After all, an armed society is a polite society.

The media certainly made sure to cover the AstroTurfed demonstration. At the same time, so did a couple of NRA social media staff members. The NRA’s team were on the job, turning lemons into lemonade by ridiculing the protest bought and paid for by Big Gun Control.

Yep, while the NRA family enjoyed the weekend, a group of misinformed, would-be gun-grabbing protestors made fools of themselves. Watch the video.

Amy says she doesn’t “think that civilians should carry around firearms and things that can kill people in an instant of a second” while she wears a shirt adorned with the flags of a number of nations where civilians can’t legally own firearms.

Linda promotes the ban of “fully semi-automatic guns, definitely.”  Next, they interview three women, the primary one holds a sign proclaiming, “Another teacher against…”  When asked what an AR-15 is, she delivered this gem: “From my understanding, anything that has automatically loading and re-firing is something that can kill more people, more quickly.”

Her friend chimed in, hoping to clarify things. “I think it separates the capacity how much damage you can do and how fast. So it’s your ammunition that separates and makes a semi-automatic automatic.” Yeah.

“Yes, a gun ban is absolutely what’s necessary… People who think that it’s okay to kill an intruder into their house….”  Because shooting a home intruder adds to America’s gun violence problem? What’s next? Would this woman also oppose a good guy using a gun to stop a school shooting? Or one in a public park?

As if the intrepid NRA employees hadn’t trolled the useful idiots enough, they ended their day by enjoying some ice cream paid for by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safey.

Those two smiles speak volumes for happy, well-adjusted people among a sea of ignorant, gun-hating protesters.

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  1. It’s so refreshing when the NRA shows these occasional moments of PR competence. It’s almost as if they are a membership organization, looking out for their members.

  2. If you’re a membership organization, and people start coming hard after your members, you kinda have to engage with the advocacy. Otherwise what are you there for?

    The anti’s apparently wanted the NRA, and gun owners in general, to lay down and take it without fighting back … kinda like they want us to do when attacked physically.

      • never EVER let people forget that bloomberg is a rich bigot.
        ALWAYS remind people that he stated that young black and hispanic men aren’t responsible enough to own guns. And then that he insisted that the footage of him saying it it be buried. As a hispanic man, who earned a phd while also managing to not get into a gang shootout, and who is also from a family full of pro-gun hispanic men and women who proudly served in this nation’s military… I will gladly say that bloomberg should just go fark himself until he dies of severe rectal hemorrhage.
        ( link to bloomberg’s comments here )

  3. hogg is totaly mental along with his crooked daddy in the Friggin-Bunch of Idiots…they routinely take STUPID TO A FIGHT.

  4. “Hogg likes to hide behind armed good guys while demanding gun control and disarmament for you and me.” Who else does this sound like/ Bloomberg, Soros, etc, etc, etc.

  5. I thought the goof was going to say an AR-15 is a rifle that assaults people with 15 or more bullets.

    • Everyone knows an ar15 is a colored rifle who just wants a living wage of 15 dollars an hour to survive.

      • “Everyone knows an ar15 is a colored rifle…”

        No, no, no!

        An AR-15 is a “Rifle of Color”.

        If there are “People of Color”, it means there are ‘Rifles of Color”…

        *snicker* 😉

    • I was surprised that no one mentioned the shoulder thing that goes up. We all know how much more deadly that makes any weapon (LMFAO!)

  6. I wonder how David will adjust to life without chauffeured security when his usefulness expires.

      • Probably he already is. That’s why he always has that ‘stick up the ass’ look on his face…

    • He should reach out to cindy sheehan to know whats coming soon. The left uses people constantly and dumps them for a new shiny pawn.

  7. The hipocracy on display just boggles my mind. And the little hog is to young to understand it.

    • He’s what,17? 18? He’s more than physically ‘old enough’ to know, it’s just a sad commentary on the state of education, childification, (and), his status as a mental midget.

      The scary part is I’m currently going even money that he has a future in politics…

  8. Its hard to understand people begging to be murdered and loss of rights to self defense of ur life and that of ur family.

  9. Yes, I saw all the NRA ads on my Facebook feed…All the Anti-Pro2 @ /Civilian Disarmament/Gun Control advocates protesting whatever had the I.Q.s of a “Spaghetti Squash…”

  10. In your opinion, what are the best pro 2A organizations? I am not a member of any and I feel the need to join one. I know the NRA is not the only option.

    • Start with the NRA, they are by far the biggest and most influential and work outward from there.

    • I belong to both the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America. I like SAF a little better.
      Haven’t been in the NRA since the 1980’s. After they stab you in the back enough times, it’s awful hard to keep sending them money. One feels like a damn fool.

  11. If they cannot “take our guns” let me tell you what their plan will be. To make you terrified of the consequences (justice) of using deadly force whatever the circumstances were at the time. Why am I writing this? Because in France and some other Euro nations, on top of disarming the populace and not allowing you to carry for self defense, they have also succeeded in what I stated above. It takes time and perseverance, and it will be harder in our good ole USA, but remain vigilant and don’t take anything for granted. The anti Freedom zombies and their masters will not give up easily.

  12. “People who think that it’s okay to kill an intruder into their house….”

    Where does this lady live? Asking for a friend…

  13. Not only is the video hilarious, the comments are too! However, I’d hate to see these poor deluded people who are protesting gun rights in a situation where they desperately wish they had some way to defend themselves (minus any armed security, of course).

  14. A well done to the NRA and the members who attended. The antis are ill-informed idiots, and it shows.

  15. Something for these anti gun types to think about. If The Second Amendment and the rights it supports were to go away, how long do these oh so concerned types think the First Amendment rights they enjoy might last?

  16. Take a good look at that SUV Hogg used. That’s a bullet-resistant windshield on it and what looks like run-flat tires. More than likely the body is lightly armored as well. Did the idiot think the NRA was going to shoot him? Are his “handlers” so stupid as to think the pro-gun side would want to make a martyr of him? If anything, he’s in more danger of his own side “arranging” that in a false flag operation.

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