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Fast and Furious has faded from view. While the death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, murdered by drug thugs wielding AFT-enabled weapons, pinged the public consciousness, nothing much happened. A few light prison sentences for a handful of Mexicans participating in Uncle Sam’s stingless sting. A border patrol station named in Terry’s honor. A Contempt of Congress citation for AG Eric Holder that was DOA. The fact that Terry’s killers were part of an Obama administration conspiracy to arm the Sinaloa Cartel (to counter the strength of Los Zetas) has gone unremarked, unexplored and unpunished. And now, as we predicted, after the Mexican presidential election, the feds are turning on their one-time allies. We get the heads up from . . . wait for it . .

The Sinaloa Cartel. While anything a narco-terrorist says should be taken with a mountain of salt, their “press release” regarding recent indictments from the U.S. [courtesy] is a bit of an eye-opener. At the very least it shows that the Sinaloa Cartel is on the outs with Uncle Sam. What that means for Mexico’s disarmed population is hard to tell. Meanwhile, the killing continues . . .

Editor: An email from a group representing the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, declares the innocence of particular individuals attacked during a wedding in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The wedding groom, 2 of his family members were kidnapped and found murdered. One friend was shot outside of the Church wedding. The complaint alleges the Sinola Cartel Leaders and Members have been framed.

We are choosing to publish the letter in its complete form. We have received contact from Mexican cartels in the past, but the information contained here is unusual, as follows, note that the reference to “I” is from the person representing the group of attorneys’ that are representing the Sinaloa Cartel 

This is a complaint for Joaquin Guzman Loera and Ismael Zambada Garcia, leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel. This is a complaint for 22 other Sinaloa Cartel Members that were indicted with Ismael Zambada Garcia and Joaquin Guzman Loera. This complaint is also for Sergio Saucedo, La Linea Cartel Member.

This complaint is for Rafael Morales Valencia, Jaime Morales Valencia, Guadulupe Morales Arriola, Alonso Setelo Corral. Wedding groom and family kidnapped from a Church wedding in Ciudad Juarez Mexico. And the Bride and family members that were traumatized at the wedding, whose lives will never be the same.

This complaint is against Deputy Jesse Tovar El Paso County Sheriff, Chihuahua Govenor Cesar Duarte, President Barack Hussein Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder Jr, Attorney General Marisela Morales, President Felipe Calderon, FBI Director Robert Mueller, DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart, Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano…

ICE Director John Morton, Robert Pittman U.S. Attorney Western District, Joseph Arabit DEA Special Sgent in Charge El Paso Texas, Mark Morgan FBI Special Agent in Charge El Paso, ATF Special Agent in Charge Dallas Robert Champion, Hillary Clinton Secretary of State…

Stacia Hylton U.S. Marshalls Director, Ken Gonzalez U.S. Attorney in New Mexico, former Mexican Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna, Ramon Eduardo Pequeno Garcia Mexican Federal Police, Police Chief Greg Allen in Texas…

Sheriff El Paso Terry Maketa, Public Safety Texas Steve McCraw, U.S. Attorney John Murphy, David Cuthbertson FBI Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Border Marfa Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jon Esparza, Richard Wiles El Paso County Sheriff, former Chihuahua Attorney General Patricia Gonzalez, Chihuahua Prosecutor Jorge Gonzalez Nicolas, Jose Reyes Baeza Terrazas.

This complaint is about the Leaders of Sinaloa Cartel Joaquin Guzman Loera, Ismael Zambada Garcia and 22 others indicted in Texas for murders they didn’t commit. And the officials listed above knowing they didn’t commit these murders. I am alleging the officials mentioned above conspired to have Rafael Morales Valencia and family and Sergio Rene Saucedo murdered so they could frame the Sinaloa Cartel.

The police suspected another cartel was responsible for the murder of Sergio Saucedo in 2009. Sergio Saucedo was murdered for a drug debt. I emailed you before and said he was stopped with the drugs by border patrol. But I am not sure of that. 4 other men were stopped with the drugs in a tractor trailer.

I am not sure how Sergio Saucedo was involved in this drug transaction. But I do know that three men have been convicted of this kidnapping and I believe murder of Sergio Saucedo. These men were not the ones stopped with the drugs. One man Omar Obregon Ortiz received 100 months, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy. I am not sure if the conspiracy was related to the murder or drugs.

Two men, Rafael Vega and Cesar Obregon Reyes, were sentenced to life in prison, but they proclaim there innocence. I believe they are innocent. One will never know, the governments lied about the Sinaloa Cartel involvement, then they could have lied about everything related to these murders.

There were many questionable acts in the trial of these two men.

One person said they bragged at a party. Family members said they were never at a party. One of the men were living in a halfway house. There was a log signed by one of the staff that said he was at the half way house.

But the worker that signed the log said she didn’t get to work until 3:30. But the log was signed at 3:00 that the young man was present. Two men in the halfway house testified that you could sneak out of the halfway house anytime.

I have never seen that in a halfway house. A cousin of one of the men alleged to have kidnapped Sergio Saucedo,was a prison detention officer. The cartel that is accused of murders of consulate members, the Juarez cartel murdered a Texas detention officer, he was the Husband of a u.s. consulate member.

Cartel members said he was murdered because he was too strict on cartel members in Texas prison. The cousin detention officer,testified that his cousin showed him a magazine with Sergio Saucedo on it and folded it and put in back in his pocket. He could of said that out of fear.

Or apart of there sick game. you don’t mess with certain gang and drug dealers that law enforcement favor, they will make you pay. I know this from experience. A prosecution witness told the courts he had a vendetta against the young men.

The wife of Sergio Saucedo couldn’t identify the men that were charged with the kidnapping of Sergio Saucedo. As I say, there were a lot of questionable acts at there trial. Sounds like railroading. The u.s. and Mexican government covering for the true murderers. As they have done, accusing the Sinaloa Cartel Members of murders they know they didn’t commit.

The mexican and united states government said Jose Acosta Torres Marrufo was a Sinaloa Cartel Member. But they lied. There is no way a Sinaloa Cartel Member or Leader would have killed Sergio Rene Saucedo, a LaLinea Cartel Member for a drug debt owed to the La Linea or Juarez Cartel. Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez gave a interview to the police that said he killed Sinaloa Cartel Members and there associates.

They were enemies. Also, Jose Acosta Torres Marrufo and Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez Juarez or La Linea Cartel leader, a reward for there capture was offered by the Chihuahua attorney general in 2009 for the massacre at Casa Aviliane rehab. Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez admitted to the massacre of 18 people at Casa Aviliane.

And Federal Officer Ramon Eduardo Puqueno Garcia gave a press conference in which he states Jose Acosta Torres Marrufo was wanted for the Casa Aviliane massacre. The same massacre Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez, Juarez Cartel Leader admitted he ordered.Which means that Jose Acosta Torres Marrufo is a Juarez or La Linea Cartel Member. Sergio Saucedo is a La Linea Cartel Member. In the indictment someone alleged that Sergio Saucedo was kidnapped from Texas and taken to Jose Acosta Torres Marrufo.

This is murder, conspiracy to murder, perjury, killing in a foreign country, crime against humanity, abuse of power, cruel and unusual punishment, kidnapping, genocide, running a criminal enterprise.

We are seeking justice. We are asking that all indictments on Joaquin Guzman Loera, Ismael Zambada Garcia and all Sinaloa Members are dismissed, in all states in the United States. The other indictments charge them with drug trafficking, they are national security assets, a title given to Sinaloa Members by the federal bureau of investigations.

We are asking the true co conspirators of these murders, U.S. and Mexican government officials are brought to justice.

The U.S. government denied Sergio Saucedo involvement with any cartel, knowing he belonged to the La Linea Cartel, because they wanted to frame the Sinaloa Cartel. This also proves a conspiracy to murder, accessory before and after the fact of murder, by the U.S. government to murder Sergio Saucedo.

Backstory: about the Saucedo kidnapping from El Paso Times:

30-year-old Sergio Saucedo, who was taken at gunpoint from his home in the 14000 block of Desert Sunset Drive about 3:40 p.m. Sept. 3. His wife told deputies Vega was tied up with duct tape and carried out the back door.

Witnesses reported hearing a gunshot and the victim struggling and yelling for help before he was taken away in a Ford Expedition. Children on a school bus also witnessed the daytime kidnapping.

On Sept. 8, Mexican authorities found Saucedo’s mutilated body in Juárez. His hands were cut off and placed on his chest.

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  1. If barry and company are turning against the cartels that they’ve partnered with wouldn’t it serve the cartels purpose to release material to the public that proves the criminal dealings of barry and co. ? Make public knowledge all transactions and show any evidence they have. If the US government has turned on them what do they have to lose?

    • Jwm aside from, “their word over ours” where the blind of this country would never believe cartel leaders over the POTUS, thats an incredible idea.

      Just imagine the headlines: Mexican Cartels Bring Down Obama – Legally!

      • Could the cartels, after all they are a major multi billion dollar internation business, supply documents and computer discs and other proof that at the least would shine a very public light on the agencies involved.

        Such a large scandal would hamstring the present Admin. and to the cartels benefit it may take the American influence out of Mexico, at least for the duration of the scandal.

        • jwm, now THAT would be nice!! But alas, drug cartels, big business (start with oil & gas), government. They are all cut from the same cloth.

          Sometimes I think they are all related. Wait, they are!!!!

        • Oh I have no doubt the cartels would have proof of transactions lile this. It is just whether or not the people will believe it and what our administration will do to cover it up.

          Maybe I am wrong for saying this but I would love to see a crimminal organization bring down our current administration.

        • “That, or barry will just have them killed to prevent anything from getting out.”

          Looking at the cartels occupation on the map, it would probably take an act of war against Mexico. For Obama to cover up the F&F screw up, Im sure he would take that chance.

          I really hope that someone from the cartel comes forward with evidence.

        • We uh are uh effectiveimmediately… beginning a uh drone campaign against the uh Cartel de Sinaloa to uh end, onceandforall, their reign of uh terror over uh my administ…..i mean the uh Meheecan citizens.

  2. Not to put too fine a point on it, BUT, if we had a truly effective drug deterrent program in the U.S., this problem would not exist. Education, treatment, effective interdiction of smuggled drugs, effective enforcement, mandatory maximum sentencing (bring back the work farms!)

    Let’s throw in mandatory life sentencing for anyone using a firearm in the commission of a violent crime. Minimum 10 years for anyone who buys (legally) a weapon for a criminal to use in a crime.

    How about taking away the immunity enjoyed by our elected officials and hold them accountable for their actions? OOPS! That would have met Nixon, in prison for Watergate, Johnson for Vietnam, Reagan for Iran Contra, Bush Jr. for lying on WMD, Obama for Fast & Furious…………oh yeah, FBI and ATF agents for Ruby Ridge and Waco.

    Just sayin

    • We do not have such a program because it would be costly and no one would profit. Drug dealers, government officials, and police all profit from the current situation. The government and the police get more power and bribes, the Drug Dealers make more money.

      Ordinary people pay for it all and are put in jail.

  3. Personally, I’d suspect vigilantes on either side of the
    border before even thinking that this administration
    would turn against Sinaloa so soon. I just can’t see
    any of them purposely creating chaos until they kill
    themselves off. They’re not that devious (or
    intelligent for that matter) This administration picks
    a winner then goes to the mat for them: think Muslim
    Brotherhood. If anything they’d throw their weight
    behind the Sinaloas or Zetas or whomever and call
    them a freedom loving coalition.

    Could it be a few pockets of semi sane people in the
    ATF and State Dept.? Maybe. Could the Admin
    be fighting the Sinaloas after arming them to
    further cover up F&F? Possibly, but given their
    track record I doubt it.

  4. One small thing, Terry Maketa is the Sheriff in El Paso County, Colorado. Not Texas. I would guess someone missed that in their quick google search…

    But a massive flood of old info would be fun.

    • yes, i seriously doubt Chapo and Mayo would put that out without signing something like that if it was legit.

    • It’s been downsized. Also, it is my guess that it is the Sinaloa Cartel that DOES the turning on.

  5. Obama should keep the Sinaloas as his Allies, at least they wont try to take over America like his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood. Is this what he meant when he asked Putin for permission for more Flexibility??

  6. As they say on the Internets: dafuq did I just read? I want back all of the brain cells killed trying to process this tripe.

  7. I don’t blame the US for turning on the Sinaloas. The Zetas have better nicknames and since they took over the terrotory of the Gulf cartel, they also have the best fish tacos.

  8. I just had an epiphany (or a brain fart, not sure which). I think I figured out what our oh so smart Justice Department was thinking on Fast & Furious.

    Give the drug cartels all these shiny new firearms, stand back, and watch them spend all their hard earned drug money on killing each other.

    • Meanwhile, showing that the guns are the root of all evil and making sheep feel bad that guns we have here are being used to slaughter people in Mexico. As Holder put it “change the way people think about guns”. They don’t have the casualty numbers here to back up a gun grab, but they can get them there.

      • Kind of agree with you Chris but thats not going to hold much ground if the people are given evidence that our own government is providing the firepower.

        Giving the Afghans training and weapons to fight the Soviets is one thing, sort of I guess lol. That did eventually turn around and kick us hard in the @&& but hey maybe it was a good idea at the time? But this!? Arming drug cartels that are murdering people and running drugs (and probably guns too) across our border?

        I have seen (as well as many of you may have) packed gun stores and more and more people taking carry classes. The grabbers can say all they want about what the “majority” wants.

        My point is, if anything comes of F&F in the publics eye it wont be how they feel about guns, it will be how they feel about our government. And drugs too hopefully, wishful thinking though.

        Obama; “I have a great idea! Lets tell America guns are bad and then arm our enemies!”

  9. As a gun loving American, I thought this was a pretty good website…until I read this horseshit flavored drivel.

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