Happy Thanksgiving from TTAG
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No matter what your individual circumstances, we can all find plenty to be thankful for this time of year. Whether it’s good health, a family that doesn’t annoy us too much or heaps of moist sage cornbread stuffing and gravy, remember that we also live in the greatest nation on Earth with freedoms and benefits that are the envy of the rest of the world. And don’t forget to give a thought to our precious Second Amendment freedoms, either. Not that you would.


  1. God bless you and yours, and God bless America. Try to avoid politics with those annoying liberal inlaws, but if you can’t, let em have it. Have a few drinks and get loud and proud. I have a great big American flag, army flag, and Gadsden on display just to make them a little uncomfortable.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone.

    Thanks for all the chuckles and keeping us abreast (is that a pun on Turkey day?) serious issues the past year.

  3. Good eats for everyone.

    The US has its problems. But so long as people are willing to risk death to get here we must be doing something right.

    • Im thankful for a delicious feast centered around our yummy marinated tofurkey!

      And that Ive never posed with a turkey corpse thinking it was something to smile about.

      And most of all that Im not jwm, that I dont have to embody his blighted “thoughts” and emotions… and of course moral cowardice

      Thanks to no gods

      • Oh look, everybody. TheLunaticWithAThousandNames got some time with the institutions computer.

        Hatred and bile is all you got. And it’s going to get worse for you as Trump puts more and more conservative judges on the bench’s.

        But with your low intellect you don’t understand how it’s you making all this possible. Priceless.

  4. Recipe….

    Get a cube of butter and a small jar of minced garlic. Warm the butter, then mix the two.
    Roll the two together into a round in a baggie and put in freezer.
    After its hard, and while you are prepping the bird, get the peanut oil heating up to 350 degrees.
    Get the turkey and start separating the skin from the meat around the ass end, slipping your hand between the two.
    Get the butter / garlic roll from the freezer. Take it out of the baggie and cut it into “coins”.
    Slide the coins all around between the skin and the meat.
    Liberally coat the bird with your favorite dry rubs. (I use James Gang, Johnnys, and a bit of heat with Emirils).
    Lower into the peanut oil slowly.
    Time to about 3 minutes per pound. Use a meat thermometer when time is close. You want an internal temp of 165-170 degrees.

    While this is deep frying, get that bacon wrapped asparagus out and coat the cast iron skillet with EVOO. toss it in and start cooking.

    Cut open the extra thick pork chops like pita bread and stuff it with provolone cheese. Pin it closed with tooth picks. Coat with dry rub and throw them on the grill.
    As they are searing on the preheated grill, drizzle honey all over them.

    (Let the others do the sweet potatoes, salad, and whatever else stuffing she does, your doing important stuff here. The bird and meat candy.)

    Pull it all off, slice up and enjoy.

    I don’t share recipes often. So, happy thanksgiving.

  5. It’s 59 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. I can smell the bird from in the house as I sit here in the shade under the cool blue sky as a mob of frisky mutts try to get me up off my lazy butt to play. One almost knocked over my coffee just now.
    The meal is almost ready, y’all.
    Signing out now and we’ll get back together tomorrow to make fun of the morons who got up before the sun – not to hunt, but to go shopping… poor twits.
    See y’all tomorrow and God bless. 🤠

  6. It’s an icy, winter-y blast of a teeth-chattering 80 F and muggy here in the armpit of America, central Florida.

    Nothing like sweating at the end of fvcking November.

    Happy bird, ribs, or whatever else blows your skirt up.

    And thanks to TTAG, there is no finer flock of Turkeys than RF, DZ, and the rest of the motley crew…


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