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Even in the midst of political and economic uncertainty, plague and rioting (which somehow disappeared suddenly earlier this month), there’s always plenty to be thankful for in America. Each in our own way. For big things and small. If nothing else, most of us will be all too glad to see 2020 finally nearing an end.

So whether it’s health and happiness or moist sage cornbread stuffing and the foresight to lay in a plentiful supply of ammo — whatever it is you’re thankful for today — don’t forget to include our Second Amendment freedoms.

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  1. Last night, just before midnight, Sydney Powell released the Kraken……..Is Sydney Powell President Trump’s General Sherman? I saw a documentary on General Sherman………it covered his campaign going through the slave owning, democrat party South during the Civil War, the war the democrats started to keep black human beings as slaves.
    The point was made that to keep Sherman’s march secret, he didn’t send dispatches back to Washington or to General Grant….he went dark, in the Civil War sense.
    Now… we saw last week, Sydney Powell went dark….she was released from any connection to the Trump team….and has now launched her campaign…curiously enough, another march through Georgia…….just like Sherman….
    Is Sydney Powell President Trump’s Sherman? Is this march through Georgia going to be the second march of Sherman through democrat party controlled Georgia?
    That remains to be seen…..
    Even if she doesn’t manage to save Trump, maybe she can save the Union…by destroying the democrat party’s voter fraud operation…….saving the two Senate races, and maybe ending the democrat party’s attack on our election process….

    • Besides the non-sense about the murdering bastard sherman and the South, you are correct. Additionally most of GA is Red. Atlanta and surrounding metro counties not so much. Most Sates are like this.

      As of late last night, Powell and company have filed in two States. GA and MI.

      You can read here.

      Happy Thanksgiving I say!

        • Sherman was a murdering bastard. Sherman, Grant, and Lincoln were the originators of the modern warfare policy of directly attacking civilians and destroying non military targets, farms, and livestock, and infrastructure.

          The War Of Northern Aggression was not about slavery. It was about taxes and tariffs and keeping the northeastern banking and steel barons in control of the country. It wasn’t to free the slaves, it was to make us all slaves.

        • Truth. All the south would have had to do to pull the excuse the north had for that war was to free the blacks and then declare independence. They did not. Tell yourself that lie that the war was not about slavery.

          But no major countries, including England, would recognize the southern .gov as legit because of the slavery issue. And England had cause to weaken the US.

          And who owned slaves in the south? A relative handful of the very wealthy who did not hesitate to use poor, non slave owning whites as cannon fodder to keep their wealth and status.

        • Not to mention fathering children with the female slaves his army came across. It was about making sure that the South could/would not rise again from the ashes.

          Most Plantation owners were 4th and further generation and looked at the slaves as theirs which included a certain responsibility of giving them a certain standard of living. The slaves only knew that life, they had no concept of managing money or living in the US society. The slavery culture was dying, some plantations were forced to sell some workers to contractors who were all about the money and keeping discipline. Most of the abuses of slaves came from these contractors.

          It was a different time and place. The owners did not want to cast out their people to the tender mercies of the world, which is what happened.

          We all have heard about “40 acres and a mule”, which was a plan of repatriation at the time. The Republicans in control after the war supported the carpetbaggers from the North in their picking the South clean for personal gain rather than helping the ex slaves, who were left to starve – with the rest of the population of the South.

          I am not defending slavery in any way, I am just stating What the people of the time believed.

        • War is HELL and is supposed to be in that way societies are less likely to participate in them. Unfortunately since the formation of the U.N. Civilized Nations (sarc) have attempted to sanitizes war. Which is why wars are no longer won or lost. The U.S, hasn’t won a war since WWII including the Gulf war where be just declared victory and came home. You don’t win by declaring victory. You win when the enemy no longer exists. Which caused Our soldiers to continue a fight that should have been finished long ago. Some of Us understand the realities of War and Many more may soon learn them the hard way. Either way the purpose of War is to Win. if that requires the destruction of everything that affords an Enemies ability to fight so be it. That Is how the Nazi’s and Imperial Japan was defeated. We haven’t won since the use of Total War was removed as a strategy. Keep’n My Powder Dry…Yours is Up to You.

        • Of course the Civil War was about slavery. But don’t believe me or anyone else. Go and read the declarations of secession for each state. Many states, like my state of Texas, specifically point out the right to keep slaves as the reason for secession. I’ll believe the people who wrote it down at the time in their own words.

        • Yes, slavery was the issue, as it was before the constitution could be ratified. However, the principle was State sovereignty, as in no simple legislation had authority to abolish, or even regulate slavery in a State. Regulation of slavery not being a delegated power to the central committee, it would require a constitutional amendment to abolish or regulate it. So, seeing the writing on the wall, the salve states decided that they did not want to be part of a union that decided expedience overruled the constitution.

          Now, for those who believe slavery was so morally reprehensible (as determined by a majority of politicians, not as objectively determined by any unquestionable, universal theory of government) that a constitutional amendment was too cumbersome a process to endure, and just majority legislation was sufficient (and within the intent of the constitution) to end slavery….it is the exact same argument being used by anti-gunners to thwart the Second Amendment through gun control laws: we cannot let the constitution stand in the way of doing what is right.

          BTW, the abolitionists knew inherently that slavery was constitutionally protected….read “The Emancipation Proclamation”. It freed exactly zero slaves (four slave States remained in the union, and the federal government did not strip the slaves from their holders). If a constitutional amendment were not required, there would have been no need for one after April 1865,; mere legislation would be sufficient evermore. Yet, after armed victory, which “settled the slavery issue”, a constitutional amendment banning slavery was ratified.

        • Hope everyone ate plenty, I know I did. It was a good day to be thankful for.


          What happens when you sign a contract with another and the other party does not live up to the agreement?
          Do you continue to honor that agreement or do you walk away?

          What if the other party continues to manipulate the contract for only their own benefit and edging up just to the line of breakage….say for 30 plus years.

          Would you feel upset, put upon, taken advantage of?

          I would and I would be looking for a legitimate reason to walk away based on the contract.

          And that’s why you will find Slavery listed in the South Carolina Ordinance of Succession. This was the line that broke the contract.

          Slavery was used by the North, and to this day still is, as a “psychological crutch” to justify slaughter.

          Sam I am points out key aspects of this in his reply.

          Bonus Round: How many freed slaves died of starvation and disease after the murdering bastard sherman’s march?

        • “Bonus Round: How many freed slaves died of starvation and disease after the murdering bastard sherman’s march?”

          The question you raise is not about Sherman, but about Congress, about the President, about policy. Ultimately, after the surrender, the US Army was officially designated to be entirely responsible for the re-settlement and welfare of freed slaves; the Army, not some civilian government agency. Like much of our history, America is focused on “the big picture”, details not so much. Even the end of “the Gulf War” left a single general in charge of figuring out how to deal with the remaining Iraqi Army, having “no fly” zones, dealing with refugees, the whole nine yards; State was quiet as a mouse.

      • Interesting thread here.

        JWM & JWT are correct, the perpetration of slavery was the main driving force behind the Civil War.

        Those who would fight to preserve the enslavement, torture and killing of their fellow humans have no redeeming qualities that should be celebrated by their descendants.

        • Which is why we need to band together and destroy the left and its fascist brown shirts, the antifa.

          Slavery of any kind can not be tolerated here.

        • “Those who would fight to preserve the enslavement, torture and killing of their fellow humans have no redeeming qualities that should be celebrated by their descendants.”

          The legislative tactics used by the Abolitionists to circumvent the Constitution, are the same ones being used by the anti-2A mob to get around the Second Amendment.

          Using unconstitutional methods to rid the nation of an evil of one kind justifies the same methods to rid the nation of a different evil.

          One wonders why the Prohibitionists found it necessary to use the amendment process to rid the country of the evil of Demon Rum?

          The ends justify the means; might makes right. We need to get over our righteous selves. When we have the power, we can pass legislation that makes gun controls illegal. Then we have to keep the power to prevent the pendulum from swinging the other way again.

    • It’s thanksgiving y’all.

      Let me save everyone here a bunch of time.

      Scorched earth, northern bankers, southern aristocrats, cotton, income tax, slavery, states rights, federal supremacy, what if, and Special Order 191…


      Instead of yet another re hashing of the last the civil war…

      We should all be preparing for the next.

      • It’s the same war. Some groups can’t let other groups alone. Live and let live is no longer practiced.

        Half-Time seems to be coming to an end though.

    • “A recount in Wisconsin’s largest county demanded by Republican President Donald Trump’s election campaign ended Friday with Democratic President-elect Joe Biden gaining votes.
      After the recount in Milwaukee County, Biden had a net gain of 132 votes, out of nearly 460,000 cast. Overall, Biden gained 257 votes to Trump’s 125.
      Trump’s campaign had demanded recounts in two of Wisconsin’s most populous and Democratic-leaning counties, after losing Wisconsin to Biden by over 20,000 votes. The two recounts will cost the Trump campaign $3 million. Dane County is expected to finish its recount on Sunday.“

  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    On a personal level:

    1) I am thankful that my family income is returning to pre-COVID19 levels. The near-complete shutdown in my state resulted in my spouse’s employer firing almost everyone and it took my spouse seven months to find work again — in a field where there has NEVER been mass layoffs/firing and where it never takes more than a few weeks to find new work.

    2) I am thankful for a successful white-tailed deer hunting season. My freezer and shelves are chock full with about 120 pounds of new pure venison (no bones, no fat, no tallow, no “silver-skin” fascia/connective tissue). When you butcher, store, and cook it correctly, it is delicious!

    • Uncommonsense , do you pressure can some of your venison ? I’ve done chicken this year and plan to do venison shortly …. Do you add anything ?

      • Larry,

        This is the first time that I ever pressure-canned meat — venison in this case. It is outstanding! And it was super easy. Here is what I did:

        I started with clean, room-temperature quart jars and lids. I did not “sterilize” the jars nor lids since the pressure-canning process does that. And I did not pre-heat the jars nor lids.

        Next, I added the following ingredients to my clean, empty quart jars:
        — one teaspoon of minced garlic
        — one teaspoon of dried minced onion
        — one teaspoon of beef bouillon paste
        — one quarter teaspoon of table salt
        — black pepper (perhaps 1/8th teaspoon?)
        — one and a half teaspoons of water

        Then I packed in cold/raw venison chunks until there was only 3/4 inch of space at the top of the jar, put on a lid and band, set the jars in my pressure canner, added one or two quarts of cold water (resulting in about 3 inches of water in the bottom of the pot), fastened the lid on my pressure canner, turned on the burner, and let them cook.

        It took about 20 minutes before water in my pressure canner started to boil and produce some steam. I let it steam for about 5 minutes and put the weight on the steam outlet. Then it took another 5 to 10 minutes to get up to pressure (11 p.s.i. recommended for my elevation above sea-level). Once up to pressure, I increased or decreased heat occasionally to keep pressure hovering around 11 p.s.i. for 90 minutes then turned off my stove burner.

        After I turned off my stove burner, it took about 15 minutes for pressure to drop back to zero at which time I could remove the lid from my pressure-canner. Even though the couple inches of water in my canner was no longer boiling, the liquid in my jars continued to boil (or somehow make bubbles for some other reason) for another 10 to 15 minutes. Then I plucked the jars out with one of those squeezy things made for removing jars from canners, set them out on the counter to cool, and walked away. The next day, all of the jars were sealed.

        The result is fantastic! The meat is so tender you can mash it with a spoon. It is nice and moist since beef/venison stock fills the jar. It is lean of course since it is venison. And the aroma and flavor are wonderful.

        I cannot ever see myself failing to can as much venison as possible in the future. (I wish I would have discovered this 10 years ago!) I will also be using the same recipe and process to pressure-can bulk chicken as well. (I might add a touch of poultry seasoning or similar to the jars as well before adding the chicken.)

        Go for it. It is super easy to do and the result is out-of-this-world.

        • I had an ex-brother in law who owned a dairy farm in PA. He killed deer to keep them out of his feed corn that he grew. (he was also a big time – serious bow hunter. Like, killing a huge grizzly in Alaska with a bow, which is crazy as far as I’m concerned) . I asked him what he did with the deer he killed (he had killed like 60 that year alone). He took me to his basement and there must have been 200 quart jars of deer meat. It did not look appetizing at all. I had hunted deer from age 10 and had never heard of canning deer meat. I chalked it up to some northerner/yankee weirdness like scrapple or “hog maw”. He got a couple of jars and made a traditional beef stew except it was made with deer tenderloin and it was so good it was unbelievable.
          I have never had more deer than would fit in the freezer but I am a believer now. If done right both in prep and in recipe, canned venison is a winner. And actually, scrapple and hog maw are pretty darn good too.

        • Anonymous,

          Unfortunately, my family does not have any acreage for hunting. Fortunately, my immediate family and I have permission to hunt on three different properties (which belong to other people) within five minutes of my home. In total my immediate family has access to about 60 acres of land for deer hunting.

          As great as that sounds, two of those three properties are hit-or-miss (no pun intended) on any given year. And while the third property is pretty reliable, it is tricky to hunt because it is really small. We simply do our best to make the best of it — which includes carefully choosing which locations, times, and weather to hunt as well as getting out as often as we can. Some years, we go to extraordinary lengths to get just one deer. This year we were blessed to get three deer with less effort than normal. Such is the nature of hunting. Sometimes it is relatively easy and productive. Other times it is difficult, frustrating, and unproductive.

        • Anonymous,

          By the way it helps that two of the three properties that I can hunt are adjacent to crop lands which rotate between corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. For the uninitiated, deer love those three crops. When those crops are available, deer populations will be pretty huge and the deer as well tend to be quite large since they can gorge themselves on what is effectively an infinite supply of food. For example the large doe that we harvested this year had about 3/4 inch of fat on her body. You don’t typically see that on deer in wild/forest areas.

  3. Happy Evacuation Day!!!
    From The History Guy on You Tube. Video 16 minutes long. And why we have civilians who control the military.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May the Lord bless all of you and your families during this time of thanks. Be warm, be safe, eat well, and of course, shoot straight!🙏🦃🇺🇸

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Going to deep fry two birds today. One for us and one to split between a couple of guys that we know who don’t have any family. It’ll be a good surprise.

    Oh, and it’s my and my older sisters birthday today. (I was born on her 13th birthday).

    I’m thankful to be alive and have all my parts working. 2 years ago was a pretty scary time.

      • “I’m thankful to be alive and have all my parts working. 2 years ago was a pretty scary time.”

        A stroke, wasn’t it? Glad you’re most of the way back. Nothing to play around with.

        2 years ago this December I was laying in roadway after being hit by a car. I’m now 95 percent back, with major improvements in being able to grip things with my right hand. Pain therapy, squeeze that hand closed until it hurts, and repeat. I can comfortably grip my NAA mini now.

        Religious liberty made a serious win with the SCOTUS today, striking down house-of-worship limits :

        “Cuomo Calls Supreme Court Ruling On Churches ‘Irrelevant'”

        A narrow 5-4 win, with traitor Roberts voting with the Leftist scum.

        Which leads me to what I’m most grateful for today, that Trump picked the 3 newest SCOTUS seats. Just imagine that church vote today with Leftists filling Scalia’s, Kennedy’s, and Ruthie Ginsburg’s seats.

        Thank God on high we have a chance to save gun rights today thanks to Trump and his court picks… 🙂

  6. Along with the food, we will take your land, your culture, and your heritage. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
    add: Visit your local casino soon

    • What JWM said.

      Every culture, every people, everytime. History is brutal. It’s only leftists who get uncontrollably emotional learning about it because they know so little about it.

      • Meanwhile, they’re the would-be crybully conquerors, doing their best to kill the prevailing culture and install their own in its place. The cycle continues, and sometime in the next few decades we’ll find out if our culture was strong enough to withstand the attempt.

  7. Spending turkey day in Utah with family. Will be having salmon and the trimmings.

    There is nothing I’d rather be than an American. Have a happy day everyone.

  8. BREAKING: SCOTUS rules 5-4 to strike down Chinaflu bans on worship. Roberts in the minority😡 Thank you JESUS for Donald J. Trump! All is not lost…

    • Yes, and Roberts sold out again. He has now officially joined the Left and gone full retard.

      Watch your backs, friends. Roberts is a snake.

        • Heads up…to me the BEST YouTube AR15 “how to” site is back after 3 years AWOL> NSZ85. Stumbled on him today. Best ever instructions on how to easily stake a castle nut.

  9. Spending the week with relatives. Enjoying good food, company, and laughter. Very grateful for what I have, despite this year’s black swans and chaos. Sometimes it’s darkest before the next dawn.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, and special shouts to:

    Geoff PR
    former water walker
    Sam I Am
    Tom in Oregon
    …just off the top of my head…

  10. Please don’t put this ChiCom bug down to politics. It may not be as bad as the “Spanish Flu”, but it has killed and is continuing the make people very sick and kill others. As we hole up in our heated homes, remember that you can bring that infection home to infect the rest of your family and the ones that are older and weaker may get it.

    Please do your best not to spread it.

    • “As we hole up in our heated homes,…”

      Heated? The A/C is on down here in Florida. 🙂

      (Be safe, folks…)

      • We had a dusting of wet snow here in Utah and some 20-30’s temps.

        I have a lot of complaints, all valid, with CA. But the weather ain’t one of them.

        • I’m currently in NorCal this week. Upper 50s and clear skies. Perfect Autumn weather before Old Man Winter comes.

  11. Took my 9 year old pheasant hunting this morning. He got his first bird with a mossberg youth 410. Good times. I’m thankful for hunting.

  12. I’m essentially not having a thanksgiving this year. Usually have a giant get together with 30+ people and have a feast at my childhood home. But my mom is very elderly, and has emphysema. My brother is sick, and quasi crippled from a horrible car accident last year where he broke his arm, both legs, and both ankles (one ankle was shattered). They fused it and he has spent almost a whole year on the couch. And so, I’m just having thanksgiving with my immediate family – wife and kids. Most of them don’t like turkey. Only I like turkey. So we bought a small breast only turkey. Baked one pie. A few small side dishes and that’s about it. At least I’ll have the day off and can veg out holding the kids on the couch. (They are small: 6-8yrs). Watch some movies and relax, and call it a day.

    I am thankful that I have been very busy this year in my work. The thought of not being able to provide is horrifying, and luckily I didn’t have to experience that.

    • Wife and kids? You’re a wealthy man indeed. Enjoy these times, as the years pass quickly. My kids are grown and in other states. Oh, to be able to have another of those bygone days of wrestling on the floor with my young boys as they laughed and tried to best me…

      • “Oh, to be able to have another of those bygone days of wrestling on the floor with my young boys as they laughed and tried to best me…”


        Tell your kids to ‘get busy’… 😉

        • The only reason to have kids is to get grandkids. I got a dozen of them. I think. Just got back to CA today after spending bird day with two granddaughters. Tomorrow I go to a grandsons bday party.

          On and on it goes. I’m exhausted. But grinning like a sailor in a cat house the whole time.

  13. 2021 isn’t going to automatically return us to normal on 12:00:00 1/1/2021. it’s going to be a continuation of the same.

    might even call it 2020 Part II.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, all! I’m spending it with a large crowd of family and friends, to spite the lockdown.

    Be thankful for Donald Trump. He’s not done yet. He can still pull this one out of the fire. If he doesn’t, and the commies, the sexually confused, and the other violent misfits run wild, prepare accordingly.

  15. I took two newbies, college students aged 19 and 20, to the range yesterday. They loved it and one is already planning to get his MA required permission slip.

    I’m thankful that everyone in the world has not yet gone crazy. Yes, I have low expectations of my fellow man, but then again, I’m rarely disappointed.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  16. Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving, take a day off, relax, enjoy some good company and a fat meal and prepare for the coming storm…. The Kraken may have been awakened but it has a real job ahead of it….. Congrats to Mr. Flynn, at least the Biden DOJ won’t get a shot at him which was the plan and the reason for the stall…. Have a good one, I’ve got 5 pounds of standing Rib Roast rapidly approaching 145 degrees in the center and I don’t want to overcook it….

  17. A peaceful and happy Thanksgiving to all…I am reminded of a blessing from my paternal grandmother…”may you eat until you’re sleepy and may you sleep until you are hungry”…repeat as necessary.

    • 1.7 million ballots mailed out in PA. 2.5 million recorded as received and counted… That alone is enough to give him PA.. Twice as many people voted in one Detroit district than LIVE IN THAT DISTRICT…. faking a water line break in Atlanta to clear out observers yet counting continued for over three hours after… Ballot harvesting, signed checks in MN. The only way Trump loses this challenge is if The courts stall and run them out of time…. PA legislature is already moving to pass bill to take back control of the vote….. I’m not concerned, that Biden received 15 million more popular votes than Obama, or that he lost both Ohio AND Florida or that he underperformed Hillary Clinton in KEY districts or that Trump got 10 million more votes than he did in 16… I am concerned that these assholes may mistake this as a MANDATE even after losing 11 House seats, several State Legislatures and Governorships with the Senate question still unanswered in GA AND MI and a couple of House seats NOT clear in CA… I am concerned that John Kerry will reenter the Paris Climate Accords and try to get Iran back into the bogus Nuclear deal that saw Billions of dollars transferred to a regime that promptly used the money to fund more International terrorism… but I am mostly concerned that this Administration is in the process of rebuilding the LAST four years of the Obama Administration and is going to try to set National policies and subvert the U.S. Constitution with their “PEN and PHONE” bullshit, I am concerned that a man might become POTUS that could not win ANY primary vote until Pocahontas and Bernie dropped out, that was actually broke by Super Tuesday and would have been forced to drop out if he lost S. Carolina… IF you can’t see a PROBLEM with any of this then you are nothing more than a MORONIC PARTISAN IDIOT and you deserve everything that YOU get from this Clown Crew…. I will hunker down on the mountain, hope that my wife is not hit too hard by the impending tax increases and spend my days cleaning guns and completing a box full of 80% lowers while engaging in a deep study of reloading and trying to keep my head down til 24…. Hopefully YOU will see your job go back overseas or eliminated by the the actions of The new administration rescinding ALL of Trumps regulation cuts and they come knocking on YOUR door first when the gun “buy back/confiscation” begins (if you even own a gun or have ever seen a real one)… Good luck with Creepy Uncle “The Big Guy” Joe and Kammaltoe… You’re going to need it….

      • “1.7 million ballots mailed out in PA. 2.5 million recorded as received and counted… “

        Yeah, well I’m calling BS on this.

        Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis have had multiple opportunities to present evidence of that claim to both state and federal courts in Pennsylvania and yet they have failed to do so.

        They’ve even stated in open court that they are not claiming any fraud or illegal voting.

        And that’s why both federal and state lower court charges as well as the Federal third circuit court of appeals and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court have dismissed their cases, pretty much calling them a joke.

        The federal to appeal court opinion was authored by a judge appointed by Donald Trump, who found their suit had “no merit”.

        You folks just do not want to see the truth, a New York City Con man is continuing to manipulate you for fun and profit, just as he has for years.

        You better worry less about guns and reloading, and hunker down for a serious wave of the Covid virus hoax to kill your family, friends and neighbors in the near future as president Donald Trump continues to enjoy his golfing at his elite resorts.


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