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All of us at TTAG want to wish all of you fathers out there a GREAT Father’s Day today. Good dads are the backbone of what makes America great as we work to pay the bills, keep food in our kids’ stomachs and teach our sons and daughters about how to cope with the challenges of life and walk each day with character and strength.

Today we honor you and toast you and wish you at least one day of peace and quiet and doing exactly what you want to do. Unless what you want to do is blast a few hundred rounds of heavy caliber fire at a myriad of targets. Then to hell with the quiet…that is unless you’re shooting suppressed.

Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. Thank you and back at yah.
    Today is my granddaughters birthday.
    She wants to go swimming at the lake.
    I’m bringing my Spoonbill snagging pole in case she starts to drown.
    I figure 100lb test and a big treble hook should drag her to safety.

      • “Put those arm floaties on her ankles.”

        “Water Wings’! The ‘safety do-dad that wasn’t.

        Didn’t they ban those things in the early 1970s? And a half-century later they’re back?

    • Hope it was an awesome day Possum. That’s quality time spent right there no matter what day it is.

    • The usual suspect johnny boy stoops to white trash Father’s Day. For the Men who know what it takes to be a Father, Happy Father’s Day.

      • Well, I’ve worked a couple of Father’s Days. I remember there being a lot of confused children in section 8 housing.

      • You still haven’t answered my question — why are cities and countries run by the 13% dysfunctional shyteholes?

          • So this redneck walks up to me at the gas station and out of nowhere says ,” I had to go bisexual.”
            I said, “You -Had- to go bisexual?”
            He said , ” Yup, mah sister done run offt and my cousin, she wants paid for it, yep, I had to go buy sex you all.”

  2. Katherine and John bought me rare rib eye with trimmings last night. Katherine made breakfast for me before heading back to Jax. I have good kids. However, I remember when John was around ten. I’d been hunting and was putting my rifle in a safe. He asked, “Dad, when you die am I going to get all your guns?” I looked at him and said, “Yes, but I hope you’re not in a hurry for them.” Children can be mercenary.

    • I think it was Will Rogers who said that if you’re going to be leaving a lot of money when you die, just put it in your will that most of it be divvied out to the lawyers in your state. It’ll save time.

    • Sounds like a great day. And yeah, I’ll leave my things to my kids, but I hope it is no time soon!

    • “I have good kids.”

      No kids of my own. but I have 2 nephews. One I wish was my kid, the other, and exact duplicate of my worthless, P.O.S. (happily) ex BIL.

      All my guns, NFA ‘toys’, sweet vintage Japanese electronics, etc. are going to one, but *nothing* for the other…

    • “My daughter gave me a card that says happy fathers day grandpa!”

      That could be a *warning*.


  3. No cards, burned breakfast, and had to rouse my wife out of bed to get moving…Spent my day buying a Stihl weed trimmer and cleaning. Happy Father’s Day to me…🫥

    For someone who does everything around the house, I deserved better. Here endeth the rant.

      • Oh Deere it sounds like your day was bad but stihl you got to be a father.
        Some fathers don’t get to be fathers only on mothers day.
        I’m not gay because I’m sad.

      • Good stuff. My dad gave me his Stihl chainsaw as a backup when he moved into a patio home.

    • Crappy, you know what they say, a woman works from sun to setting sun but a man’s work is never done and that is rather crappy.

  4. Part 1
    Happy Father’s Day to the ones that are not there. But want to be there, but were told that they were not needed. Fathers, that were replaced by the government welfare industrial complex.

    The father’s that were told they were not necessary by the hom.osex.uals and atheists, who disagree with the Christians. When the christians said a father is definitely necessary in the home. To provide love and discipline and protect his children.

    And to instruct them in the safe use of Arms.
    But the g@,ys and non believers said that’s not necessary. The police can protect them. They said.

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