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ISIS fighters in Mosul, Iraq (courtesy

Why would ANYONE want to disarm a populace? Ask gun control advocates  in industrialized Western nations – or California – and the answer is as simple as its is idiotic: for public safety. Never mind that these same “peaceful” nations all have a history of genocide. Every. Single. One. Cast your eyes even slightly further afield and the insanity of civilian disarmament is plain to see. Disarmed citizens are raped, tortured, enslaved and murdered. It’s true in “civilized” Mexico, Somalia, Nigeria and, of course, in the Middle East. draws our attention to Mosul, in what was once U.S./Iraqi-controlled territory . . .

According to survivor accounts, ISIS gunmen “herded up to 1,500 inmates onto trucks and drove them to an isolated stretch of desert about two kilometers from the prison, the survivors said. After taking several hundred away in trucks, they forced the Shiites to form one long line along the ravine edge and then count their number in the line before showering them with machine-gun fire.”

A spokesperson for the group Human Rights Watch said that “the gruesome details of ISIS’ mass murder of prison inmates make it impossible to deny the depravity of this extremist group. People of every ethnicity and creed should condemn these horrific tactics, and press Iraqi and international authorities to bring those responsible to justice.”

[You may remember Mosul as the scene of a fierce battle for control of the region’s dam. You may also recall that in 2003, the U.S. deployed the 101st Airborne Division to Mosul. That venture claimed American lives but restored balance among the city’s diverse groups. And then we left.]

This atrocity follows a recent mass murder in Ras al-Maa, north of the provincial capital of Ramadi. ISIS gunmen rounded up some fifty unarmed tribespeople, including six women and four children, and shot them one by one. The terrorists also reportedly kidnapped nearly 20 additional individuals.

What the report doesn’t say: the Shiite village had been begging Iraq’s Sunni-controlled central government to send them guns. A request they denied. And continue to deny, as ISIS continues to slaughter unarmed Shiites. Men, women and children.

No matter how you slice it, gun control is evil. What more needs saying? Whatever it is, we’ll keep saying it.

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  1. “I support the Second Amendment but…that kinda stuff will never happen here/you’re more likely to be killed by your own gun/you’ll put your eye out,” said nobody with a brain, ever.

    Actually, MDA and crowd would probably counter the ISIS mass-execution scenario with a ridiculous postulation about armed civilians killing innocents in the crossfire, and how much worse it would be, and how the police wouldn’t know who the bad guy was, and panic-panic-panic-gunsbad!

    • They’ll also tell us that we should’ve never gone to Iraq in the first place. Bush Lied, People Died is their mantra. We caused this mess.

      • Are you saying that’s not the case?
        Hussein wasn’t a benevolent dictator, but he did do a decent job of keeping the different Iraqi factions from killing each other.

        Although if you really want to blame somebody, blame the Brits who created these seemingly arbitrary countries out of the Ottoman empire. Were I more of a pessimist, I’d think they drew up those countries in the hopes that they’d be too preoccupied with internal strife to accomplish anything.

      • Two facts.
        1) We have our 2A rights that are under assault.

        2) We were involved in the Middle East to protect our corporate interests. The long game is that the bad guys join with the good guys this week, fight us, then go back to fighting when we leave. If your life or your child’s life is to be used don’t you think it should be for our safety not for our corporations?

        Even the party that was in charge admits that each reason to go in Iraq was bogus. Oh, Saddam did try to kill his Dad but Jr., grow a pair. Those threats come with the job.

        Just say, “so you can have cheap gas.” Or, “so oil companies can have record profits.”

        • And there you go, spewing the same sh*t and lies Democrat enemies of the human race always spew.

          Never mind the two separate reports from UN and NATO listing all of Saddam’s binary rockets and artillery shells, aerial dispersal systems, chemicals and equipment for using them. Never mind Saddam’s five separate training facilities used exclusively to train terrorists, regardless of religious affiliation or nationality. Never mind that Saddam was the major supplier of weapons, equipment and intelligence to terrorist groups around the world.

          Yep. Never mind reality, H. Just keep defending muslim terrorists and spewing Democrat Party lies. It is all you can do.

        • H – you are right on.

          When Saddam Hussein was using chemical weapons to kill Iraninan soldiers while fighting Iran, he was supported by President Reagan and the US government. Here is a link to a picture of Reagan’s Special Envoy Don Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein:

          Saddam was not considered a bad guy until he invaded Kuwait, and removed their dictator, the Emir from his thrown.

          Buy the way – has anyone noticed the fact that when we ask for troops to fight terrorists in the Middle East that Kuwait has yet to send one soldier to help?

          I guess that most of our despotic allies in the middle east have adopted a welfare mentality – let’s let US taxpayers foot the bill for our security and send thier young men and women to die on our behalf.

    • MDA would probably liken ISIS to the American militia movements and use it as an example of why we need “sensible gun laws” restricting “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines”.

  2. 43 Mexican college students were massacred by Guerreros Unidos cartel, aided and abetted by the police and the Mayor of the City of Iguala. If the government won’t trust you with a gun, how can you trust the government with an army?

    • The group that is looking for the students’ mass grave found 26 other mass graves instead…

      Theoden: I will not risk open war.
      Aragorn: Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not.

      • Yep. Federales have been rounding up people and killing them longer than the cartels, the cartels actually tried to bring the peons to their side for many years. Once that was clearly not working they joined the Federales in simply terrorizing and killing the peons. Same old story in Mexico, goes back a long way.

  3. Iraqis are in no meaningful sense a “disarmed populace”. If these particular Iraqis didn’t have arms, then they were an “unarmed populace”, not a “disarmed populace”.

    • I’m not sure what point your trying to make John. In the end, they were a dead populace because they didn’t have effective weapons to defend themselves.

      This is the dream of every gun grabber. An “unarmed/disarmed populace” unable to resist their nightmare vision of “utopia” where only the mass murdering “authorities” have all the guns.

  4. What the report doesn’t say: the Shiite village had been begging Iraq’s Sunni-controlled central government to send them guns.

    Last I looked it was a Shiite-controlled central government. But still.

  5. Yes, the central government is mainly shiite. Thanks to our brilliant destruction of the main secular political party of sunni Islam – the baath party. Oops.

    • Yep. Jerry Bremmer just had to take total control because, as Henry Kissinger has said, Jerry’s a total control freak. And where is ISIL getting its technical talent, especially in aviation and artillery? From the f’g Bathist former Iraqi officer corp.

  6. But it will never happen here. Murderous and oppressive governments only occur in Russia, China, Germany, Turkey, Syria, Mexico, Somalia, and other minor nations. Such events can’t happen here because…computers, surveillance. Sure. So leftist U.S. pols and billionaires want to register, restrict, and confiscate guns because what? Ghetto safety? Don’t make me laugh. The leftist pols want their urban voting majorities (soon to be newly enhanced!) to impose radical change without opposition, including a sequentially more leftist SCOTUS, and the billionaires want to be able to continue buying the most amenable government they can afford …without the possibility of armed challenge to Cashocracy. And who exactly gets left out of this clone of 1930’s Italy/Russia/Germany? You. Me. The family next door, the middle 60% of what was the electorate. Just say no.

      • ISIS started out as a peaceful human rights group, then one of the members bought a gun. Don’t let it happen here, turn in your guns today. -A message from MDA and the newly-formed Moms Demand You Give Up Your Guns, a Bloomberg production.

  7. All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist Party must command all
    the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party. – Chairman Mao

    This is to politics as gravity is to planets or light to the Sun…you can pretend all you want
    otherwise but it changes reality not at all. You can be an armed citizen or a serf….your
    choice…and the consequences that follow.

  8. I think the barbarity and institutionalized sadism of ISIS is causing people around the world to seriously re-think their views on personal safety and gun ownership. For many, this is a painful experience because it strikes at their core beliefs, the values they use to identify themselves. Yet there are few things as bracing as the image of a few armed ISIS thugs casually wandering down a street looking for infidels to cause even the Mom’s to start thinking that, maybe, just maybe, calling 911 might not be enough to keep them from cutting someone’s head off. The moral imperatives that support gun-control ideology are dependent upon people having the luxury—or at least its illusion—of feeling safe. No wonder American public opinion is turning against gun-control ideology. Getting mugged by reality kinda makes Shannon and the Mom’s look stupid.

    • I suppose it is safe to say that in an average day I deal almost exclusively with well-educated affluent people, many of them “liberal.” It is very obvious to me that these people increasingly are gaining comfort from the fact that honest sensible people right next door, or in the building, have a firearm. Many are not willing to take on the burden, but are glad that others are doing so. A well-trained and responsive police force is beneficial, but a good person mere feet away with a gun, some skill, and resolve…is a very nice peace-multiplier.

      I’ve said it before: My two required CCW (LCF) endorsements from neighbors were both from “Million Mom March” members. They don’t like guns in the abstract. In the hands of a long-known and trusted neighbor? Guns start to seem less negative.

      It’s so simple: Lock up your guns when they aren’t under your immediate control. Get immediate serious help if you have a family member that has clear problems with rage, alcohol, or ability to perceive reality. Behave competently and reliably in your own use of firearms. People will increasingly be glad you live on their street…and have a gun.

  9. Yes my wife asked me if I’d heard of the student’s murder. She saw something on a Facebook page. These stories are barely a blip on the mainstream media. TTAG, Fox and 700Club is about it. Talk all you want about Bush’s war and the stupid crap we do. Armageddon is right around the corner…

  10. I disagree, if they had guns they would have died fighting. They however would be no less dead at the end of the day. This and the mass murder in Mexico is what takes place when a state either collapses entirely as in Iraq or loses much of it’s power.
    Owning a gun is a solution to a lot of problems but not all of them. An army of religious fanatics bent on mass murder of all those who do not share their world view is not something you stop at your doorstep, you need an army to deal with this. In Mexico even if the people where armed it would still be impossible for them to take on the cartels on their own.
    While the right to bare arms is important it is not the solution to every problem, sometimes things need to be dealt with above the individual level with proper governance.

    • “proper governance.” And what, exactly, is your solution when government IS THE problem? As it is in Mexico, Iraq, Syria, Iran, et al?

      • My point is that in these cases the solution is a government that actually provides governance since armed self defense is no good against even a makeshift army like ISIS.
        Somalia, Syria, Iraq are in effect failed states, the people living in them are left to fend for themselves, however while Iran is a horrible authoritarian theocracy the people there are not being killed en mass by rampaging extremists. I am not defending the Iranian regime, just pointing out that the complete lack of an effective state can be worse than the presence of an oppressive one.

        • Ah, no, the “government” of Iran is made up of “rampaging extremists” who are routinely killing the citizens for crimes against islam. And yes, personal firearms ownership coupled with some basic morality IS the solution to Al Queda, by whatever name cnn chooses to call them. And just who, in the political realm worldwide, is diligently working to undermine basic morality? Here is a hint, they are also desperately trying to disarm as many people as possible and in America they place a D in front of their names on ballots.

    • From what I’ve read, the cartels steer clear of the towns where the people have armed themselves in Mexico. Seems like it’s been fairly effective there.

    • So I take it that you’ve never heard of the Auto Denfencias that actually did take down an entire cartel. Then the local governor told them to turn in all of their guns.

      • You left out “and started killing the men, raping the women and using the children for slave labor.” Got to give credit where credit is due, and the Federales have earned it.

      • I have heard, it’s great for them, and in a small town where there is little profit for the cartel and everyone knows everyone else that might work.
        It will not solve Mexico’s cartel problem , won’t work in a city and I am less convinced that if the village was in any way financially important to the cartel they would enjoy such success.
        My original comment was a slight criticism of the article because it seemed to adopt a mindset that treats personal firearm ownership as a solution to problems like ISIS and the cartels witch I believe it isn’t. The way I see it: It’s like going skeet shooting with a rifle and using a shotgun for long range precision shooting, you have to use the proper tool for the task in order to get results.

  11. Food for thought. The “war on drugs” has been going on far longer than the war on terror. Mexico and the Cartels are literally our next door neighbors. Iraq is clear across the globe. Ok…. How many lives has drugs destroyed in the last 20 years? 30? Longer….perhaps. Vs. the more recent Iraq war. How much has been spent for one vs the the other? America is soft on drugs. To a point. Why? The cartels and crooked government in Mexico keep pushing its own people out. They leave by thousands in a year I would guess. And come here as cheap labor, desperate for a better life. Doing the work that most Americans refuse to do, due to a sense of entitlement. Yet we’re tough on drugs…. B.S…. Tough on terrorism ? Remains to be seen. Military Industrial Complex, Social Engineering of other countries, replacement of those in power in other countries. We’re as crooked as the cartels, terrorists, etc.

  12. I feel like these antis are never going to understand. How and the heck can we prove it to them. Arguing with an anti is one of the most hopeless things in the world.


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