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Jason Devine after neo-Nazi attack courtesy

We’re being attacked, Bonnie Devine thought as a brick shattered her living room window, only inches above the couch where she slept. It was just past 5AM on September 29, and luckily the brick-throwing vandals didn’t break through the second of two window panes, which would have sent deadly glass shards cascading upon her.” I’m not so sure about that deadly shard deal (unless it’s the Chardonnay I sampled at a pizzeria the other day), but you can forgive writer David P. Ball a bit of hyperbole. After all, “The attack follows six years of white supremacist violence against her family, which they link to 26-year old [Neo-Nazi] ringleader Kyle McKee.” It’s horrific stuff for the anti-neo-Nazi campaigners . . .

Over six years, they’ve faced death threats, fire-bombing, home invasions and horrendous beatings – the worst of which saw a group of thugs break into their home in 2010, jumping on Bonnie’s husband Jason – along with a friend of his – and battering them so severely with hammers and bats there was blood smeared on the walls.

“They tried to kill me by beating my head in and beating my body,” he recalled.

The local white supremacist group Blood & Honour – part of a global network originating in England – was linked to the attacks. On the same day as the 2012 White Pride March, also known as the most awful parade ever, McKee was arrested after a racial slur-laden assault outside a liquour store and convicted of breaking a bottle over the victim’s head, stabbing him with the glass and biting him.

Oh Canada! You silly people, banning firearms for personal defense. You see what happens to a disarmed populace? They’re victimized by criminals, thugs and yes, their own government. Because the scariest words in the English language are we’re from the government and we’re here to help. Or, in this case, take your children.

Jason and Bonnie have become a lightning rod for racist groups because they have spoken out against racist hate crimes and neo-Nazi recruitment. At first, authorities cautioned them to simply dismiss the racists as “clowns”, Bonnie recalled: “Just ignore them and they’ll go away.” . . .

In the aftermath of the 2010 home invasion, the couple nearly lost their four children after they sent them to stay temporarily with Jason’s mother. “We didn’t want them to see all the blood spattered all over the walls and stuff,” he said. . . .

One day, a police officer and child protection worker knocked: “We appreciate and understand what you’re trying to do here,” Jason remembered them saying, “But essentially you’re like drug dealers and gang members, and your activities are putting your kids in danger… As of right now, your kids can’t return home.”

Strangely, our neighbors to the north can’t understand the value of having a handgun with which to defend one’s self and one’s family from attack and—can you believe it—confiscation. Nope, not even Jason and Bonnie.

“The violence that’s in my community and inflicted upon my family is something that is the responsibility of everyone,” Bonnie added. “It happens every day.

Responsibility starts at home. Unless it can’t. In which case you’re screwed. [h/t RK]

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  1. In gun control zones, it would seem wise to carry and learn the use of a Gladius sword.If you’re legally forced to live in prehistory, you may as well act the part.

    • A Katana is lighter, and easier to wield swiftly. Just sayin’. I gave one to my daughter, until she gets a gun. She’ll be getting one soon – a loan from me, and I’ll be buying another .45, a lightweight EAA Polymer-frame Witness, to replace the full-size EAA comp model I carry in an OPSMOD bag. We might both get the same model. I want her to have a .45.

      • How about you teach her to do research, learn about firearms, and make informed decisions on her on. Then get here the gun she is most proficient and comfortable with. Get over your caliber supremacy bull shit and instead opt for an intelligent and independent woman for a daughter of whom you can be proud.

      • A Katana is too long and is useless for thrusting. I’ll take a good old 22 inch Gladius Hispaniensis any day.

    • Unfortunately, while it is perfectly legal to own swords in the great white north, I myself own several, carrying them for self-defence gets you a “weapons dangerous to the public peace” charge. Furthermore, the charge is not limited to traditional weapons. Literally any object carried for the purpose of defending oneself against another person is subject to the same charge. It’s unfortunate, but this is the degree to which the demonization of self-defence has progressed in my country, despite it being a charter right.

  2. I really can’t understand the inability of almost the rest if the world to recognize the natural right to self defense. When you make self defense difficult or impossible, you are placing a humans life below that of animals which will defend themselves in whatever way they are able. This family should not have to live in terror.

    • I can’t understand a lack of drive to survive. A lot of the time, the only who is going to save you, is you

    • I agree sixpack70; the definition of a free person versus peasant, peon or slave is those that legally can carry a weapon for self-defense versus those denied that right.

      By that definition, almost 6 billion people on this planet are subjects, property of their governments, denied the most basic right of self-defense. The most frightening thing about that number is that if you were to ask those 6 billion subjects; most of them would support being disarmed.

      So about 1% of the population that are mostly violent psychopathic gangs, (they usually call themselves governments), control the other 99% because that 99% believe those psychopaths should have a “monopoly of force”.

      The human race is truly and positively one messed up group of people.

      • Thomas, you are right. Most governments want the monopoly on force all in the name of control. They do not believe that the average person is capable of making their own decisions. I am thankful our founders were not afraid to ensure we had the means to defend ourselves. Even if the 6 billion other people in the world decided they wanted to defend themselves, they have virtually no way to do it.

        I exercised my right today with my Garand and 1903A3 and was thinking how much fun it was and how life wouldn’t quite be the same if I were not able to go shooting. It was a good day.

        • I think the reason governments want the monopoly on force is precisely *because* they fear the decisions of the average person. They are terribly, deathly afraid of a free man with a battle rifle… which is precisely why we have 2A – to keep the government afraid of us.

  3. Ok, in this situation, I think Biden may be right. Buy a shotgun! Buy MANY shotguns!! They allow those in Canada, right? If not, rent out room to a bunch of hockey players.

    I consider this kind of repeated assaults and threats ‘terroristic’ and at that point, nothing matters but survival (and cleansing the gene pool).

    • Without a DOUBT it’s terroristic. That big bruise reminds me of one I got years ago from a social worker’s German Shepherd. I was just minding my own business, walking down the sidewalk, and this guy had his dog on a loose leash, talking to someone, and as I walked by, the dog let out a sharp bark, and bit me on the right side. HARD. The bruise was over twice the size of the one pictured. The owner said to me (in way of an “apology”, “he’s (the dog) been in a bad mood all day.”

      The ER doctors wouldn’t testify, and I lost the lawsuit against the bastard.

  4. Last time I checked, the average Canadian can have a large choice of long guns in their home without running afoul of their laws. They can also own handguns and keep them at home without running afoul of their laws. I believe the major restriction on handgun ownership is that the barrels have to be at least 5 inches long.

    As for concealed carry permits, those are pretty much non-existent. But in the home they are good to go as far as I know.

    • A lot of good your shotgun or pistol will do you when the thugs come crashing in and your guns are under lock and key and the ammo stored in a separate place. Oh and yes the Mounties do knock and check that you “comply”

    • You can have firearms in Canada, you can keep them in your home, but if you use them to defend yourself you’re in for a world of legal trouble. I suggest you look up the case of Ian Thomson for an idea of what it’s like.

  5. Professional victims. They have choices for armed defense of their home. They just choose not to.

    • I wondered about that… Beat me once, shame on you. Beat me twice, shame on me… I suspect they are simply true pacifists, which I respect, yet don’t understand. True pacifism, as a conviction, is worthy of respect. I hope that’s the case here and that they aren’t just self-destructive wanna-bees (like the Moms and others).

  6. this is definitely a tavor worthy event, and I know they have those up north.

    Id keep it within arms reach of the couch with a couple pmags worth of 855 and a good light and optic.

  7. That’s because they have been “educated” read brain-washed, to be subjects instead of citizens. They could change all this in a single election if they had the cojones to throw out the idiots who passed the disarmament laws and vote in legislators who could reverse this. But they don’t.

  8. I thought various types of guns are allowed in the home in Canada…

    This seems like don’t want to defend themselves, not can’t defend themselves, or am I missing something?

    • Look up the case of Ian Thomson. Two or three guys were firebombing his place in the middle of the night and he almost went to jail for putting up a defense. Canada at its best?

  9. For any of you who can’t legally have a firearm, look into paint ball guns. Ramp up that air pressure to the max and freeze the paint. That shit will hurt like hell; the attackers will probably drop to the ground in pain and/or run away as you pelt them.

    • Frozen paintballs are a myth. There are, however, many other projectiles that will work in a paintball gun, such as pepper balls, rubber riot rounds (also called reballs), and ball bearings (which can be lethal). For around 300 you could have a kit that is capable of firing .68 caliber projectiles at 25 rounds a second full auto around 400+ feet per second with a 200 round capacity. That would probably drive off most attackers, and can easily blind/kill them if you aim for the face.

      • I would agree to do whatever it takes to survive the attack, but in Canada you might very well end up in jail for putting up this kind of defense.

  10. Comparing people who speak out against racists and injustice to drug dealers and taking their kids away is completely stunning to me.

    And this Mckee guy sounds like a mad dog to me. And what do we do to mad dogs, boys and girls?

      • You difinately travel to your own drumbeat, Russ. No, we don’t elect them to high public office. The people we elect to high public office appoint the mad dogs to positions behind the scene where they function without oversight for years regardless of which party is in office.

        • While generally you are correct, and while I was going for the laugh, I’m sticking to my guns on this one.

          Some types of rabid do get elected, especially if they haven’t really started to foam yet.

          Since Kansas is too humid for hide drums to work correctly, I move to my own pounding on a hollow log…

        • I want to agree with you but perhaps you haven’t heard of B. Hussein Obama, Swinestein, Pelosi the list can continue indefinately perhaps We might not elect them but somehow they always slither their way into office for life…..

    • That was great reading. Thanks for that. Wonder what became of the law suits and counter suits.

      • That’s the beauty of Wikipedia

        Check back from time to time; when something happens, the article will get updated — likely by the original author.

  11. All the Canadians and Australians have to do is look to Mother England and see whats in store for them. Now England is banning certain kitchen knives. I am not sure, but I believe the pocket knife I carry would get me four years in Prison in England.

  12. Get a license and buy a CX4 Storm and a Benelli Super Nova. Perfectly legal to all licensed to own guns in Canada and not restricted(does not need to be locked in a safe separate from ammunition).

    Shoot the first skinhead who comes through the door. Leave him as a warning to others. Problem solved.

  13. I am from Canada. Born and raised. In fact spent the first 51 years of my life there. I have watched what was once a relatively free country, over the past 30 or so years, devolve into what it is today, nothing more than a police state. Scoff if you want. I don’t care. I could not stomach it any longer. I left. The US is really the last bastion of individual rights in the so-called “western” world. As a couple other commenters pointed out, while it is “legal” to defend yourself with a firearm in Canada, the repercussions will either put you in jail or bankrupt you with lawyers fees. I sh*t you not. The cops WILL charge you with some firearms offense (there are many to choose from) and “The Crown” (that IS what Prosecutors are called there) WILL go after you with all the power of their unelected office. Bank on it.

  14. Dear Robert:
    I am Canadian.
    I sleep with a Glock 17 in a small safe next to my bed, with a magazine charged with JHPs.
    If I ever have a reason to use it defensively, I will.
    I will probably lose my firearms license, but my family will be safe. That’s worth it to me.
    I may not have the liberty that you enjoy, but don’t think that all Canadians are willing to die like sheep.

    • What you’re doing is in violation of the Criminal Code of Canada, with severe penalties. I would assume you are clearly aware of it. A firearm with ammunition in the same safe, let alone IN the firearm, will have major, major repercussions. I applaud you (sincerely) for not being a sheeple. It’s a shame that you must be a lawbreaker to ensure the safety or your family. I was there. I lived it. I did the same thing. Refused to be a sheeple. Then I had the opportunity to leave. I did so. Because even with a “conservative” gov’t in charge, the laws vis a vis firearms will not change (regardless of the “election promise” to do away with the long gun registry, which was the end of it). The rule (not “govern” but RULE) of the Libtards has been far too damaging and has instituted way too may statists into bureaucratic positions of power.

  15. The question that no one is raising is why the authorities are more or less taking up for the skinheads by threatening to take their children away from the parents who are standing up to these hill ape morons. Child Protective Services are so wonderful, they take normal healthy children out of stable homes on trumped up charges and the kids come back from foster care with psychological issues and sadly sometimes enduring sexual abuse. I`m sure in Canada as in the US, the police would resort to the use of violence if you didnt hand over your children to the social workers.

    • The authorities are claiming willful endangerment because standing up to neo-NAZIs is optional.

      I had to deal with CPS in Colorado, because I pissed off too many people crawling over desks insisting tat Cherry Creek schools comply with the ADA.

      The county sic’d CPS on us as a diversion, and the courts backed ’em to the hilt because the County can do No Wrong. I’m still wading trough the morass a dozen years on.

      CPS is especially problematic, because anyone criticizing any action on their part — institutional or individual — is labeled anti-kid. Kind of like I was labeled pro-terrorist by all the Busheviks when opposing the PatriotAct.

      They’ve also immunity from legal consequence. As a result, while many are good people, it aso attracts some of the nastiest, most dangerous individuals to ever hide behind a government desk while lobbing their legalistic grenades.

      Shameful. There and here.

  16. Sounds to me like the Law Enforcement and Child Protection are involved with the White Supremacists. One way to get rid of you!

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