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Holy frijoles, there is it in black and white: the ATF traces on the guns used to murder Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry. They reveal unequivocally that the ATF met the enemy and it was them. Click here for the actual trace data report sheets and Senator Grassley’s response to the ATF and Department of Justice’s stonewalling. Even for those of us who’ve been following this story, Senator Grassley’s letter is, well, shocking. “The ATF had been tracking [suspected murderer Jaime] Avila’s firearms purchases because Avila was a suspected trafficker since at least November 2009. According to whistleblowers, at least one gun dealer wanted to stop participating in sales like those to Avila sometime around October 2009. However . . .

the ATF allegedly encouraged the dealer to continue selling to suspected traffickers and asked the dealer to forward information about the sale to the Bureau . . .

In addition to these specific weapons, the indictment of Avila and others references approximately 769 firearms.  Of those, the indictment refers to the recovery of only about 103 weapons.  So, where are theother approximately 666 weapons referenced in the indictment?

I’d point out how spooky that number is, but the truth is that the ATF-enabled weapons have been used—will be used—to murder innocent people. Grassley’s letter slams the DOJ for stonewalling and accusing the Senator of politicking. It concludes with an email from Agent Terry’s mother, which I will publish separately.

Some data points from the docs.

– The guns recovered from the crime scene, the weapons used to kill Agent Terry were two of three WASR-10s sold by Arizona’s Lone Wolf Trading gun dealer to one Jaime Avila. [page 16]

– Avila also purchased five FN FiveseveN pistols from Lone Wolf on one occasion [page 5] and further three pistols on another [page 9]

– Avila also purchased two .50 caliber Barrett rifles, sold by Scottsdale Gun Club. If I may say, holy shit. [page 18]

– The inclusion of two documents indicating delayed trace request—issued by the ATF to the Department of Justice—suggests that the ATF initially engaged in a cover-up of the murder weapons’ source. [page 23]

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  1. Ha, trace data works both ways, BATFE & RBF. On a more serious note, Robert, how much coverage is this getting in the MSM? If none, is there anything we can do to get it more? Do you have contacts from your old media days that you can call upon, should we send links to news networks, etc.? Thanks for the update.

  2. So the DOJ’s response is to say that Sen. Grassley is acting out of political motivations against the administration and that he and the Senate should quit investigating? Looks like the DOJ & ATF are out of control.

  3. Unfortunately, Grassley’s party is a minority in the Senate, so there will be no hearings nor will there be any subpeonas. So the ATF remains untouchable as long as POTUS wants it to remain that way. Kill away, AFT, kill away.

  4. I know. Beating the dead horse! Contact your local reps and remind them that they are your reps. They are also sworn to defend the constitution from all enemys foriegn and DOMESTIC.
    As to the wistleblowers in the story they should be praised for the strength of will that it must take to do right by their fallen brother. SALUTE

  5. Keep up the good work in following the Gunwalker story. Those ultimately found responsible, must be held accountable. While BATFE sanctions gun purchases to be used by criminals south of the border, and while DOJ stonewalls, Obama’s response is silence.

    Maybe THAT’S WHY he didn’t say anything on gun control in his SOTU speech – he knew the excrement would hit the fan.

  6. this entire government is corrupt beyond repair and filled with UK-led freemasons who want to enslave your children and stick their doodads in them

  7. Without batting an eye I will tell you that rogue agents in the ATF profited off the arrangement with the dealer and Aviala and it was allowed, maybe arranged even, by their agency’s political leadership with the knowledge, and perhaps direction, so that Aviala would use the guns against the border patrol so those dirty little fear mongering industries that benefit from the shredding of our guarantees and hiding the profits from DHS (as DHS kickbacks) and violations of their constitutional oaths and laws of the republic inside a national security lock box.

    These F*s knew border patrol would be shot, and perhaps encouraged it just to keep the DHS Wheels of Extortion greased.

    Lest we forget, Chertoff is making big bucks off these TSA scanners (I thought there was a waiting period theat was supposed to prevent ex-government employee insiders from participation in the vendor chain). Of course those scanners got a hundred million dollar seed within days and before any investigation of the crotch bomber’s theater where he set his undies on fire (haven’t you ever wondered why crotch bomber and Reid, the shoe bomber, decided to ignite their paltry joke bombs in the crowded passenger section when they could have done it in privacy in the bathroom – and maybe even punched a hole in the plane?). When crotch boy departed Attorney Haskell reported he was escorted onto the plane by a sharped dressed man. Near the end of Jan 2010 we learn that Crotch Boy was on the no fly list and denied a visa until Cheroff’s old kickback circle jerk buddies still running the extortion at DHS called up state department official Patrick Kennedy, according to his Senate Panel testimony (vids allover the net) and demanded he, that would be DoS official Patrick Kennedy, take Crotch Boy off the no fly list, grant him a visa, despite no passport, as part of an, you’re gonna love this, “ongoing intelligence operation”.

    Yeah and ongoing intelligence extortion operation to get the initial 100 Million funding before congress investigated.

    The actor that narrated “Gas Land” was placed on a terror watch list for his “narration” of a Sundance project – doesn’t that sound like McCarthyism to anyone else beside me?

    • no’ your not the only one that see’s it this way. i lot of people do but the selfish and absolute irony of it all is they too are in it for the power and greed but let’s face it there are only so many rung’s at the top of any ladder this goe’s even bigger than that the end result or the big picture good verses evil and ONE WORLD GOVERMENT I DID NOT ACTUALLY THINK IT WOULD HAPPEN SOOOO QUICKLY AT LEAST NOT IN MY LIFE TIME BUTT HOWEVER THIS IS PROPHECIED AND I’LL STAND ON THAT AND LEAVE IT THERE BUT YES I SEE WHAT U SEE


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