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Copenhagen gunman (courtesy

We still don’t know what firearm a 22-year-old lone wolf terrorist used to kill two people in two separate attacks in Denmark. According to the hive mind, the Danish police carry an H&K USP Compact 9mm pistol. (Perfectionists note: the Danish Army carries GLOCKS,and SIGs, as well.) For “special tasks” Danish policemen bære the H&K MP5 sub-machine gun. Make the jump for pics of the police action surrounding the attack . . .

Danish policeman near dumpster (courtesy

Danish policeman 1000-yard stare (courtesy

Danish police search apartment after lone wolf attack (courtesy

Danish cop: forearmed is forewarned (courtesy

Danish cop on guard after terrorist attack (courtesy

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  1. The dead terrorist’s name is Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, 22 years old. Another man was also arrested, but the Danish authorities haven’t released info about him. So maybe the lone wolf was not as lone as it seems. Time will tell.

    • Great point, brings back memories, the Neuhausen was my dad’s service pistol in the Danish Air Force, and he took me to the range on a couple of occasions, a very rare event for a Danish teenager.

  2. It’s amazing how the MP5 platform has aged so poorly in my eyes. After the first Die Hard, it was the gun that I wanted to have/shoot/drool on. With all the newer SMG’s and SBR’s out there, it’s just less appealing to me… like meeting the hot cheerleader from high school after she popped out a couple of kids and all the drinking/partying caught up with her by the time she turned 30. So very sad….

    • Could you be specific about what you mean about aging poorly? An MP5 in the hands of a trained operator will get the job done just fine, likely with a minimum of drooling.

      • The problem with the MP5 is not that it is a Hechler & Koch; the problem is that it is a sub-machine gun. A sub-machine gun uses pistol rounds. An M-4 with a 9 inch barrel, suppressed, firing .300 AAC Blackout is a far superior weapon in my professional opinion (7 years US Army / 5 year police veteran). I too lusted after an MP-5SD when I was a younger man, but I grew up! I do own a couple of HK-91 (one suppressed) that I just love even though they are heavy. I did outgrow my desire to have the MP5.

        • Yeah, but the suppressed 300 BLK is a rifle round with ballistics equivalent to a .45ACP..

          In which case, why not just carry a suppressed SMG that uses the .45?

          I can see the appeal of the .300 BLK if you’re looking for a handy carbine with a short barrel, but if you’re suppressed and using subsonics it’s really not better or worse than an actual pistol caliber SMG.

        • For the vast majority of likely police usage, i.e. very close and personal, a sub-machine gun is an excellent choice, and certainly does not suffer from enough short comings justifying the expense of replacing them.

        • Oh yeah, the . 300 BLK, and one fired not from some common backward podunk carbine, but from PDW! Oh, goddammit, thats, like, super hot… Oh, yeah…., %^#~ck, yeah… I mean, we are using .300 BLK full auto PDWs in our retail area Rapid Tactical Force on daily basis to score headshots on them Chechen rebels hellbent on harrassing young boys and old ladies. Those Euro coppers are sooo behind the times, with their puny smgs and, there is not even one AR-500 ducktaped armour plate on any of them.

        • Gary is right. In response to Christian, subsonic 300BLK is a lot more accurate than .45ACP, and having a higher ballistic coefficient will maintain energy at longer ranges. But you’re right that at close range (I’ll give a rough figure of about 50 yds), the differences are pretty much moot. However, you’re only talking subsonic. Change mags and chamber a supersonic round on par with 7.62x39mm. Can’t do that with an MP5, UMP45, or any submachine gun. If I’m in a gunfight I’ll definitely be using the supersonic rounds unless I have a damn good reason to go subsonic. If you have to go subsonic, then you can still carry supersonic rounds for if or when the situation changes and you’re cleared to use much more effective supersonic rounds. With an MP5 you’re stuck with 9mm ballistics. With an MP5SD, particularly crappy 9mm ballistics from a barrel ported to lower the muzzle velocity to the point of keeping 115gr 9mm subsonic. Maybe I have a legitimate need for a subsonic cartridge, and the 300BLK is on par with any subsonic pistol cartridge, but if things get heated with a 300BLK rifle I can reload to full-power intermediate cartridges.

        • To AJ187 – I’m sure your tendency to make sweeping assumptions will carry you far in life.

          To: Paelorian

          I have nothing against the .300 BLK round, and I think the US military’s M4’s should be using 300 BLK uppers with supersonic rounds. I like the supersonic 300 BLK a lot.

          The comment was that the MP5 has aged poorly, and I disagree.
          If you’re looking for one gun/caliber to rule them all, then yeah, the MP5/Pistol caliber SMG’s in general aren’t as good as 300 BLK – for the reasons you so succinctly stated.

          Those guns are designed for a very specific niche. Close quarters, suppressed, preferably full-auto capability. While a SBR in 300 BLK can fill that role too, they’re roughly equivalent. In my case I’ve always viewed the MP5 as a weapon used by delta operators and by the navy – both of which have little to no need for supersonic rounds, since spitting distance is their usual combat range.

          For the civilian, 9mm (and .45 for that matter) is cheaper, easier to obtain, weighs less, and requires far less effort than the 300 BLK. In the event of TEOTWAWKI, I’ll find .45 and 9mm far more easily and far longer than 300 BLK.

          So while I won’t be able to get one with a giggle switch, I can SBR a MP5 clone or a vector, slap a suppressor on it and plink without breaking the bank or spending hours reloading. While there are things I like about the 300 BLK, I’m the kind of guy that buys individual tools that do a singular task well. I don’t mind having a large toolbox (in this case, gun safe) so the appeal of one gun that does it all doesn’t strike me quite as hard.

          Now.. If the day comes where I can purchase bulk 300 BLK, sub or supersonic, I’ll probably hop on the bandwagon and start swigging kool-aid with the rest of you. 😉

          Til then the MP5 still looks good to me 😀
          (In particular an MP5 SBR with a suppressor firing 147 grain subsonics.)

  3. Without getting into the long discussion about the militarization of police forces, its interesting to see how SMGs are considered to be common and somehow “okay” for law enforcement carry in Europe, while shotguns are reserved as special SHTF type weapons. In the states (until just recently) an 870 or Mossie 500 rode in every patrol car and it was no big deal to see an officer carrying one. When the stuff hit the fan, the MP5s and other novelties came out. History reminds us that the Germans regarded the use of Winchester model 97 shotguns in the trenches of WW1 as barbaric and unsporting and against the Geneva Convention. We here in the states just see them as grand dad’s old bird gun.

    • Apparently Turks lodged a “formal complaint” (however that worked) with the British at Gallipoli when a Brit officer blew a Turkish soldier’s head off with a double-barrel shotgun. But more to your point–seems kind of odd to me that Euro cops are so powerfully armed, given that they are operating in a virtually disarmed civilian population. Something kind of doesn’t compute.

      • Euro policing policies are hard to fathom for most Americans because we have local, regional, and state police that are independent from any national authority. Most of the countries we are thinking about are smaller than some of our states and have no real history of local policing, hell many were policed by either a form of national police or the military for much if not all of their existence.

        Those countries that did/do have local police forces tend to be seen differently and in some cases not armed in the fashion we would understand, ie non-lethal arms, batons, and such. I am not talking about England but places like France and others that have National police forces that are fully armed, and then have municipal police who can be armed but frequently not because of local policy.

        • Thanks for the info. Always good to learn something new. I would gather that the object of the national police is not so much to suppress garden-variety crime as it is to suppress sedition? Hence the perceived need for high-grade weaponry?

  4. As we see….Fully automatic weapons are common in many European police agencies. Their citizens don’t have a problem with it.

  5. Just remember that the FBI thought most people were incompetent with SMGs and much more proficient with a shotgun. Dad was in the Infantry and trained the local LEOs about how to use a SMG. Most cops are not really all that good with one.

  6. I’ve been thinking about this all day. Since they knew Muslim terrorists were out to kill Lars Vilks, it should have been possible for the Danish police to have positioned a couple of snipers in anticipation of a terrorist showing up at the free-speech meeting. Instead, they allowed terrorism to seize the initiative and strike killing 2 people. It’s sad to say, but a bunch of rag-tag amateur terrorists are leading European police forces around by the nose.


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