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This video gives gun rights advocates reasons to be cheerful. If someone like first-time shooter Ashley Engles is OK with guns, then the kids are alright; giving our firearms freedom future an extra degree of protection. Lest we forget, low- to no-information voters determine America’s political landscape. While most Americans who can be bothered to vote know that the Constitution’s Second Amendment protects their right to have a gun, a significant percentage couldn’t tell you . . .

how our three-part government system works. By the same token, they are unaware of the historical context surrounding the right to keep and bear arms. Unlike the Supreme Court justice who decided the Heller case, most voters are unaware that government disarmament enabled the torture, rape, murder and economic and political disenfranchisement of African-Americans.

Gun control advocates depend on “feelings” to spread their anti-gun agitprop. They wave the bloody shirt, promise an end to firearms-related crime and tell voters to pay no attention to the Second Amendment protection behind that curtain. They only cite stats – manipulated to deliver the appropriate result – to bolster a very basic idea: guns are icky. Control the ickiness.

Although the pro-gun position is based on the bedrock of rational thought, gun rights also depend on supporters’ emotions. Not irrational feelings. Sub-rational feelings. The instinctive desire to defend oneself. They absorb this guns = protection meme time and time again on TV and in the movies. Thank God. And, on occasion, they have fun with guns and learn that guns aren’t icky. They’re cool!

That may be the best millions of Americans can do on gun rights, intellectually speaking. I’ll take it.

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      • wife shot 2in group @7yrds on all 40 rds but 3. shes a natural.

        first time ever shooting a firearm. not even a bb gun.

      • I use 10″ paper plates for starter targets. It is a rare student who can not put a whole magazine on target at 15 yrds after an hour. Just good instruction.

        No, I’m not the worlds best trainer. Just an NRA Basic Pistol instructor who does have a talent for teaching. We make sure and get the basics down solid and the hits come.

        What she did reflects well on her Dad, but should not be shocking to anyone who has been a sucessful instructor, certified or informal.

      • Good observation. She mentioned that her Dad taught her, but nowhere in the timeline of the video is there any training or even rudimentary overview of firearm operation. Maybe it’s her first time at that range, or any indoor range, but she has shot before.

  1. In a country where the state-run educational system is producing yet another generation of semi-literate dullards who print like five-year-olds used to print two generations back, and who have no understanding of just about anything, I view this father and daughter exercise as a type of home schooling.

    Bravo, dad. Teach your children well.

  2. After the shooting part, the rest was very hard to get through. BTW, whats up with the nap at mid-morning after shooting? I’m conflicted. Love the fact that she was able to shoot….but I don’t feel the conviction about (or anything resembling recognition of) the 2nd amendment here. Just a little girl doing ‘fun’ things with daddy that daddy likes to do.

    • I found pretty much the entire video annoying, I skipped around, saw shooting, overall positive message.

      Though as a male in the mid thirties, I’m nowhere near the target demographic, so I’m okay with this not being for me.

    • Yeah, the sing-song, goes-way-up-high thing is worse for me than nails on a blackboard while getting a root canal. It drove me batty. I felt like our pug when she gets excited or impatient, and runs around in dizzying circles.

      Good shootin’ there, though, young lady! You’re a natural. Unlike me. More shootin’, less talkin’, that’s my credo.

  3. Great shooting but I was left wondering where were the shower clips??????


    That is my poor attempt at humor and is in no way an attempt to disparage the virtue of the young lady,

  4. So was I the only one who was trying to guess what magazine she got. Also good to know that there is one less politically correct person out there who can’t think for them self.

  5. Seems like a nice young lady, but is there really an interest anywhere by anyone to see such mundane things. I couldn’t make very far past the shooting part, and even that was boring.

  6. I see younger people and kids all the time at gun stores and larger outlets like Cabelas and Gander Mountain drooling at the gun counter. Plenty of great kids growing up in this country, we just don’t see them a lot because it’s their idiot leftist colleagues that make the news pulling PC stunts, getting into trouble, or committing acts of violence.

  7. Dad/dads – don’t wait until they are 15 to take them out shooting. In an earlier day had 12y old drummer boys, they can handle it and need to.

  8. Her whole schtick is an act for her followers. She’s at least 16, because she drives, but she’s probably quite a bit older than that, probably early 20s. Her act, though, is straight out of middle school. It’s unnatural and forced, which gives it away, like a weak actor playing a role far removed from her personal, or at least recent, experience.

    Look, I’m glad she’s an American, particularly a female, who’s out there, who’s experienced firearms first hand and has come away pleased. If she likes the pretty songs and likes to shoot her guns, so be it. I’ll take it, and not demand up front that she knows what it means.

  9. If the antis want the guns start with the politicians personal body guards and then the police. They should have no trouble finding those guns. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

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