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Maryland is one of those states where gun rights go to die. While you can and should pin that on The Free State’s politicians, and thus on the voters who elect them, I hold Old Line pro-gun control law enforcement officers in special contempt. They swear an oath to the United States Constitution and should understand the value of armed law-abiding citizens. In fact, I recently heard the term “jack booted do-gooders” used to describe pro-gun control po-po. That fits here. In fact, I reckon Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger is a political hack with a badge…a lousy combination by any standard.

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  1. He reminds me of that “officer” in New Jersey who revels in informing applicants they have no chance of carrying. I got mine, but you ain’t getting yours…

  2. As he is a police officer, dealing with the day-to-day ugliness of humankind, I’d think he would be the first to know that we do not live in a “civil society”.

  3. Isn’t Montgomery County where the county po-po raided the wrong house (which they knew was the wrong house), shot the dogs, hyperextended the mother-in-law’s shoulder when they threw her down and cuffed her, otherwise terrorized the household, found nothing, and were declared to be acting totally kosher? Or was that Prince Georges County? At any rate, you can see why Maryland police would have a dim view of citizens owning “high-capacity” magazines.

      • Visited for a Civil War re-enactment once, it really is a pretty state, but from what I read I would not like to live there I think.

      • Unfortunately their ilk is spreading to Virginia. They recently revoked ccw reciprocity with 25 out of the original 30. They’ve got a twat for an AG and an even bigger twat for a governor.

        Yeah. It’s a good thing we have gun control in MD, or else Baltimore would be a really dangerous city.

    • I don’t know, but Montgomery County, MD is the same place that hired that jackwagon Charles Moose as its Chief. That’s the guy who bungled the Maryland-D.C. sniper investigation in 2002, getting additional people killed, then nearly botched the prosecution, too.

      Eventually he got drummed out of the department and ended up back as a patrol officer in Hawaii. That didn’t last long and he’s retired now. From the timing, it appears that MD hired this hack after dumping Moose in 2003. When will they ever learn?

  4. “Civil Society” for those of us whom obey the law, have morals and standards of conduct, and who do not seek to do harm to others not harming us, as in the people we don’t have to worry about. “No purpose owning 30 mag” other than not hurting anyone, and, of course, one has no civil purpose owning a vehicle capable of 175mph +….

  5. Turn your standard capacity mags over then buddy. You said it yourself that only the military needs them and they aren’t needed in a civilized society. Lead by example.

      • He probably believes his organization is a paramilitary organization with a few “civilian” support personnel thrown in for good measure. So of course, he and his officers can get “standard” capacity mags.

        The Constitution of Maryland contains no provision protecting the right for individuals to keep and bear arms.

        Everyone not a LEO can go duck themselves.

        Very interesting read:

    • That was my exact thought as well. When Montgomery County Police switch to 10 round magazines, then perhaps he can revisit this conversation. Until then he sounds like one of the biggest hypocrites in the DC area, and that is saying something.

      The DC area actually makes a great case study. DC has move crime than the MD suburbs, and both have much more crime than the VA suburbs. Great example of how restricting rights doesn’t make anyone safer.

  6. I submit that this do gooder politician-cop and his tyrannical refusal to allow citizens under his control to arm themselves as they see fit is specifically and exactly what the second amendment was mean to address. That these men cannot deny the citizen his or her right to have the exact same weapons, in the exact same configuration – or any configuration for that matter, as the military (the militia) deploys.

    This tyranny is unconstitutional.

    And look how he sneakily speaks of hunting or sporting! It’s none of your damn business *why* I need to keep and bear arms. Period. Full stop.

    Do gooder indeed. I have some other words for this kind of tyrant, but I’ll leave that to the imagination of the reader.

  7. Even if he doesn’t have political aspirations, he will absolutely get his big raise he will ask his legislature for.

  8. Would be helpful to have a transcription of the most idiotic phrases for those of us who can’t view video when browsing.

    • 0:36
      where these guns are coming probably no gun shows up in a crime scene and we
      trace it back fine can find the reason that gun ended up in the wrong hands
      there’s a common sense legislative things that we can do that will not
      impact second amendment will not impact law-abiding citizens in the least but
      the fact is that anybody can go on the internet by any kind ammunition they
      want the fact is that we are still continue to sell high capacity magazines
      that have no purpose
      hunting or sporting or any other recreational use that one what part of
      the military but they have no purpose of civil society

  9. Right, because under stress, no one would ever miss with many of the shots they fire in self defense. In fact, I think 1 round is plenty since everyone is Jack Bauer when it’s time to shoot.

  10. Three of the four types of calls he listed are the types of calls where guns can be taken w/o warrants. The exception being drug crimes and all that means is criminals have guns. Law abiding citizens should too. Any cop that takes away gun rights from citizens is failing to protect.

  11. I actually move out of Montgomery County 2 years ago for this reason. There was no explaining to my stupid neighbors. Virginia is much better. Just got 15 round clicks for my Glock 19 for Xmas.

    Not moving anymore. Don’t care what laws are passed. I am keeping the guns and bullets I own.

    Sad the country we’ve become

  12. Actually what gets my goat is the way he says stuff can be done that “will not impact ” either the 2A or law-abiding gun owners “in the least”, then goes on to advocate a ban on magazines that he has determined “have no purpose” for recreation, etc. What if I, as a law-abiding citizen, find recreation in shooting 30 rounds through a paper target? Who says his idea of recreation is more valid than mine? Where does he get the authority, legal, moral, or otherwise, to tell me how many rounds I should be able to fire at a paper target before reloading for “recreational” purposes? And that’s just assuming that that “hunting and recreation” crap has any validity to start with (which it doesn’t). The idea is, even using his own criteria he is arrogating to himself authority that he doesn’t merit.

  13. Pffft. Montgomery County MD. Fairfield County CT. Westchester County NY. They’re all the same. White-flight suburbia founded to avoid nasty inner-city issues.

    I recommend transferring Chief Mangler to Baltimore County.

    • White-flight suburbia founded by escaping Liberals to avoid nasty inner-city issues. Bringing their biases and denial with them to spoil where they settled and recreate the cities they fled.

  14. My only reason for owning those deadly in themselves hi capacity “clips” is for shooting paper.
    If guys like this appointed chief keep it up some day folks may find another “need” for them.
    Where does he come up and say I should bruise my thumb reloading low capacity mags at the range all day.
    Im there to shoot paper. Not spend half my time pushing rounds in a container,,,,,,,,,,,,

  15. Glad I left that county. Much of Maryland’s retardation is because of that county.

    Fun fact: You can still acquire and possess normal capacity magazines in Maryland but they have to be received out of state then brought back in.

  16. Jack booted part you got right, do gooder, not so much! The original term was jack booted thug because that was what you had from the Nazi controlled German police in the mid 1930s. That is what develops into a true totalitarian society where freedom is dead and the secret police spy on everyone. This is what this guy supports whether he realizes (or admits) it or not.

  17. If “high capacity” magazines have no legitimate purpose outside of the military, then I assume that Montgomery Co. Police Department does not use them.

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