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Regular readers and most sentient life forms are well aware that New Jersey — America’s armpit, as a college friend from there used to call it — is where gun rights go to die. The latest egregious example: US Army Lt. Col. Terry Russell. The soldier who’s stationed at the Picatinny Arsenal, a facility that’s been the target of terrorist threats, applied for a concealed carry permit. You know, because it’s a civil right. Well, it is in most places . . .

The Lt. Colonel is exactly the kind of person those in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex like to say are the only ones who should be allowed the privilege of carrying a firearm. As he told a,

“I have been fully trained and qualified, at a minimum annually, to skillfully employ handguns and rifles,” Russell explains.

In addition, he’s been “vetted through the Department of Defense security office every five years for the past 25 years” to have Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information clearance.” An attachment to his application shows that he already holds a concealed carry permit in Texas.

The Garden State, however, is a no may-issue jurisdiction. Which means unless you’re a) a cop, b) a retired cop, or c) wealthy enough to pay off the local authorities, you aren’t getting a permit. Lt. Col. Russell was none of the above.

In denying his application for a concealed-carry permit, Oceanport Police Chief Daniel W. Barcus said Russell was unable to demonstrate “justifiable need” because there had been no specific attacks or threats made directly on him.

Russell then took it up the chain.

After police (denied) Russell’s application, he appealed to Superior Court. Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni stood by the denial, saying in a Jan. 29, 2015, letter to Judge Joseph Oxley that the soldier had failed to demonstrate “justifiable need” to have a carry permit.

Of course he did. Serving his country for 27 years isn’t sufficient need. Working in a military facility that’s been the target of terrorist threats isn’t sufficient need. And as we all know, the desire to exercise a constitutionally protected civil right is certainly insufficient to “let” someone bear arms. So, for his jaw-dropping obtuseness, gross stupidity, and conspicuous failure to uphold the Constitution as he has sworn to do, Chief Barcus is our gun zero of the day.

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    • We rage about rights, liberties, the government…most of which are intangible concepts. I see 2 names in this article. Names that belong to traitors. Dead traitors, if there was a single free man in New Jersey who had the courage that the average drug gang member does.

      People who believe in liberty need to get over their fetishization of being “law abiding” or they’ll lawfully abide right into the gas chamber.

      • “People who believe in liberty need to get over their fetishization of being “law abiding” or they’ll lawfully abide right into the gas chamber.”

        Couldn’t a’said it better. About to have a boating accident myself here pretty soon.

  1. I am sure that Col. Russel will have sufficient notice of verifiable impending danger to go through the permitting and purchasing process when the time comes.

  2. Ya know, we sit at our keyboards and bitch about NJ but it is obvious that the sheeple outnumber the sheep dogs so the votes are not there to throw these traitors out of office.

    • As an NJ gun owner, I agree. When you get your FID card, the address on it has to match that of your driver’s license. If it doesn’t because of a change of address, you have to do the whole application over again for another one. The whole system is rigged to favor homeowners with stable employment, mostly midde aged guys, who will tolerate the outright BS associated with it all because they and their families are planted here.

      Christie just tried organizing an advisory panel to study and clarify, not repeal, just clarify some of our more ambiguously crafted laws to make them a bit less arbitrarily punishing. Loretta Schweinberg and her Democrat lackies blocked Christie’s motion, citing their desire to “keep guns off the streets.” The aim of NJ pols is clear, they want a ban on all private gun ownership.

      • They don’t want clarity, they want ambiguity. Remember the court’s remarks on NJ v. Pelleteri, “When dealing with guns, the citizen acts at his peril.”

    • I also agree with Mike, and not enough sheepdogs stand up to them… Personally, i think the NRA and 2AF is a joke, because they should be suing this state everyday of the week. I’ve been clear with both organizations — No compromises with these Socialists, and until you start throat kicking these tyrants on a regular basis, no more money from me. However, every time you open another lawsuit (you don’t even have to win) I WILL send you a “check” of support. Otherwise, you don’t represent or speak for me.

  3. It’s a slippery slope, you let this guy have a permit, next thing you know even garden variety stalking victims will be asking for them.

    • or the media… if every home invasion or rape ended with “and the suspect died of a gunshot wound.” then the poor news outlets would go bankrupt for chrissake.

  4. When are there going to be test cases for NJ and NYC gun laws? They can’t possibly be considered reasonable restrictions under Heller and MacDonald.

    • Have to be prepared to be arrested, charged with felonies (if not shot), to loose your arms and vote, and ready to go to prison (in a very turbulent/dangerous period).

      THEN you can sue the bastards thru multiple courts all located in bowels of libtardland. Not many of the law a biding willing to go thru it

    • I completely agree. I do nor understand why the state is not perpetually in court. Where is the NRA on this?
      Of course now there isn’t a majority on the Supreme Court to render these laws void, but if a decision is 4-to-4 in SCOTUS, a circuit court, which is more likely to respect a SCOTUS precedent, will make the decision.
      At the moment it feels that as soon as Christie is replaced with a Democrat, which is almost inevitable, every draconian law that the legislature has been contemplating will become reality.

  5. Make the ability to purchase donuts something that requires justifiable need in NJ. That cop looks like it would do him some good.

  6. What a wunnerful official picture of that guy.
    The only thing missing on most New Jersey police uniforms is a small ZZ on their shoulder straps. If they insist on looking and acting the part, towards civilian gun ownership there that is.
    This is 2016 get some modern looking uniforms……….stop looking like storm troopers for crying out loud,.

  7. Stalag New Jersey at its hollow-point banning finest rises again as the true armpit of Murika. Glad Gov Christie is kicking ass and firing folks, oh wait, never mind.

    If God ever wanted to cleanse and flush what has become of this country, he would start in the NE, and in NJ.

    • I know that Geography might have been a tough subject for you, but bear in mind that The Northeast includes Maine and Vermont, two Constitutional Carry states and New Hamphire, which is Constitutional Open Carry and shall issue for concealed. Don’t lump everyone into the same basket

      • NH is getting worse though… The blue virus keeps creeping northward, as Massholes keep moving north and bringing their stupid hoplophobic politics with them. NH has gone from a solid red state to purple, and well on its way to becoming solid blue…. All thanks to anchor baby parents, and the masshole virus. Current gov is a masshole transplant, and almost always vetoes any gun bill that can’t be overridden…

  8. Like any of us are surprised by this……Cmon!

    It’s New Jersey for goodness sake.

    It’s funny that Christie ran for GOP pre after being at the helm of the SS New Jersey.

    The governed of Jersey is powerful in what he can do and the positions he appoints.

    He could have started to change things for better civil liberties. I guess there wasn’t enough financial incentive to get him to move.

  9. OK correct me if I’m wrong…
    Was it not recently reported that the [q]“justifiable need”[/q] was struck down in the *great District of Columbia?

    I know this are not the same places DC vs NJ, but a precedent seems to have been set in this matter, yes? and…
    What bearing would that [if any] have in NJ?

    • Drake v. Filko is a Third Circuit case which upheld NJ’s justifiable need provision.

    • “I correct you, you are wrong.” (someone will get that reference)

      There was a preliminary injunction recently in DC. It’s not precedent… especially not in NJ. The only way to make something happen is to have a 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals finding (which would cover NJ) OR have a SCOTUS ruling that remembers that “bear” is written in the 2nd Amendment.

      • Remember that nothing good is going to happen from SCOTUS, unless we get another true conservative to replace Scalia. We have seen the list Trump would pick from, so where is the short list from Hillary? Would Obama be on her short list, after in the world of the socialist left he counts as a constitutional scholar!

      • The injunction in DC is only persuasive authority for the Third Circuit. Unfortunately, the Third has already ruled on this issue (and SCOTUS denied cert in Drake). Drake would have to be reversed by the Third (or NJ individually — fat chance) or SCOTUS in a new case brought before the court. I don’t think anybody wants a gun case before SCOTUS right now.

  10. NJ gun owners need to fight for their rights. Civil disobedience. Carry. Though I understand why no one there would want to risk essentially their life for exercising their innate natural right codified in the constitution. NJ sucks. It’s no wonder people are leaving the state in droves.

    • The problem with civil disobedience when dealing with Fascists is that the people who start the disobedience movement get their heads smashed in (generally figuratively). If enough people jump on the bandwagon, then yes, it can be successful, but those brave few who start the movement have the same experience as the first guys off the landing crafts at Normandy Beach.

      If you feel that strongly, though, I’m sure that some of the NJ gun enthusiasts would be willing to take up a collection to fly you to NJ to lead the charge.

      It’s always easy to ask someone else to do something. Not so easy to be the one doing it.

    • If his CO were sympathetic he could order him to carry 24/7 while not on Post. That would put NJ authorities in a jam because they cannot overturn a military order.

  11. There are parts of NJ that really are beautiful.

    Terrible place, I can’t stand it.

    And as to zero, more like disgusting, zero isn’t the right word.

  12. The colonel needs to hang out at the donut shop and buy a few rounds if he wants to get a special dispensation.

  13. Fuck this guy. This is the sort of BS I moved out of NJ to avoid. Where a retired cop got to sit at my favorite hobby shop with an openly carried weapon bragging about his “armor piercing” hollow points he has loaded in his backup magazine. Rarely have I wanted to punch anyone in the face as badly as I did that assclown.

    • Brother, in our lifetime you may well get the chance if you’re inclined to volunteer. The previous commenters are right in that New Jersey is not competent to manage its own affairs, and will be one of the first ones to collapse in a default. If the Pennsylvania cavalry roles through NJ, make sure not to leave scum like Barcus alive. If my instinct is correct, you may find ex-military a potent ally in this respect, identifying the statists.

    • Under NJ law , a retired LEO cannot carry hollow point ammo. I know this to be fact because my local LEO friends are always complaining about “a stupid law that will lead to bystanders being hit by through and troughs”.

  14. 40 years ago you needed a permit to carry. and a permit for every pistol purchase signed off by the chief. has been, always will be “may(not) issue”. Back then, even if you had connections, it was damned near impossible to get a carry permit. So imagine with the dem majority how it is now.
    one thing was, up until about 15 years ago, in the rural areas, and down in the Pinelands, pretty much everyone kept a shotgun in their truck. Nobody bothered you. Not no more. and I won’t go back.
    Not for nothing, Oceanport’s a horsesh*t little town with a big ego.

  15. Someone PLEASE show me exactly where in the second amendment it states they decide “justifiable need” it seems to be missing in my copy of the constitution.

  16. Wait a minute here — I thought that old fat white guys were NRA members, not Joisey Gestapo thugs.

    Tell me again that the cops are our friends.

  17. Hey, where is the part where he says “Ich wurde nach nur Aufträge” (just following orders). He’s a good NJ Solider.

  18. Sadly, until such a day, that a victim’s family sues the state successfully for an OBSCENE amount of money….nothing will change.

    PS the judgement would also have to be upheld.

  19. That fat turd isn’t a real man, that’s a sissy boy that who doesn’t deserve to be called an American because he thinks he’s better than the Citizens in NJ. Around here we view people like him as criminals. Stay in jersey fat boy.

  20. NJ just another small patch of POS(D), makers of all things feaky-a_ _- sh_t going on lately, and a heaping turd stack growing at an unconscionable rate before the next election. The entire Northeast and selective sceptic tank cities are liberal_communist satan fertility clinics and they need to be disarmed and have their remaining rights taken away.
    It’s ironic how communist POS(D)s continously prove how deleterious they are personally while simultaneously asserting that their constituents are too POS to have rights / self determination / self responsibility / etc., . . .
    We agree. NJ you suck so bad our ears pop. Wait silently until we decide what to do with you.

    • P.S. – fat cop says what?
      Bad cop, no donut.

      You know what they say…
      Behind every gun grabbing state government, there’s some chief LEOs that need a treadmill.

      How bout trying to look like you do law enforcement for a living.

  21. The Chief and Judge are justifiably right, because everyone knows that terrorists will give several months notice before they attack a target. Besides, the Lt. Col. would probably be able to “shelter in place” until the good Chief and his crew arrive to save the day.

    When seconds count, the Lt. Colonel’s firearm permit is only a several months wait away.

  22. Don’t underestimate that whole “Pay off the local authorities” part, that carries on into other parts of life in these areas. You wind up paying for the “privileges” of owning a business, keeping your kids, not having your private info or surveillance info taken by the cops being disseminated…

    Then again, if you have a steady supply of pre-teen boys, that will let you run a business or just hang back, homo party and traffick meth, at least that is what the Hawaii model has shown me.

    Protip: tell your sons never to say no to the old white/Jewish guys who want access to their genitals and anogenital regions for whatever reason. Then they might get somewhere in life instead of being called a terrorist and being a target for the (shortened) rest of their lives.

  23. Hmmmm….wonder if there’s a personal email address of that chief somewhere on the Internet?

  24. Sorry, but New Jersey, its lower and more centrally located, it receives very little sunshine.

  25. If I understand the situation correctly, the Pink Pistols just got DC’s “may issue” law an injunction.

    This issue should end up at SCOTUS at some point. It would be nice to not have Hillary picking the justices.

  26. Size 3 hat and size 33 collar. We can’t have a member of the military running around with a gun. They’re all fascist Republicans who hate gays and love Jesus way too much.

  27. I don’t begrudge privates citizens who are fat or “amply proportioned”, but cops who are this fat are an embarrassment.

  28. Glad he didn’t get it. The more carveouts for government agents, the less people we have to fight the democrats in nj for gun rights.

    And for real? Picatinny

  29. Glad he didn’t get it. The more carveouts for government agents, the less people we have to fight the democrats in nj for gun rights.

    And for real? Picatinny arsenal is not in danger. Those of us around Paterson are in more danger.

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