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Unlike the NRA, which depends on its members for money and support, Michael Bloombger’s anti-gun rights mothership Everytown for Gun Safety depends on the oxygen of publicity provided by sympathetic journalists. To that end, Everytown hired/commissioned actress Julianne Moore to run its “Creative Council” in Hollywood. After publishing a polemic in the Lenny Letter — laden with Everytown’s misleading stats – Ms. Moore’s misleading message got plastered all over the net. Here’s her rationale for assuming the anti-gun rights mantle . . .

I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep the news [of the Sandy Hook spree killing] away from my daughter forever, but I didn’t want her to hear it accidentally. I figured I would tell her when we came home and her brother and father were there. I wanted to explain it and not scare her. But how was I going to tell my young daughter that children were massacred in their classrooms? How could I explain that level of atrocity? So I kept the radio off in the car, the TV off in the trailer. I asked hair and makeup, the crew, and the other actors not to mention it, and we got through the day.

And then we got home. She picked up her newly acquired phone, with her carefully considered and limited number of apps and her monitored Instagram account, and asked, “Mommy, did a bunch of little kids get shot today?”

At that moment, it felt ridiculous to me, and irresponsible as a parent and as a citizen, that I was not doing something to prevent gun violence. Simply keeping the news away from my child was putting my head in the sand. I wasn’t helping her, or anyone else, by doing that. So I decided to learn more. This is what I learned.

Ms. Moore’s “education” consisted entirely of Everytown talking points — which we’ve debunked here on countless occasions. Suffice it to say, this is an actress who repeatedly uses firearms in her films to save life. Which, I reckon, “inspired” her to dissemble and prevaricate on her support for civilian disarmament. Like this . . .

Where guns are concerned, it is not a good-guy-versus-bad-guy argument. It should not be a partisan argument. It should not be a pro-gun-versus-anti-gun argument. It is not an argument about our Constitution. The Second Amendment protects the right of a United States citizen to bear arms. But a gun is a machine. And if you choose to bear arms, you have a responsibility to bear them safely.

Would she like some syrup with that waffle? If so, Ms. Moore got plenty of it from all the usual media suspects. Here’s a sampling:

  • The New York Daily News – Julianne Moore pushes for gun control after she couldn’t shield daughter from Sandy Hook massacre news
  • People Magazine – Julianne Moore Makes an Emotional Plea for Gun Control: ‘I Don’t Ever Want to Explain Another Newtown to My Kids’
  • Huffington Post – Julianne Moore Reveals How Sandy Hook Changed Her Views On Guns
  • The Hollywood Reporter – Julianne Moore on Gun-Control Support: “I Don’t Ever Want to Have to Explain Another Newtown to My Kids”

And the rest.

All the coverage Ms. Moore’s getting is completely unwarranted. Not only is the 52-year-old actress’ career arc on the downslope, her message is old news, old hat, hypocritical and a rehash of Everytown talking points.

In some ways this is good news. It’s yet another indication of Everytown’s ADD; the Moore campaign demotes (and detracts from) Shannon Watts and her Everytown-owned Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, substituting an actress with precious little “juice” with mainstream America.

Moore may be basking in some late-career mainstream media attention, but as far as were concerned, her real accolade is TTAG’s Gun Zero of the Day award.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be better for these women to support and push for other women to purchase firearms and get training? So they can protect themselves and families.

      • Being frequently naked in Boogie Nights getting busy with Marky-Mark was the pinnacle of her career, in my opinion. How will she explain that to her daughter?

        • +1
          I think she cranked out a kid and turned in to one of those super OCD control freak parents. Rather than expose her precious inocent Angel to the real world shes trying to change the world to suit her parenting….. Holy crap that’s aweful….. Like you said though, I think part of that is about white washing her past. Fortunately for Ms Moore, all of her movies where she used a gun to beat the bad guys are all forgettable.

  2. “she asked women to join every town for gun safety an organization working to close background check loopholes”

    “currently eighteen states in America have closed background check loopholes”

    Boy they sure love to say that phrase. And they just throw it out there like it a real fact, and lazy-thinking people just suck it right up.

    It’s like when you are in a social situation and some moron just starts going on about how the Democrats are right and the Republicans are evil, just assuming everyone in the room agrees with him.

    • Sorry but what is your point in making fun of the loophole thing? That try should say gun show and any private sale loophole?

      • It’s a feature, not a bug. My
        Constitution is set to “freedom”. Maybe you should switch your’s from “repression”?

      • While you are spending all of your time thinking, why don’t I educate you on this one.

        These ‘loopholes’ that get mentioned all the time in gun regulations and in fact lies, there are no loopholes. Yes, it’s true that you have been intentionally led to this conclusion by the anti 2a crowd. You need to wake up, smell the coffee and take the red pill here because if you can understand maybe this one thing then it will act as a catalyst and you may then start to see the other lies they have been shoveling at all of us.

        When I said explain yourself, I meant it. You are no doubt going to respond back that I am lying and that there really loopholes, Al Gore said right, and it must be true.

        So I am telling you, explain to me what these loopholes are and then I will be able to clearly show you why you are wrong.

        There are no loopholes bud. First you should be happy because you earlier were as much as screaming close the bloody loopholes!!! NOW NOW NOW! Close them!

        Well you can relax as in the end the loopholes are closed, the crisis is over on that one.

        And you should be mad, and the way you have been lied to, and I don’t blame you at all. Then I expect you will start to go through the 7 states of depression, or is it 5? Not sure, anyway it’s not important.

        So go on bud, do tell us about the loopholes, we’d really like to know. One at a time please, lets do the debunking slowly so that we are careful and hope that you don’t go into psychological shock when you start to understand the real truth.

      • There is no such thing as gun show and private sale loophole. The law says that FFL holders have to perform background check before they can sell a firearm. It was intended as faster alternative to waiting periods IIRC. The law never said private citizen can’t BUY firearms without a BC. That would be unconstitutional. As oposed to regulating licenced commerce, which they can cower with the far reaching “commerce clause”.

  3. Once you reach fifty plus years of age people are far less likely to let you skate on your looks. If you are still an airhead bimbo at forty or worse at fifty, they just change the station or turn the page, a non-hot airhead isn’t even worth looking at. This is why the MDM crowd gets ignored as much as it does.

  4. People that hire armed bodyguards shouldn’t advocate disarmament. Typical Hollywood hypocrisy; they live in such an insulated little society they think everything they believe is true, whether or not they analyzed the issue or not. Unfortunately people seem to think their opinions matter, so yay! Measles epidemics and gluten-deprived breads.

  5. “At that moment, [I] felt …irresponsible as a parent and as a citizen, that I was not doing something to prevent gun violence.” — Julianne Moore

    Apparently Ms. Moore is good with child abuse and attackers who bludgeon their victims to death … as long as the brutal attacker does not use a firearm.

    • Speaking of which, heard anything about Haruka Weiser lately? I did, but I had to look for it….Just doesn’t
      “count” uless they are shot, I guess.

  6. So Mizz Moore couldn’t explain that there was a very sick in the brain young man that killed his Mother and stole her rifle, that the school district couldn’t be bothered to install solid core doors with locks on the classrooms that could be locked by the teachers, couldn’t be bothered to install a secure front entrance, that a Federal law made the school a “Defensive gun free zone” so the killer had plenty of unopposed time to murder children, that the killer’s Mommy couldn’t admit to herself that her child was a danger to her and others so she failed to allow him to receive proper help or be restrained just to mention a few things? Perhaps she could have explained that the young man could have done just as much damage with a good sharp machete and a crossbow, or a few pipe bombs, or for that matter his car if he had timed it right and drove into a large group of students. No, it had to be the gun’s fault and those evil people that make and sell tools that are designed to kill… kill animals to eat, or animals that threaten, or yes, bad people that need to be stopped. Sorry, I know I’m preaching to the choir but really….

  7. I am not interested in advice on how to live my life from an actress who got screwed on a desk in an office in a movie about the porn business.

    • This ^^^. These anti-2A so called celebrities that sign on to this “agenda” who have or continue to play characters that make use of guns in their “art” are so disingenuous they make my blood pressure boil. Apparently, they don’t see any connection between the characters they play using guns and their espoused anti-2A beliefs.

      Then there’s the issue of the ARMED body guards they employ, so that they can be “safe”.

      What a bunch of hypocrites.

  8. Holy helicopter mommy. The way to explain a tragedy to her (the daughter) is to f-ing explain it, not beat around the bush and try to isolate her from it until you have exactly the perfect moment. Otherwise exactly what happened WILL happen. Your moment to be a parent is now, not in a few hours.
    As for guns; essentially the same applies; explain to her NOW how to make a gun safe and how to treat it. Use reason and logic, not fretful anxiousness and fear. For some help, look up Eddie Eagle. Or just ask someone who knows something about guns (for example, your freaking bodyguard that is, no doubt, within 30 yards of you at all times).

  9. Who the heck is Julianne Moore? I’ve heard the name but can’t put a face, TV show or movie to it, and why should I care what a “celebrity” thinks about anything anyway? Does being a celebrity make you somehow more knowledgeable or wiser or something?

  10. This is disappointing, seeing as she was AMAZING in Next. The best movie about Nicolas Cage having the ability to see two minutes into the feature I have ever seen.

  11. I’ve always had a thing for her, but in my fantasies now, she’d have to STFU or get out of the bed…

  12. We used the shooting incident to talk about safety in school, kids, parents, administrators as well.
    As they say crap happens. Life gets real all the time.
    We don’t raise victims in our home.
    Every time is a training opportunity.
    No day is given for free.

  13. I’m frustrated by this… I tried researching the statistics they cited in this piece and all it did was give me the run around. It seems like none of their percentages are backed up by actual numbers and every anti-gun group just cite the same studies with out actually linking to said studies. One might be led to think they don’t actually want anyone to look too closely at their “facts”

  14. I dont know about all that. She looks to me like she wants me and her daddy an brothers all doing the kinky freaky to her……. again. ………Hey Im going to give these celebs what they ask for……..Your tryin to fck me, an Im tryin to fck you. Its consentual

  15. I would boil her approach to informing her daughter down to: I don’t want to think about it, if I put it off long enough I won’t have to do it myself, and if I wait really long it will go away. Very illustrative because we see that mentality in a lot of the antigun arguments that essentially ignore reality.

  16. Tell your daughter that she has the same odds of being in a school shooting as she does of being hit by lightning while holding a winning lotto ticket. Then explain that while we should feel sad, and even angry when terrible things happen we move on because life is for the living.

  17. I am confused. Was her video about her advocating for Piaget watches for everyone? Or about guns for everyone to take the Piaget watches off people who don’t deserve them? The visuals were distracting. As I can’t handle histrionic female preaching, I had the sound off.

  18. The whole thing only reveals how racist liberals truly are….

    She is in a state of panic about her daughter finding out that “a bunch” of American children had been killed by a psycho off his meds, but could not care less about her daughter finding out that many times more Christian children are being slaughtered by Islamic thugs in the Middle-East, or “a bunch” of school-children being stabbed by maniacs with knives in China.

    The underlying thread is they care IF the children looked and spoke like them, and IF they were killed with a gun. Anything else doesn’t cause panic because it doesn’t fulfill their gun-control bloodlust.

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