Gun Zero of the Day: Former Bogota Mayor Antanas Mockus


“The former mayor of Bogota took apart a rifle at a rally urging Colombians to vote ‘yes’ in the weekend referendum on a peace deal with the FARC rebels,” reports. “Antennas Mockus (above), the leader of a movement in favor of the treaty, urged ‘ordinary Colombians’ to hand over any guns they have in their possession. ‘Seventy-five percent of violent deaths are caused by firearms,’ the one-time presidential candidate said.”

Because a piece of paper will protect “ordinary Columbians” from soon-to-be-former FARC rebels, their own government, crazies, criminals and non-FARC terrorists. Or not.

FYI, tells us that “Aurelijus Rūtenis Antanas Mockus Šivickas is a Colombian mathematician, philosopher, and politician. He has a master’s degree in philosophy from the Colombian University, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and a Honoris Causa PhD from L’université de Paris.”



  1. avatar dph says:

    FARC ’em.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      And he can MOCKHIMSELF.

  2. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    give up my arms in a country like Columbia? This guy’s a moron.

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      Looks Amish to me.

  3. avatar troutbum5 says:

    Shouldn’t that be Antennae?

  4. avatar Kurt says:

    The voters rejected the peace deal. There were too many conditions in favor of FARC.

    1. avatar RocketScientist says:

      Whats interesting is if you look at a map of the states/regions that voted predominantly against the peace referendum vs those that voted predominantly no, and overlay it with the areas most impact by FARC activites and those least impacted, you come to an interesting conclusion. The areas that actually have to deal with FARC, have their villages attacked, their children killed or kidnapped and raised by FARC, etc etc, they voted OVERWHELMINGLY in favor of the peace referendum. They pay the price, and they realize peace is the better option. Meanwhile, its was mainly the wealthier city-dwelling population, removed from confronting the daily realities of the struggle against FARC, who voted against making peace. Draw from that what conclusions you wish. But its certainly interesting.

      1. avatar Kurt says:

        I dunno. When I lived in Bogota a couple of summers ago, FARC was pretty active in the downtown / Zona Rosa / Zona T areas. I’m not sure it’s a fair assessment to say that FARC ignores the cities.

      2. avatar Ad Astra says:

        Ya and I’m also certain in 1941 the overwhelming majority of the population of France would have said they were in favor of hosting those delightful German fellows. No reason, just because you know?

  5. avatar Kurt says:

    As an aside – TTAG, I have no issue with ads on the sidebar, but the Brownells popover is really annoying. This one ad alone is going to drive me to use an adblocker.

    1. avatar Art out West says:

      I agree. I’ve got no problem with the ads in general, but that Brownells thing is extremely annoying! I know that TTAG needs revenue, and don’t mind the ads usually, but that particular one is a hassle.

      1. avatar HP says:

        Are you guys talking about that one on the bottom of the screen that moves up and down when you try to close it? I use an AdBlocker on my computer at home but I struggle with that one on work computers.

        1. avatar Kurt says:

          That’s the one. I just installed an adblocker. Sorry, TTAG.

        2. avatar Ebby123 says:

          That ad was also the last straw for me. I run AdBlocker now.

    2. avatar Hilts says:

      It bothered me for awhile too, but now I consider it as a manual dexterity exercise. You gotta get that red X just right, or you start chasing the thing around. Suspect TTAG staffers can tell when we do that and they are laughing at those of us who are half blind as it is.

  6. avatar C.S. says:

    What an irony that a mathmetician thinks good people giving up their guns is going to stop bad people from shooting.

  7. avatar mk10108 says:

    It’s a failure of government, asking citizens to disarm for the pleasure of the enemy. When the nation cannot defend its people, they are left to themselves.

  8. avatar Alex says:

    It’s always astounding when Litvaki cannot grasp the reality of the need for arms for self defense against counter revolutionary terrorists like the paramilitaries and the landowners like Uribe who back them. But as a member of the petit bourgeoisie Prof šivickas identifies more with the landowners like Uribe then revolutionaries like the FARC. I see his last name doesn’t appear to be Jewish so greater chance his grandparents were counter revolutionaries.

    At any rate if he’s the Green Party Mayor that helped to bring mass education and peace to Bogota (partial) credit to him (after all the government and other cartels killed Escobar and restabilized the cocaine trade) but this latest is stupid and reprehensible.

  9. avatar Joe R. says:

    The last time we asked Columbia for anything they denied our request. So we sent in the NAVY SEALS to get Noriega, and they got shot-up quite a bit, but still did a great job, and simultaneously established our negotiating and counsel positions with South America. Save your advice Columbia, if we want anything from you, we’ll specifically come and get it with deadly force.

  10. avatar Stinkeye says:

    Well, at least now we know what David Letterman would look like if he were Amish.

  11. avatar peirsonb says:

    The appropriate response to “X number of people are killed by guns” is “WHO DID THE SHOOTING??”

  12. avatar Anonymous says:

    Seventy-five percent of violent deaths are caused by firearms

    That’s right. People had nothing to do with it – it’s all the firearms. Also – in the absence of firearms, there is no other way to achieve homicide. So there is that too.

  13. avatar JW says:

    75 percent of violent deaths are caused by handguns.

    So. If you ground up handguns and mixed then in the food at all you can eat restaurant settings you could claim a skyrocketing effect on small bowel disease from handguns.

    If you shoved them up politicians you could claim the same on colon catastrophes.

    If you threw them off tall buildings just think of the carnage HANDGUNS would cause!

    What does cause mean?

  14. avatar John Dennis says:

    Pablo Escobar would’ve eaten this douche for breakfast.

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