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According to his bio, “Jorge Amselle is an NRA certified firearms instructor, a military veteran, bullseye shooter, and full time professional firearms writer for various national gun magazines, including Combat Handguns, Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement, Special Weapons for Military and Police, Rifle Firepower, American Rifleman, and Shooting Illustrated.”

In 2013, Mr. Amselle (above) wrote about the Dick Metcalf affair for The Daily Caller: “Every now and again someone who is involved in the gun industry, either as a writer or manufacturer, says something that sets the gun owning community on fire.” Prophetic words, given the firestorm that’s greeted Mr. Amselle’s proclamation that he supports Hillary Clinton for President.

The story has been gathering momentum over the last few days. David Fortier, a long-time writer for Shotgun News and other publications, ran into Amselle late last week. He wrote this at Arfcom:

Jorge Amselle is a writer for the firearms industry, such as Tactical-Life. During conversations at an industry event in Florida both Thursday night and Friday morning he stated to me, with a number of other industry professionals present and listening, that he supported Hillary Clinton for President and was going to vote for her.

He felt other issues such as immigration (he’s Hispanic) were more important than the Second Amendment
Stated Obama hadn’t been bad for the 2A and Hillary would be basically a third term. He stated he would rather see Hillary Clinton appoint justices to the Supreme Court and not Trump. He stated he was not a single-issue voter and the 2A was not at the top of his list . . .

Mr. Amselle’s Facebook posts confirm the essence of Mr. Fortier’s account. Amselle wrote this on Facebook on May 4, 2016:

I have always been a Republican leaning Libertarian but now I find that the GOP has abandoned most of their Libertarian principles and I now have more in common with Democrats. I am not a single issue voter but if I had to pick one it would be xenophobia and the GOP is on the wrong side of that one. I guess I am a Democrat now. Also being Hispanic I fee3 especially unwelcome in the GOP.


Amselle gets the problem:

Jorge Amselle: Look guys I get it. I have known a lot of other former Republicans who became Democrats (and I am not saying that I will become a Dem or necessarily vote for Hillary, yech) because they got fed up with one thing or another. I thought they were crazy or sellouts (still do for some of ’em). I have put up with a lot of BS and held my nose a lot in supporting the GOP almost (but not entirely) on the basis of gun rights (as I am sure many of you have as well). But supporting Trump is just a bridge too far for me. I hope you all can understand (if not agree) with that.

Since that mea culpa, Mr. Amselle’s also posted a series of other pro-Hillary, anti-Trump entries (samples 1 2 3 4 ) on his Facebook account. At The War On Guns blog, David Codrea wrote about Amselle’s support of Hillary in this election cycle in a post entitled The Enemy Within. Mr. Amselle confirmed Codrea’s story.

Just to be 100 percent sure, TTAG emailed Mr. Amselle prior to publication. “I am voting for Hillary,” he replied. “That is not the whole story but it is the bottom line.”

I’m afraid Mr. Amselle’s wrong about that. The real bottom line: The National Rifle Association and other gun magazines will likely cease to avail themselves of his editorial services.

I’m sure Ms. Amselle could find work writing for The Huffington Post and other anti-gun rights publications looking for another Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser. Anyway, with so much at stake, it’s hard to feel sympathy for Mr. Amselle’s future gun writing career, or lack thereof.


UPDATE:  Jorge claimed to be a freelance writer at the National Rifle Association of America in his Facebook bio.


He should probably update that.  Chip Lohman, the Deputy Executive Director of NRA Publications, had this to say this afternoon.  “He was a contributor to American Rifleman.  He is not a current contributor.

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  1. Do people really believe that the entire Republican party is full of racist, bigoted, xenophobes, or are they just buying the Democrat led main stream media lies?

    • Good for Jorge. Back when America was a free country folks used to be able to vote how they wanted without fear of injury from those who disagree.

      Gosh I miss those days. If they ever really existed in the first place.

      • Poor Jorge, can’t vote to have a SWAT team come to my house and take my guns without my complaining. Can’t support positions 180 degrees opposite from the NRA and still have them pay him with my money.

      • So if George wrote for Ebony, and other African-american centric magazines, and decided to vocally support a presidential candidate that was clearly hostile to black rights, and he received public backlash, and was asked to not write for those magazines anymore, would you perceive the backlash differently?

        So if George wrote for Jews Today, and other jewish-american centric magazines, and decided to vocally support a presidential candidate that was clearly hostile to Jewish rights, and he received public backlash, and was asked to not write for those magazines anymore, would you perceive the backlash differently?


        You are entitled to your opinion and choice of candidate, but if that opinion or choice runs completely counter to the core values of the club, don’t be surprised when you are asked to not be a member anymore. We can’t be friends if you support people that degrade me and mine.

        • Perfect! Very much like “Catholics” who believe in abortion, birth control, etc. I’ve always wondered why anyone would want to be a part of a group that holds values/beliefs that they… uh, don’t believe in.

      • Secret ballot. It’s a private matter.
        The problem is not how he votes.
        The problem is who he publicly supports.

        Dick Metcalf, Jim Zumbo, and now this guy.
        Will they ever learn?

        • As I understand it, it can’t be done without Congressional approval.

          How do they intend to get Congress to approve that?

        • @Geoff:

          It will be done unless Congress blocks it and Reid has prevented that.

          There was a vote a few days ago to stop ICANN from getting out from under the Commerce Department but it failed 55-45 because the Democrats made a huge deal about inserting language to spend a ton of money on Flint’s water problem and some other issues.

          As it stands now, unless Congress acts ICANN basically goes to the highest bidder. Looks like that’s going to happen and it will give other countries the ability to purchase immense power over the internet. The guys at ICANN are basically out to make a buck and they’ll sell out US interests for a fat check.

    • Dude, seriously. I’m so tired of how behind the times liberals are or just flat out bad people looking to exploit the history of an older generation. It’s 2016… racism and “other” issues have dwindled down and those that are stuck on the race card need to get over themselves.

      Moving forward…just another redcoat pretending to be a freedom lover.

      • Racism may have dwindled, but it’s still alive and kicking. Along with Anti-Semitism. These things should be addressed just in a completely different way then it is. Segregation ended just what 60 years ago?

        • Your comment highlights the main issue, Racism and Antisemitism are the same thing! Somehow the minorities have elevated themselves above the majority. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to discriminate against a minority, but nothing should give ‘special’ treatment to a minority either, by definition special treatment of one is discrimination against others.

          Look at cable, there is a channel called Black Entertainment Television (BET), can you imagine the outcry if there was a White Entertainment Television? but isn’t BET racist to all other non-black races? Do they not show the same movies and shows on the other channels intermixed with other supposed ‘non-black’ content?

          As for the subject of this article, Jorge Amselle, it is his right to vote how he feels, it is his right to lobby and speak for his beliefs. It is everyone’s right to deny using mr amselle’s services based on his public views.

        • Yes, racism is very much alive, in this man. He is willing to give up his gun to get more people who look like him into the country. Por la raz todo, fuera de la raza nada.

    • Back to OP: “Do people really believe that the entire Republican party is full of racist, bigoted, xenophobes”

      Sadly, yes.

      Here is a brief glimpse into what our nation has devolved into:

      Whoever wins this election, I doubt this kind of shit is coming to a stop anytime soon.

      If you can’t take any more after the first minute, skip ahead to the 3:30 mark to see her interaction with the police.

      • Thanks for posting that link, I could only stand it for approximately 3.6 nanoseconds and am now infinitely more stupid. I can only think that now society is so safe, so soft and there is so much food, time & comfort that these people (I’m talking about the woman who posted the video) have too much time on their hands to think & post this crap on Youtube. I don’t think 1st amendment rights cover giving people the finger……. She calls a guy with a Trump yard sign an ugly redneck…….. That’s all I had time to watch, I now need beer to try to unsee the small piece of video I did watch!!!!

      • I actually watched a little more, just to try to understand the thinking of these people. Still didn’t succeed…..

        Kudos to the cop though, I’m sure he was thinking ‘why me??’……

    • Here’s what I read from this: he’s flexible. His votes aren’t tied securely to the republican party. His mind may (will) change if or when Hillary starts policies or appointments that directly cut into his income or security.
      The biggest fault I can find with him right now is his public declaration for a candidate that is contrary to the values held by his core audience; he could have been better served just keeping that to himself and keep writing about the subject his audience actually seeks his opinion on rather than interjecting an opinion irrelevant to the subject he writes about, thus alienating us.
      Can’t help but draw comparisons between this and the inane opinions spouted by Hollywood celebrities. Just do the job you’re paid to do and shut up dude, your bank account will thank you.

    • We don’t need to believe it, when it’s plainly visible. Trump really did wonders in getting all that crap out into the sunlight. Hell, just online comments from Trump posters alone are more than enough to convince any sensible person that this is not a political movement that should have any power. But then there are also videos from Trump rallies…

      One reason why I now hate GOP and NRA with a passion, is that they took worthwhile causes (such as gun rights), and tied them so tightly to the smelly turd that is the core of the Republican platform. Defending them now is so hard precisely because of that – you need to wash off the stink first before it’s presentable, and few people are willing to stay long enough for that. Worse yet, when the turd is finally flushed, all those things will also go down with it. And that’s a shame.

      It’s too late to do anything about that now, though. Time to brace for the blowback, and hope that it won’t be too bad (as in, not Australia bad).

  2. Yeah, if that clown is “latino” than I’m an Eskimo Nigerian prince living in Taipei.

    Worthless political shill is worthless.

          • According to the latest court cases, a person is anything they want to be, and you can be sanctioned for denying them. La Razza says ‘spanics are a ‘race’. That means they are.

        • That spelling is pronounced “Hor-Hay”, it is a Spanish and Portuguese given name, equivalent to the English George.

        • So what I’m hearing is that “latino” is a meaningless term that someone can choose to apply or not apply to themselves based on their personal preference?

        • Hispanicity in America has an odd history. Historically, Mexicans were the “other white”. That means that you could legally discriminate against them and it wasn’t an issue, because you can’t discriminate against white people. A murder case that went to the supreme court basically established Hispanics as a separate group that needed protection against discrimination. This sounds odd to you, but I assure you that Jorge up there is Hispanic. Not that it matters, since he is being attacked for his political opinion, not his race/ethnicity.

  3. Like I’ve posted, “Guns” ain’t the only problem with liberals, they are a scourge.

    Veteran or not, if it’s your America to give away, it’s mine to take away from you. We have a fire-hydrant water distribution system here called America, you want to knock the caps off of the one on your corner and let the kids use it as a sprinkler because you don’t know what it’s for, don’t know it’s true capacity and capabilities or what it will withstand, and don’t give a sh_t that it drops the pressure across the system.

    One-worlder globalists got to go.

    • This guy is going one better – he is talking himself out of his business.

      We should take him up on his offer, the sooner, the better.

  4. Maybe he is confused?? Perhaps someone can explain the ideologies of the Democratic Party so he can reconcile those with his own and his profession???

    I have always been a Republican leaning Libertarian but now I find that the GOP has abandoned most of their Libertarian principles and I now have more in common with Democrats.

    Since when, ever, ever, has the Democratic Party had any similarities with libertarian principles?? The Democratic Party is the liberation party – liberating all of America from themselves and their individualism. More government. More taxes. More regulations. These are the goals of the Democratic Party. Zero congruence with libertarian principles.

    Also – wanting a secure border does not mean you are anti-Mexican.

  5. “Por La Raza todo, Fuera de La Raza nada” means his racist support of unlimited illegal immigration is more important than your gun rights.

      • Exactly. He’s a racist lying POS.
        He has a right to his views and vote, but I hope there are serious economic and business consequences for the traitor.

  6. I just cancelled every subscription that I had to every one of those magazines that he writes for. And in further spite, NEVER again will I peruse those gun magazines in the aisle at Kroger late at night when the wife has sent me on a milk run and now she’s texting me because it’s been 2 hours and I still am not back home. That’ll really show them that us 2A people aren’t to be trifled with.

  7. immigration isn’t the problem, ILLEGAL immigration is. The people are just too stupid, too willing to be led by the hand to understand the difference.

    • Anybody who’s actually gone through the immigration process can tell you that it’s racist as hell against Europeans. Try getting an immigrant visa from Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, you can’t just hop a border and claim to be an “oppressed minority”.

      • I assist people with visas as part of my business all the time. I’ve found getting visas from Germany, Mexico, the Ukraine, China, India, and Israel to be very simple, but expensive. Basically, if you’ve got 20k to spend, your visa isn’t going to be a problem.

        • Getting a visitor visa is not usually a problem.

          Getting a visa that would allow one to immigrate is not something that can be solved with money, unless we’re talking massive amounts of money (as in hundreds of thousands of dollars – basically enough to get categorized as an investor; of course, you’d also have to invest them…).

    • Immigration IS the problem over THIRTEEN PERCENT of US population is 1st generation immigrant. Today that means UNASSIMILATED immigrants. These are dang sure not WASPs. Largely useless unskill illiterate 3rd world pissants. No standards for admission.

      The US is so hard for porn chicks we have to import them? Huma not enough for Hillary?

      • >> These are dang sure not WASPs. Largely useless unskill illiterate 3rd world pissants. No standards for admission.

        Yeah – all those damn Irish potato-heads, screwing the country for 160 years in a row now.

  8. Based on the honesty, integrity and truthfulness of Hillary in the last 30 years, could you trust anything that one of her supporters writes about anything? If a person supports someone in spite of their desire to destroy the 2nd. amendment, why should we support them?

  9. Look… You have to understand that even within the group of people with whom you share a common interest, the odds are that half of them are below average and a few of them are likely dumber than a box of hair. ?

  10. The arrogance in this comment section is incredible. I don’t agree with this decision at all but I’m sure not going to pretend like Trump is a sure shot about gun rights either. He supported the assault weapons ban, said during the debate that he agrees with Hillary on the No-Fly List gun ban, and has already taken leftist positions on things like paid maternity leave.

    Hillary is awful but don’t pretend this is an open and shut election on any issue. Trump isn’t a conservative and has flip flopped even on his main issue immigration. You can think he’s better than Hillary but you can’t blame someone for coming to a different conclusion when they’re so close policy wise and honesty wise.

    • So you believe Trump and Clinton are basically the same when it comes to honesty?


      “Here’s your sign!”

      • No, of course not. Hillary is shifty as hell, but Trump is in a league of his own – he can say something, then literally the next day, not just say something directly opposite, but also claim that he never said the other thing. Even if you have a recording of him saying it. That’s not even chutzpah – it’s more like doublethink, I think, as in he actually believes himself.

    • I cannot think of a single issue where I would support Hillary’s position/history over Trump’s. Can you? If so, please share!

    • The arrogant of your comet is even more incredible. The fact that you think you are more informed then every commenter on here is a falacy. Trump may have changed his mind in the past, it is only in politics where changing your mind after learning new information is considered a bad thing.
      The way most people work is they form an opinion based on the information they have. They way smart people work is they are willing and able to change that opinion once new information comes to light.

  11. If gun rights aren’t important to him, then he’s in the wrong line of work. Or maybe we need to find a true aficionado to write for those magazines, not a “Gun Guy” who stabs us in the back on the political side of things.

    I’ve long wondered just how truly “pro-gun” some of those authors and magazines are for quite some time. Intermedia Outdoors has its headquarters in Peoria, IL and employs about 80 people. NOT ONCE has a single member of their staff, or their stable of authors, come out to a Guns Save Life grassroots gun rights meeting in Peoria despite multiple invitations – including invitations offered even after they threatened to sue us (Guns Save Life) for calling a spade a spade in their gun review fluff piece on the Taurus Turd, er, I mean Curve.


  12. In other news, Robby Mook will be reviewing the latest KRISS Vector. “Buy them now, before my boss takes over.”

  13. The guy may be an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, but I wouldn’t take any tutelage from a guy too stupid to avoid shooting himself in the foot…..yeah “Well, bye.” is the appropriate meme for this guy.

  14. As a “Hispanic/Latino” (pick one), I have encouraged others to embrace the Constitution, ALL OF IT. Immigration without limits WILL destroy this country. The one political party which, up to this point,has defended the 2nd Amendment has been the Republican party, pretty cut and dry. The other party, democrat, seeks to ABROGATE your natural right to firearms and their ownership. Well, the choice is pretty clear, either defend your rights NOW or you will lose them. Progressive/fascistic types will seek to disarm you by any means necessary and history has shown that they will use the power of the state to accomplish their goals and that they have ALWAYS resorted to violence when possible to do this.

  15. I am not a single issue voter but if I had to pick one it would be xenophobia and the GOP is on the wrong side of that one.

    Oh horseshit. If the Mexicans illegally crossing the border came over here and settled down with their firearms and their pro-2A attitudes and voted republican – the Democrats and Hillary Clinton would be shouting into the Mic for a wall to be built and paid for by Mexico.

    Look at this map: Mexicans come over the border and start voting democratic. This is why the democrats want amnesty. This is why the democrats want a loose insecure border. It is not because they aren’t Xenophobic – it’s because they want more votes.

  16. It is a shame but it seems that many immigrants swallow the democrat horseshit promises of free stuff before they assimilate the fundamental principles that made this country worthy of immigrating to in the first place. This is the plan to tear down this nation, and it appears to be working.

  17. It’s cute how he’s voting away his freedom for an ill-conceived notion on “xenophobia”.

    But screw people who believe a country has the right to defend its borders… like every other sovereign nation in the world?

  18. None of this should surprise anyone. We all know what is coming. Whether it is Hillary winning, race riots, or the government finally deciding they have had enough of people not doing what they are told, this all ends at the point of a gun. The only true question left is am I the one holding the gun, or am I the one it is pointed at? How much is freedom really worth anymore? Is it worth dying for? Because that is what it is going to take. All the lovely platitudes spouted about rights and freedoms don’t mean shit unless you are willing to back them with action. Ask yourself, am I really ready to fight? I know when war breaks out, I will fight and I will die. No delusions about fighting my way through a cadre of heavily armed, body armored government thugs with Matrix like back flips and spins shooting two Desert Eagles. Ask yourself what you are really prepared to do when TSHTF because it’s here folks.

    • No, it’s not here yet. At this point, you will be put down like a rabid dog by regular “Oath Keeper” types. You will know when the S really HTF.

    • Sadly, over the past several years we’ve seen a large growth of “libertarian socialists”. They’re basically spoiled teenagers (mentally, anyways) who don’t want anyone to tell them what to do but also want mommy and daddy (in this case, the government) to pay for everything for them. They’re the most useless people in society.

  19. “Obama hasn’t hurt us”….with this logic, how is he so sure Trump will get Mexico to pay for a wall?

    Guess he doesn’t realize the next President will most likely appoint a majority to the Supreme Court.

    I also bet he thinks he will just write the next great American novel while on Welfare.

  20. Hey, he’s entitled to vote any way he likes. He’s allowed to campaign for anyone he likes. i dont know the guy, dont know If I’ve ever read anything he’s written. If i do, and recognize his name, I’ll still read it, but I will also note that, should hillary do what hillary has promised to do and make gun ownership even harder for law abiding citizens than it already is for the unicorn cause of stopping gun crime, he was one of the guys that made that happen too.

  21. Let me try to understand, as a Hispanic/Latino he doesn’t feel welcome in the GOP that had TED CRUZ and MARCO RUBIO in the primary? Man you can’t make this stuff up.

  22. He can vote for whoever he wants, just like his employers can employ whoever they want. Quite frankly, he should be fired, although obviously that will spark a media firestorm about how the NRA is stifling any democrat voices in it’s midst and that Jorge is a martyr. Then again, this is the NRA we’re talking about, who has no problem throwing certain classifications of firearms under the bus as long as their drillings, bolt actions, and shotguns are left alone, so perhaps the pro-Hillary sentiment is more common than we’d think.

    The immigration process is long and arduous, but it makes people appreciate what they’ve got here. I know several first generation immigrants from Mexico and Canada that have come to America legally and appreciate the freedom’s offered here. They also tend to dislike illegal immigrants as “cutting in line”, not only for diluting the job pool, but also for generating anti-immigrant sentiment among other Americans. Oftentimes it’s not immigrants causing problems in our cities, it’s illegal immigrants. As a result, all latinos suffer the perception of law-breakers, drug dealers, murderers, etc which negatively affects legal immigrants.

    I understand that certain places in Mexico are terribly dangerous, while many others are economically depressed, driving people to “do what it takes” to improve their families lives. However American social services, medical services, etc are “life-rafts” that only have a certain capacity and are being overwhelmed, causing everyone in America to suffer, to the point of making America a place that’s not worth immigrating to even illegally. Perhaps if the millions of Mexicans that had the drive to “do whatever it takes” would have stayed in Mexico, fought the corruption, and fixed their own country, then Mexico wouldn’t be as bad as it is today. Rather than blaming the Mexican government, perhaps they should blame the illegal immigrants that could have made a difference back home if they put their energy into fixing their own problems rather than bringing their problems with them.

  23. He’s a libertarian who is voting for the biggest regulation loving globalist whore the office has ever seen because Trump is not libertarian?

    Cutting that nose off at the base I see.

    At least abstain or throw a bone to Johnson who by the way is NOT libertarian either. But to vote for the supreme tyrant?

  24. Unfortunately this man he has the right to say and vote any way he wants, Being a veteran supposedly, a firearm instructor supposedly, Oath breaker too the Constitution, supporting other oath breakers! out right liar, A C**T that provides classified information to the enemy, charges big buck donations for a public position!
    The Democrats are purposefully crashing the country so they can be dictators! and kiss our freedoms goodbye!
    this supposed writer must be angling for a position with the ATF, just another Quisling! either that or he is trolling

  25. It’s hard to not be racist when he states that rewarding illegal invaders and more handouts to the useless members of society are more important than freedom or the Constitution. I disagree with Trump on enough issues that, given a moderate Democrat and a different political situation, I’d just leave the president field blank on my ballot. However, since the next president will get to replace about half of the Supreme Court, I’m voting for Trump purely because we know how anti-constitution Hillary’s appointments would be.

  26. He seems more concerned about “his people” than the majority of the US population.
    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even when it’s wrong.
    Any rag he writes for I will not buy.
    So, now I’m a racist.
    Whatever. (Cartman)

  27. He’s free to vote for who he wants, just as we are free to hold him accountable for his actions. Words mean things, actions do too. When you publically name yourself a member of the faction who desire to destroy this nation, then I have no sympathy for you.

    Reap the whirlwind buttercup.

  28. So what? If he were saying that Hillary was better than Trump on guns, that would be news. Instead he’s just suggesting that, to him, there is a wider political world than the 2nd Amendment.

    What’s the big deal?

    • It’s not a “big deal”. This is just a bunch of commentors on the internet kicking an opinion around. What’s the big deal?

  29. This guy is just looking to get tapped for ban based media such as the NYT, WaPo, HuffPo or something Bloomberg publishes.

    In terms of him endorsing Hillary, he’s made his choice. We are free to disagree with his choice no matter how much of whatever kind of guilt the SJWs would have us believe we should have over it. That means I don’t have to spend money on publications he’s in. I don’t by the NYT, WaPo or HuffPo because of the company they keep and their views why would I put money in his pocket either?

  30. This guy claims to not be a ‘single-issue voter’, but puts making voters of illegal aliens (Jorge….illegal immigration is not benign; it is an invasion) above protecting rights built right into the constitution. He has no support for his idea that illegal immigration is a natural, human and civil right. Increasing illegal immigration is a “single issue” when placed above protecting constitutional rights.

    The blood of the tribe defeats any other consideration.

  31. Really not surprising. I’m sure that many German Jews had complimentary things to say about the efficiency of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

    Likewise, America has no shortage of traitors.

  32. The Republican Party doesn’t seem to be anti-Hispanic. They are anti illegal immigration. Those two this aren’t the same. Trump doesn’t seem to care about legal immigration from countries to our south. He is concerned about gangs and terrorists entering our country. I guess it just seems a logical stance for me.

    I will agree it is hard to be a one issue voter. I agree with Dems just as often as republicans. President Obama has said he is going to be a one issue voter. Voting for anti-second amendment candidates that are pro gun owner control. So there you go it’s fine to be a one issue voter.

  33. The NRA should pull that man’s licensing and permanently black ball him.

    It’s time to STOP playing NICE with these traitorous trash.

  34. If he is in fact a veteran, he should remember that this woman has gotten his brothers killed. And I’ve met quite a few “nra certified instructors” who don’t know anything about firearm safety. I’m guessing this fool is neither. If he was military he was sitting in the mail room.
    You can vote for who ever you want. You wanna vote for that psycho nut job go ahead. For me it’s Trump. I don’t like him…. but the alternative is unacceptable.

    Remember this jorge…. bill Clinton chose other women over hillary. You should too.

  35. Someone who claims that he leans “Libertarian” and chooses Clinton based on his commonality with the Democrats doesn’t understand what Libertarian means, I.e., reliance on markets and small government. He is not alone in that as the Libertarian party considers markets and government as unimportant.

    • How hard would it have been to nominate someone with actual libertarian beliefs? It’s not like the stakes are high for them. Put the actual beliefs out there for people to see. What’s the worst that could happen?

  36. I could understand not voting for Trump and leaving the slot blank. I can even somewhat understand (to a lesser degree) voting for a third party dude like Johnson or someone from the Constitution party. But to actively go vote for Hillary is something altogether different. Identity politics at play?

  37. Can someone list the organizations he writes for so I and others can stop reading that particular blog or magazine.

  38. So why is Trump considered xenophobic? I wasn’t aware that “Illegal Immigrant” was a race now, because as far as I can tell, that is what Trump is against.

  39. His single issue is immigration and he’s voting for effectively a 3rd term of the same policies? Considering the current administration has deported more immigrants than the previous 19 administrations combined, I’d say he’s a masochist.

  40. Maybe he’s counting on some free democratic government money to support himself. He won’t make it in any gun publications I read.

  41. Personally I have never heard of this guy before and I don’t have any ill will towards him.

    That said, if you run in certain circles then you don’t publicly state things which you know damn right well will be extremely unpopular in those circles if you intend to remain a part of them.

    You don’t stand up in a very conservative Baptist Church and start talking about how you support abortion if you want the congregation to continue to like and accept you.

  42. When someone says “I have been a life long republican, but…” they never were life long republicans.

    • Sort of like “I’m not anti-gun BUT…”?

      In this case, it’s “I’m a lifelong Republican, but as a Hispanic, I’ve got to come out in favor of illegal aliens and distance myself from the racist Republicans…” Well, Jorge, if you’re basing a political view on your race/ethnicity, I wonder who the racist really is?

  43. And after Hillary has her way with the 2nd Amendment will there be any firearms left for this “gun writer” to write about?

  44. Reading this comment thread is like watching a a bunch of children bicker. Voting choices are personal, stop whining because someone has a different opinion than you.

    • You call statements you disagree with “whining”. Classic Liberalism to shut down debate.
      Jorge made his choice public. Politics affect the entire Republic. There isn’t much personal about that.

      • I was responding to some of the childish personal and racial comments made against him for expressing a valid point. He as a multi issue voter. He is a gun writer, that doesn’t mean guns HAVE to be his number 1 issue. I am a student first, yet my top issues are Constitutional/civil liberties, term limits for congress, shortly followed by expanding free market economics. He clearly sides with Hillary on enough stuff, and doesn’t fear her attacks on the 2nd Amendment enough, to decide to vote for her over trump. I’m not going childishly insult him over a slightly differing opinion.

        • Insulting the guy doesn’t do any good, I agree.

          That said, when you run in certain circles you know, or should know, that when you do certain things you’ll be ostracized and heckled for doing them. Being part of the gun community and saying what he said knowing fully well (I assume) what HRC has said on the topic of guns the guy knew he was kicking a hornet nest. When you kick a hornet nest you’re gonna get stung.

          Everything you do has consequences. If he didn’t want to deal with those consequences he should have kept his mouth shut and voted his conscience without advertising it to the world.

          Some people are gonna be ticked at this guy and that’s 100% understandable since, due to his profession, he’s essentially asking those people for money while openly admitting he plans to vote for someone who has publicly stated that she wants to screw the very same people he counts in his readership.

        • Then would I not be correct to insult anyone claiming to be a constitutional rights voter, that ignores Trumps desire to infringe on the 4th (stop and frisk) and the 6th (no fly-no buy)? Again, to reiterate my point, I much prefer him over Hillary. I just do not think less of someone for holding a differing opnion if they can present an opinion they believe to be valid.

        • What standards you hold people to and how you choose to do that is of no particular interest to me.

          I’m merely pointing out that the guy asked for trouble and he got it. People don’t want to pay their hard earned dollars to be told to bend over and take it.

          You’ve gotta be pretty damn stupid to effectively say “Hey everyone, I’m voting for the lady who’s openly campaigning on violating the 2A and Article 1, Section 9 in a whole hog effort to take away your rights to firearm ownership via outright confiscation but you should continue to pay me to tell you how great that would be” and expect that’s going to be well received, which is exactly what this guy did.

          Ever see the posts around here where people say something like “”? It’s because they know they just kicked the hornets’ nest. This guy did that with his meal ticket. Such stupidity deserves at least a mild raking over the coals.

          • I like your analysis, but….

            Maybe it is all just hype for street creds with his homies; nothing more. Being down with “the race” will carry him further in his community that he will ever find respect as a pro-gun freelancer.

        • Strych9, very fair point and I agree criticism of him is valid. I just draw the line at the childishly unsanctioned remarks some of these “adults” have been offering. I appreciate the civility.

        • ROFL that was supposed to say “/flamesuit” but the sideways carrots on the outside of it made it an actual command.

          Long story short, I would just say of this guy “If you’re gonna be dumb you gotta be tough”.

  45. Trump may be seemingly good on the 2nd Amendment, but his stance on the 1st, the 4th, and 6th are atrocious. He’s not much better than Hillary as a candidate.

    • Haven’t hear anyone hear sounding the TRUMPet. Hillary just isn’t an option for anyone with any desire to save the Republic.
      Try this out. Rather than state known facts about Trump’s questionable policies, name one damn thing Hillary will try to accomplish that will help secure any of the rights of the people, security of the people or economic growth of the country. Just one.

      • She at least addresses the student loan crisis. Unlike bernie sanders delusional free college, her plan to help with some govt loans was (the only one) not that bad. She also has not called for bullshit “stop and frisk” infringements of our 4th amendments. HEr idelas on social civil liberties are also vastly superior to Trumps IMO. Again, not a fan of her, at all, she should be in prison, but just examples. Every candidate is going to have SOMETHING you side with them on.

        • To be quite frank with you…fuck your student loans. Why should taxpayers bail you out because you got drunk and finger banged coeds instead of studying? College isn’t for everyone but the government idea to send everyone to college just to indoctrinate them in the way of socialism was a bad Idea to begin with.
          I don’t agree with stop and frisk either, but it did reduce murders in NY. Conservatives are for all the bill of rights. Which Supreme court would most likely rule out an unconstitutional law, a Constitutional court or a progressive one? Stop and frisk was a local policy anyway and is not a Federal policy. So, again, try to name just one policy of Hillary that will help the Republic. You failed so far but you get a make up exam. Your debt is yours, I have my own to pay back.

        • I’ll skip over the false wildly childish remarks. I never said tax payers should pay my student loans. I actually have much less than most people, as I’ve worked full time to pay for my engineering school. The military will pay for the rest of mine. However the fact cannot be denied that alot of the money the government is paying out to students for loans who DO actually fail out, never gets paid back. Taxpayer dollars that are sitting in limbo. THAT is the issue I am addressing, if you cared to do any research at all. Also, the inflated cost of schools, that continue to rise because they know that the majority of students will get government student loans. That bubble is the next housing market collapse. THAT is the point I am referencing. I couldn’t care for your “makeup exam” as you will without a doubt respond with a ridiculous critique as well.

        • Do you fully understand what ‘Free College For Everyone” means, LGS Student?

          It means the value of having a collage degree is now worth a lot less.

          That means the salary you can expect to earn will likely be not much greater than that of a high school graduate.

          LGS Student, part of being an adult is accepting adult responsibilities.

          That includes paying off the debts YOU agreed to pay back…

        • The problem with student loans is that, other than fighting fraud, there should be no government involvement with loans outside of the GI Bill.

          Government fucks up very nearly everything it touches and therefore should touch less. Want a loan for school? Talk to a bank, sign a contract and if you screw up you get bent over by the bank. That’s actual responsibility. Other than enforcing laws that punish the bank if they attempt to or actually do defraud you the government should have no involvement.

          As you correctly point out, the government increases the amount they’re willing to pay for college every year and so tuition rises. The schools aren’t going to just not take free money. That screws the people who are paying for college out of a college fund by effectively devaluing the dollars their parents saved to send them to school. It also screws the taxpayer when some kid who shouldn’t be going to college fails out.

          We need a system where if you take the loan you pay back the loan in full plus interest no matter what. No “forgiveness”. Take responsibility for the debt you’ve incurred and don’t expect other people to pay it for you.

        • Did anyone read my comment? I said free college is outrageously delusional. I also stated she was the only one who has mentioned any kind of plan for what is an actual issue. If its the only plan, its automatically in first no? Her plan is not great or perfect, but at least the issue is addressed.

        • Yes, I read your comment. I also didn’t comment on the “free college” thing. Something about glass houses and stone throwing?

        • I have to comment here. I’m in a position where I see many people’s credit bureaus and understand the thinking these people have with student loans. They refer to it as “income”. They are taught to apply for it because it is available and they don’t have to pay it back because it is government backed. I have seen people with over $60k of student loans, out of college and working as a cashier at Wal Mart because they don’t have a marketable degree.
          This “free college” push by Hillary is simply a welfare program for her largest contributors, the banks. They lend the money, the government (taxpayers) pay for the loans when they default, and the people that bought into it have their credit ruined and are charged higher interest by the same banks who then contribute more to their benefactor.

  46. “and full time professional firearms writer for various national gun magazines, including Combat Handguns, Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement, Special Weapons for Military and Police, Rifle Firepower, American Rifleman, and Shooting Illustrated.”

    Not any more he isn’t.

    He didn’t have to support Trump, but saying he’ll vote for Hillary is a direct attack on the industry that employs him.

  47. Libertarians for Hillary?
    He may as well self-identify as a longtime moron who leaned Republican but finally let his true colors show.

  48. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Obama administration deport more people than any other admin ever?

    • And for that matter didn’t Hillary work for the Nixon admin, which amped up the drug war with the intention of using drugs ad an excuse to bust on blacks and Latinos? And isn’t Hillary a protégé of Kissinger who has the blood of millions of brown folks on his hands? Didn’t the last Clinton admin jail more minorities than any admin previosly? Trump reminds me of that old uncle who says politically incorrect stuff but doesn’t really harbor any ill will in his heart toward minorities just cause they are minorities. Hillary strikes me as very racist in her core but savvy enough to cover it up.

      • @ J0shua,

        Good to see you here Barry! And like always, you got your facts wrong…but on purpose, we know.

        Isn’t it time for another golf outing?

        • Well damn genius, I guess that’s why I wrote them in the form of a question and started out by saying correct me if I’m wrong. Sry but I didn’t have time to regoogle a decade worth of reading to make sure my facts were spot on. Real quick, I guess Hilary didn’t actually work for the Nixon admin, she was fired for lying while working for the watergate commission? Even Bloomberg has an article about how “Nixon created Clinton.” I realize my opinion on Kissinger is an opinion, but I never stated that as fact, only that Hillary likes to lick his ass and that he’s a shady motherfucker. A lot of people share that opinion. Also, Nixon did amp up the drug war as an excuse to bust on blacks and Latinos. If you Google it, the first result you get is a Nixon aides testimonial as reported by CNN. Also, if you Google “Obama admin deportation record,” the results speak for themselves. At the end of the day, I’m slamming Clinton as being infinitely worse than Trump in almost every way that counts. She’s a cold blooded, lying, cheating, hypocritical gangster bitch whore with blood on her hands and Trump seems, to me, to be the better choice. One last question for you not to answer, who the hell is Barry?

        • * and Bill Clinton himself has admitted to making the mass incarceration issue worse than it was previously.

        • Assuming you’re not a complete troll, ID be willing to bet you forgive Trump wholesale for his gaffes in a presidential debate, like saying he was endorsed by I.C.E. or repeatedly referring to the “cyber”. Yet somehow, just because I lean liberal, and still support Trump over Clinton, you want to troll me. If you want to make another comment about my dad, we can meet anywhere in the United States, we’ll sign away our rights to press charges, and lock ourselves in a cage together and put on an “exhibition.” No one ever has to know. I’ll check back in 24, if you can come up with a way to contact me privately, its on big boy.

        • While u r considering my offer you should know, I don’t take offense to the fact you tried to say my dad is a black man, I have plenty of minorities in my family and you picked the one black man who happens to be arguably the most powerful man on the planet right now and one of the most successful minorities of all time and tried to make it an insult of it, you should have gone with someone like Marion Barry if you really wanted to insult me, but obviously you’re not that clever. What does insult me is that you tried to bring my father into it at all.

  49. If he really said Obama hasn’t been bad for the 2A, then he’s a fool. Obama has turned a bunch of gunsmiths into “gun manufacturers,” he banned the further import of surplus M1 Garands and M1 Carbines, his ATF tried to ban M855 ammunition, he made it where if Social Security recipients need help with things like paying their bills, then they can be declared mentally unfit to own firearms, etc…and yeah, so his primary anti-2A goals were derailed. So what? We cannot predict how the future will go. We must always remain vigilant.

  50. Simple, you are either for the Bill-of-Rights including the 2nd amendment, or you are against it. If you are against it, and you support destroying those rights without going through the amendment process, you are an enemy to the Constitution and the United States. Does it get any more complicated than that?

  51. In all seriousness, after hearing Trump champion both Stop & Frisk and denying 2nd Amendment rights to people put on a watch list, I can definitely see not wanting to vote for him.
    As you recall, Stop & Frisk was throwing out the 4th amendment to enforce NYCs throwing out of the 2nd amendment.

    • Yet he openly endorses a candidate against the 2nd Amendment and then hypocritically states he isn’t a one issue voter but says that “xenophobia” is why he switched sides.

      So not only is he stupid cutting the nose to spite the face working in an industry hostile to Clinton for good reason but a hypocrite.

      He would have been smarter to support Johnson but he went full retard with a criminal named Clinton screwing himself out of a job. He better polish up for his “La Raza” and other leftist buddies because he screwed himself out of the gun writing world like the other dumb writers of the past like Zumbo and Metcalf.

      • From Trump’s remarks in the debate, it’s hard to argue he’s not against the 2nd Amendment (even if you don’t count his support of NYCs gun ban) – the notion of taking away someone’s gun rights without due process, but requiring due process to get them back is not a 2A-friendly stance.
        It seems that, if anything, his earlier support of the 2nd is just lip service, or it seems so with his support of Stop & Frisk and watch-list bans. If you take away the 2A, then, as a push where neither candidate seems friendly, then after that, the rest is policy preference.

  52. Guess he forgot the numerous import bans signed by Obama during his tenure but hey as long as it doesn’t affect his ‘Murican guns who gives a s*** right??

  53. I don’t recall seeing his byline in the RIFLEMAN and I was once paid for an article in COMBAT HANDGUNS but I never claimed to be a staff writer. As for his being Hispanic, he is in the country and I imagine all his friends are too. The greatest trick ever played was the Democrats switching the historical facts and claiming to be the party of the little guy, the immigrant and the poor.
    For months now I’ve asked black people a simple question: “Was Abe Lincoln a Republican or a Democrat?”
    Most have no idea, many say Democrat and I’ve only met a very few who knew that Abe Lincoln was the first Republican President of the new Republican Party which formed in opposition to slavery after the Dred Scott decision by Chief Justice Taney of the Supreme Court which said slaves and black people could not be citizens. Taney was a Democrat from Virginia and wrote the Dred Scott opinion in 1858, just two years before the Civil War began.
    Lincoln freed the slaves that were in the Confederate States. After the war the freedmen, as they were called, all became Republicans and many were elected to office, from mayor to Congress. But somehow, despite the Democrats creating the KKK, before WWI, the Blacks were voting Democrat.
    It isn’t legal immigration by Hispanics [Mexicans mainly] that bother people, it is the 10-20 million invaders who just crossed the border without permission.
    If hillary becomes President she will have a Democrat rubber-stamp and she will appoint two or three extreme left-wing, anti-Second Amendment Justices to the Court and the entire Bill of Rights will become moot even they the words are not repealed.

    • “Lincoln freed the slaves that were in the Confederate States.”

      I liked your input, but just exactly how did Lincoln free anybody in territory not controlled by the northern government? It would be equivalent to declaring, at the same time, that Ireland was free from British rule. The Emancipation Proclamation was a political gesture to shore-up flagging Northern support for subjugating the Southern states. The slaves were only free once the southern states were annexed back into the union. And that was because all black persons in the United States were free.

  54. Check out how GunsAmerica has come to the aid of Amselle with a foolish justification of why they will continue to employ him despite his support for a rabidly anti gun politician who will put Guns America out of business if she could. What a jackass Paul Helinski is. Let him know how you feel.

  55. Looks like Jeff Quinn from Gunblast says it’s not right to ostracize Amselle.

    Well,Jeff, it’s much “more wrong” to betray the industry that supports you. Amselle should never, ever get a dime from writing for the gun industry again for his Clinton support. Let him work for the Huffington Post where he belongs.

    Oh, for all of Amselle’s suffering”, well look what we all have to look forward to when clinton wins. How’s that for suffering, Jeff??

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