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  1. Like anything else, it’s all about perspective when it comes to the original query of “what message does it send?”

    To me, it doesn’t send any message because a gun show is an event like any other, same as a computer show or car show (both of which could be easily used for catastrophic crime, by the way).

    To government-dependent and media-hypnotized sheep, well, they covered that in the article. It’s a big, evil gathering promoting scary, evil things. And like any good sheep, they find correlations where there are none.

    And to some, maybe it means it’s time to arm up to protect themselves against this alleged rash of gun violence.

  2. The spokespersons for these…..urban americans, are always the same. They’re predators, like Obama or Jesse Jackson, feeding on the people they claim to fight for. Or more often, you can tell that they’re just not very smart. When urban americans talk, you know they’re stupid. They even ask for massa to impose tougher “gun laws”. Urban Americans and their “leaders” enjoy being slaves, as long as their chains are invisible.

    • Instead of saying Urban why dont you just come out and say Blacks, esp. when your name dropping Obama/Jackson. The political correctness is part of the problem.

  3. “When you see a billboard for a gun show, you may not think much about it. But what if the ad was in your neighborhood that’s plagued with gun violence? What kind of message does that send? ”

    It sends the message that there is going to be a gun show at the mentioned time and place.

    Really now, can we tone down the stupid for a minute?

    Or you, the community activist, could fix your violent broken culture that results in 15 year olds shooting up the block. Oh wait, that would actually involve effort.

  4. Isn’t that why there are background checks when purchasing any gun at gun shows? I know they do them at the ones by me

  5. Uhhh the message sent by the billboards are clear: Hey you, you just arrived here, there’s a gun show!

    Not the gun shows fault ghetto people are thugs and that airports make areas into ghettos.

    Don’t blame guns for the gun crime, blame the airport, because I bet the area used to be upper middle class before the airport came.

  6. Everyone is talking about what the fact that their is a gun show coming up say’s. To me in a “high crime” area it says this: Look out CRIMINALS the law abiding public will be armed soon. 🙂 Just look at DC. When law abiding people where suddenly allowed to exercise their second amendment right’s (IE buy and own pistols) crime suddenly when down. So to those who are complaining, I say arm the rest of the people in your neighborhood and watch so called “gun violence” disappear.

    • Forgot to mention. All you fools who through the “race card” here need to stop. People of all shape’s, sizes, and yes color live everywhere in this county. Including the ghetto.

      • Meh….some times the “race card” deserves to be “thrown”. Some minorities are disproportionately represented in the arrest and victimization reports used to compile crime rate stats. Ironically, the victims of those crimes tend to be other people of the same race.

        Young children in poor black and Latino communities have come to embrace and revere the Thug lifestyle. Children are oversaturrated 24×7 with gangsta music videos, gangsta music radio play, and ads selling the latest movie starring a “gangsta rapper”. Combined with few other options because of economic circumstance, and what you have is a recipe for a community that “goes to sleep to the sounds of gun shots every night”.

        Taking down the gun show ads, is like taking down street signs in poor communities, so that the people who live there won’t know where their house is, disuading them from living in poverty.

        • The fact that minorities are over-represented in crime stats also represents racial bias inherent in our justice system (see cocaine, crack v powder). Much of the rest of the problem is economic and educational (which are intertwined). There certainly are cultural factors as well, but suburban kids of all colors listen to just as much gangsta rap and watch the same movies but don’t have the same level of violence as their urban counterparts. Check out the Suffolk county jail (Lockup just did an extended edition on it). There are plenty of maladjusted, uneducated, poor white kids too. It’s income and education, not race. Discuss.

          • I agree. Their are “plenty of maladjusted, uneducated, poor white kids” too. Clearly, socioeconomic status plays a critical variable as well, when it comes to violence and crime. It is ALL intertwined. Poverty begets poor education, begets violence etc. etc. Also, I concur with the statement “the over-representation of minorities in crime stats, also represents racial bias inherent in our justice system”. But lets not forget that the victims of those crimes are largely of the same race and that there is also an over-representation of minorities when alayzing poverty. So I don’t think specifically calling out the black or Latino communities is wrong.

            Particularly when you consider that these minority communities (and allow me to preface this statement by sharing that I am an American of Latino culture), have shown a distinct disdain for any criticizing of their communities or problems; More so if it comes from someone not of thier race or culture.

            Poor maladjusted white kids are innundated with the same gangsta rhetoric as their black or Latino counterparts, but I would argue that they aren’t as able to identify with those prominent gangsta figures, and less likely to embrace the role of victim, which also plays a big part in this mess. Actually, that total package of poverty, with a sense of victimization, an embracing of a thug culture, in a community unwilling to accept criticizim, is uniquely a problem for Black Americans.

  7. What would it say if the promoters of the gun show advertised all around town except for the “urban core”. I live in St. Louis and this show (which is usually a great one, BTW) is held in a white-as-Wonder Bread part of the suburbs.

    Can you imagine the outcry? “Don’t they want people of color to patronize their gun show? They’re red-lining with their advertising pattern!” I’d have no problem walking through the demonstrators to get to the show, but some certainly would. The promoters are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

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