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OMG! GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan was caughtred handed – in a Cincinnati area sporting goods store earlier this week buying his 10-year-old daughter (gasp) camo gear for her first deer hunt this fall. Cue the tiresomely predictable outrage from lefties in general and anti-hunters and -gunners specifically. You know, corrupting an impressionable little girl and all. Yawn. But as reports, the hunting-with-kids hate they ginned up created an equal and opposite reaction from people only too happy to tweet pics of their happy, fauna-killing offspring . . .

[T]he backlash against father-of-three Ryan has been met with a remarkable counter-backlash from gun enthusiasts across the country who have taken to Twitter to post pictures of their little girls posing with rifles, automatic weapons and hand guns supporting the GOP politicians right to introduce his daughter to firearms.

Here’s just one of the hundreds of tweets, (this one from Matt McCracken — that’s little McCrackenette, above) showing  smiling kids having fun with their guns, getting ready for the fall hunting season.

A few more pics and tweets at the Daily Mail link, above. In the mean time and in other words, to all those horrified by the thought of a father taking his little girl out into the woods to plug a member of the tasty wildlife community, FOAD.

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  1. And if I could I would post a picture of my 8 year old son shooting a M&P 15/22 at the range just after he completed the NSSF First Shots class. Nothing is as satisfying as spending some quality time with your kids at the range. Unless it’s spending time with your wife and kids at the range.

  2. Awesome! It’s really great to see parents teaching their kids gun safety and standing up to the irrational fears of the gun-ignorant nay-sayers. Now, are there any pictures of children PRACTICING gun safety, i.e. finger off the trigger?

    • Because they make huge $$ from readers in the US. Their format and focus has a lot of appeal – celebs, big pics, snark and occasionally some interesting stories embargoed by the leftist MFM

    • The same reason that American news ignores problems in the US, nobody likes seeing the problems nearby, ‘cuz out of sight is out of mind. (Unless, of course, the problem advances the media’s liberal bias.)

    • The publisher wants to turn his site into an international one or at least bring in a larger audience. I like the DM. They sometimes feature interesting stories the PC BBC will not report or will cover a story from a different angle than the BBC.

  3. Dear God I hate hippies…

    Shooting with my dad, starting with BB guns and moving on up to shotguns and handguns is still one of my best childhood memories. And if I ever have kids of my own, I’ll teach them to shoot as early as possible.

  4. The question is does this make people MORE or LESS likely to vote for Mitt Romeny. In my cause I was already voting for Romeny because Obama has managed to beat out Carater as the worse presendent of modern times.


        • So YOU would give up Civil Rights for the false promise of money? SS is a gov’t sanctioned ponzi scheme. It will fail completely at some point. Sooner rather than later.

  5. Damnit, I wish my dad had taken my hunting when I was young. I’m jealous of you little girl!

    I wonder if the antigunners think before they started spouting off their stupid thoughts? Do they know we roll our eyes and laugh at their stupidity?

  6. These nannies prefer everyone live in their world – a beautiful land of plenty, where no one ever wants to hurt anyone else, the lion snuggles with the deer, at birth everyone is given their very own adorable panda bear and where the sky is filled with giggling unicorns flying over rainbows, crapping Skittles out of their butts.

    Sadly for them, there’s a rather large cohort of us who choose to live in this place we call “The Real World.” Sometimes, I think this is mostly because of how expensive it would become to import that special bamboo for the pandas…

    But today, I’ll choose the real world just to piss these dream-infested nannies off.

    • More proof libs dont live in the real world… Panadas are actually pretty gross and mean creatures up close. Nothing like the cute little things that make up their cartoon fantasy dreams.

    • “We all dream of a world of sunshine, happiness, and peace.
      The problem is…
      …while half of the people think it sounds like a wonderful place to live,
      the other half think it sounds like a wonderful place to pillage.”

  7. Way to go Dad!!! It is our responsibility to teach out kids right and wrong to include firearms safety and hunting!!
    My 11 yr old little girl will love this. She got her first rifle last Christmas, a single shot break over .22LR that she seen in a gun store when we were picking up ammo.
    Yes it is a “Girly Rifle”, pink and matte stainless steel w/ Williams Fire Sight fiber optic sights.
    She can hit anything she can see with it out to 30 or 35 yds easily!

  8. That is awesome! My kids were taught gun safety, and handling at a younger age than that. Hunting for what you eat, is sensible, and provides you with natural un tainted food, while keeping you sharp in the case of any type of disaster. it also gives you an education on the subject of animal, and human nature. Denying or mocking this right creates a helpless, ignorant nation of people.
    A big attaboy to Paul Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well you know that wild game is much healthier! Venison, Elk, and Moose have a much lower fat content than beef. It has a high content of riboflavin, and here is the kicker.. The meat has a very small amount of cholesterol, even lower than chicken breast!
      So besides providing food for the home, and well, just having fun, he is in fact providing a healthier diet for his family! Michelle Obama can take that to the bank!

      • I just ate my last bite of venison stew for lunch as I read this comment. Not only is the venison much healthier than beef (higher levels of iron and B vitamins, much lower fat and cholesterol), it actually costs me less. Our family eats about 100 pounds of venison every year. And that is pure meat — no bone and no fat whatsoever. To purchase an equivalent amount of beef would costs us well over $1000 per year. That savings actually finances our annual family camping/vacation trip.

        Oh, and because of me, there are two to three less deer getting ready to run in front of your car on the highway!

  9. The Ruger 10/22:
    When you absolutely, positively have to have a fun family day of shooting for less than $20 in ammo, accept no substitutes.

  10. I’ve bought a gun for my daughter on every one of her birthdays, and will do this until my time comes. The guns are safely waiting for her, and she loves looking at them when she is with me. Of course, she will also get my guns after me. If we don’t interest our children in guns, shooting and the outdoors, our sport will die out. And, Paul Ryan will get my vote in November. Any politician who teaches his / her children the safe use of guns deserves the vote of gun owners IMHO.

  11. I took my 7 yr old to the range and let her shoot my .380. It had too much kick for her tastes so she told me I needed to buy her a .22 handgun. What’s the big deal? She is learning gun safety, has completed the Eddie Eagle class, and is learning in a safe controlled environment. Plus, it is daddy-daughter bonding. Are the lefties that opposed to fathers spending time with their children? Are they anti-family??

  12. My daughter is 6 and we started basic gun safety last year. It’s a Red Ryder but it opens the door for conversation and training

  13. Note the dead silence from the Feminists who, in a just world, would be praising Ryan for treating his children equally and teaching his little girl the skills she will need to be a strong, independent, self-reliant woman.

  14. Got my 6 year old daughter a Henry Mini-bolt in black and stainless. I shot the stainless white and the stock pink. We go shooting all the time.

    Dads you have to teach your girls to take care of them selves. Shooting is a big part of that.

    Ok just had to say it, but she gets a pass..

    Good to see those of us who feel it is ok to introduce our kids to firearms are standing up for Ryan. Regardless of the political spectrum you stand on, he is being a responsible dad, plain and simple.
    Anyone notice how the UK based publication says posing with automatic weapons??? While I am certain there might be a few, since some do have the appropriate licenses, I am willing to bet all those evil black “automatic” weapons are simply semi auto sporting rifles, like we all have. Oh well except those in CA since well you know we will go on a rampage if we can change magazines and have bullets like the rest of the country!

  16. Some of my best childhood memories are of spending the time with my old man and my grandfather and my uncle’s in the woods hunting and learning the use of the gun.

    I passed that time amd those skills on to my sons. In addition when I married my keeper wife she had 5 kids from 16 to 22 yo. My “new” kids had a silicon valley dad who essentially had ignored his family for his career. A few years with this old hillbilly and these kids are now avid shooters and gun owners. I’ve managed to corrupt a number of the kids friends as well.

    Now our 6th grandkid is on the way and the training for those that are old enough to understand has begun.

  17. Those “enraged” Left-Wingers are simply sexist pigs who are chauvinistically into banning girls and women from guns and hunting. Those Left-Wingers want to keep women dependent on men to be their providers and protectors. The nerve!

  18. They’re just jealous because these 10 year olds are more responsible, confident, mature, and well-developed then they’ll ever be.

  19. No kids here but I see safe gun handling skills as a neccessity in life. The best age would be determined by the level of resposibility demonstrated by the child.

    The comments are the best. My favorite “worst rated comment” is from Angela in Sarasota:

    “Your comments: I can’t TAKE it anymore! Training children to use guns? REALLY?!! Have we completely lost our minds? I’m so ashamed to live in this country sometimes and this is just getting worse. I agree with the comment above “Americans will always hold to a law from 1791 with the right to bear arms …” We DON’T need guns to protect ourselves in the “wild west” anymore. It’s a ridiculous concept kept alive by gun lovers who refuse to see what a danger guns are. In my opinion, we should split America literally in two – the gunlovers can live in one half and eventually kill each off, while the other half can live in peace in a gunfree America!”


  20. My mind is open. I know this because when I first saw this articles picture I thought,”Aww that’s a cute girl. She looks so happy!” I didn’t even notice the gun!

  21. Like others have said…good to go Dad, except you missed one of the most important and fundamental gun safety rules…TRIGGER CONTROL.

    The fact that he’s posting pictures of his daughter with her finger on the trigger makes me cringe, and IMO is severely negligent.

    Both of my daughters point out fools breaking gun safety rules at the range all the time…because I hounded them on the fundamentals (even made them take an online/DVD gun training course) before I ever took them to the range.

    Glad this young gal is growing up unafraid and appreciative of guns, but I can only hope that Dad coaches her on proper trigger control immediately.

  22. I made the unfortunate mistake of clicking on the DU link in the post, it still remains disturbing that the shallow-end-of-the-gene-pool’s mentality is emotional subjectivity > logical objectivity

  23. I won’t be voting for Mr. Ryan (why’d you have to say YES to Mitt, Paul?), but I respect that he’s teaching his daughter how to hunt and he’s spending time with her. Some of my best memories as a child were the times my father took me and my little sister out to the range. I still remember the first time I was allowed to go pheasant hunting with him, I was so excited that I could barely sleep the night before.

    It definitely shows the current cutthroat state of politics when political pundits on both sides start picking on the kids (I’m reminded of comments made about Obama’s daughters, or Jon Huntsman’s adopted daughters). I work with kids everyday and that BS makes me mad… Democrat, Republican, whatever. Sling your stones and arrows all you want, but lay off the children.

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