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The middle Tweet came from the desk of John Cobarruvias. The Houston, Tx Democratic Precinct Chair, blogger and member of the Texas Democratic Executive Committee backtracked after the backlash: “My apologies to those I offended concerning the#nra. My emotions on the subject got the better of me. It didn’t help.” Yes, well, his Twitter page still calls the NRA a “domestic terrorist organization” and contains a link to the names of all the politicians who received money from the National Rifle Association. And the left howled when Sarah Palin’s Facebook page put a reticle over the towns where Tea Party activists should “target” vulnerable Dems. Oh, how they howled!

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  1. Someone should call the police on this sack of ****. This happy little Chekist needs a visit from the boys in blue and his career ruined.

  2. Why do we have the second amendment again… for hunting right… wait no, it’s to protect us from politicians like this guy.

  3. Not to worry. The wingnuts don’t believe in having guns. Maybe they want to shoot NRA guys with paper clips or by bombarding them with copies of “Dreams of My Father.”

  4. Well, we all know when they say we shouldn’t have these weapons because of people who “can’t control their anger” that it’s projection, this just proves it.

  5. Aren’t these statements considered terrorist threats? Why are these ass hats allowed to get away with this ?

    • My thoughts too. Politics is dirty. If right wingers posted threatening comments against left wingers it would be allover the mass media and law enforcement at some level would at least interview the posters. It probably won’t occur in the present context.

    • I am going to call the FCC tomorrow and discuss this. Not only is this a terroristic threat but it is being communicated over a federally controlled communication device.
      I know it is bullsh$t but I wonder how much it would scare the shit out of them to get a call from the FCC or some other Fed Agency.
      Maybe the Texas DPS needs to be notified. I think my old riding brother still works for DPS.
      Merry Christmas you tweeter head ass wipes!!

  6. after wayne lapierre successfully defends himself (hopefully with a suppressed short barreled AR), will it prove that guns saves lives to these nuts.

  7. Word to Mark Petropoulos, At least Wayne has some balls to shoot off you POS coward. I’m sure had a lucid thought in your life… & it died of loneliness, Randy

  8. The genocide, and that’s what these creatures are talking about, can only begin when we’re disarmed. remember Rwanda? My grandkids no longer live with me. No innocents in the line of fire. So anytime you blood dancing freaks want to start this party, feel free.

    • Agreed.

      A message to the liberals who make threats of violence behind keyboards:

      The ability to actually USE a gun is a pretty important component of being able to kill us. The difference is… we DO know how to use them. Most of us are pretty good with them, too. But given that there are 150,000,000 firearm owners, we are CLEARLY not the problem. Nutcases and criminals are the bad guys and they are a statistically insignificant micro-minority.

      However, in the event any of you FVCKING PVSSY STATIST SHlTHEADS actually want to rally up and try to shoot gun owners/NRA members then nut up or shut up you whiney little cvnts. Talk is cheap. I can consistently engage a man size target at 500 yards and in close quarters I can do mozambique drills for hours with both carbines and pistols. If my firearms run dry, I will transition to my tomahawk. I’m a fair grappler too if push comes to shove… and physically fit. If you feel like you can hang with me then by all means gather up your cronies and come score a victory for non-violence. Do not mistake my community’s restraint, morality and adherance to the law for weakness. We WILL protect ourselves.

      You MASSIVE, multi-tiered hypocrites will never message me back, nor will you ever rise up against gun owners. As Ralph would say you’re simply trolls who will skulk away. Of course if one of you ever did threaten me I would promptly report you to the police as I actually honor the law and respect life enough to do everything that I can to spare yours. But that doesn’t mean I will be any less prepared for you. Have at me!

      • “If my firearms run dry, I will transition to my tomahawk.”

        i mean this most endearingly, but will you be wearing a fur hat and buckskin? 😀

        the reason why this is so funny is because it is true. it reminds me of the PETA members talking about shooting hunters and “giving them a taste of their own medicine”.

        not too bright…not too fucking bright at all.

  9. So let me get this straight… The people who do not have guns and do not think firearms are necessary are threatening to shoot those who do. Good luck.

  10. Don’t mind me. I’m just here waiting for the police to
    investigate these threats and call for genocide.

    At the edge of my seat.

    Any minute now…

  11. Can we please get his twitter handle. I would personally like to write him about how a Marine feels about being called a domestic terrorist. I promise to play nice.

  12. One of these days I might have to learn how to use all this tweeter, mybook and facespace stuff. They seem like great places to run on about all kinds of useless crap and I’ve been told a time or two I’m really good at that.

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