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“The NFL launched a preemptive strike against playful celebration gestures and fined the New York Jets’ Matt Simms for pretending his hands were guns,” reports. The website got the heads-up from Newsday sports writer Kimberly A. Martin’s Twitter feed. One wonders what impact a $7875 fine will have on a player pulling down $405,000 per year plus, plus, plus. Some. But the NFL’s continued insistence that finger guns are verboten is the worst kind of PC pandering. Meanwhile, where’s the video or pic? Strange that the internets is bereft of Simms’ ballistic finger ballet. Or is it?


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  1. screw the NFL they are practically politicians themselves they claim to care about the integrity of the game yet knowingly look the other way on accused killers like Arron Hernandez and with open arms let the dog killer guy, whose name escapes me, back in then almost fire some dude who said N***er at Kenny Cheney concert FOAD nfl

    • Your “dog killer” is Eagles QB Michael Vick. Who did almost three years in Leavenworth for it. Society considers his debt to society paid. So scratch that from your low-information list.

      • I checked the federal statutes and cannot find any reference to “debt to society.” It’s a stupid phrase that has no meaning, since doing time in no way balances the books. Incarceration is punishment and a way to keep bad people away from good ones, at least for a period of time.

        • So. What are prison sentences for, then? You may suggest that they are to make society feel avenged, Ralph. But you are living proof that that doesn’t work, either.

          Maybe we should have imprisoned him for forever. Until his bones turn to dust, even. For killing a dog? I agree it’s a heinous offense, for which a heinous term in federal prison was exchanged.

          I’m not excusing what he did in any way, nor am I a fan. But Vick grew up from birth in a culture, a milieu, where this was routinely done, and no one was criticized for it, much less punished. Are you comfortable with no forgiveness, no second chances?

      • vick is a low life. I can almost understand dog fighting. Almost . What this S/B did to those poor dogs afterword was un-f’n-conscionable. A total disregard for life and the sign of a deeply damaged psyche. From reading post here regarding LEOs unnecessarily killing family dogs, I would have hoped the compassion would carry over to victims of over privileged felons. By the eagles’ thought process displayed with the signing of vick, I assume if hitler could hit a 60 yard field goal they’d sign him as well.

        A 7,000.00fine for a finger gun, a multi million dollar contract for a cruel sick bastard.

  2. Speaking of open display of “firearms,” the NRA is reporting that Mississppi House Bill 2 has passed, making OC legal.

  3. I don’t watch football so I could care less about fines.
    But that’s just 1 more reason to not support the NFL in any way for me.

  4. Good thing no one does the Shooter McGavin celebration, think how much money they would get fined for.

  5. Wow even the NBA doesn’t find you for the that one. its officially american has gon full retard

  6. That’s a head-slapper! The football guy pulls his “finger pistols,” and the NFL robs HIM!

  7. An amazingly large segment of the American public practically fall over each other to hand the NFL huge sums of money each and every year. Without fail.

    What motivation do they have to do anything different than what they are already doing?

  8. Not directed to this, but on topic, a LA college has now banned the word “gun” from being used by faculty. So much for academic freedom and open discussion of important issues. They have also cancelled a long-running and popular NRA class on gun safety. Ignorance is strength.

    • If what the NFL did can be described as going “full retard,” what would be the appropriate description for this insanity?

      • Thought control.

        By the way, I have to correct myself. The administrators told faculty that they were not allowed to use the word “gun” in the school course catalog. Still bad but an important distinction. I’m willing to bet they would make an exception if someone had a course titled: “Guns as the cause of all social problems in western society.”

        • Let me get straight. You can’t have a class teaching gun safety, and you can’t mention the word “gun”; does that mean that they have to stop teaching history too? If are going to start limiting what words you can and cannot use, why bother teaching English? And since guns and other weapons play such a large rule in books, let’s ban literature classes also; student might be frightened. Same with movies that feature firearms. And comparative religion–you can’t talk about good and evil without talking about killing people. I guess that rules out philosophy classes as well. Biology classes are already on the rocks, what with the emphasis on evolution and all, and sex ed is a close second. At this rate, why do we have schools?

    • The collectivists have been attacking the First almost as much as they have the Second. And the Third through the Tenth as well.

      RE: Mark N. Schools are nothing more than indoctrination centers.

  9. football… what a messed up sport. baseball even with its problems still lets the astros wear their retro colt .45 uniforms with a big revolver across the chest.

  10. Ahh, yes. The NFL. The league where there have been 667 players arrested since 2001. Most of them for violent felonies. ( and fans keep a database of the arrests. The league that hid information about concussions so that star players could keep making them money and whom just was forced to pay about $800M.

    These are the people who are afraid of someone pointing a finger and going Pew, Pew, Pew!

    I could not have a crap about the NFL or MLB and their $10 stadium beers. It is a waste of time and money that could be used for better purpose.

    Also, just like it is a money loosing move to subsidize a retail outlet like Bass Pro shop, it is money loosing for the cities that bond sports stadiums. I doubt there is any stadium that had any benefit to any community except to help support the Union jobs that come with them.

  11. This isn’t quite fair. The NFL didn’t fine him because it was a gun, just because they’re going full-retard on all celebrations. Which is still a stupid rule, but it applies the same to spiking a football as it does to mimicking a fully auto M4.

  12. I’d rather rake leaves then watch football. I know grown men who put on jerseys and sit in a room full of football Knicks knacks and yell and get all worked up over a tv show.

    To funny, they’er more geeky then Star Wars fans…..

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