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Who is this CJ Kalish staring at us with two-faced intensity? Well, we know he’s a man who could pass for actor Sam Elliott in a pinch. We know he churns out progressive propaganda, heavy on the anti-gun and NRA hate. [Click here for a gallery of mean memes.] CJ’s Facebook page reveals his love for the band Vagina Riot and the “fact” that he’s a graduate of the University of South Vietnam. Without further insight into the twisted mind of this gun control advocate, I’ll say this about his not-so-self-effacing post-Memorial Day meme . . .

Irony is the discrepancy between expectation and reality. The expectation that “most Americans” have: we should respect, honor and recognize our military vets for defending our country. Specifically, the freedoms enshrined and protected by the United States Constitution (to which military members swear an oath). One of which is our natural and civil right to keep and bear arms.

“Most Americans” do not expect some silver-haired poseur/poser to mischaracterize that cherished individual liberty as “the freedom of Americans . . . to kill each other with guns.” Most Americans know that our guns protect our lives and those of our families, neighbors, community and nation. A large percentage of those folks realize that our gun rights protect all our God-given, Constitutional liberties.

To suggest that our military “enables” murder at home is a disgrace. Of course, those of us who understand the importance of our gun rights see no irony here. CJ Kalish’s anti-gun agitprop is as predictable as it is unconscionable. Shame on him.

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  1. For some reason I now have an image of pompous, self-aggrandizing cockroaches who flee the light of facts…

    Seriously, it’s all starting to sound the same to me. I wonder if there’s a computer program out there to generate this … Sort of an Orwellian “dog story of the month” for anti gun agitprop.

  2. lol just another troll under some bridge somewhere who now, thanks to the interwebz, can spew verbal diarrhea in a digital format.

    That US soldiers fight and die in foreign lands so you can use them as a tool for your propaganda and misinformation. Merely a visual symbol to be paraded around during photo ops and bullshit commencement speeches.

    Hey, kind of reminds me of what politicians do as well, now that must this irony thing you were talking about.

  3. It’s as if liberals don’t comprehend that murder with a gun is still prosecuted as murder. Nobody thinks they have a “right” to wantonly kill just because they have a gun.

    • Not just Nobody, this guy and his other koolaid drinking compatriots. They think that WE think this, hence the moral high ground right 🙂

  4. I must have missed that report about the selfish actions and deeds that Adam Lanza and all these other mass shooters performed while serving in the armed forces.

  5. I expect nothing less from progressives. They absolutely believe gang bangers, spree killers and law abiding gun owners are the same. More specifically law abiding gun owners are all wannabe killers about to murder at any moment. Justifiable self defense is still murder in a progressives mind.

  6. Americans have the freedom to kill each other with guns? So killing someone with a firearm is no longer a crime, it is a right?

  7. It’s great how guys like this can do the elitist emperors new clothes shtick of ‘the irony is lost on most Americans’, so that all the elitist snobs can be like “Oh but I understand the irony! I must be one of the enlightened, intelligent Americans, separate and superior to the unwashed gun toting masses!”

  8. CJs quote would have been somewhat logical if American soldiers really did die for your freedom.

  9. Yes, that statement is ironic; I would never expect murder to be a protected freedom.

    CJ Kalish is an idiot troll.

    • #NotOneMore veteran should suffer at the hands of VA incompetence.

      #NotOneMore of our children should suffer harm because they can’t defend themselves.

      #NotOneMore attack on the constitutional rights of Americans.

      #NotOneMore ineffective gun control law that pre-punishes law abiding citizens for crimes they did not commit.

      #NotOneMore use of a tragedy to push a political agenda.

      #NotOneMore mom, mayor or blogger needs to speak “on behalf of me” and profess what is best for my family or me.

      You mean like that?

  10. WTF?

    “Protect the freedom of American’s back home to kill each other with guns?”

    Last time I checked every country has criminals that murder people regardless of law. Last time I checked, they were not free to kill each other with anything.

    BTW. His portrait reminds me of the 1984 george orwell movie:×282.jpg

    I think he should make this statement next:

  11. Tho only irony is that most of the fighting and dying on foreign soil by our soldiers isn’t necessary for protecting our freedom and liberty.

    • I agree. But we are maintaining our gas/oil prices and increasing the bank accounts of politicians at the expense of Muslim babies and unarmed political dissident civilians all in the name of “terrorism” in not what it really is but the guise of “collateral damage.”

      • Right. Because Al Qaeda and their Taliban hosts are made up entirely of unarmed political dissidents and Muslim babies.

  12. “University of South Vietnam”

    Ha, ha, we get it. If he’s a Vietnam vet, let’s see the DD 214. He could be a phony vet ( 214’s are easy to forge). Or he was there as a Saigon REMF. Anyway, just another liberal who insinuates that his military service makes his opinions off-limits to criticism, and that his critics are all “chicken hawks”.

    FWIW I’m a Vietnam vet. Doesn’t mean my views amount to a hill of beans.

    • I think I know what you mean. I’ve run across some guys over the years like this guy who claim to be Vietnam vets and I think to myself “Which side?”

  13. I fought and got shot and blown up to protect me and my families right to keep and bear arms when I came back home.

    The rest of y’all were expected to make your own arrangements

    • Excellent! I think you need to ape the style of CJ’s super emo-cool facebook pic and put that quote on there. Hell, get the picture, I’ll do the rest.

  14. Off topic, but am I the only one who tought of GTA: San Andreas when seeing the guys name (CJ is also the name of the protagonist in GTA)?

  15. Even more amusing is that he thinks soldiers were / are in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq (Part 1 & Part 2), Afghanistan, Somalia, etc to “protect our freedoms”.

  16. Ah, well. Here we have a sad man of nominal intelligence and a little literacy who inflates himself to the degree that he would speak for others and judge us all.

    I believe what we have, at the very least on Memorial Day, are brave men, frightened men, compelled men, who died defending a nation they believed in and came from. Men who did their duty whether voluntarily or by law, which duty lead them to places and events that took from them their lives. That we honor them absolutely is a virtue, and for many reasons. On that day it doesn’t matter if they died fighting or running, if they died heroically defending the homeland or in a squalid little dirt war somewhere. We say some gave all, but I’m sure that quite a few had it taken from them by force, these are no less honorable. We honor them because they are dead and we are not. A nation which does not honor its war dead will eventually find itself without anyone willing to die for it and so will not be long a nation.

    Those who would appropriate an event honoring those who have fallen in the defense of their own nation to make a banal and vague political statement are worse than those enemy soldiers who brought about the deaths of ours. At least the enemy presented himself as such and faced us on the field of battle. At least these put their lives on the line for something they believed in, even it if was only that they believed in their own national identity. The enemy has his honor intact, we might disagree with him but he fought us and that is that. What has no honor is to usurp the solemnity of the day we set aside to honor our war dead, to steal from us that remembrance, to politicize our emotions on that occasion to make some base and stupid political point. It’s vulgar, it’s ugly, it is without class. It doesn’t cheapen our fallen or their sacrifice, and it doesn’t cheapen our emotions on such an occasion. What it does is to demonstrate that those who would use such an occasion to advance their own petty ideas are lacking in class, in proportionality and in character.

    • I’m reminded of Henry the V:

      When Westmoreland says to him:

      O that we now had here
      But one ten thousand of those men in England
      That do no work to-day!

      Upon being presented with seemingly impossible odds in battle and to which the King replies:

      What’s he that wishes so?
      My cousin Westmoreland? No, my fair cousin:
      If we are mark’d to die, we are enow
      To do our country loss; and if to live,
      The fewer men, the greater share of honour.
      God’s will! I pray thee, wish not one man more.

      The king insinuates that Westmoreland is a coward or else a monster, that he either fears too much or else wishes that more would die there.

      It seem to me that this person would surrender his honor and that of every man who has ever died for the liberty we enjoy in the US on the alter of false security, as Westmoreland would have done. Do we think him either a coward or a monster? Perhaps, but we know him for what he is, a man who holds his honor cheap.

  17. No, sorry, Kenny Rodgers, but it turns out, the U.S. is just a very aggressive country.

    And yes, we have criminals here. Criminals who, consequently, are armed.

    So let’s just all turn in our guns so that the criminals can run free with their guns and we just wait for the police to show. Yeah, that’s a great idea!

    Three cheers for “the government will protect us” CJ Kalish!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he smokes pot hourly out of a one hitter, is a self proclaimed “artist”, and drives a Prius.

  18. That’s not irony. Irony is that American servicemen fight and die in foreign lands to support a government that hates them.

  19. Actually, the only people who have an unfettered legality to kill people with guns (or drones) is the government, the one this soulless scumsucker thinks should have all the guns.

  20. If this guy REALLY served in Vietnam good for him. So did John Kerry. So did Oliver Stone.And I sure as h##l don’t respect their opinions. Rights are worth fighting for.

    • I think even old Ollie Stone is finally starting to come around on guns. His Hope and Change ticket turned out to be a pretty bad deal, so lately he’s been re-thinking things.

  21. Freedom to kill pepole, how is that a freedom again?

    Also since when are american soldiers fighting for anyone’s freedoms

    • Well at the very least with our all-volunteer force even during the heaviest fighting of the War, the freedom to choose your own career or occupation instead of being drafted.

      • An all volunteer force doesn’t change the fact that soldiers aren’t fighting for freedom for US citizens at all.

  22. Is the irony lost on Mr.CJ Kalish that soldiers, sailors airmen and Marines fought and died in foreign lands to protect his “free speech”? I know I “earned mine”.

  23. No no, the “Irony” is that we praise soldiers for defending us with guns in another countries, yet don’t want to allow veterans to defend themselves at home.

  24. Dear CJ,

    One vet to another, thank you for your service to your country.

    Now that being said, one vet to another…sit down, shut up and color.

  25. Damn, I did not know I had the right to kill other people so long as I used a gun!
    It must be a loophole I missed, I thought murder was illegal….didn’t know it was ok if you used a gun.

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