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@Guns_com tweets: “Wow – not sure what to think about this poster. We get it, but not sure it is the best analogy… Thoughts?” Works for us. We remember these questions on the SAT test. If A is to B, then C is to…what? Public servants don’t like cameras much more than guns these days. The darned things are everywhere. Heinous as child porn may be, most camera oppression, though, seems to be directed not at protecting kids but at keeping you from recording what cops do. In public. What are they so worried about? We get the point the poster’s making, but let’s not draw too close an analogy, OK? Too many elected officials would love to mandate a five day waiting period and mandatory training course to buy a Nikon.

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  1. Wow. An Epson Photo PC camera and a Grendel P12. Neither of them were out long enough to be used in porn or crimes.

    • Thanks for reminding me. I once owned a Grendel P12. I now feel the shame and regret I have not felt in years.

  2. The camera clicks both ways. The politico elites would like cameras everywhere watching the sheeple. However, the prevalence and permanence of recording devices also catches the crooks err I mean politicians and corrupt officials too. To play further with analogies: spoons made Rosie O’Donnel fat, and physics is responsible for the atomic bombings of Japan.

      • Answering in terms of what makes her behavior irrational, ignorant, and dangerous to society: Maybe too much personal freedom (she needs to be kept in the home with an ankle chain secured to the floor and a dog muzzle in her mouth), too much lack of accountability to others, too much time reading Ms. Magazine, too much toleration by society, too much time gossiping and complaining with other modern western women who lack quality proven values and a realistic education, etc.

        Years ago, after Rossie went on about how we need to ban all guns from everyone but the police, she was then asked if her children’s body guards carried guns. She froze and would not answer. If she said yes then any nut-case would not be concerned about causing trouble with the bodyguards and if she said no then she would prove herself a hypocrite and a fraud.

  3. I think that’s a perfect analogy, though leftists will find themselves “offended” by it – but of course, logic and common sense are in no way associated with the anti-gun lobby. How about an analogy to automobiles and car crashes, especially since far more Americans are killed in auto accidents every year than by fire arms.

  4. What about all the damage done to people each year by rocks? Don’t even get me started about the absolutely unnecessary death and injury caused to children worldwide by trees! It makes my blood boil to think we leave any of them unfenced where any child can run into them, or Barack forbid, CLIMB one.

  5. I think the gun grabbers should start a movement to ban all these evil camera’s and the internet, because all these evil computers are causing more crime and child porn.

  6. There is absolutely no legitimate sporting use for these variable zoom, high magnification, assault lenses. You don’t need a red-eye eraser or assault flash, that’s bright enough to temporarily blind someone, to photograph your family or bird watch. And don’t get me started on these so called “trail cameras”. The perverts that use these just want to spy on people.
    Only the military and police should be allowed to have security cameras. Why do you need an advanced surveillance system watching your property? Who do you think is going to invade you; the Russians? lmao the only private citizens that have these are the crazy redneck militia types.

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