Sarah Huckabee Sanders shoots shotgun trap
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The Tweeter in Chief is nothing if not expert at trolling the media. And White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is no slouch herself. She’s been the target of a barrage of media incoming fire since she was promoted to the position. But it all seems to roll off of her back.

She posted the following tweet last night:

For which she’s again been criticized…this time for her form. And so it goes.

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  1. Social media created a society that thinks their moral duty and core values are to sit and wait for a chance to attack with criticism
    Fk’n shit bags.

    • No! The media is right! If we do not work together to protect the rare and endangered Trap (and it’s genetic cousin, the skeet clay) those beautiful species are doomed to extinction thanks to the heartless hunters like Sanders who carelessly blast them out of the sky by the hundreds.

      • Think we can get a few hundred snowflakes to waste a day protesting to save the “endangered” Skeet Clay? πŸ™‚

    • What started off as a platform for college kids to try to get laid has transformed into a cesspool of hatred, anger, and disgust, where murders, rapes, and assaults are live streamed and people willingly overshare the most mundane details of their lives, all because they’re hopelessly addicted to the faux-satisfaction of receiving “likes” and “follows”. Social media is literally destroying our society.

  2. Its always go to see those in government positions enjoying shooting activies. Its even better when they are country bred, corn bread feed Americans. Shoot straight be safe . Keep sharing your gun pics girl!!!!!!!

    • That’s pretty much the White House press secretary’s job description, regardless of president or party.

      She doesn’t lie any more or less than the ironically named Josh Earnest, who stood at the press podium during Obama’s tenure. The only difference now is that the leftist press corps (aka “the press”) treats literally every word that comes from the Trump administration as a hateful lie…even (and especially) when it’s the plain truth.

    • VerendusAudeo, Take a long walk off a short dock. I am sure you can find one in Venezuela.

      Sarah, keep up the good work when you are briefing this bunch(?) and on the range.

    • Dude! Did you take a wrong turn on the Internet? Shouldn’t you be protesting the endangered Skeet Clay or something? πŸ˜‰ Please, go find a blog who will believe your leftist propaganda.

  3. I have been shooting shotguns a long time. It is not easy to correctly “mount” a shotgun. (taking to shoulder and cheek, leading target or catching up to target). Trap & Skeet is hard!! Like golf swings, you can play for years and still make mistakes.

  4. If her form works for her (i.e. increases her hits or scores in this case) who the hell gave anyone else authority to tell her she’s doing it wrong?

  5. I have no idea how well she really shoots, but posting that particular picture set her up for instant criticism. That is what a noobie looks like when you have them take their first shots. Only after they miss (probably missing high since the gun is held low) a few times do they learn that they have to get down on the gun in order to aim it.

    A different picture would have better served her purpose.

  6. It’s not a “candid” (posed) picture like the Clintons dancing on the beach. It’s just a casual one of her pausing after the shot. Relax guys. We probably all look like that when someone is talking/interrupting us.

  7. Hey, take CNN down to Stuttgart for some duck hunting. They can lie about all the bands they got. Of course if you break the law in Arkansas and kill a bird illegally you’ll do more time than if you kill a man.

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