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If Hillary Clinton assumes the presidency and somehow manages to overturn or negate the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act — a goal that she advocates in this tweet — she will destroy the U.S. firearms industry. The cost of defending lawsuits attempting to hold manufacturers liable for the criminal use of their otherwise legal products would be crippling.

It’s highly likely that Mrs. Clinton would try to single-handedly strike down an act of Congress. If, however, the Republicans lose one or both houses in the next election, the legislative repeal of the PLCFA becomes possible, if not inevitable. And then there’s the Supreme Court….

Gunmakers are blameless when bad guys use their guns — in the same way that automobile manufacturers are not responsible for injuries and fatalities caused by drunk drivers. “Holding them accountable” is code for destroying them. That is all.

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  1. Trump/PENCE 2016…as I scroll past “14 stunning female politicians” on my way to post this. Non-stunning hildebeast for prison 2016. It must be stopped…

    • We need to repeal the sovereign immunity laws as they pertain to Hillary Clinton so that the families of the 4 men killed in Benghazi can sue her for everything she’s worth.

        • Sure Rod to the A,

          As soon as we’ve determined that Bush used his private server unsecured email to tell one of his kids that they were all terrorist attacks 8 hours before jailing the director of a mohammed video. We could ask him outright, although he might ask “what does it matter?”

          Half of all POS (D) supporters are anus-breathers, the other half are deceased.

  2. She doesn’t want “Your guns”. She wants to make sure you and your kin will never get another gun. Cut off supply and prices will sky rocket. Putting regular guns into the same price as current pre86 full auto prices. This will reduce current firearms owners to a fraction of rich after a few decades.

    • You forgot step 2: UBC’s with a lifting of the 3 day limit. Thus with no new guns, no legal transfers and no legal inheritance, all remaining guns will be illegal within 2 generations (or less)

      • I didn’t forget that, I implied that by saying kin. Background check to take a kid to a range like how the law was written for Washington state.

    • If the value of my collection increases 50 , 75 , 150 % , my collection will be worth a fortune . Maybe I should vote for Hillary and just let the country screw itself . Nah , I think I would rather use them .

      • Do you have access to nuclear reactor so you can neutron irradiate some bismuth?

        BTW, it has a half-life of about 4 months, so don’t dally about after you synthesize it…

      • Yea, that sounds exactly like what the founding fathers would say. NOT.

        Do all you bootlickers ever realize how you are more of the problem than helping?

        • Nothing in your prior comments suggests that you have even a passing familiarity with what the disposition of the Founding Fathers would be.

        • I’ll save everyone’s time by not quoting from our founding fathers, the anti / federalist papers and misc other works.

          Bottom line, they were willing to risk their lives fighting against tyranny. Your perspective is just another example of why we have lost so many of our freedoms. I.e., another bootlicker.

        • Yep, you know me so well. The fact is, you are just another internet coward. If you actually adhered to your beliefs, you would drive to DC tomorrow and storm capital hill armed to the teeth. But no, you are all talk and no action. Your kind will be the first to cower when the hand of tyranny stretches out before you. I am neither impressed or intimidated by your words for they have nothing but air behind them.

          • I read all these type postings, and wonder why anyone wonders why there is no unity among natural allies to stop Demoncrats. Sanders knows he was betrayed and cheated, but he knows it is more important to crush all opposition, than to revolt and fracture the united front. It is the chronic, historic, classic vein of puritanism that cripples opponents of evil. “If you don’t think exactly like me, you are anathema”. Sort of like Shia and Sunni, no?

        • @ButtHurtz – I’m a tad confused. Are you calling *me* a “bootlicker”, or are you calling the ones that made the “death” comments bootlickers?

          Help me out.

      • I used to think that. then I listened to the venomous speech of our opposition demonizing us and I realized we are at war. Nothing less.

        “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” — Samuel Adams

        “Democracy s a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”
        – H.L. Mencken

        “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.” – Plato

        • That Mencken is priceless and completely accurate. Plato said a democracy would only last a couple of hundred years before evolving into a tyranny. Looks like that’s going to be about right.

  3. It’s a simple plan — overturn the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms act, offer the olive branch of immunity to gun makers that will only sell to government organizations and the ban is complete.

    A similar plan worked for cigarettes, no?


    • Tobacco kills 500,000 people a year and 42,000 from second hand smoke which you could stretch to murder I guess. Rifles kill 250 people. If these people really cared about saving lives there are better ways to accomplish it.

      • I have never been a smoker, but…

        If tobacco kills a half million people every year (U.S. or worldwide?), every one of those people was a volunteer. I know about addiction, but millions of people have quit smoking successfully.

        Second, I would love to see a citation on the 42,000 second-hand deaths. This is one of those statistics that gets tossed around all the time with never a credible link to the source of the data. Even so, of those who MAY die from second hand smoke, once again, they are voluntarily in the presence of smokers often enough to succumb to the health risks.

        I grew up with a father who smoked 3 packs a day. For most of that time my mother smoked at least one pack per day. He died of tobacco-related effects, she quit and is now 90 years old. Neither myself nor any of my three sisters, all now in our 60s, have exhibited any adverse effects from that exposure in our youth.

        As for exposure to tyrants who support the destruction of the Constitution and the removal of Constitutional protection for the natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms (against that government, if necessary), THEY are a clear and present danger that cannot be avoided, only confronted.

        • There’s gotta be at least another 150k in there from all the ladies hooked on my sweet, sweet, tingly chaw keeesses.

      • “Tobacco kills 500,000 people a year and 42,000 from second hand smoke which you could stretch to murder I guess. Rifles kill 250 people. If these people really cared about saving lives there are better ways to accomplish it.” – NorincoJ

        They don’t care about saving lives. The Tobacco Master Settlement of 1998 (sadly [for the cigarette companies] only one of many) payed out 206 Billion over 25 years.

        A small fraction of that $$$ was given to Planned Parenthood who, since 1998 killed over 1 million people (~ 50%+ of everyone that walked through their doors) PER YEAR.

        You do the fing math.

  4. Yep and that’s exactly how she’s going to do it…without even touching the second amendment (that part will come later).

    • And you can just bet that our Quisling Republican led Congress, led by Ryan and McConnel will roll over and pass anything she wants to pass. They call it “governing”.

      • Yes. we have a Hobson’s Choice: let these Copperheads remain in office and sabotage the Constitution or vote them out replacing them with Democrats.
        We lose either way.

  5. Yeah Hillary, put the gun lobby on equal playing ground as other industries! Let’s have lawsuit protection for improper use of products be standard across all industries!

    • Not what the metadata shows. The reality is that “polls” oversample from Clinton’s core constituencies. Or do you really believe that 50% of the voting adults in the US have graduate level college degrees?

      • I believe people are stupid and apathetic enough. Rather than having some critical thinking and fortitude to actually look into stuff, they’re content to watch their stupid NFL games, as well as dismissing anything they hear from say TTAG as “politically biased”, yet readily accepting everything CNN puts out as “honest news”.

        • The reality is that Clinton is getting slaughtered amongst the general electorate. The blue collar core of the DNC hates her guts and the hard left is feeling ambivalent, at best, due to what she did to Bernie. Again, don’t take my word for it, go look at the US metadata. What won Obama the White House in 2008 was being a “change” candidate and broad popular support. Trump is the “change” candidate this year and he has the broad popular support as indicated by his donor base and social media presence. All the Wall Street money in the world doesn’t change that calculus. It’s why Clinton is running a multi-million dollar online troll campaign. She knows that in GOP voters turn out, she’s fucked.

  6. It’s incomprehensible that our laws would protect Hillary Clinton over American families. We need to fix this.

  7. I want to sue Hillary! I just had to vomit, and it was completely her fault! She must be held accountable for what she did to me! And two days ago i hit my thumb with a hammer when i tried to get a nail into some wood, that hammer manufacturer better be ready for my lawsuit! You ALL be sure that i will sue you! For what you did to me. By being in the interwebz!

    • Well, it arguably was her fault when I had to vomit after the Comey press conference.

      It’s really, really funny, in a makes ya wanna cry kind of way, for Hillary Clinton to use the words “laws” and “protect” and add “We need to fix this.”

      You are darn right, we do need to fix misapplication of justice, Hillary. You need to go to prison for your ACTUAL crimes, not the made-up unicorn kind of “crime” a manufacturer didn’t commit when some nutjob did an evil act.

  8. Well it’s now officially time for everyone to buy a Ghost Gunner or some other CNC mill or some sort. These anti’s are going to come after our rights no matter what. Time to take it out of their hands.

    • Not even just for guns, dicking around on machine tools is super fun. Like model ic engines. Maddening yet addictive.

      • True enough on that one! I’ve actually got more than a few non-firearm projects machining projects kind of on the back burner.

        • I’m currently the opposite. Got a ton of projects and so far have only done a couple 80% builds. Once I finish this rebuild on grandpa’s ’44 Southbend I’ll be able to do round things! Been working on making my own rifling cutting jig in a way that I can swap out templates for different twists. Sometimes making tools is more enriching than actually using the damn things.

    • In Soviet Russia you would get a trip to the Gulag if you so much as smelled of mimeograph ink. Possession of the actual machine would get you 25 years (or death, they were not healthy places).

      • “In Soviet Russia you would get a trip to the Gulag if you so much as smelled of mimeograph ink.”

        I have heard that pre-USSR breakup Zerox machines where kept under lock and key…

        • Not just in USSR. Eastern Europe too. And not only Xerox machines. As a matter of fact I have never seen anything like a xerox until 1990s. Even mimeograph stencils were locked and very strictly controlled and every single one had to be accounted for.

          I remember people copying whole books on typewriters with as many carbon copies as was still readable. These dangerous illegal ideas then circulated from hand to hand on that flimsy copy paper until someone didn’t just read them, but made another bunch of copies and handed them forward. We called it ‘samizdat’.

      • Actually it’s far too late to even think about regulating machine tools like that. We’re already at the point were people can build home CNC powered machine shop with off the shelf components. Hell you straight up buy them cash in hand from Craig’s List in just about any major city.

        Now this isn’t to say you still couldn’t be tracked down. But at this point it’s pretty clear that relying on the idea that the state can control the sale of tools like this just doesn’t hold water.

  9. There is some good news.

    Trump’s tanking in the polls is having little impact in the House and Senate races.

    We will likely keep the House…

      • Social media does not win elections. Big rallies do not win elections. Voters voting wins elections. Hillary has a ground game, a “get out the vote” infrastructure. Trump doesn’t. He was relying 100% on the RNC for that, and then he went and declared war on the RNC.

        It is true that there is a huge swath of potential voters who don’t vote, who might vote Trump, and if he could get them out to the polls, they would be more than enough to sway the election. There are 47 MILLION white voters who didn’t bother to vote for Romney (Romney lost the election by just 5 million votes.)

        Voter turnout is the whole ballgame. Hillary has an organization and volunteers and campaign offices to get it to happen. Trump doesn’t — instead, Trump brags how he’s spending so much less than Hillary, as if somehow that’s a virtue? “Yes, I lost the election, yes I screwed over the Supreme Court for the next 30 years, but at least I saved fifty million dollars!”

        All the metadata and social media and rallies don’t mean as much as a skidmark on Trump’s underwear if his supporters don’t a) register, b) get out to the polls, c) wait in the lines, and d) cast a ballot. That’s the entire ballgame right there.

        • Go drive down the road, count the number of “Hillary” stickers you see, then count the “Hillary for Prison 2016” stickers you see. In my area, it does not make you think Hillary has a chance. Except for prison.

      • What you miss is that the GOP base hates the establishment and loves Trump. He’s basically the conservative Obama. Until you show me metadata that shows a higher voter engagement for Clinton than Trump, you’re full of shit.

        Oh, and Trump didn’t “declare war on the GOP”, the GOP establishment declared war on their constituency. By electing Trump, we’re going to make those treasonous fucks pay.

        Again, Trump doesn’t NEED a “ground game”. The metadata shows an order of magnitude higher voter engagement level for him than for Clinton. Every RINO slur and MSM smear job just makes his voters hungrier to kick your collective asses.

  10. The Shot heard around the world. Whether referring to the beginning of the American Revolution or the assination of Arch Duke Ferdinand. Both relevant.

  11. Now that she’s pretty much locked up the white house, she can abandon the idea that she had to hide her more statist ambitions.

    • If she had the White House “locked up” her campaign wouldn’t be as obviously desperate as they are. The reality is that publicly available metadata shows a landslide Trump victory. Hillary is almost 20 points down with independents. That is not a recipe for victory.

      • I seem to remember similar talk in 2012. That being said, there’s still 3 weeks left and a lot could happen. Hillary could keel over or grab Obama by the pu**y on national television, aliens could invade, an email could come out with a detailed menu of fetal parts and puppies as Hillary’s primary diet. The sad thing is, it won’t matter to any of her supporters. Time to start hoping Trump hasn’t given congress to the dems as well with his scorched earth bullshit against his own party.

        • Again… The guy who is batting 100% at predicting elections is giving Trump a ~90% chance of wining. Did you watch the video? It does a very good job of explaining things.

          All we need to do is turn out and Vote Trump.

        • I told family months ago that Trump was going to win this by what many will consider a landslide. Not a Reagan landslide, but close.
          Pwrserge, you are spot on with the skewed polls. And the msm is much to blame for this as well. I don’t think it’ll matter much.

        • You guys are like Charlie Brown kicking the football. Keep believing, just like every other election cycle, that the polls are all magically wrong because you don’t like the clear and obvious result that is coming.

          Heck, I mean it, it might actually postpone the inevitable rush on guns and ammo to come.

        • Ok Hanibal, explain the sampling irregularities and why the polls are 180 degrees from the metadata.

        • @pwrserge: I hope you’re right, I really do. I hate Hillary with the burning fire of a 1000 suns, but she has successfully been able to push Trump into being Trump. The way he is going off on the down ticket Republicans is going to cost the Senate and possibly the House. Even if he wins, he gets nothing done by doing that and if he loses, Hillary gets everything on her wish list.

          Yes, I sub to Stefan and have seen the video.

      • Wow, you have your head in the sand. Trump has completely lost the female vote. The men in my family may still hold their noses and vote for him, but the women will not. At this point, I’m trying to convince them to vote for Johnson so their votes don’t go to Hillary. As for the angry far left, are you hoping they just stay home? Cause they sure as hell aren’t voting for Trump. Many of my progressive (socialist) friends are still grumbling about Hillary. A few say they’re writing Bernie in, and a few are voting for Jill Stein. But most have switched to blasting Trump, and they will vote for Hillary because they think Trump is a racist, misogynist demon.

        Trump has lost all but the hardcore GOP (mostly male) base. I suspect Missouri will still go red, but not by much.

  12. Win/ win.
    Destroy firearms industry. Employ lawyers as attack dogs to accomplish said destruction.

    Democrats love this one.

  13. If the firearms industry is worried, they just need to make a large donation to the Clinton Foundation. Seems to work for every shady government and third world despot.

    • You hit the nail on the head! That is precisely what I was thinking. Get the gun companies to make large contributions to her campaign or foundation and it’s a lock!

  14. We need to unite as a single American people in our shared hatred of this witch, her open hostility to our rights, and the plutocratic owners that she serves. We have fought this battle against these elite since the founding of the nation, perhaps even back in Europe before the founding, isn’t it time for the words of the Federalist papers, the US Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence among others to unite us against any who would oppose our rights?
    We need to restart this experiment, it stinks to high heaven, with the rampancy of corruption, the open greed, and legalized criminality apparent in all sectors of our lives. The system needs to stop, it is kept alive by corruption and passing off responsibility to the innocent for the sins of the guilty. The founders would weep to see America degraded to her current state and lambaste us all for allowing this malignancy to grow to such proportions.

    Trump 2016, Hillary for Prison 2016 – 2100

  15. We do have laws to protect the Sandy Hook victims. The problem is criminals don’t obey the laws. Punishing law abiding citizens or companies is immoral. Rifles which account for around 250 deaths a year are not a problem and are not inherently dangerous based on only 250 deaths. Courts protecting lawful commerce is one of the reasons we have government and laws.

    • Deaths per year from rifles = 250. Is that ALL deaths or just criminal use?

      Whichever, I read recently, possibly here, that many more toddlers than that die every year from drowning in carelessly stored or handled 5-gallon plastic buckets. For those who believe the government should be all-powerful and they have no personal responsibility, it’s obvious plastic buckets are next and soon after all personally owned swimming pools will be filled in.

      The only thing that can protect you from an over-reaching government tyranny is the very thing those tyrants are so obsessed with denying you – your firearms. I will vote Trump, though I despise the man on a personal level. He may at least have some value as a president that is not invested in destroying the Constitution. At least if it all goes to Hell anyway I will be able to stand up and say that I took a stand.

    • +1 Vote. Bring your families to vote. Take the day off and drive your friends to vote. Right now, Trump has a chance at winning the general in a landslide. We need that landslide to crush the DNC and allow Trump the majority of both houses that he will need to gut the regressive agenda once and for all.

  16. When I read the gun forum I routinely visit and hear member after member after member think they are taking the high moral ground unwilling to vote for Trump, it makes me want to be physically sick and this is exactly why. If you Never Trumpers do not wake up, you will be the cause that allows Clinton to take your 2A rights followed closely by all the others. It is past time you WTFU!

    • The “Never Trump” cuckservatives are a vocal minority. They bitch and moan, but what they fail to understand is that change is coming one way of the other. They can hang with the GOP candidate or they can be hung with the commie fucks trying to push Clinton on us.

      • Huh Huh, “cuckservative” There’s lines being drawn. We don’t get warnings when it all goes tits up so the only thing defining a man at that point is his convictions. I’ve already lived this on a micro scale.

      • True, but some NeverTrumpers are dyed in the wool cucks that have sold their souls to the ‘conservative’ cause that is not conservative at all.

        They can’t see the forest for the trees. The substance of their arguments against Trump, his big ‘moral crime,’ is that they don’t “like” him as a person.

        It’s really, really stupid. Beyond stupid, actually. One thing that makes it so colossally stupid is “Do you like HILLARY CLINTON as a person?”


        • I love that cuck has entered the lexicon. My little bro and I used to smash beers and call all our friends that.

  17. Any other one of the candidates in the gop primary would have walked away with this election against the worst dem in recent history.

    And instead we got… Donald Trump. Good job guys, get ready for reality and another Clinton in office.

    • Bullshit.

      There is no way on this earth you are EVER going to convince me that wet noodle Rubio or Jeb “Please Clap” Bush would have stood up to Clinton and the media assault … AND the GOP lack of support and fought back hard and is winning.

      You don’t see that he’s winning because you don’t want to, for whatever asinine reason you’ve invented to rationalize your argument.

      You also can’t possibly hope to convince anyone that said Clinton and media assault would have been any less no matter who the candidate was.

      Trump knocked it out of the park in spades in the last debate and he’s winning in enough of the rigged polls…even though they are rigged…to keep people from buying your “it’s all over” bullshit.

      Grow a pair and FIGHT. Trump is the only candidate against Clinton with a prayer of winning, and he has some very good qualities as well. Open your eyes, and open your mind and you might just be surprised.

      As I was; I was not always a Trump supporter. I once thought as you do. But then I gave the man a chance and really listened to what both he and his supporters were saying.

      Freaking defeatists give me a case of the ass.

    • What your seeing the media do to Trump was planned for long ago, before the primaries even began. The “Ready for Hillary” super pac reemerged literally days after Obama won reelection, with plans to crown her once more. The liberal skewed mainstream media prepared this onslaught originally for Bush, but they simply had to alter a few things. Ironically, as easy as Trump is to attack, he’s also the only one out of the GOP field who could hold his own against the media.

  18. Whichever way this election turns out we need to organize a nation-wide push for an Article V convention to correct some of the “loopholes” the Progressives have been using for a hundred years to undermine the Constitution. #1. TERM LIMITS for House and Senate. #2. NO DYNASTIES! A Constitutional amendment making any person ineligible to run for president if they are related by blood or marriage (or divorce) to any person who has served as president within the previous 50 years.

    For additional ideas see “The Liberty Amendments” by Mark Levin.

      • All the Article 5 people need to understand that unless the SC is eliminated, or their jurisdiction is severely curtailed, any amendments initiated and ratified will be ruled “unconstitutional”. The current constitution is tortured beyond belief. Making changes to a document ignored daily will bring about zero change. The flaws are not in the constitution, but in the legislatures, the courts and the presidency. I like to listen to Mark Levin, but making anything more “illegaler” addresses symptoms, not root causes. Only the complete dismantling of the political process and the government will permit “a return to first principles”. The founders knew and expected that. We are too many generations removed.

  19. Comment strictly political, not gun-related:

    Any notice that Demoncrat and leftist politics declare war on Americans? The desire to utterly destroy segments of the economy is purely ideological. Prior to Jimmy Carter, when did any major political party make it their mission to eliminate any legal business? I admit to being blind here, but who was the last Republican presidential candidate on record as wanting to obliterate any small or large business?

  20. Repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act is a pipe dream the left loves to whine about but I think HRC knows there’s no chance of it ever happening. They’d need the presidency, 61 senators and control of the House and they have to get all that with the post Blue Dog Democratic Party.

    • Correct.
      Need I remind others (not you) that Wikileaks has uncovered emails from Clinton that describe her tactic of having Public and Private policies.
      Her fever-pitch vocal anti-gun policies are the public ones, privately she won’t do much at all because she cannot.
      She will say and do anything to get more power to feed her lust of corrupt power and money. Hasn’t her latest gutter-level assault on Trump shown this already?

      • Your analysis of Ms. Clinton is spot on but I don’t think she’s exactly unique in that characteristic. They all have their red meat for the base and their realistic goals.

        The real key is the purging of the Blue Dogs from the Democratic Party. I just can’t see them controlling the House for at least a generation. Either the party’s going to have to repent or the country’s going to have to fundamentally change.

  21. I am all for it!

    let her do it, if she is elected?

    Then one smart attorney has to wait for one case against guns to go through and its all over from there!

    Now with that one case behind a attorney!
    they can sue all the Beer/booze makers for DUI deaths in cars
    then the car makers, then hammer makers, knife makers, baseball bat, 2X4 lumber, medicine! on and on!

    that law just like the 1st amd protects a lot more than what is seen!

  22. well, we had a bevy of actual conservatives to choose from and you windowlickers chose a fascist demagogue. He doesn’t have a chance against the Clinton machine. I can’t stand either of them, voting Johnson. I know he won’t win. I just refuse to give tacit approval to a two party system that is obviously broken.

    • “I just refuse to give tacit approval to a two party system that is obviously broken.”

      “Broken” as in all those wonderful Conservative (Demoncrat Lite) candidates who lost because they represent nothing different from the betrayals of “real” Conservatives in the past?

  23. I am not a Hillary supporter but what choice do we have as the other republicans who could have won were shut down because the little orange demagogue had shiney words that the base (yikes) was mesmerized by. They did not even ask questions but just did what they were told as he pandered to their hatred. He is totally unacceptable to run anything and unstable and pedophile most likely and is bipolar without a doubt. So the people who nominated him gave it no thought beyond the fact that he has a big mouth and is not from Washington. So now we are stuck with him and the only option that a reasoning person has is Hillary because Donald it just plain crazy and should not have his finger on the button. Any button. Lol
    Before you accuse me of being a shill or working for her any thing else please explain to me how he is going to accomplish his goals as he gives few if any real answers and would you let your daughter work for Him? Nope no how no way as he is a joke as is Hillary but he is a bigger one and the facts abound. All I hear is the complaining about the media but he has a pattern of suing when someone says things he does not like even if they are true.
    Once again for our thought impaired readers, listen to what he says or should I say does not say.
    What a sad fucking situation Hillary who is all over wiki leaks or Donald whom blames everyone else and stirs hatred. Yup we are fine examples of responsible voting in this country where we have no interest in the facts from either side as the educated vote is no longer in play when a reality tv person is seriously being considered. Ahhh sad state sad sad state…..
    Is this a lesson you wanna teach your kids that if they loose because of their own actions then they should piss and moan and blame everyone. Pay attention.
    Ok let me have it because I dared bring thought and facts into the conversation.

  24. How did firearm manufacturers survive a couple hundred years of making guns before the PLCFA went into effect in 2005?

    • Because in those days:
      – There weren’t as many lawyers
      – People in general looked for direct connection between the instigator of a tort, and the victim
      – Law suits weren’t seen as a casino (If you injured someone, the law required making the victim “whole”, not wealthy)
      – Class action suits were reserved for very large groups, and difficult to get beyond the filing
      – Since the 70s (?), the entire society has decided “somebody’s gotta pay”
      – – The concept of “deep pockets”, sue everybody in sight, hope to hit it big hadn’t got any traction
      – The sport of destroying companies or industries via law suits hadn’t fully incubated

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