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RB's gun tattoo (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The great thing about tattooing your child’s name on your body: you’ll never regret it – as one might if one inked the name of the mother of said sprog on one’s epidermis. TTAG reader RB’s daughter Livvy knows her old man is fully committed to his progeny, body and soul. She also knows that Daddy is a 1911 fanboy-for-life, twice over. I seriously doubt RB will ever think to himself, screw John Moses Browning, Gaston Glock’s my guy now. And I mean that in a totally asexual way. Are those holes life-size? OK, I’m gonna stop now.

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  1. Dammit RF.
    Can’t a guy drink at his computer without fear of losing said drink nasally?

    That said, I like the tat! It gets the Benny stamp of approval

  2. Not a tat guy but I’ve seen some beautiful work. Some tat artists are truly talented. They don’t withstand the test of time, mostly because we don’t. That one doesn’t even start out so great, IMO.

  3. I really want a gun tattoo. I’m leaning towards “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” laid over a .223 round.

  4. Am I sensing just a bit of Howard Stern Show here?

    I have a second cousin that got a tatoo of a skinny belt around her waist. When she was eight months pregnant it looked like she’d won the WWB world wrestling championship belt.

    I’m a tennis fanatic. I wanted a tattoo under my navel for my favorite racquet company, HEAD. My wife objected, claiming that I should be with anyone that needs the instructions.

  5. Dave Navarro to above artist: You do NOT have what it takes to be Ink Master. Pack up your shop.

  6. While I can appreciate all the negative opinions and comments, I certainly don’t agree with them. I had the idea to have a tattoo of crossed pistols underneath a heart when my daughter was born five years ago. Decided to combine the heart with a target and add two bullet holes (one for her, one for me) for good measure. Now that it’s all healed up I personally think it looks great. Of course I would, it’s on my arm, right?

    Like RF said, I’ve got mad love for my .45 pistols and my daughter. I figured I’d just share that love with all my TTAG bros. You don’t like it, it’s all good. Opinions are like b*ttholes, we all got ’em and most of ’em stink. 🙂

  7. I noticed they’re cocked. Are they locked? Safety first! Livvy is a cute name. I like it, but I’m a tattoo fan so it doesn’t take much to win me over. Thanks for sharing RB.

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