American Jews buy guns
Courtesy Israeli Tactical Training Academy
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“We are seeing Jewish customers buying their first guns,” Whiddon said. “Overall, we’re seeing about a 30-percent increase in business.” 

State Rep. Esther Panitch, (D) 51, says antisemitism has been rising in recent years on the right and the left and has spiked since the Hamas terror attack a few weeks ago.

“It’s a dark and dangerous time for Jews right now,” Panitch, who is the only Jewish American lawmaker in the Georgia legislature, said.

“I’ve heard from people in the community who are afraid who have talked about other types of self-defense, including firearms,” Panitch said. “I have upgraded my weapons training as a result of what’s going on.” 

— Christopher King in Georgia gun store owners say more Jewish Americans buying guns amid Israel-Hamas war

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  1. State Rep. Esther Panitch, (D) 51, says antisemitism has been rising in recent years on the right and the left and has spiked since the Hamas terror attack a few weeks ago.

    Of course they interview a Democrat who is pretending like the threat is equal from both the right and the left. How many Miner49ers are in America? What kind of monster cheers on the “freedom fighters” baking babies in ovens and burning their families alive (after raping them)? Answer: Democrat monsters.

    So what does the Democrat executive branch do? They lecture us about Islamophobia.

  2. Representative Panitch is a gun grabber and wants to revoke Georgia citizens 2A rights. Her sudden conversion in lieu of past performance on the issue is somewhat revealing. #HYPOCRITE #IRONY

    • A “Road to Damascus Moment” requires a bolt if lightning, maybe she has had the scales fall from her eyes and is genuinely accepting the need for the good people to defend themselves from evil.

      • Wake me when she endorses the repeal of the National Firearms Act. Or when she calls for the repeal of the Mulford Act.
        Or when she calls for the repeal of all state gun control laws in Georgia.

        Right now, she is just a Democrat who wants HER gun.

        • Most jews are anti-civil rights. That’s right I said it. Can we be intellectually honest here???

          If you don’t support the individual right to keep and bear arms? And you believe only the government should be the ones having the guns. Then you are anti-civil rights.

          And I not singling out jewish people. This applies to h0m0sexuals. Who largely think the same way. Both are s0ci@list pr0gressive in their politic@l 0rientation.

          And both seem to be motivated to change at least a little bit. Because of a massive loss of life in their communities.

  3. As The Times of Israel reported, the Israeli government showed around 43 minutes of footage of Hamas’ assault against Israel for 200 members of the foreign press. The government decided to share the footage to dispel “a Holocaust-denial-like phenomenon happening in real-time.”

    Another video showed a terrorist attempting to decapitate a man writhing on the ground…

    In addition to murder and kidnapping, Hamas terrorists subjected women, grandmothers and children to extreme sexual violence.

    “There is evidence of mass rape so brutal that they broke their victims’ pelvis — women, grandmothers, children,” Shari said, adding that she also saw “people whose heads have been cut off,” and women in their night dresses “woken up and shot.”

    These are Miner49er’s “freedom fighters.” I always wondered how people could deny the Holocaust. Now I understand. These people are sick. They’re modern day Nazi enablers.

    • American text books are filled with pictures of dead Europeans in ovens. And pictures and films of people being executed. Now show these new images and video. Don’t limit the presentation.

    • What is needed is a physical cleansing of Evil. Much in the same vein as that which occurred during WWII. The Antisemitism being witnessed today are akin to that of the Nazi party demonstrations in New York City in 1939. As well as other parts of the nation.
      American Nazis in the 1930s—The German American Bund – The Atlantic
      Much of the hate and violence being subjected onto people of Jewish faith has been cultivated in Academia, again much in the same vein as occurred in 1930s/40s Germany. Resulting in the Hitler Youth. Who had a major role in the Sturmabteilung (Storm Troopers) or better known as the ‘Brown Shirts’. What we are witnessing is no different than what they did. Including Kristallnacht 11/9-10/1938. The biggest difference is now much of the Jewish community is arming up and preparing to fight for their lives, if necessary. POTG need to take a hard look at what is being witnessed here. If allowed to succeed in their efforts against people of the Jewish faith. Make no mistake the enemy will become emboldened of their tactics and the pass by the Progressive Democrat controlled Federal bureaucracy. With little or no consequences. Will they become the Sturmabteilung of our day. The Anti 2a leadership would likely be all in on using mindless minions like these as their cannon fodder against those who would resist. Using the loss of their minions as further excuse to remove 2nd Amendment Rights. Keep Your Powder Dry…

  4. I stand with Israel. Not the cheering Gaza hordes who cheered on 9-11. Not with the American Dims who grab my gats like ILL annoy Prickster. Sure buy gunz. Quit being communists and I’ll care a bit🙄

    • ‘…Gaza hordes who cheered on 9-11.’

      People seem to have forgotten that. Probably a case of selective memory.

      • America-hating Democrats would love to import millions of them. If anyone objects, they’d get a lecture about Islamophobia.

        • Bringing in select, vetted immigrants that won’t need government services is one thing. Importing America-hating poor refugees is another. Egypt said they’re willing to fight to the death to prevent Gaza refugees from entering their country. Jordan said they don’t want any either.

          Democrats would gladly bring them here. They’re already allowing unlimited amounts of the poor of the world to walk in for free health care, travel expenses, utilities, food, etc. because we apparently have unlimited resources. Jordan and Egypt care more about their countries than we care about ours.

        • Dude, the Palestinians are used as the pawns of everyone else in the Middle East. While the other countries “express concern” over the plight of the Palestinians in reality they do as little as possible for them. The reason Egypt and other countries won’t let them leave Gaza is because they will lose any territorial claim on the land.

      • Nothing ironic about it. He bought the election. He bought the ILLANNOY supreme court. He thinks we’ll bow & genuflect to his fatazz. Far from the only ANTI-2A jew in Illinois🙄

    • Yep, but why? Very strange. Hmm, maybe the power cord for the phaser. Or a Dem ordered alarm warning others that the weapon is unholstered?

  5. With all of the antisemitism of the left it is difficult for me to understand how any Jew can support the Democrat party. The things I have heard Democrat politicians say about Jews and their denial of the horrors perpetuated against Jews in Israel make it clear how antisemitic the Democrats are.

    • I share your frustration.

      I read an interesting essay by an American Jewish scholar on this recently, in which he explained the phenomena as the result of (1) voting and identifying as Dem is so habitual and engrained in the minds of certain communities that they truly can’t / won’t consider any alternative, largely because (2) not voting / identifying as Dem would be an implicit admission that their past support of Dems might have been wrong, and psychologically many American Jews are unwilling to do that.

      He postulated this same psychology was why many Jews didn’t leave Germany in the 1930’s, even when it was clear what the Nazis intended — they had been saying to themselves “it’ll be all right, the country can’t possibly go along with that,” and leaving would have been an admission that their prior beliefs had been wrong.

      We’ll see if current events wake them up.

    • I would assess the Demoncrats would deny the ethnic ‘cleansing’ of the Assyrians and Armenians with the current VP (AKA Heals Up) announcing a committee to fight against “Islamophobia”. The irony is these people buying firearms are still going to vote in their own demise.

  6. Glad to see it as I am an Italian Catholic who grew up in a predominantly Italian Jewish area in NY and my best friends happen to be Jews. While this next comment is not directly related to this article, I do want to address another topic and that is the dual standard we live under in this Country currently. We have one set of rules for leftist radicals, rioters criminals, illegals and another for the law abiding citizens of this Country. Clearly American Citizens are getting the short end of the stick. Palestinian protesters can go to the Capitol and stage a protest but if American Citizens do it, it is an insurrection. We haven’t heard anything about all the alleged arrested protesters and what is happening to them, but we know they jailed and mistreated the Jan 6 people. We have hostages in Gaza and what have we heard about them rather than the outpouring of sympathy for the very people who attacked the Jews. So, I ask the question why should any American Citizen in this Country be afraid of throwing these Democrat Socialist politicians out of office? They are nothing more than self serving, unethical, immoral, individuals who clearly have a my way or the highway approach to governing. Witness the number of people deserting the party and the number of Democrats either being investigated for criminal acts, cheating in the elections, etc. Time to wake up folks and start fighting back.

  7. Meanwhile, all the Jews in Congress, the executive branch and the federal courts, along with Michael Bloomberg, are on board with more gun control.

    • BloomBOIG the moser (pronounced “moiser” aka “traitor” to his faith just pledged $44 million to Israel for helmets, plate carrier vests, and ambulances …. not a shekel to be used for firearms for the populace, what a d-bag.

      As someone from the NY/NJ Metro Area who came upon that diminutive despot more than once on NYC’s Upper Westside I can attest I never saw anyone with more armed security detail members save for the president. He always had the largest NYPD officers and when taking the subway he commandeered the center portion of a subway car where his team disabled the center doors (using a key to “lock” them out) preventing them from opening. Other passengers were relegated to the far ends of the car …. a real “man of the people” he is. Of course his Upper Eastside townhouse had it’s own NYPD security detail outside and when he deemed it pleasant enough to ride his bike to City Hall “to save the environment” his entourage consisted of at least six (6) large NYPD SUVs, his armored vehicle, two (2) – four (4) motorcycles or scooters, two (2) in front, two (2) in back.

      • Correction:

        He lives on the Upper Eastside, less that a block from Central Park, I erred in my first description of his residence and he takes the Lexington Ave subway lines.

        • Off Topic, but, Did you really slather bacon grease on The Old’s power steering hoses so that rats would chew through them ?

        • Louis,

          Tedward had me disable the unlocking latch on the front passenger seat belt and unhook the rod inside the front passenger door lock… he complained too many of his intended victims had been getting away, opening the door and fleeing at Stop signs and traffic lights.

  8. I am surprised it took this long, considering the history of this long suffering people. Most minorities support eth edems and are mostly badly served by the choice. Firearms, money, the vote, and the press are all empowering things. All are being underminfed by liberal demoicrats. You don’t have to look far in history, even in modern times, to see people made helpless by being disarmed, impoverished, censored and misinformed, and having the integrety of their votes diminished. You don’t have to look too closely to see the democrats doing it to this country right now. It’s a shame so many of us need to be cracked ove rthe head to get our brains working, but sometimes that’s what it takes.

      • An important Iranian Mullah has declared Friday, tomorrow, as global Jihad day, calling on all believers to kill infidel world over. Not a good day to go to a mall, airport, school, hospital, public space, market, sidewalk. Funny thing is those lefty white girls holding “I love Palestine “ think they won’t be targeted. They don’t realize that the Sunni extremism that has inflated Hamas brainwashing includes that it is not a sin to rape or kill a non Sunni, it is only unclean. Similar to having sex with an animal you must perform absolutions afterwards. I’m sure even after some subway stations are filled with gasoline the college left girls will still say “all resistance is resistance “. Protect yourselves.

      • Hopefully. You know they will pick the most newsworthy targets, all of which are the major Dem cesspools like NY and Chicago. All they need to do is kill the city’s high voltage transmission lines, the municipal water pumps, and the sewer system. Everything stops.

        • They seek maximal death. Whatever they do it will be designed to cause horrific amounts of death. They are a death cult. If bad enough, some sort of chaos and death of more innocents will happen (vigilantism) which is what Hamas wants. Global Jihad.

    • I was just wondering if anyone had looked into making kosher guns.

      There is such a thing as “kosher steel” because the steel industry tends to use animal byproducts as mold release in forging and stamping machinery. So there actually are “kosher” refrigerators, made with steel Rabinically certified made with mold release free from “trief” (un-kosher) animal byproducts.

  9. There is a press release from Qatar about them finding a tent city in Sinai desert then moving 2,000,000 Gaza (Hamas fighters) to Canada.
    Fortunately other Arab countries insist Palestinians stay in Israel.

    • They’ll explain to us that it’s too dangerous for them to be in Israel, so we should bring the dangerous people here.

    • Western civilization has gone from baddies must be beaten to baddies just need hugs and love to it’s your fault they’re baddies and you owe them reparations.

      Suicide through tolerance.

    • This is clickbait BS. There has been no order in Range v. Garland — the cert petition has simply been set for conference on Nov. 17.

      *Every* cert petition eventually gets set for conference. >99.9% of them get denied at the initial conference. This is about as newsworthy as a bus schedule.

      I suspect Range will simply be held pending a decision in Rahimi (set for oral argument next Tuesday), if not simply cert denied.

      A much more newsworthy event is that on Friday, the SCOTUS conference will include Cargill, Guedes, and Hardin — the three “bump stock” cases that have been “relisted” from earlier conferences. (Recall that these aren’t 2A cases — they deal with whether the ATF regs are invalid as inconsistent with the language of the ’34 NFA, under the rule of lenity, and/or because ATF isn’t entitled to Chevron deference.

      While it is possible that the Court could hold all three cases pending the opinion in Loper Bright and a companion case (to be argued in January) that will deal with whether Chevron deference should be abandoned, I doubt it. Given the three way circuit split, smart money is that we will see a cert grant on at least one of them (probably Cargill), with the others held pending the results in that case.

  10. Well, yeah. Some things make me think that maybe Jews are a bit silly, but they certainly aren’t stupid. The bad guys are coming for you, be ready, or die.

    • If they(Jews) can’t understand/comprehend what supporting the democrat’s agenda has done for them, then they are stupid.

  11. With unfettered access to second hand gun sales with no paperwork now we are going to have American Muslims and American Jews shooting it out on the streets.

    And the Far Right scream this will make us all safer. Only the insanity of the Far Right considers this mayhem and mass slaughter normal and desirable.

    • Unfettered access to our borders is the main problem. And those muslims have shown they are quite capable of using edged weapons when no guns are available.

      Are you ever going to decide to quit being part of the problem?

      • Exactly. The men can just expose their necks and the women and children remove their pants then after a short time when all Jews are exterminated they can begin the much larger task of cleansing all infidel. All very peaceful. Oh, Hanas also wants to exterminate Shia Muslim.

    • dacian the demented dipsh*t,

      Just like all the “Constitutional carry” or “permitless carry” states were going to turn into ‘the Wild West’???? And how is it that 90% + of the “gun violence” you babble about occurs in BLUE cities/states, and is perpetrated primarily by inner city minorities??? Or am I not supposed to notice those statistics, because they are inconvenient for your narrative???

      Like unto your fellow traveler and spiritual brother, MajorLiar, you remain too totally stupid to insult. If “the Right” were the problem, dipsh*t, you and MajorLiar would certainly know it. But never fear, ‘when the revolution comes’, the folks MOST likely to put you two lying, stuttering clusterf**ks of miserable failure up against the wall are going to be the ones you two uneducated morons have been carrying water for. They have no need of useful idiots (and I seriously doubt the “useful” part), once they believe they’ve achieved power.

      *SMDH* Leftism is a mental disease – for people who have no ‘mental’. It’s religion for stupid people, just like “equality” and socialism. Only stupid people believe it; the rest of us point and laugh.

      • quote———–Just like all the “Constitutional carry” or “permitless carry” states were going to turn into ‘the Wild West’???? And how is it that 90% + of the “gun violence” you babble about occurs in BLUE cities/states——-quote

        Numerous studies show the opposite. Red States with lax laws have higher homicide rates than Blue States with tough gun laws and both blue and red states have big cities with high crime so the Right Wing propaganda that says democrat cities drive up homicide rates in Red States is false because that would then hold true for Blue States as well and it does not hold true at all.

      • When you are in a cult, facts don’t matter. Watch the video of the Hamas spokesman claim that No civilians were harmed. He was challenged by Hamas own video such as teen girls with rectal bleeding. No change of tone, nothing. Facts don’t matter.

    • Hi there Dace! In MANY states (like here in Oregon), private sales without passing through and FFL are prohibited. That should make you feel better. Doesn’t stop all the criminal straw purchases (as no law does). Of course, the real purpose was to be a hinderance to folks selling things they no longer wanted and now had to add a background check fee (usually $10-20) plus a dealer fee (usually $50-75) to sell your old rifle or handgun for $200 or so.

      BTW: Define “Far Right”. A now standard slander by the mentally ill left who will never admit to being “left wing extremists”. Far left means totalitarian governments (communist, fascist, national socialists) and absence of property and personal rights. Far right means absence of all government, with maximum property rights, maximum freedom. Conservatives are mid-right, moderate Dems are mid-left, and the Dem base (and media, education system) is far left.

      In 1940, the heavily communist staffed global newspapers began falsely labeling the NAZI party as far right once they invaded Russia (communist Stalin). Couldn’t have it that two far left groups were at war. I guess in 1943 when Italians killed Mussolini and turned against Hitler the media was once again at a loss on how to explain this. All 1930s books I have read clearly stated that NAZIs, Fascists (Italy), Progressives, and Communists were all derivatives of Marxism.

      No charge for the education you missed Dace!

      • quote————–No charge for the education you missed Dace!——-quote

        Obviously Prog brain you, not myself, are the one who flunked history classes.

        Now lets compare Hitler to the Republican U.S. Nazi’s

        1. Hitler hated Jews, ditto for Republicans.

        2. Hitler hated refugees, ditto for Republicans

        3. Hitler hated immigrants, ditto for Republicans

        4. Hitler actually relaxed the draconian gun Laws of Bismarck, and Republicans believe in zero gun control and have relaxed gun laws in their Red States. Only Jews were prohibited from owning guns in Hitlers Germany, not the rest of the German people.

        5. Hitler hated Unions and took away their rights to bargain and many of their retirement rights and workers compensation. Republicans have done the same in their U.S. States

        6. Hitler promoted the privatization of Germanies Social Programs and ditto for the U.S. Republicans.

        7. Hitler was a misogynist and ditto for the entire Republican Party

        8. Hitler banned abortion and created baby farms. The Republicans have banned abortion in numerous Republican controlled states

        9. Hitler destroyed the free press and Nixon and Trump called the U.S. news media “The Enemy”.

        10. Hitler was xenophobic and the U.S. Republicans have been even more xenophobic than Hitler. Under Herr Drumpf (the Donald) he totally banned Syrian immigration, reduced overall immigration to only a trickle, called Latino Immigrants dangerous people when in reality immigrants kill far less people than American citizens do.

        Hitler refused to shake the hand of Jesse Owen when at the Olympics and Trump called African immigrants people who came from shit hole countries and Trump said he wanted to let more white people into the U.S. from places like Denmark (The Danes laughed at him and said they were happy to stay in Denmark).

    • “…. we are going to have American Muslims and American Jews shooting it out on the streets.”?

      Well I’m “ok” (“White Supremacist” symbol LOL!) with that especially if the moslems are Hamasocrat supporters and the Jews are “Left wingers” who pandered and bowed down before bLM, marched in favor of the “Final (Two-State) Solution, welcomed crimmigrants, and voted lockstep for Democrats. Let ’em kill each other.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Wow! You are prone to overstating every situation. I believe we call this propaganda. Where do you come up with thie nonsense? Jewish folks are usually law abiding people. So for the most part of Muslims. The real threat is toward the Jewish folks. Not the Mussies. I guess you forgot how it was HAMAS that started this whole McGilla?

      • I encourage everyone to talk to as many pro Palestinians as possible. I ask “ what do you mean all resistance is resistance “ (answer is kill maim rape exterminate is all good). Are Jews human (do they have a soul in eyes of god). Answer is typically no, only Muslims have souls. Will Islam conquer the earth? It is written as so.
        The above are the most polarized answers. If you speak with moderates they are softer and some say that all should be kind to the infidel as we should be kind to animals. To be fair some claim to support a two state solution but often add words like “ reparations”, etc. If you ask these questions to white college supporters they just yell at you. They can’t reconcile that they are also among the target group but are just useful idiots. To be fair I need to also state that I have spoken with people who believe that no violence is acceptable and that such calls for violence by fundamentalists should be ignored.

  12. #1
    its NOT islamophobia
    if they REALLY ARE trying to kill you
    which they are
    so it isnt…
    will they finally stop voting democrat…

  13. How does the author know these first time buyers are Jews? I don’t recall a question about religion on the form 4473…

    • My thought exactly. How do the gun sellers get a count of Jewish customers? Maybe they think any customer who tries to “Jew them down” must obviously be Jewish. I’m Jewish so I can make that remark without getting ragged on.

    • The 4473 form asks for race. Several are listed (I forget which offhand). Interesting, I will get a blank form from my local dealer and find out for future comments. Oh, the new form (the one I just filled out last week for my new AR15 300 HAMr build) asked for Male, Female, Other. Ludicrous. How long before it asked how many firearms do you presently own? I will lie and not admit to 24. Maybe I should declare myself to be Bigfoot (Oregon here), and insist on special considerations.

    • “Physiognomy” my friend “Physiognomy” well that and surnames that end in “itz”/”baum”/”berg”/”thal”/”man”/”sky”/”er”/”feld”/”stein” etc. make it easy to determine one’s faith.

  14. To Southern Cross:
    Explains how rape victims had broken pelvis.
    A friend who is a doctor explained what happens in aback rape and particularly gang rape and particularly child gang rape. I will spare all the details but the colon exits the body.

  15. Guilty guilty guilty. They have fired over 7000 rockets into Israel over the past several years. Israel hasn’t retaliated until now! Good for Israel!!!

  16. maybe THIS is why biden locked down small arms exports:

    “Israeli Army Forms ‘Settler Militias’ For Remote Communities 

    Haaretz states that since the start of the Gaza-Israel war on 7 October, the Israeli army has distributed around 8,000 weapons to “settlement defense squads.”

    *We will turn the world upside down so that towns are protected.*

    I have given instructions for massively arming the civilian security teams to provide solutions for towns and cities,” National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir said on October 10.

  17. I previously posted this on another thread, but it seems that this one maybe a more appropriate place to (re) post it. Especially if dacidiot happens to stumble across it…
    When they tell you having a gun won’t protect you, show them THIS video, and remind them of Charlton Hestons’ quote..

    This is the harrowing story of Miki, a father from southern Israel 🇮🇱, who singlehandedly defeated over 10 Hamas terrorists who hunted him and his family in their home during the October 7th massacre.

  18. Anti-Semitism is the wrong word. It’s really intra-semetic hate and violence. Islam is the religion of piis. Piisfuls gonna be full of piis.

    Never Forget.

  19. I’m sure the boys were raped as well. That is a tradition in that part of the world historically. But the hom0sexual media doesn’t want to talk about that. But it was reported in Southern Lebanon 30 years ago.

    • Rape of boys is widespread in the Middle East. Also Afghanistan. When I asked people about it they explained that only boys from poor or unimportant families are raped. If the boys don’t have access to a doctor many can no longer hold their bowels as the anal sphincter is torn, so they must pack rags until they can afford a surgery. Often, the bowel is dragged out. If the inflammation prevents the child from stuffing it back it and it dries death can follow. Further it was explained that it was not homosexual pedophilia it was due to difficulty to find female sexual outlet. In Sunni tradition a man can have 4 wives so the females go to the men with money. The other men F__k little boys not able to outrun the men. Sex between adult men is frowned upon, so somehow they find it all ok to rape boys. Raping of infidel of any sex or age is fine. Infidel have no souls so are not human. Hence rape or sex of infidel is unclean, and afterwards absolutions must be performed, but it is not a sin. I have a significant brain scar from being at a person’s home and observing him run his hand up the galabaya (men’s dress) of his child servant. To purchase a child at the time (you purchased “apprenticeship “ of say age 5 to age 15), cost about $1500. The poor families sold their boys into this. No education, constant slave work, and sexual abuse. I will say it – it is a sick culture.

    • Around 1976 my girlfriend’s mom told us of a man she met in psychiatric hospital. He was committed for sex with goats despite explaining that this was a normal act for herders in his culture. With my own eyes I watched an Egyptian man have sex with his horse. The horse voided her bowls on him.

      • The news media has reported these stories. And they’re also being quickly removed from the internet. I can’t find the ones. I read about many years ago.
        Our “polite society” doesn’t want to talk about the facts. They don’t want to hear the Truth.

        Where is a sexually liberated crowd when you need them???

        • Yep. No more mention of the little boys chained to Turkish warlords’ beds either..

          Or the interview with the military folks that wanted to ventilate said warlord on the spot..

      • There were drone videos on Youtube, can’t remember if was U.S. or IDF footage, nightvision stuff, Uncle moslem had an AK slung over his shoulder and was bucking his hips, as the drone circled around you could see the goat which then walked off and shook it’s rear end. Goat-f-ers indeed. Then there are the Hamas puts the “fun” in funeral videos …. moving corpses, empty caskets, sneezing cadavers …. good stuff.

        • Just remember, the bacteria that causes syphilis is part of the normal flora of sheep…

  20. I could never understand why American Jews (especially in NYC) were always staunch Democrat supporters. Starting the late 1960’s, the Democrat Party has gradually been taken over by Communists under the cover of ‘Progressives’ and ‘Liberals’. The DNC’s anti-gun agenda is patterned after every dictatorship in the last two hundred years — control the guns, control the people. You would think that American Jews would have learned the lesson of self-protection after the Holocaust.

    • I don’t believe the jews have learned anything from the holocaust. They are a logical irrational people. They do, however, seem to be very good at calculating numbers. Unfortunately for them, that wasn’t any help to them in 1944.

      And once again in 2023. They are completely distracted by their drug Fueled rock concert experiences. And their pacifism has led them to believe that they don’t need to have a military, when they’re surrounded by people who openly say they want to kill them.

      • A fair criticism. Many Israeli leftists believe in handing Israel back to Hamas. It’s quite odd to watch a person admit he hates himself that much. Off topic, I’m reminded of reading about life as a Jew in North Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Libya, etc). Basically subhuman with no right to protection by police, no real property rights, etc. They survived by paying extra taxes and bribes. Then in 1948 when large scale murders began and property seizures, they fled to Israel. Many were given empty houses belonging to Palestinians who left on orders from the Arab League. When they came back after the Arab League failed to exterminate the Jews, some suggested they go ask for the house seized back in Morocco. I have never heard once about any North African country ever giving seized from Jew property to anyone. I would enjoy it if someone could correct me.

  21. edit.
    They are illogical and irrational. And many don’t even believe in the Hebrew faith. They are atheists who lack principles, and are trying to force the rest of the world to protect them.

    They are morally weak. And that weakness has allowed their enemies to come and attack them in a complete surprise attack. And because the Jewish, in name only, state of Israel has extremely strict gun control laws.

    I would say that Jews are more afraid of each other, than they are afraid of their outside enemies.

    • I’d say they have slipped away from democracy under sociopath Netanyahu. They have a terrible problem with the Haridem who constantly cause trouble (spitting on tourists for example), are inbred and sickly but have vast numbers of children, and refuse to serve in military and tend to pay no taxes. Then they have evangelicals from USA funding “settlers” to invade Palestinian land and commit atrocities (evangelicals believe that once Jews occupy all the land Jesus will return), then Netanyahu turns a blind eye as he gets paid. But most Jews are united in not wanting to be gang raped and murdered. Most understand that the only way to satisfy the Islamic states is to be dead. The moderates agree to allow them to live in the sea.


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