Gun Review: SIG SAUER SP2022 9mm Pistol

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SIG SAUER SP2022 9mm Pistol

SIG designed the SP2022 (a.k.a., SIG Pro 2022) as France’s replacement for the aging PAMAS handgun (licensed copies of the Beretta 92FS). Le Sig built the SP2022 for a service lifetime of 20 years, hence the model designation. Just to keep the two’s in fashion, Les Français began replacing the older Sigs with the newer nine in 2002. Some 250k SP2022’s are now in Gallic hands. While the cheese eating you-know-whats might not plan to keep the Sig SP2022 around forever, the handgun may have found a long term home in the American market.

SIG SAUER SP2022 9mm Pistol

They’re everywhere. My local gun store (San Antonio’s Academy) stocks SP2022’s aplenty. Internet-oriented buyers can mouse click a SP2022 to their local FFL via Bud’s Gun Shop and CheaperThanDirt. In fact, the sexy Sigs made the top 20 list for the best selling guns.

Price has a lot to do with it. The Sig Sauer P226—my favorite handgun of all time—costs nearasdammit $800. The smaller, lighter Sig Sauer SP2022 clocks in around $400 to $430 retail. That’s cheaper than its big brother and Gaston Glock’s ever popular nine. So is the SP2022 a Sig lite? Well . . .

SIG SAUER SP2022 9mm Pistol

The SP2022 may look a tad different than the P226 on the outside, but it bears a striking resemblance on the inside. The guns’ functions are identical, both in terms of trigger pull feel and the single action/double action mechanics. The grip shape is close enough for rock and roll. The SP2022’s slide’s general design and extractor echo classic Sig cues. But there are some distinct differences . . .

The first thing Sig aficianados usually notice: the grip. It’s made of plastic. While the SP2022’s polymer handle may not be as strong as steel who’s gonna break it? You? The SP2022’s significantly lighter than the P226 (a.k.a., ballistic boat anchor); suitable for everyday carry. The younger sib’s improved texture also makes it a lot more grippy.

The SP2022’s “chassis” is made of steel. The actual bits that move along the rails of the slide and keep the gun running are also metal, set into the grip. The SP2022 doesn’t have full-length rails like the P226, but again, do you need that level of build quality for non-special ops? And if you do, pay up. Meanwhile . . .

SIG SAUER SP2022 9mm Pistol

The SP2022’s slide stop extends past the trigger. That’s because it uses a 1911-like system to hold everything together. The same pin that holds the slide stop in place keeps the barrel link and the slide together. It also takes down much like a 1911; the slide stop comes out when you match up the right holes.

SIG SAUER SP2022 9mm Pistol

Flip the SP2022 over and you can clearly see the slide stop pin. Just like a 1911, it goes all the way through the gun (and needs to be pushed back out to strip the gun). It’s a necessity; the SP2022’s polymer frame isn’t strong enough to take the recoil of the barrel and stop it cold. The metal slide stop pin takes the brunt of the force and distributes it into the frame.

Another nifty feature: the improved decocker. It’s shorter, quicker, and feels a little better than the old version. Sig’s redesigned the magazine release in a Benelli-style triangle shape instead of ye olde Sig circle.

SIG SAUER SP2022 9mm Pistol

The SP2022 comes with a standard Picatinny rail on the front for all your accessories needs.

SIG SAUER SP2022 9mm Pistol

I’m not a fan of the Sig’s loaded chamber indicator (LCI). I reckon it ruins the gun’s minimalistic magic. Plus, if you’re out of ammo, the LCI advertises the fact to the Sig-savvy bad guy you’re holding at gunpoint. Nevertheless, the Sig needed an LCI to make it onto Massachusetts’ approved handgun list. So there it is.

SIG SAUER SP2022 9mm Pistol

The SP2022’s trigger is almost identical to the P226′ go pedal—which means it’s not perfect. Even in single action mode, there’s more slack than a coiled rope. The break is nowhere near as crisp as the P220’s, which ain’t exactly a fresh carrot. You can make a cup of coffee (and take it to the condiment bar) in the time it takes the SP2022’s trigger to reset. Still, you can’t argue with the results.

SIG SAUER SP2022 9mm Pistol

I take full responsibility for the group growing a bit to the north and south. If I’d been a better shot, you’d be looking at a 1/2 inch group at 15 yards. That’s damned impressive for a $400 gun.

All that said, the SP2022 is Sig Sauer’s red-headed stepchild. Sig’s marketing department is busy pimping 1911s and the Mk25 over their 10-year-old polymer-framed pistol. Aftermarket parts are noticeable by their absence. Grips and holsters are fairly rare. There isn’t a 22lr conversion kit for maximum plinkage. And yet, at their low price, they’re understandably selling like hotcakes.

SIG SAUER SP2022 9mm Pistol

No wonder. The “Poor Man’s P226” is a perfect poor man’s P226. It offers less weight,   looks great (for the most part) and shoots as well as any $500 gun you can name. It hasn’t replaced the Glock 17 as my go-to recommendation for first time 9mm handgun owners, but I’m thinking about it . . .

Specifications: SIG SAUER SP2022

Caliber:              9mm Parabellum / .40 S&W
Barrel:                3.9″
Overall:              7.4″
Weight:              29 oz. empty
Capacity:           15 +1
MSRP:                 $494 ($400 Buds)

Ratings (out of five stars):

Accuracy: * * * * *
What you’d expect from Sig. And for $400, that’s pretty damned good. Night sights come standard as usual.

Ergonomics (Handling): * * * *
I really liked the way it feels. Its a touch top heavy thanks to the metal slide and polymer grip, but it works. And if you don’t like it there are always replacement grips available.

Ergonomics (Firing): * * * * 
The trigger is a touch south of perfect, but as expected for a P226 trigger.

Reliability: * * * * *
I don’t have any data on this from personal experience, but French police tested the crap out of this thing and 400,000 rounds later it still worked perfectly.

Customization: * * * *
The only people really making aftermarket parts are Sig Sauer themselves, but they’re turning out a ton of stuff. New triggers, new grips… You want it, you got it. Holsters, on the other hand, are a little hard to come by.

Overall Rating: * * * *
For the money, this might be one of the best handguns on the market. Sig Sauer quality with a sticker price below Glock’s “perfection.” The only sticking point is the trigger, which could stand some improvement and might be a little hard for newbies (what with the DA/SA action).

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  1. Nick, I’ve owned a 2022 for almost six years and have frequently praised the 2022 here many times. I consider it the most underrated and under hyped Sig out there. Nite sights, de-cocker, 15 +1 capacity, weight and price, what’s not to love! And in a Cross Breed STD, it’s a pleasure to carry all day. I realize Sig wants everyone to buy their higher priced models and yes I would love a new 226, but I think they need to advertise this little jewel more. Had a RO shoot my 2022, he had just purchased a new HK, and he said he liked the trigger on my Sig better. And I think he paid around $1,100.00 for the HK.

    • It is so coincidental that you should say that – and TRUE that they are underrated! I have an HK-45 – that I love – but while at a local Pawn Shop I see this Sig Sauer SP2022 for $400. I never really looked close at Sigs, and so I asked to see it and tried out the D/A trigger pull and I was sold! Very few guns if any EVER did that to me! I tried it out at the range and shot near perfect – not bad for a $400 pistol that I never fired before! Although the HK-45 had a tighter pattern, I am still very impressed with this Sig Sauer SP2022 – my very first SIG!! I was more familiar with the HK, and the SP2022 was $700 less, AND I kind of like that smooth D/A trigger pull a little better! lol

      • My first ,40 was a Taurus 24/7. Horrid trigger compared to my 1911-A1. I removed the slide and worked the trigger about 500 times ’til the trigger became barely acceptable.
        Mt next .40 was a LE recycled Glock 22 and the trigger was a vast improvement, though still not on a par with my 1911-A1 even with the 2.5 lb. connector, heavier reset spring, and a lot of “Flitz” polish.
        I would say the Glock is now where the Sig 2022 was right out of the box.
        I know it isn’t fair to compare the striker fired single action Glock to the DASA hammer fired Sig But when the SHTF I”l just grab what ever is closest
        I think I’ll get a M&P 40 next!

        • The mp40 was my first/only 40. Bought to use the same 40cal ammo my wife stocks as a security officer. Loved the grip, not really happiest with a gritty trigger. But not horrid.

          I prefer 45s, including an HK 45, a used Springfield MilSpec very accurate worth after market Hogue rubber grips. And a Glock 30. All better triggers than the mp, just the Glock to bulky for small hands

        • Since you can easily convert the 2022 into one with an SA trigger – try that and give us a Red Delicious to Granny Smith comparison. We all know how unfair it is to make an apples to oranges comparison where guns are concerned. Just once, though, I wish the reviewer would never mention Gaston’s Godzilla and weigh the gun on its own merits!

    • I am very comfortable with my SP 2022 Sig Sauer, but I am struggling to understand why mine is 12 +1 its magazine capacity yet is the same handgun, anyone who knows if there is any sig with this capacity. I am in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa.

    • It is the most under-rated gun. I have 27,000+ rounds through mine. I’ve fired a range rental that just went through 750,000 rouns (ok, really worn, more than a P226 at that round count).

      Only downside, very right hand controls.

      My bedside gun.

  2. THANK YOU for reviewing this! I’ve been looking at getting one for a while and its hard to find in depth reviews. Seems like this thing just kind of gets forgotten, undeservingly.

  3. $800!? Wow, I must be lucky then, I got my SIG 228 for about $500, and thats including shipping and payment to my ffl…

  4. This pistol is the first gun I bought a couple of years ago. I like it. I wasn’t competitive in the local Monday night pistol league with the oem sights not being easily adjusted and all. It now is solely my home defense weapon since I now use other hardware for the league. I never had a problem hitting a “bad-guy” sized target at league distances. But alas the league targets are much smaller than that. If I could only have one firearm, it would either be the SP2022 or a .357 magnum revolver. I like the 15 round magazines for the hopefully never occurring SHTF event.

  5. An LCI indicates to the bad guy you are holding at gunpoint that you are empty?

    I’m sorry, but that seems like a super Jack Bauer fantasy reason to ding a gun. If you are thinking like that, you are FAR too deep down the rabbit hole.

    • Or a super Jack Bauer fantasy reason to take a shot at Mitt Romney 6 days before the election. As I have said before, Romney gets the NRA endorsement because he kept it from being worse for Massachusetts gun owners. You’re lucky you can still legally own a handgun with 85% Democrats in the legislature. Don’t screw it up for the rest of us just because you don’t seem to have much influence on local politics.

      • As I have said before, Romney gets the NRA endorsement because he kept it from being worse for Massachusetts gun owners.

        If you say so. Every MA gun owner I’ve come across outside of TTAG has said Mitt royally screwed them and they provided links showing how the NRA has been white-washing what Mitt did to make it look like Mitt helped them out.

      • I had to do a double take when I saw your moniker…I used to race a 1974 Montesa VR (Vekhonen Replica) and loved that bike…later got a 360 with the 4-speed gear box with a couple o’ tons of torque.
        Thanks for the memories!

    • I agree. The vast vast majority of criminals know a whole lot about drugs and alcohol, but precioius little about guns. How many would have the presence of mind to know that the position of an LCI device can signal whether a gun is loaded? Very few, if any. I’m sure that most criminals would not even be smart enough to tell a Red Ryder BB-gun from a AR-15 during the heat of a battle.

      As for Mitt Romney: I still can’t believe that their are 2AD supporters out there who would vote for OBummer. That’s the rough equivalent of being a flat-earther or a Holocaust- denier. Obama second term = AWB, plain and simple.

      • Actually I think he would be noticing the barrel, and only the barrel pointed at his head or torso, not the indicator!

  6. Stop hating on the loaded indicator man. I understand the political angle you’re putting in there and it might not suit your aesthetics, but BS’ing that a bad guy can use it to tell if your gun is loaded is just pushing it too far.

    • Agreed. I can understand being annoyed if it interferes with drawing the gun from a holster, but other than that who cares. I do love the loaded indicator on my Steyr M9-A1 though – it’s a little pin that pokes out just a fraction of an inch on the back of the slide and there are horizontal serrations on the back of the slide, so you can easily brush your thumb over it when gripping your gun and tell if there’s one in the chamber or not.

        • Just an extra way to tell man. It allows for an extra safety check and means you don’t have to half cycle the slide open to check for a loaded chamber when picking it up.

          Would also allow for an extra check if you’re in pitch black conditions by feel. What if the adrenalin let you load an empty magazine in the gun or a round never went in because of a dented feed lip?

        • The purpose of an LCI is that when you have a gun holstered or otherwise stored, you can easily tell if the gun has one in the chamber or not.

        • I have the sp2022 chambered in .40 and it does not have the LCI thankfully, only an amateur or Alzheimer’s sufferer would not know if their weapon was chambered or not. On a side note when I first bought my Sig pro it was terribly inaccurate, I removed the polymer guide rod and replaced it with a stainless steel guide rod and now it is the tits when it comes to accuracy. I have an h&k usp.45 and I prefer using my sp2022 and it was $700 cheaper. Just goes to show you that price doesn’t mean shit!!

      • How can you not know if your chamber is loaded. You woke up, got ready, secured your sidearm… and your telling me that you dont know if you have a round in the chamber? The process is the same everyday and everytime. Firearm mechanics 101.

        A loaded chamber indicator may be good for a dope head who cant remember what he did 3 minutes ago (much less function a firearm properly). But I know damn well if I have an empty or loaded chamber. Come on guys.

        • That’s kinda my thought on an LCI. If a firearm is one you wear daily and keep ready at night, then there is an easy way to tell if it’s loaded with one in the chamber: yes it’s loaded, hence it being “ready.”

          James Yeager may have an ego but one thing he’s said that makes sense to me is that if you keep your gun loaded at all times, you never have to wonder.

        • Get cocky, shoot yourself in the balls… pretty simple. LCI isn’t necessary if you have good habits, but don’t expect to remember what condition all your firearms are in at all time… that’s a good way to get hurt or get in trouble.

        • -2

          It’s a lot cheaper than a Glock
          it’s convertible SA trigger is better than a Glock

          Also, throw in a 1/2 point for NOT being a Glock

        • Please….the DA/SA Sig trigger is far better than any out of the box Glock trigger. Not to mention that god awful grip angle that Glock is known for. The reset isn’t that bad on the Sig either. Take -1 for the shitty Glock trigger, another -1 for the awful Glock grip angle, -1 for shitty plastic Glock sights and another -3 for simply being a Glock. Result: Sig SP2022 is far better than any Glock….I get it, your feelings are hurt….get over it fanboy. Glock isn’t the king of guns, not saying Sig is but get over yourselves with the “Glock is king” mentality. Honestly, the Springfield XD series is a better striker fired option than a Glock, XD’s have a far superior grip angle, just as reliable, had the dual recoil spring originally that Glock now copies/uses as well, has a better trigger and the only thing separating the two is Glock has been around longer but that doesn’t mean it’s superior to the XD. Oh that’s right, I almost forgot….the US military chose the Sig over Glock as its new sidearm. Hmmm, I wonder why?…LOL,

  7. “SIG Sauer quality”


    Nick, you’re a SIG fanboy but you’re still an alright guy. Personally, the only one I want is the P210 but I don’t have a bazillion dollars.

    • Well, in fairness, the P210 is not really a bazillion dollars, but merely a little south of four times the cost of a P226. My P226 X5 tactical shoots pretty close to what my P210 does and it is a bit cheaper – only about twice the cost of a regular P226.

      As for Sig Sauer quality, while I’m sure that there have been issues, I own a few Sigs myself both German and U.S. made and can’t say that they have been any more trouble than other guns I have owned but in fact a good deal less trouble than some. The good thing though is that customer support is very good at least in my experience.

    • By definition, if he were really a “fanboy” I don’t think he’d have found a single bad thing to say about the gun.

  8. i have shot one in .40 and agree that it’s very much like the 226.

    i’ve heard that extra mags are pretty expensive.

    • I got lucky and found some at one of my local dealers. (PT Firearms, Cross Plains, Wi…Great place with outstanding help!) and the owner hooked me up with 3 spares for $20 each. The list is around $40, so YMMV…

      • The ones I picked up are factory original and new. Mec-Gar makes some great products (I highly recommend their 8 round 1911 mags), but I have had mixed results with some.
        (oops) Just read the above post…I will look into it.

        • If you register your Sig, they’ll send you an email giving you 20% off accessories. I bought 3 spares at $36 a piece. Not great, but beats $46 per (Sig shop price)

  9. I recently picked up a 2022 and retired my trusty P225 as a result. The light weight and extra magazine capacity were great, but at $50 each for the almost disgustingly impossible to find magazines, the 2022 beat the snot out of it. Not to mention that the P225 would bind up when shooting cast reloads, and so far the new kid has had not one hiccup. High quality at a low price? Hell, I should have bought 2.

    • I liked the one I set up for HD so much I did buy a second one. One has night sights and a streamlight TRL-1. The other Bone stock and I shoot USPSA production class with it. I’ll probably replace it with a M&P Pros for the longer sight radius.

      • The French in fact fired more shots at the British Army in North Africa and Syria/Palestine, than they ever aimed at the Germans.

      • Nothing screams “ignorant xenophobe” quite like the tired old jokes about the French not defending themselves. Hey, look at me! I don’t know shit about shit, but I’m going to make this really lame tired inaccurate joke showing my complete ignorance of all things WWII!!

    • Here is a video on YouTube that shows 5000 continuous shots from one SP2022. Zero jams, and the only break it gets is to get totally submerged in water 8 minutes in and then back to shooting. Dependable when it matters? Check.

  10. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this review for a year and change (when I started visiting TTAG). I love my SP2022 and take every opportunity to tout its budget awesomeness. The only downside is the lack of product support from Sig (they hide this gun like a red-headed stepchild), though if you call the customer service line they have more accessories and parts for it than are listed on the Sig Shop site.

    Great gun, great price. I think everyone should have one.

    • That’s odd, why would they not list all the accessories on their website?

      More accessories available = better value. it shouldn’t matter that the 2022 isn’t their flagship product or not.

  11. I had one and sold it. Worth every penny but, like all Sigs, had a looooong DA trigger pull and very high bore axis, resulting in a very jumpy muzzle. I would recommend this gun to folks that aren’t yet comfortable with a strikers fire pistol. Very well crafted and engineered piece, not to mention ergonomical and tough as nails. Eats any ammo, but some of the wolf ammo gets jammed in the mags due to the rough metal they use for the mags.

    (Nonetheless, I did sell it and replace it with a Glock. Hard to beat the ugly duckling in terms of accuracy.)

  12. I have two, one in .40 and one in 9mm. Great guns, shoot very well. My only complaint is the mags. How I wish Sig designed the 2022 to use the same mags as the P229. That way there would have been a little bit more interchangeability.

  13. don’t know if someone else mentioned this but the loaded chamber indicator shown in this review is not the Massachusetts model. The MA compliant model has a hole drilled into the top of the chamber to visually see the round in the chamber. There are other states that require an LCI like this besides MA (stupid loves company). The MA models also come with a 10 round magazine (likely to ensure the criminal has a fighting chance). the MA model code is SP2022M-9-BSS. I’ve seen them at my local store for $399.99. May pick one up myself.

    • This is actually the CA compliant indicator. I held a P226 yesterday at my local gun store in San Diego, and it had that stupid indicator. The issue with this indicator is that it pops up really high and can actually mess up good sight alignment and sight picture when using the sights. The dealer said that most guys file the indicator down so it isnt a factor. Just some food for thought

  14. I have owned my Sig 2022 9mm going on 1.5 years now and am happy
    with it so much so I carry it every day. Have not had an issue finding magazines
    and paid $28 ea. last year which was a decent deal so I bought 8 of them.

    Having fired roughly 1800 rds. of various 9mm I trust the weapon to do
    its job when needed. Cleaning is straight forward and as simple as it gets.

    I did swap out one item however by replacing the plastic guide rod with a stainless
    steel guide rod. Just a personal pref.

    As for Glocks I could care less. Never liked them & never will own one.
    Sig Sauer, Colt, SA, and Berettas are the go to guns IMO.

  15. Thanks for the review – I’ve wanted to hold one for the longest time, but my LGS never seemed to have them in stock, even when they were supposedly “on sale.” I finally got the chance this week, and I liked the look and feel. It’s good to hear so many people with positive opinions articulated.

  16. How is it as a concealed carry gun?

    Looking for something smaller than my M&P40. Been leaning towards a Glock 19 a few months, but this seems pretty damn good.. $460 w/ Night Sights @ Buds.

  17. Meh. Decent gun for the money but the current version is way overrated as a best buy. The reason this gun got the reputation it did was because of the first German-made SP2022s that came ashore as contract overruns which is why they sold at such a great price. You know,the ones that came with night sights, internal extractor, 2 mags, laser, Nitrite finish and an actual case etc. etc. If you’re hellbent on getting a SP2022 track down one of those while you still can.

    With the current Exeter SP2022 gone is the German quality, better finish and 2 Mecgar mags and all the other goodies. Now you get a cardboard box with a pistol and ONE mag. Extras are $40-50 a pop and they’re not made by MecGar anymore, generic Checkmate has taken over that role. Add a mag or two and a case and there goes the best buy status, you’re not too far off from getting a much better pistol at this point.

    Don’t forget this is a polymer pistol weighing in at a porky 29.5 ounces. Compare that weight to an all metal but lighter CZ-P01 or a polymer FNX-9. Then there’s the mile high bore axis and 3.9 barrel in a gun with an overall length of 7 and a half inches.Yeah, forget concealed carry.

    My advice? pass this one up and save up just a bit more for something better. CZ-P01, Beretta PX4, FNX-9 or a quality used 229 come to mind. Overall it’s a good gun but overweight and overrated. Sold mine after 4 months and used the cash as a down payment on a two-tone PX4. Which btw only cost me about $75 more with two 17 rd mags and an actual case lol


  18. Excellent firearm for the money! I got mine last Jan 2012 for $416 with nite sights @ cheapertthandirt. Now they’re selling the same gun for $510….still a lot cheaper than local dealer. It’s very accurate even wih the cheapest ammo!

  19. Great review Nick but could you or anyone on TTAG explain why a Glock 19 empty weighs about 8 oz less than the Sig SP2022 even though both use polymer frames?

  20. I bought the SP2022 based off of this review and a little hands-on time and have to say that I love it. It’s lighter than my P229 and much cheaper to shoot than the .357 Sig rounds.

    It’s slowly replacing normal carry gun as my go to gun. Finding a holster was a bit difficult though. My only complaint is the slide lock lever – I sometimes accidentally touch it when shooting and then the slide won’t lock open. It’s going to take some training to correct that habit.

    Overall, I’m very pleased. Especially for the price.

    • Philip – If you bought this gun WITH the picadinny rail then what holster did you get? I’m shopping.

  21. I purchased both the 9mm and the 40. Took both to my hunting lease to plink away at targets and to get the feel. The 9mm jammed on almost every other shot. The 40 worked beautifully. I was using 9mm Winchester full metal jackets. Any suggestions on why I am having this problem?

    • Use the “super lube CRC 150” on the ammo pointed downward when lite spraying. Lite spray the magazines working the loader spring up&down once or twice wipe off, lock n’ load and Not 1 hiccup; It is Amazing; goes for ANY Pistol.

  22. A friend of mine just bought one of these and loves it. I was just about to do the same today until I read TTAG review and looked at the stoopid lever one more time and the pin it is connected to, poking out the other side of the gun. I don’t care if it is the most accurate 9mm ever made, that lever and pin has got to go.

  23. Not all SP2022 pistols have loaded chamber indicators. I bought a new one in 40 cal a few weeks ago and it does not have one. Also, the magazines for the 40s are the exact same (marked with both calibers) as the ones for the .357 sig. If your SP2022 does not have the loaded chamber indicator, you can convert it from 40 S&W to .357 sig by merely replacing the barrel only. It’s like having two pistols for the price of one and a barrel.

  24. I just got a sp2022 But mine says US Secret Service on it. Was that a limited thing Because all the ones I have found online dont say that.

    • Well if it says US Secret Service then that is a special gun issued to the SECRET SERVICE. have it checked out and serial numbers ran to double check its not been a stolen gun

  25. My 2022 digested every bit of crap ammunition that I threw at it without a single complaint. Reliability-wise, the pistol has no equal. The accuracy aspect left me questioning. No matter what I did, I could not shrink the groups down to where I felt comfortable with the pistol. I ran a bunch of different loads off my single stage press and concluded that the pistol and I were just not going to get along.
    2 weeks ago, the SIG was traded for a beautiful stainless Beretta 92. Straight up. I think I came out ahead on that score.
    Yes, I still carry my P220. The elder SIG is tried and tested to the point that trust is ingrained. There was just no way I could work up that kind of relationship with the new Tupperware-SIG. I tried, I failed.

  26. I picked one up on special at Turners here in sunny southern Kommiefornia….$469 for the .40 with nite sites. Just under $500 out the door after taxes, fees, and paying homage to the deities in charge. Extra mags are definitely expensive, but i did find a nice holster by Blackhawk (if you are into the whole SERPA thing). No concealed carry here in this state unless you’re Sean Penn, so my holster options list was probably a bit wider than most.

    Only had it to the range a few times but really like the feel of it. I agree that the double-action pull takes a very long time and makes getting the first shot off difficult, but the single action is crisp & clean…much better than my Glock IMO. Accuracy has not been an issue, nor has digesting ammo.

    Just typing this has got me shifting my weekend schedule to get back to the range….darn desk job is getting in the way of my trigger time!

  27. Got mine about a year ago 360$ delivered and transferred. 10$ for a case an 30$ for a second magazine. 400$ and its a great gun. I shoot good groupings, and I am far from the best shot, so I don’t know what others are talking about it being inaccurate. I was looking at the cz-p07 which is a great gun, but I could only find it for 500$. I think they are both on par if you are going to spend the extra money on the CZ I recommend getting a CZ-75b or compact. Just my 2cents…

  28. I checked the review because I wanted to see if anyone else has had my experience. Evidently not. I bought my sp 2022 in 9mm 2 years ago new. I have fired about 750 rounds through it. It hits 10 inch plates at 25 yards every time (once you get the point of impact, which is low and obscured by the sights at that distance)
    Ever since the first day, my own sp 2022 fails to extract, then double feeds about every 30 shots. Clearing the mess is hard to do quickly. I would never rely on this gun for protection. Complaints to sig, and to various gunsmiths elicit the same head scratching disbelief that my sig doesn’t run. I own many semi auto handguns including 1911s and I do NOT “limp wrist” which is always the first suspicion when I mention the problem to any gun guy.

    So my experience has been a bummer, 400 bucks for a gun I can’t trust. Ill take my romanian pos tokarev for self preservation over this particular piece of junk.

    • Marc:

      I had the same problem that you are describing and here is what I did. I called Sig and explained my problem. They had me send it back and they replaced a faulty part and I have never had the problem since. Try it my friend, every once in a while mistakes are made. How the company responds makes a world of difference. I can only say mine went in and came out fixed in a matter if about 10 days. Good luck!

      • thanks very much lee. Yes the problem is that sig was not particularly interested in taking it back and suggested I use 125 grain bullets….etc. As if sig makes guns that won’t run 115 grain ball, the second most ubiquitous round on earth! So part of my story is the BS I got from Sig.

        Anyway thanks again

    • I bought mine 2 yrs ago. After you shoot 200 rds or so the accuracy is superb. Never had a jam, carry problem, or trigger problem. In my professional opinion it is a superb weapon for the $$$

  29. I am a retired Customs and Border Protection Officer I have the SIG PRO 2340 which I bought in 2000 and it is very accurate. I often shoot it to 50 yards without a problem. I also have P226 that I bought in 1992 and it feels lighter than the 2340. Basic differences between the 2340 and the 2022 other than caliber is the round trigger guard and the Sig only rail which requires an adapter since it was originally designed to attach a sight light designed for the 2340 or 2009 versions. The new model are updated in these regards but the trigger, sights, ergonomics and accuracy are the same. SIG PRO’s were designed to compete with the GLOCKS. I paid $412 for it back in 2000 and they are still around $400 – to $500 13 years later. I paid $660 for the P226 in 1992 and they have gone up 25% for a plain basic model to 150% for a competition model and anywhere in between depending on which version you buy. Sigs are expensive (except for Sig Pro’s) but you get quality. If you want a SIG that looks good and shoots good you cannot go wrong with a SIG PRO. It is my favorite gun. I carried the issue Beretta Brigadier in 40cal while in the Immigration Service and then switched to the issue HK P2000 in 40cal with Customs & Border Protection and they do not compare for quality, price, ergonomics or accuracy to a SIG PRO. i have also shot GLOCKS and there is nothing wrong with them (except that they look like bricks) but I prefer SIG’s (they look better). If I need another SIG, I’ll buy another SIG PRO preferably in 40S&W but 9mm will do. Price is the same.

  30. Hey guys concerning holsters for the SP2022 I found that IMI defense has one really nice holster that provides level 3 type security and I put my SP into it and it was an exact fit. I also like that it has 360 degree capability. I bought the drop down platform to go with it for tactical operations as I am a Leo. I liked that a simple allen wrench (that they provide) detaches the holster and then you simply attach it to the drop leg platform very cool system.

  31. Just puchased a sig 2022. From what I read on here I over paid but guess its my fault for not reviewing prices before buying. Anyway, I went to sight my new sig in or see how it shoots (fixed sights) well found the trigger pull to be a football field long but that again is my fault. Test fired at 5-10-15 yards gun was 3 inches low at 5 yards 6 inches at 10 yards and 9 inches at 15 yards. Contacted sig sauer they informed me they sight their guns in using a combat sighting and I was using a 6 o’clock hold as most of us in the hunting world do. They told me I needed a number 10 rear sight to correct the problem. The cost of the new sight is 50 bucks plus 40 to install and field range costs if needed to test fire. So I just purchased the rear sight and had it sent to me figuring I have my local gunsmith install it for 40 bucks which they had no problem with me doing so. So off to my local gunsmith 35 miles away to have my new sight installed . My new sig has a big ole white dot on the front and 2 on the rear which is what sig installed standard from factory. Well when I recieved my newly purchased rear sight to correct my accuracy problem and headed off to the gunsmith 35 miles away I learned I recieved a night glow 2 dot rear sight ( thanks sig for not mentioning this) Well I called sig the next day and found out they don’t make a number 10 with a big ole dot you have to buy both sights front and back only in night glow. Well after talking to them they suggested I go after market to correct this problem. Really What the hell is that. Beware to all. This gun is a piece of garbage and is not user friendly at all from a company that only wants to gouge you for every dime they can. Their customer service people are total smart asses with no help unless you want to spent a fortune. 1st and last sig

    • When someone calls a Sig a “piece of garbage”, my first thought is not, “thanks for the warning”, its “What is wrong with this guy”? I’ve read hundreds of reviews on scores of pistols and yours is the first of its kind about a Sig. The reviews on Sigs I’ve read generally run about 99% positive and even the “bad” ones are based on personal preference.

      • Hi Dave I stick with my statement of the Sig 2022 is a piece of garbage and I feel that way because I put good ole hard earned dollars toward a purchase of a gun (sig 2022) that is more accurate shooting sideways than it is vertical.
        When I purchase a gun I don’t feel I should have to pay hundreds of dollars more to correct a problem that started at the factory and the correct sights are not even available from the manufacturer. And just a comment theres nothing wrong with me I just get disappointed when I spend money on something that is garbage. Sorry you don’t agree. I Thank you for your comment.

        • The pistol having a different sight picture than you like hardly makes it garbage. Now if you were having failures or if it was all over the range in accuracy you might use the term. I’m not a fan of the combat sight either but if I shoot mine right it’s accurate and I’ve had maybe 5 fte’s out of over 2k rounds. I have a High Point in 9mm with fully adjustable sights, very accurate too. Want to trade?

        • Hi Charly
          I totaly agree with your statement and thats my problem with it. The gun shoots very inaccurate. Basicly its the worst handgun I have owned. And as I stated before sig does’nt even sell or make the same sight that comes on the gun in a number 10 rear sight only in a number 8 which then your forced to buy both front and rear sight. In other words open the check book. Unless you want 1 night glow and the other a white dot .And for trading sorry this gun will be traded in at gun world due to 11 Cabelas employees whom sold it , never even heard of combat sighting. Many of my friends and fellow gun club members also say what a waste of money.
          Thank you for your comment and offer.

        • Your inability to accurately shoot a Sig is a rare occurrence. I bought two SP2340s in .357 Sig, the predecessor to the SP2022, when they were first available. Sadly I no longer have either; I traded one with some cash for a Browning Citori. The other went to my son as a Christmas gift. He is a Marine and with his young eyes is able to shoot one ragged hole five shot groups at 25 yards. I was also able to shoot the Sigs very accurately back when my eyes were better, especially in rapid target acquisition combat mode. I don’t recall ever missing to hit a target even when the criterion was head shots only.

          But I was bitten by the 1911 45 ACP bug and no longer own any semiautomatic hand guns in any other configuration with the exception of two Ruger Mark IIIs in 22LR. However, I am looking for a Sig 1911 Nightmare (357 Sig) because I miss the caliber and I have almost 5,000 pieces of brass just waiting to be reloaded. Your whining reminds me of a yuppy at a range in central Florida about ten years ago who couldn’t hit his target at 25 yards with a Browning Hi Power. The range officer arranged for me to shoot this gun and with three magazines I removed the center of the target. Again it was the shooter not the gun. It could be that the pistol doesn’t fit you for any number of reasons but take it to a Gun Show and you will have little trouble in trading or selling the pistol.

    • Um ok So you have a issue with the way the sight is set up and you call the gun garbage? Sounds like to me someone needs to just learn how to shoot it. No need to pay extra for new sights, just put the “Dot” on what your shooting at…..and call it a day.

      People get on forums and complain about anything they can from “Weight” in this case in reference of a SP2022 vs Glock 17 (5.35oz) seriously I’m not even going start on that. Or “BORE AXIS”, or “Trigger RESET/SEAR” please….seriously, if people would spend half as much time practicing with their firearm as they do posting crap excuses on the internet as to why they cant shoot…imagine what would happen….they wouldn’t have a reason to jump on the internet and post anything other than how well a firearm shoots, my reasoning behind this is I shoot a M&P, XDM, 24/7, 92, 99, SP2022, 226, and 1911 equally well. I am not saying it doesn’t take a few shots to transition from one gun to another but by no means have i found any modern firearm produced within the last 20 years to be garbage, Sure some have had issues which when sent in to the MFG were fixed.

      So now that I have said that let the flaming begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hi Mr EHC
        Normally I don,t comment back to people whom don,t post there name much less there opinion.
        I,m the person who shelled out the 450.00 dollars for a gun that needs 200 dollars more in sights that work for me. So if I want to spend time to tell others before they spend good working dollars on a gun that is (combat sighted) garbage in my opinion I will. Guess we have a opposite opinion of that.
        JFH or Joe Heinrichs

        • Joe Heinrichs says:
          April 23, 2014 at 22:59
          “Normally I don,t comment back to people whom don,t post there name much less there opinion.”

          Ok I am guessing by this quote of yours you dont read….It was pretty clear what I wrote, and my opinion. But for you I will do it again…..I have a SP2022 I have no issue with the sights, I have over 750 rounds through the gun, have not had a issue of any kind with any ammo I have run through it. The only kindof ammo I have not tried has been WWB – if you dont know what that is I am not going to bother explaining it to you.

          If you cannot adjust to the factory sight, then that is a issue of yours not the guns, by getting onto a forum and calling the gun garbage because you CANNOT adopt or adjust to the sights does not mean the gun is a POS, it means you have 2 options (1) practice with the gun and become proficient or (2) sell the gun, quit whining and find something you are comfortable shooting.

          As for your childish remark about me not posting my name…..does it matter…to me no….Do you think I really care what some little forum ninja thinks about me adding my name or not adding my name to a post. It does not detract from the statements I made.

          Just because you got butthurt over someone not siding with a comment you made on a forum does not change what I said, make it any less true, or detract from it in any way becasue I dont have my name on it.

          If you would like to see what the majority of SP2022 owners have to say…I suggest you take a lil trip over to either of the sig forums, or heck look at the reviews done on You Tube….Of course you wouldnt do that because no one over there is going to pat you on the head and tell you its ok or yeah your right, Joe.

  32. I have a SIG 2022 in 40 S&W.

    Shortly after I received the weapon the hammer began to fall back forward after firing like a DAO.

    I sent it back to SIG and they replaced the hammer box, and I’ve had no issues since.

    I had no problems with SIG customer service.

    I’ve never had a single FTF/FTE with my 2022, even with a loose one handed grip. I can’t say the same about my Glock 23.

    The 2022 is heavy enough to mitigate the 40 S&W recoil using 180 gr rounds, comes right back on target, but light enough to carry all day IWB.

    The 2022 has been very accurate for me and the trigger is very good for a DA/SA.

    I often carry, and entrust my families safety to the reliability of my SIG 2022.

  33. Sig is NOT a quaility firearm. There customer service is the worst. Paid a 1000 bucks for 1911, never shot it just worked the slide and the frame was cutting into the slide. Sig was worthless, said until I shot it, they would not look at it, after I shot they said I have put 500 rounds, then they wanted me to pay for shipping, then they wanted pictures, then they wanted me send on the slide in since it was scratched, two weeks later they said they needed the frame. Two months later they said they are busy and I will get my gun back after they look at it and decide it is a warranty issue. Later they call and say my warranty is VOID since I polished the feed ramp and any modification to the gun without them doing for 200 bucks, voids the warranty.

    They suck on many levels – if you buy one of their Yugo’s you get what you get good luck, if it does not work when you need it, dead men don’t sue, and Sig knows it.

    Unethical, unprofessional and frauds…

  34. i bought a 2022 in July 2013, one of the best purchases i have ever made for an even 400.00,the trigger is actually quite good, especially when compared to more expensive is also extremely accurate and shoots any ammo w/no problems.

    • One of my LGS has one in fde. I’ve always thought about getting one but never quite pulled the trigger. First handgun I shot was a Sig 226 but never owned one. One of my co-workers is a recent Sig fan, coming from Glocks. This might be my entry level ticket to Sig ownership.

  35. If you order one from Buds Gunshop you will likely get a used one that was sold as new. Just google “Buds Gunshop sucks” or check out this scam they pull on Their unethical scams are far and wide yet TTAG keeps advertising them every chance they get.

  36. I have owned and shot 2nd and 3rd gen glocks and find them reliable.I also own a Springfield xd and xdm.My daily carry gun is my sp2340.I own a 226 Equinox and a 220.My early version of the 2022 is sa/da and has a short reset trigger, all from the factory.The only other gun i carry on a regular basis is my xdm in 40 2340 has had approximately 2000 round through it and still shoots 1 inch groups at 20 yards.i can’t complain for $ is still one of my favorites.

  37. I purchased my SP2022 .40 s&w in 2011. It had some problems initially with the slide locking back even without a magazine in the gun, sent gun back to Sig Sauer. They replaced the slide lock with a new one(not the rolled pin one) gun still had problems. My local gunsmith found the problem very quickly, a metal burr inside the top slide in front of ejection port, ground it off, end of slide problem. I found that the gun had enormous amount of torque when firing it(twisting my wrist). I found replacing the polymer guide rod with a Steve Bedair stainless steel guide rod took away the torquing of the gun. I love the gun now and would recommend it for an everyday concealed carry.

  38. Wife bought one of the contract overruns from BassPro a few years ago as a birthday present. Came w/ 3 mags, night-sights (changed to 24-7 big dot have them on all my pistols possible) found a leather & a blackhawk holster for it. Custom barb-wire IWB is now my daily CCW. Glock or S&W 4506 on duty but can’t find a thing to ciomplain about it even my wife will shoot it once in awhile to swap out her FNP

  39. Why the garbage about the Holocost being in question for Thomas? Are you serious?

    My Grandfather was a U.S. Soldier in Europe, wanna ask him what he saw?

    keep the topic on the Gun, the guy you referenced was using Metaphors, take your “issue” somewhere else please.

    This Gun is a great Gun from what I have read, thanks all for the great input!

  40. The SP2022 was my first handgun. I learned to shoot on it and loved almost everything about it (I don’t carry) from ergonomics to accuracy to ease of maintenance. Magazines were expensive though.

    Eventually I sold it and put the money towards a used German P226, but I will never regret owning the Sig Pro and would recommend it to anyone looking for their first centerfire pistol. Great review.

  41. I bought an SP2340 in 357 sig when they first came out, and the gun wad accurate and ate any ammo I fed it. The only issue I had was the decocker did not work. No matter how hard you pressed it down it wouldn’t decock the pistol. A trip back to the gun shop and two different people trying in vain to make it work got the pistol shipped back to sig. After three months and several phone calls I got the pistol back with a nasty note telling me there was nothing wrong with the decocker and I just wasn’t pushing hard enough on the lever. When I called back to ask about the note and the three month wait I was told the issue was my fault, and that the wait time was standard because of the amount of warranty work they do. I am a big guy, and a ccw instructor, I doubt pushing hard enough was the issue. The nasty attitude and piss poor service soured me on Sig.

  42. For those who call the SIG Pro “garbage” because it is inaccurate, go to the SIG web site and read the FAQ’s in the Customer Service section. They clearly explain how to properly aim the SIG firearms. They clearly state not to use a “6 o’clock hold” or the weapon will hit low. Use a “combat hold” where the sights cover the bulls eye or center of the target. If you still can’t hit the target then give it up and leave SIG’s for the more sophisticated shooters. I have found all SIGs I have own or fired in the last 30 years to be highly accurate and aiming problems to be operator’s fault. Mechanical problems in SIG SAUER pistols are as rare as rain the Sahara unless subjected to abuse (and they can take a lot of abuse). If I remember correctly, the P226 was subjected to a torture test that was ended after 30,000 rounds with no negative effect on the pistol. I worked at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in the late 80’s and talked to the engineers that conducted the test and read the reports of the Small Arms Test Division.

  43. I have owned my 9mm SP 2022 for about six months now. I have only fired about 400 rounds through it so it is not yet my carry firearm. However this gun is well worth the money and it has chambered, fired and ejected every round so far without fail. The trigger is not my favorite but with practice I feel more comfortable with it. Cost of around $400 with night sights makes it a great gun that happens to come with a fair price.

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  45. I m on my second 2022 ( first stolen) it is US made came in real case has night sights and a holster I found that most leather for XD 9 works well with it

  46. I’ve owned my sp2022 for a bit over a year now, I’ve got about 5000 down the tube, mostly reloads, and have yet to have a failure to fire. I gave up my Browning pro 40, because of reliability issues, which to me makes a firearm a paper weight. For reliability alone, I have become a Sig Sauer man.

  47. One other thing, it’s the prettiest firearm I’ve ever been around since my fathers S&W .38 when he was on the police force 40 years ago. Anyone who says looks don’t matter is a liar! Lol!

  48. This is a great discussion. Just got my 2nd 2022 last week. My first was bout 10 years ago…long gone. For me it was initially about the pistol’s character, its ambiance. Something about the design…long slide catch, push button take down pin, removabe handgrip, high bore axis…. Ugly? Nope. Unique. Never had an opportunity to fire my first that much. Took my new “Pig” out and was very impressed. Cleaning her was just as fun. Gotta get the P320 next.

  49. I have had my SP2022 for a year and a half. At the gun shop I held a Glock 19 and the Sig… the Sig just felt better in my hand. At more than a $100 less I decided to go with the SIG and spend the difference on ammo. I have put about 1000 rounds through it and it has been flawless. Not one failure. It is also very accurate. When it comes down to it is about value, I will not say it is better than this or that gun, but I will say it is a very good value.

  50. I’ve owned a 226,228,229,239 and now have one left; a 2022.
    I was lucky enough to get a French contract over-run made in Germany. Night Sights, 2 mags, internal extractor for $450.00.

    Have maybe 1500 rnds through it. All flawless. Trigger on this model is one of, if not the best of all my other SIGS.

  51. Bought my first SIG (2022/9mm) about a month a ago at academy in humble tx and I love it still getting use to the gun but performs flawless looks good and is accurate when I do my part. And best part is I payed $329.00 plus tax for it with the SIG sauer carry case 2 mags(15+1) and a extra grip (02 installed 03 as spare) with night sights

  52. They don’t all have the LCI. I bought one (in Cali even) with night sights and no LCI for $379 in .40 S&W. This pistol also comes in .357Sig.

    • Likewise Drew. Here in California as well. Inexpensive, built tough, reliable and accurate. It’s my EDC.

  53. I purchased my SP2022 about a year ago, for every day carry. One of the things that I really like about it, besides being very accurate and reliable, is the safety features. Over the past year, I have tried several different holsters, not always with good results. Once, when a shoulder harness failed, the loaded weapon fell out and landed on a concrete porch, hammer first. I know this, by the paint chips in the thumb grooves of the hammer when I picked it up. The weapon did not fire, thank God. I now carry it exclusively in a Sig holster, specifically designed for the gun, with a retainer button. This is my first Sig, and I am completely sold. My next handgun purchase will be another Sig, of that I am certain.

    • Sorry about your fallen SIG! But really great to know your unintended Torture test passed. Makes me feel pretty darned confident.

      I’ve been carrying my 2022 AIWB for years now in a $30.00 High Noon holster with great results!

    • Aliengear has been great for me. I have the 2.0 IWB and it’s excellent (you can adjust retention and cant on it which is great).

      • Yeah, I have the same one for CCW, but most of the time I carry OWB, for all the honest world to see.

        • Heard a lot of good things about Alien Gear. Do their holsters leave slight Kydex wear marks on the trigger guard?

  54. For forty five years I’ve carried 1911s and Browning Hi Powers. I’ve owned various SIGS to join the current generation of shooters. With a 1911 I’m lethal. But with Glock 30SF, 19, 17 and 36 I’m a good shot. With SIGS I shoot equal to the Glocks. So I shoot the SP2022 and the trigger is lacking. Everything else is great. I now carry my 2022 when not carrying my Colt 1911. Go figure.

    • I carry mine with 15 in the mag and 1 in the chamber. I have dropped it on a concrete porch, and had to clean paint chips from the surface out of the hammer grooves, so I am pretty sure it landed at least partially on the hammer. It did not fire. Mine is chambered in 9mm, not .40, but you should be ok.

  55. I have done my research on this weapon.(SP2022 9mm) Not to mention, I have put over 100 rounds through it at approximately 20 yards. It is very effective at maintaining a very close pattern. However, all that I have read from previous shooters; said it shoots low……On this thought. I have to tell everyone is that this gun shoots exceptionally well at 20 to 25 yards.
    Shooting low: …. Why does this gun shoot low? Within my short time with this weapon, I have found that the only reason you will shoot low (Using Factory Site Settings) is because you are not keeping the sites level on your target.
    OK, Just for an example. If you were to shoot……say, a golf ball at 20 yards…..Both your rear sites and the front must be aligned within the center of the ball. Using this and a proper breathing technique ( On the exhale at the end of your breath this is when you fire.) Do not pull the trigger, but squeeze it slowly as not to pull the firearm in one direction or another. (Depending on which hand you shoot with.) The SP2022 9mm is an exceptional weapon.
    I would recommend this gun to anyone. A novice will find it easy to handle, then there is the experienced shooter; They will find this a really good and easy to shoot firearm!

  56. I discovered this gun accidentally.
    I was holding a 226 in my hands at the local gun store. I wanted a sig 226 because I had carried a 226 on duty as a police officer…as I was looking it over I noticed another sig om a lower shelf…I asked what’s that ? The guy says an SP2022…..oh….is it a 22 cal ? He replied now it’s a 9mm or 40….your choice.
    So I asked to see it…right away I noticed it was much lighter and it was a little plastic….but not in a bad way. Then he told me it was more than half the price of a 226….it came with a holster and 2 extra mags….and a grip addition.
    It felt great…a little too heavy…..not so bad when loaded…..but I couldn’t get over the light weight…so I bought it…..I can keep it in the 10 ring at 15 yards……easy aim and fire.
    But I’m also use to heavy triggers…I’ve never changed my triggers . I’ve always learned the triggers instead….anyway…..its just a fun gun !! I love it….I’m left handed so i bought my favorite style holster for my new little friend… an Israeli fobus paddle….holds the gun well and easily concealed and comfortable….most of us have way more than one gun, but this is a great addition to your collection….I’m a traditionalist so my top gun will always be a 1911…in my case a kimber pro carry 2….but i love this little 2022….
    Rob….former cop and SF.

  57. Your review is conflicted as you are comparing a striker Glock action to a DA Pistol, so yes they are going to be totally different. The Dual part of the take up is intended to be long and hard, its a safety feature that the Glock totally lacks (notorious for, Glock Leg and or Glock Butt) .

    And you ignore the Single Action mode that a DA can be shot in. I shot most of a police course in Single Action, longer distances and more controllable and well within the time limits. Its all about the idea of aimed fire and not spraying lead.

    While I don’t like strikers, others do, but for the most part for a shooter, its a poor system that requires a lot more work to do accurately than the DA system as it has not SA mode. Yes some train around the trigger just as some do good with Dual Aciton. Its the image and adversicin of Glock that drives it, not the day in day out fucnion for the averge shooter who is inecpt (having spend plenty of time o nthe range anyone can tell yuy that is true)

    The Sig as noted is the best buy for the buck. Having shot a same setup HK P30L, I can tell you the HK is a bit better trigger wise but not leaps and bounds. They are very close and for the price the Sig wins hands down. Yes I have shot DA revolvers, SA revolver, 1911 types ad nausea . Of all those the Python was the best slickest revolver and the BDA Browning (P220 Sig by another name) was a bit better than the composite Sig or HK.

  58. Build quality for SF? What a stupid comment. Lots of operators use a Glock and the rails on that pistol are small and dainty. Gun writers crack me up.

  59. I’ve only taken it to the range a couple of times, but I really enjoy how it feels. I agree that the double-action draw is slow and makes the first shot though, but the single-action io games is snappy and clean…much better than my Glock, in my opinion. Accuracy hasn’t a problem, and neither has consuming ammunition.