Gun Review: Kel-Tec KSG (Rabbinical Version)


I’m writing the full review of the Kel-Tec KSG shotgun as I type. Wait. What? Anyway, as TTAG prides itself on speed, I thought I’d post the rabbi’s amphetamine-crazed (kidding) take on Kel-Tec’s 14-round shotgun from today’s range session ahead of the full monte.


  1. avatar Jay says:

    I really want this weapon to be reliable if so i think it may be a perfect gun for the left handed 5′ tall wife. She will of course have to practice with it extensively and solely. The LOP on my supernova is just to long for her and the shell’s ejecting across her person is a real turn off as well.

  2. avatar Rabbi says:

    This SG is completely ambi. Hulls eject downward from behind the pistol grip.

    The length of pull is definable shorter than traditional SGs, but I have not measured it as of yet.

    I have not had the gun long and only put a dozen rounds through it, but, so far, I am impressed.

    1. avatar Jay says:

      Good to hear, thank you for the input!

  3. avatar GnD says:

    Looks to operate much more smoothly than some other previous videos I’ve seen. That, or the Rabbi is just that good….

  4. avatar Pale Horse says:

    Sorry, just have to say it, he has the iron sights on backwards, while both sights are in the correct place i.e. rear where rear should be, they are facing the wrong way.

    1. avatar Rabbi says:

      I often run with the sights folded down and find them faster to raise them from that direction. Is there a reason that I don’t know of not to run them in that direction?

      1. avatar Pale Horse says:

        I guess not, if it works for you then great, all my sights have Trijicon inserts, so running them that way would not work.

  5. avatar Ryan Finn says:

    Nice Rabbi, looks like you’ll have abetter time running it than I did. After my ill fated adventure with the KSG I was pretty disappointed, but you may be able to renew my faith.

    1. avatar Rabbi says:

      It is my understanding that there have been several iterations of prototypes, my copy being from the latest series. Perhaps you had an earlier version with the bugs not fully worked out yet?

      A gun has to work flawlessly to get a nod from me. So far, so good, but more testing to follow.

  6. avatar Braden Lynch says:

    I have not handled one yet, so I have one small concern.

    Are there any issues with trigger finger placement while pumping it?

    It seems like there is limited space above the trigger guard for my finger to rest when the slide comes back. Is this actually the case?

    I love the compactness of it. The 14+1 capacity is nice. Being ambidextrous in design is not important to me, but good overall. Definitely clever. I’ll take two!

    1. avatar Rabbi says:

      There is about a half of an inch on the receiver above the trigger guard that is not covered by the forearm, leaving plenty of room for your trigger finger. Fear not.

      1. avatar Braden Lynch says:

        Nice video review by the way.

  7. avatar Caleb says:

    Tell me that they at least fixed the trigger bug so it resets properly now.

    1. avatar Fitz19d says:

      They did as well as a number of other improvements. There is a video somewhere that shows all the fixes from feedback at the early gunshows.

  8. avatar Nate says:

    Is it still 7+7+1 because on the Kel-Tec site it now says 6+6+1..
    Not really a huge difference, but would still like to know.
    They also state availability before years end, is that accurate?
    Thanks, and good review!

    1. avatar m says:

      Kel tec increased the chamber length to 3 inches making it a 6+6+1, although it will still hold 7+7+1 rounds of 2 3/4 ammo

  9. avatar ScottH says:

    The point of the gun is too kill pumpkins. Lots and lots of evil gourds. Death to the Orange Hoard!

  10. avatar Fred says:

    Rabbi, why not lethal with non-lethal?

    What do you think of the recommendation by some for rubber pellets in first round in a home defense shotgun- ie “the teenaged neighbor kid” sneaking in scenario.

    What would you recommend as a good load for an 870 express for home defense. Seems like #7 game load would deter and avoid over penetration,
    but anything in particular beyond that for the first 3-4?

    1. avatar Stefan says:

      Imagine riot police firing non lethal rounds, but oops he messed up and switched to the wrong tube. It could happen like the BART officer who killed a man by shooting him in the back while he was laying on the ground. Officer meant to grab his taser but accidentally pulled his sidearm.

  11. avatar Mark B. says:

    Thanks for the quick review of this weapon. I’ve been considering purchasing one since I heard about it last year. Would you think this gun would be ideal for 3 gun competitions? These are the latest competition trends, and I”m thinking about tossing my hat into one to see how it goes.

  12. avatar Curt Grina says:

    So… the big question.

    Will the KSG ever actually be for sale?

    What do you think of the risk of buying early production (if there is any)? Do you think it will be important to wait a while till they get the bugs out?

    Thank you

    1. avatar Tom Steele says:

      I am from the future and I can tell you that yes, this gun will be actually available for sale. 🙂

  13. avatar revjen45 says:

    What do you think of the risk of buying early production (if there is any)? Do you think it will be important to wait a while till they get the bugs out?
    That’s always important with any new product, unless you are willing to be an unpaid Beta Tester for the company.

  14. avatar Ryan says:

    Rabbi, would you suggest this gun over an 870 or Model 37? Can it be trusted as reliable?

  15. avatar C Young says:

    The lower rail of the forend where a foregrip is recommended is PLASTIC unlike the upper rail which is metal. Within the first 10 shots using a sig sauer stoplight foregrip, the lower rail shattered, fragmented, and broke off. Very very disappointed. Otherwise, the gun shoots great.

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