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I am on record as hating small pistols. Except that I don’t. I just haven’t found one that works with the kind of reliability I think a self defense weapon requires. My experience with my Kel Tec P3AT was dismal. The Rohrbaugh R9 I had generally functioned well, but was finicky about ammo, required recoil spring changes and cleaning frequently, had a funky tail hook mag release and it’s slippery as a bar of soap finish made it a difficult gun to enjoy shooting. The R9 is great for its occasional use design goal, but if I own a gun, I want to shoot it. Hopefully frequently . . .

Robert and Ralph keep telling me to get a Smith & Wesson Airweight revolver and be done with it. But I am just not a revolver guy (yet).

With summer on the way, I am finding it a bit more difficult to carry my darling G19, especially as I tuck in the shirt for business casual carry. I again began to think about getting some sort of pocket pistol, but which one?  My mind was made up for me when I came across a classified add for a Kahr PM9 at a reasonable price. I went through my mental checklist of things I like in a self defense gun: Light weight? Check. Polymer frame? Check. No safety? Check. High capacity? Nope, but better than a revolver – something has to give to fit one in your pocket. Reliable? TBD – I’ve read mixed reviews on the Interwebs.

I decided to jump on it and got a new-to-me gun with only about 100 rounds on the clock.  Will this be the gun to bring me back to the small pistol crowd?

The gun arrived dirty, lint filled and a bit gummy, like someone had shot it, oiled it once and stuck it in a pocket for a year, or two. Takedown was intuitive so I cleaned and oiled it, and proceeded to do some dry practice.

The trigger is long and smooth, moderate weight with a clean break and no noticeable stacking, I thought it very reminiscent of the HK LEM trigger. Reset is subtle, and way forward in the trigger stroke. For rapid fire, plan to move you finger back and forth completely through the entire trigger stroke. I imagine a decent revolver trigger feels the same.

Like most Kahrs, it feels very good in the hand. The grip for me is small enough that I control the trigger with the distal interphalangeal crease rather than the pad of the finger. The gun points naturally for me, but I note that the barrel and slide seem higher above my hand than a Glock. The return spring is very heavy. If I had arthritis or hand weakness, moving the slide could be a deal killer. Racking the slide feels twice as hard as a Glock.

Loaded with seven rounds of Gold Dots, the pistol weighs 19.5 oz. Add a Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster and weight in pocket is 21.5oz. This bumps it just above my self-imposed 20 oz. limit for pocket carry, but I can’t say as it bothered me much at all.

My R9 came in just under an once lighter with the same set up. I’ll suffer the ounce and take the PM9 all day over the R9 for my purposes. I simply prefer the slide lock, ability to take +P ammo, and more traditional location of the magazine release. The PM9 draws easily depending on the pocket, but certainly not as easy as the various micro .380 offerings out there.

How did it shoot? In my first range session, I shot about 100 rounds each of Speer Lawman and Wolf steel cased 9mm as well as a magazine full of my carry ammo: Ranger SXT +P. I had no malfunctions of any kind with the brass ammo. The Wolf would fail to feed regularly on the second and third rounds of the seven round magazine only. The slide stayed open with this failure.   The “tap” of a tap-rack-bang failure drill would regularly seat the unfed round, and I would be off to the races. I had no issues at all with the six round magazine, or any other positions in the seven rounder.

My second range session, I got a box each of Wal-Mart’s best: 200 rounds of relatively cheap ammo from Federal (Champion), Winchester (White Box), Tul-Ammo steel cased, along with a box of Aguila 124 grain.  Zero malfunctions at all. I feel this gun is good to go from a reliability standpoint, just don’t use Wolf.  All my shooting this session was done primarily one handed with the off hand and I can’t say that my hand feels bruised at all.

I did notice the higher bore axis and light weight compared to the Glock, but it’s not bad at all. Compared to the R9, this thing shoots like a dream. Rapid fire is marginally slower than a Glock simply due to the extra distance traveled by my finger. It is not difficult to shoot six rounds in under two seconds, but I could probably shoot ten rounds in the same time with the Glock.

My range sessions involve movement and plinking rather than bulls-eye stuff and the Kahr was plenty competent at keeping cans bouncing. At least until the ammo ran out and it seemed to run out quickly. I’ve been shooting mostly high capacity stuff exclusively for the last six months, and 6-7 rounds seems to run out awfully fast. I don’t usually carry extra ammo, but this pistol has me reconsidering that. Anyway, I had no difficulty hitting what I aimed at, and the sights came to eye easily. I had no trouble controlling the pistol with one hand or off hand, standing still or with movement. In some ways, I actually enjoyed shooting it more one handed.

Cleaning the gun after the first range session, I noted that it probably didn’t need the cleaning at all. I found minimal gunk, debris or stickiness. I think I could safely go 1000 rounds between cleaning if I cared to.

All in all, despite the seven round magazine’s rejection of cheapo ammo, I think the PM9 is a shooter, and a keeper. I certainly enjoyed running it and it could be the gun that changes my mind about small pistols. I now find myself a bit intrigued by the P380. I will run some more ammo flavors through the pistol and report back.


Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 6+1, 7+1 (magazine with grip extension)
Operation: Trigger cocking DAO; lock breech; “Browning – type” recoil lug; passive striker block; no magazine disconnect
Barrel: 3.1″, polygonal rifling; 1 – 10 right-hand twist
Length O/A: 5.42″
Height: 4.0″
Slide Width: .90″
Weight: Pistol 14 ounces, Magazine 1.9 ounces
Grips: Textured polymer
Sights: Drift adjustable, white bar-dot combat sights
Finish: Black polymer frame, matte stainless steel slide
Magazines: 1 each: 6 rd flush floorplate & 7 rd extended grip

Ratings (out of five stars):

Ratings are based on other similar firearms. Final rating is not calculated from the constituent ratings.

Accuracy  * * * *
Dead on. The PM9 is as accurate as the user and ammunition allow.

Ergonomics  * * * *
Fits me great. Delightful to hold and shoot.

Ergonomics Firing  * * * *
Fun to shoot.  That’s saying a lot for a small nine.

Reliability  * * * *
Chokes on Wolf ammo. Reliable with all other ammo tested so far (seven brands).

Customization  * * *
Lasers, grips, mag extensions etc are available.

Overall Rating  * * * *
The best pocket pistol I have tested to date.

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  1. I used to carry a PM40. After about 500 rounds the thing started jamming with every brand of ammo. Needless to say I no longer own the PM40.

    • did you change the recoil and mag springs before you got rid of it? That was probably all it needed.

        • It’s up to the buyer to make sure a gun with unknown reliability at that point is reliable enough for carry. That means range time. Same goes for a brand new gun. You need to get familiar with it anyway. If someone doesn’t do that, then they’re a dumbass. Period.

  2. I was considering one of these, but I think now I’ll try a Shield.

    I’m no S&W salesman, but I do know that I like small pistols about as much as you do.

    However, I am rather excited to get my hands on the 9mm Shield. It looks like a fantastic little pistol (given the provenance of its bigger brothers), and I can’t wait to shoot one. Moreover, it’s not as ugly as this (to my eyes), and has the added bonus of a whole extra round. Seems like a good deal to me.

    • I have a PM9 but also have an interest in the S&W Shield. I don’t, and wouldn’t, consider looks when shopping for CCW guns. If it’s concealed properly it won’t be seen by anyone so you don’t have to worry about carrying an ugly gun. Secondly, I find the PM9 to be more generic-looking than ugly. There’s almost no detailing on it; it’s just a very plain gun.

    • FYI – since this doesn’t seem to be getting passed around about the Shield right now…

      I own a PM9 and just go a Shield on Thursday and got 500 rounds through it over the weekend. The Shield absolutely BLOWS the PM9 out of the water, in every respect, save one:

      The PM9 is a pocket pistol. The Shield is – by design – a weapon intended to be worn in a holster of some sort (IWB, Appendix IWB, a belly band, etc). The Shield will not fit well bare in a pocket. It absolutely won’t fit in a pocket with a proper pocket holster (negated slightly by S&W’s inclusion of a manual safety). So if pocket carry is something you are really after, the PM9 or a J-Frame is the way to go.

      Having said that, I gave up on pocket carry long ago; it is a dumb way to carry a pistol.

      • Pocket carry is a dumb way to carry a pistol? That is a dumb way to comment. Maybe YOU do not prefer that method, but so what? Many, MANY do. Plenty of sub-compacts and snubbies can be carried comfortably in a pocket, with or without an in the pocket holster. I have carried an S&W Airlite, a KelTec PF9 and a Sig P238 in my front pocket often… all are comfortable and fast to get into action.

        • It ain’t a dumb way to carry, but a stupid way, second only to ankle carry!!! The one thing most people forget about is todays prevalence of “hard” materials for pants, i.e.cotton. The biggest thing ain’t getting the gun IN ones pocket, it is getting it OUT!!! I’ve been “in the business” for a LOOONNNGGG time and have all kinds of stories about LEOs showing up at the range for qualification with backup guns and nearly doing a pistol induced vasectomy with “pocket carry”!!!

          Secondly, getting YOUR hand IN the pocket is one thing, the MAIN thing is GETTING YOUR FIST OUT!!! Unless one is using cargo pants with the holster anchored in the pocket, YOU WILL HAVE A PROBLEM!!! And then there is “pocket carry” and drawing from the sitting position… Need I say more?

          PS, Ankle carry is primarily intended for LEOs to carry their backup and they are on the ground on their back! Bring the knee up and go for the ankle! Not a way to address a BG in a casual “meeting” on the street! “Oh, pardon me! May I pull my socks up and give you the back of my head to do what you may with?” It is like having your underwear on backwards, you may eventually get your pecker out to pee, but too little, too late!

      • My comment is in direct relation to the comment that pocket carry is a stupid way to carry. I would suggest that you take some kind of training in self defense. In addition to being a certified Range Officer, A CCDW instructor, a ten year combat veteran, and a competitive shooter. I am a graduate of the Massad Ayoob school of self defense. Lastly pocket carry saved my life and ended the life of a violent two time offender.

        In 2001 I had taken my daughter to a movie afterwards we stopped at a sonic drive in for some summertime Ice Cream. While we were getting back into my vehicle to leave after cleaning up a “gentleman” approached with a smile and a friendly wave asking what year my highly customized vehicle was. Before I could answer there was a 1911A1 in my face. My first thought was of my four year old daughter but my training kicked in. He demanded that we get in and then give him the keys. I said look we don’t want any trouble were not going with you I will give you the keys you just steal the truck if this is a carjacking, you got a valuable vehicle. He said he wanted me to take him to an atm and empty my account. I told him I got paid monthly and we had hardly any money in the bank but I had $400 in my wallet ( when he first pilled the 1911 I noticed his hammer was down, meaning he was going to at a minimum pull the hammer back to fire my suspicion was he had not racked the slide) even showing him through my pants how thick my wallet was. His mind was made up he started telling me to give him my keys wallet and watch. I said not until you let my daughter go first he agreed and I told her to go back into the store and wait for Daddy she was crying but did as she was told at this point he began pressing the barrel of the 1911 to my head. I said ease up man I am trying to get my keys out which I did and handed to him then he screamed the watch which I complied with. We all know was next right? The wallet, with one smooth motion I pulled my pocket pistol (one in the pipe 10 in the mag) and fired three times two center mast one to the head as he was going down. Killing the attacker. Both my daughter and I walked er ahh drove my vehicle away without a scratch the whole incident was captured on a security camera, and therefore I was released and was told no charges would be filed. The perpetrator was wanted for more than a dozed attacks. One of which he had pistol whipped and fractured his scull. His 1911 had a round in the chamber but he never got the chance to fire. Three key things #1 remove if possible bystanders ( my little girl at four knew enough to get them in the store to call 911 saying a man had a gun to her daddy’s head) before making a move all the while seeming to comply. #2 stay calm by doing so you can usually control the mood of the attacker scream insults at him he may just kill you and empty your pockets post mortum. This is why training training training. #3 have a carry plan and follow it. #4 Pocket carry is not only NOT A DUMB IDEA IT IS A LIFESAVER!! Lastly NEVER EVER let someone else define how you carry, experiment with what feels comfortable for you then practice practice practice. My combat experience helped me stay calm, if you don’t have that, get training, lots of it. God Speed.

        • Good for you! Glad to hear that it worked out safely for you & your daughter.

          One question: what kind of pocket-carried pistol has “(one in the pipe 10 in the mag)”? Sounds like one I’d like…

        • Great comment. I enjoyed reading it and I’m glad things worked out for you and your daughter, I guess that guy chose the wrong guy to rob!

        • “One question: what kind of pocket-carried pistol has “(one in the pipe 10 in the mag)”?

          Glock 26. It’s a stretch as a pocket pistol to some, but I live in cargo shorts/pants since I’m retired. It disappears and I’m not a big/tall guy, either. Even better when carried with a spare 15 round G19 mag. 😉

        • I like pocket carry because I can be standing/walking with a solid grip on my pocket pistol (Kahr PM9 or Glock 26) and have it mostly drawn out of the holster with my trigger finger along the slide and no one’s the wiser. In that position, there is NO faster draw from IWB, OWB, etc carry. For all intents and purposes, my pistol is already drawn, but it can’t be seen…yet… I don’t do it all the time, but for longer drives in the car, I’ll remove it from my pocket and transfer it to car carry mode for quick access (interior mounted holster).

        • Nice story. Are you saying that your one anecdote proves your point? Do you have any statistics regarding all the times it’s gone wrong in practice, or the near-impossibility in many cases of drawing while seated?

          I didn’t think so. But once again, nice story. I’m glad you came out ok.

    • I have a cm9 and a shield, the shield is easier to shoot, but the kahr is much easier to carry. I never pocket carry the cm9 I carry it iwb at 4 o’clock it’s lighter and smaller than the shield.

      I like them both

  3. “…and 6-7 rounds seems to run out awfully fast. I don’t usually carry extra ammo, but this pistol has me reconsidering that.”

    I’ve been carrying an XD(M) .40 (16+1) as my EDC for over a year, but decided I wanted something smaller. I picked up a Sig P238 about a week ago, and I really like it so far, but I’ve also noticed that boy, those 6 round magazines get empty fast. It only came with one magazine, so it looks like I’m going to have to invest in at least one more.

    • Matt, consider the 7 round magazine with the pinky extension. Works for my big hands. 7 + 1.

    • +1

      Replaced my Kahr PM9 with a G26 about a year ago. This was after Kahr had been telling folks with PM9’s that the polymer bulging outward away from the slide right near the front of the barrel was merely aesthetics and wouldn’t affect gun function. I had a few jams, but after 500 rounds through it and my frame bulged out, got rid of that overpriced not gonna rely on this gun to save my life piece of _____.

      • I have a Glock 26 that I love. It doesn’t fit in the pocket so well. I wanted a pocket gun for those times when I’m not holstered up.

        The PM9 fits the BUG role well.

      • “Replaced my Kahr PM9 with a G26 about a year ago. ”

        Same here. I still love my PM9, but I wanted more capacity and since I’m retired, pocket carrying it is easy since my wardrobe shifted from jeans or dress slacks to cargo shorts/pants. I still carry the PM9 with two spare mags for the rare occasion where I do have to “dress up” and wear slacks with thin material. I keep a log on all of my guns and I have over 1000 rounds through my PM9 with one recoil spring assembly change. No problems with frame bulging or anything. It’s as reliable with Federal 124gr HST +p hollowpoints as the day is long. That’s an FBI approved duty load, too. Good enough for them, good enough for me. If I can’t solve a “social” situation with the 19 rounds (one in chamber, two spare 6 round mags) I have with me if I’m carrying my PM9 or the 26-36 rounds (one in chamber and either one 15 round G19 mag or that mag with an additional 10 round mag) and my G26, then it just isn’t my day…

    • Ditto.

      I’ve thought about a P3AT: smaller, automatic. But I’ve decided to stick with the LCR. It’s [i]almost[/i] that J-frame that you’ve been avoiding.

  4. How’s the machining on yours?

    I can clearly see machining marks within the slide serrations, around the ejection port, on the breech face, etc. The machining on my Glocks looks much nicer.

    I actually had two PM9s and just traded one of them for a G26. The one I traded had some pretty bad machining on the part of the barrel lug where the recoil spring contacts. There is supposed to be kind of a shoulder machined in there so that the round recoil spring plug thing has something to sit on. The shoulder was barely visible and it looked the metal had been attacked with a rough file rather than machined.

    I never had any problems with the gun but for the price they charge I expect a little better quality machining. Maybe they don’t change their bits often enough?


  5. I have a “Talon” grip wrap on mine. Makes the thing like a part of my hand. Amazing grip.
    Good review.

  6. I had FTFs with my PM9 only when using any of my 3-7rnd mags( both good and cheap ammo). Kahr thought it was how my pinky pushed the magazine forward on the mag extension and traded all my mags out for 6 rounders. I Have not had a FTF since getting rid of the 7 rounders. While I Beleive this is a design issue and I should not have to settle for 6 rounders only , I love this gun and would not trade it in for a glock 26……I will purchase a glock 26 in addition though!

    • Don,

      This is probably an old post but I used to get a bunch of FTF’s on my 7rd mags only, never on my 6rd mags. I ended up taking them apart and soaping them up with dish soap to take off all that gummy oil then ran a cloth lightly applied with Break Free through the mag and haven’t had a FTF since. I took a class not long ago and it didn’t matter which 7rd mags I used, I did not have one FTF. Hope this helps.

  7. Khars are built pretty tight. I’ve had a lot of complaints from customers of FTFs and such with brand new guns. Wolff and other really cheap ammo tends to bring problems like that out of the woodwork.

    I wouldn’t trust them for carry until i’d put about 500 rounds through it.

    In my experience, though, they’re great little guns. I don’t own one, but my friend I go and plink with does, and for being so small, they’re mighty accurate little guns. They seem well built.

    However, banish any thoughts of 1000 round uncleaned reliability from your mind. They don’t like to run dirty, and they like to run wet.

    • My problems with the PM40s didn’t start until about 250 rounds. Most of these rounds were Ranger SXT 180gr. After the 500 round mark, the pistol would throw at least 1 FTF per magazine no matter which of my 5 magazines I used. It took a thorough cleaning before it would run more than 1 magazine without an FTF. Clean and repeat.

      While I realize the average gunfight is 3-5 rds, the Kahr should have performed a little better for the price.

  8. Kahr does make an 8 round 9mm magazine that fits in the PM9 which brings your total count to 9…which is approximately half what your G19 carries and basically rules out pocket carry cuz it sticks out so far. Ya can’t have everything.

  9. Note:

    I added my second range session to my initial review above. This gun runs great (so far). I will let you know if it chokes.

  10. Nice review, Eric. I had a chance to fire a PM9 recently, courtesy of a stranger at the range who saw me eyeballing it and asked if I wanted to give her a try. Who am I to say “no?”

    It was comfortable to shoot and pretty accurate for such a little gun. It looks good, too. While I didn’t have an opportunity to tear it down or wring it out, it seemed like a fine and well-made shooter.

    Still, what I want in my pocket is a snubby.

    • Thanks Ralph. Thoughts on how it compared to the Sig 290?

      Another use for this gun for me is something to wear in the belly band while running. The larger heavier guns with more ammo tend to jiggle around more. I did a technical trail run today with the PM9 and a full spare mag and didn’t notice either. The lack of an aluminum frame is a plus for this application as the gun gets a bit sweated up.

      All in all I am a very satisfied customer of a nice used firearm right now. It has a place in my life for sure.

      • I didn’t have enough trigger time to make a fair comparison between the PM9 to the SIG P290. I did a full test of the 290 and thought that it was an outstanding little gun. I only shot one mag from the PM9, but I sure liked it.

        Frankly, the state of the art in small pistols is amazing.

      • Eric,

        I see you are asking about comparisons of the PM9 and the Sig 290. I’m not familur with the 290, in fact Iv been very resistant to Sigs entirely. But that’s simply due to the fact that my father swears by them.

        I can now say that as of a few hours ago I am no longer resistant and could kick myself for not giving Sig a try years ago.

        In the last 2 years I have owned MANY compact firearms due to my girlfriend and her new found love for guns. Here is most of what we purchased. Ruger LCR, S&W Shield, S&W Bodygaurd, Kahr CM9, Kahr PM9, Sig P938.

        Got rid of the LCR, the bodygaurd, and shield very quickly. Realy liked the Kahr CM9. So much we up graded to the PM9. Still love it and would buy one again and again.

        However, the Sig P938 is simply AMAZING! I definatly recomend checking one out.

  11. The PM9 is my EDC in the summer months. Always in an OWB holster – I don’t pocket carry. Sounds like someone did you a favor and broke in the gun before you bought it. Brand new, the little Kahrs usually need about 200 rounds to reach carry reliability, and there is a break-in ritual described on the Kahr Talk site.

    It’s worth it, though. This pistol is perfect for concealed carry with the obvious exception of capacity. So go bigger or double stack if you must, but I feel fine with 7 rounds of +P Golden Sabers that I know will go bang if I need them. The trigger pull and reset are obviously designed for defensive use and revolveristas will feel right at home.

    My only complaint is the ugly larger mag. It just hangs out there like an afterthought. This is a 3 finger gun so having a shaped pinky rest and a mag base that looks like it belongs with the gun would help.

    • Add to that the ugly smaller mag. I hate how that galvanized gutter metal hangs out the bottom. Why can’t it fit flush?

      • Yep, there have been numerous complaints that both mags don’t live up to the standard of the pistol itself. I also forgot to mention that not all the mags will drop free when released. Some do, some don’t. Go figure. I’m hesitant to modify anything, so if I’m carrying an extra mag, I just make sure the one in the gun will drop free.

      • Jason, may not be the most appealing but the mag needs to stick out.. If you have a malfunction and can not clear with initial tap/rack then you probably have a stovepipe and these can be very difficult to clear especially in these small CCW. I’ve had it occurr more than a couple times in these small Kahr’s that the gun has not completely ejected a cartridge and attempted to chamber a round from the mag with no success (stovepipe)!!!! You must be able to grasp the mag to strip it while cycling the slide to clear the malfunction. They should have made small indentations in both sides of the grips frame at the bottom where we could grasp and extract. They could have then made mags to be flush like they should be.

        • If you think you need to remove the mag to clear a stovepipe, you’re clearly doing it wrong. A stovepipe is easily cleared with a tap, rack and ROLL (tilt gun ejection port side down when racking). A double feed is the malfunction that requires the mag to be stripped out of the frame.

  12. Thanks for the great review. I had the same issue with the 2nd rnd FTF with 7 Rnd mag. Even after 500 rnds, the 2 rnd in the mag would be nose-dived under the feed ramp. I only had the problem using FMJ Winchester (rounded nose) ammo. It never jammed using hollow point ammo. I found that when a round is chambered, the next round slides forward in the magazine as much as 1/4 inch. I compared this to my XD40 sub-compact and found those rounds do not slide forward in the magazine at all, that I could tell.
    Kahr said rounds sliding forward is normal but I might have an issue with my 7 Rnd mag. They offered to replace it with either a 6 or 7 rnd mag. I’m waiting for a replacement 7 rnd but I now think I should have gone with the 6.
    I bought my pistol new but was not impressed with the supposed “precision” machining. Had a number of curly-q tailings and lots of metal flakes that washed out from the striker cavity when I used an aerosol spray cleaner like someone recommended on-line. Although the 6 rnd mag has never jammed, the2nd and following rounds do slide forward with it, just not enough to jam, so far. I will only use JHP ammo for self-defense and probably only use the 6 rnd mag for CC but it concerns me a little. I really like the size, weight and performance of the PM9 when it works but I have to know I will get more than 1 shot if I ever have to use it. Otherwise I will also look at the S&W Shield.
    I really wish Springfield made a small single-stack, I have never had a problem with my XD40 and like the “automatic” trigger and grip safeties, just the right balance for me between no safety and a thumb safety

  13. Beware!!! (or at lease aware…) One thing to consider before
    thinking of purchasing a PM9 is that if you put it together wrong
    it’s just about impossible to get it apart again. It’s a very easy
    mistake to make. If you’re not careful installing the slide stop
    you can hose yourself to the point where you have to send the gun
    in to have it disassembled. I was putting mine back together after
    a long day and then cleaning the pistol and pushed the slide stop
    in too soon and seized up the slide. I tried every tick I found on
    the internet but nothing worked. To me this is a major issue. I
    could tell by the way Customer Service handled me that this happens
    quite a bit. It is still the smallest 9mm and I will end up keeping
    it. With the amount of frustration and hassle this issue caused me
    I’d like to think I won’t make this mistake again.

    • Update; I just received my PM9 back from the factory. The Smith noted that the Barrel and Slide were ” Peened”. That must mean FUBAR as they replaced the slide, barrel and recoil assembly,(the entire top end of the gun).

      Great customer service though, this was all free of charge. I’ll be sure to get those index marks lined up right next time I re-install the slide block.

  14. My EDC is a Kahr P9 Black w/Night Sites with Hornady Critical Duty +P. Love it. I carry it IWB appendix with the 8 rd extended mag in a FIST kydex holster. I carry the normal 7 rd in my pocket. I shoot this gun VERY well. It handles the +P load great and seems to love it. I held a PM9 today for the first time with the 7rd mag with grip extension. I was very impressed. But not enough to leave the P9. The P9 is not cheap, nor is the PM9. That being said, I am always amazed at how much firepower I have on tap in an astonishingly compact system. You have to shoot the p9 to appreciate the advantages over a Glock. I can’t speak to the Shield as I have only held a plastic model of one, but it is similar to the P9 in width, etc. The p9 trigger is outstanding, and this is from a guy who also has a Kimber 3″ .45 which I will still carry sometimes. With my large hands, the p9 fits so well especially with the extended grip, and shoots so well with the Critical Duty +p loads, that it’s hard for me to strap on the extra weight of the Kimber. The p9 is not a pocket gun, and I was un-impressed with the SigSauer p938. Yes, the Kahr extended grips showing bare metal are not a work of art. HOWEVER I can easily grip it and extract it for a jam if needed. If you can’t get a grip on it to strip it out, you know what will happen next. A bit long on the narrative here, but there you have it.

  15. Well….I don’t have a PM9 but I am seriously considering one. I’ve carried (or attempted to carry) several Glocks (19, 26, 30, 32, 36), several Colts (Commander, New Agent 9mm and .45 variety) and various other brands (Kel Tec PF9, Ruger LCP) and I am hoping the Kahr PM9 is the one I have been looking and hoping for. Concealability, shootability, reliable, durable, and something in at least 9mm Luger. I was able to handle one yesterday and on first impressions, I’m impressed. I liked the grip which is a big complaint I have with the very tiny 9’s I have handled. Here’s hoping it lives up to expectations.

  16. I’ve been carrying a cm9 for 6 months, usually iwb. It’s comfortable to carry, is accurate and always goes bang when I pull the trigger. I like it.

  17. I hear so many mixed reviews on the Kahr pistols. I am a retired 30 years Detroit Police Dept. Motorcycle division as well as many other assignments. I have owned Sigs, Glocks, ( still do) Colts, S&W’s, Rugers L C P 380 and revolvers, Kel techs. I am an old guy with many health issues congestive heart failure, angina, 5 heart attacks , and 19 others. including arthritis. I have no trouble racking my cw 9. I have a smaller hand than average and this Kahr is the most comfortable automatic I have ever held. I have put hundreds of rounds through this pistol no problems. Mags are top notch all steel and mag release works great. The cw 9 carries so well that my Ruger is left at home most of the time. I cannot run fight or be punched I am on 3 blood thinners, so I carry most of the time. I love my Kahr. One thing I would not do is ever buy a mitch rosen holster spent 90.00 dollars plus 18.00 dollars for leather lube still scratched my new pistol on BOTH sides of the front site blade. I will stick with Galco they have always treated me right. I love my I W B with the J hook. Please feel free to Email me [email protected]. Keep your ammo dry and your knives sharp. Gary

  18. SkyMan77,

    That slide-stop stoppage can happen on any 1911 type of slide stop if the slide stop isn’t inserted correctly. What usually needs to be done is to wedge a small screw driver blade between the extractor and the barrel breech end (like on the PM9) and push the barrel laterally forward. As the barrel moves forward you should be able to extract the slide stop. If you need more purchase and force as the barrel moves forward you can insert a larger screwdriver blade or a plastic chop stick. Hold the tool tip as close to the breech end as possible and push towards the muzzle end.

  19. I just bought a CM9 for my CCW weapon. I have been carrying a Bersa Thunder 380 with Crimson Trace grips and I trully love that gun but I wanted something a little lighter but with more punch. I have only put 50 rounds throunf the Kahr but my problem is with customer service, not the gun. I bought some extra magazines and one of the ones they sent me was a 40mm instead of 9mm. Now you can load 9mm shells in to 40mm magazine but the problem start when you try to slam that magazine home. When I called and asked them to send me a replacment magazine and a prepaid return envelope they said they wanted me to return the 40mm magazine first. I told them I paid $9.20 to have the correct magazine sent to me and now you want me to pay to send back your mistake. I asked for the manager and they sent me to voice mail and I haven’t heard from anyone in over 2 hours. Apparently they haven’t straightened out their customer service issues.

  20. I’ve had the PM9 for about 2 months bought it new and have about 1,000 rounds through it and not one FTF. This gun fits in my big hands perfectly. I can’t say enough good things about this pistol. You have to follow the “break-in” instructions and lube it appropriately and with that it’s as reliable as any Glock. I generally wear tighter clothing at my M-F executive job (slacks and button-up, no jacket) and with my crossbreed I forget I have this little powerhouse with me….extremely comfortable. I highly recommend this for the EDC person. Break-in, Lube and shoot!!

  21. Thanks for the great review, Eric.
    I bought my PM9 about 4 years ago. It’s been my EDC gun since then, except when I need something smaller and I carry an LCP in my back pocket. The PM9 is one of the few pistols I own that has never had a malfunction of any kind from day 1 (knock on wood). The other is my G26.
    I have carried it while running for probably a couple thousand miles, so it looks like hell, but it still functions flawlessly. I’m currently carrying it in a PistolWear runner’s holster but I’m not completely happy with it… too big and the strap does not properly cover the opening, but that’s another story. For everyday wear I use a Galco Stinger, which has worked great.
    As others have noted, the regular magazine looks cheesy with the floorplate hanging sideways (which sometimes pinches my pinky at the range), and the extended mag looks like an afterthought. But whenever I get tempted by a new pretty face (the Sig P938), I remember how simple and reliable the PM9 has been.

  22. I have had good success with the PM9 (upgrade model, Black Diamond) and the CM9 was a smooth, reliable pistol… been awhile, long since traded off (I regret the Black Diamond… only issue there was some really fouled up night sight alignment). Picked up a used OLD P9, hoping all the issues (if any) have been all worked out. A great feeling pistol, the extra 1/2″ length and height really helps the feel and accuracy, IMO… Love the night sights, but very dim (MMC… factory?) anywho, I never liked the J-frame, nice to carry in the front pocket, but heavy recoil with +P and 5 rounds… nah. Shield trigger sucks… you can spend $100 for an Apex… but why? XdS… not reliable, IMO… P238 new ones are less reliable than the older ones and the .380 round… nah. P938 sucks. Be safe, shoot straight and the hell with the bad guys.

  23. Bought a new PM9 and had to send it to the factory immediately. The slide was so tight that it was impossible to rack without both hands and straining till the face almost blows up. Tried disassembling it but would require 4 hands.

    Just got it back from the factory after a little more than 2 weeks. A little easier to rack than before. Don’t dare trying to disassemble it. No time to try shooting yet.

    I only read a few comments here and there on the slide tightness. Not a gun for those without gorilla fingers.

    The factory rep was cooperative.

  24. zero customer service, would never buy from this company again, no matter how good product may be.

    • Yes, Kahr pistols can be “finicky”… Kahr claims that is due to the really tight tolerances… well… maybe. As I mentioned, my OLD Kahr P9 is a fine pistol… but I have had some difficult ones too.

      Maybe the Glock 41 .380?? I found the G26 to be great, but too big. I have a S&W Airlite 317.22LR that I carry in the summer with gym shorts… yes, I know… .22LR!?!!?!? Well 7 of them in the face and chest and belly will probably divert the bad guys, with one to spare… I shoot Remington HP at 1500 FPS muzzle. I changed out the trigger and return spring and is now has a pretty good feel… and plenty accurate double action… Winter carry is a Kimber Ultra CDP Series I .45… or my current favorite Dan Wesson Guardian Bobtail 9mm… sweet!!

      I hope you find one that suits… BTW the Keltec 3AT is a loser… the P32 and the P11 are far better pistols. Bargain is the Bersa thunder .380, good pistol and reliable, IMO.

      BE safe, shoot well.

  25. I have owned at one time the K9, (2) P45’s, PM 40, PM 9.
    All have functioned flawlessly, and I shoot a lot. I am a gun trader, or rather I used to be that is why I have owned all of the above before. I currently own the PM 9, that loaded with LEO Federal 124 grain +P Gold Dots. For ultra concealed it does not get much better. The only other one that comes close is my Scad framed S&W mod. 360, with 3 inch barrel and a night sight. I do a 5K, 2 to 3 times a week. Those are my 2 choices, simply because everything else was to heavy. Either the Smith or the Kahr and an extra clip or speed loader is my max. weight for when I run. Both have proven themselves to be totally realiable. and pack enough punch to get the job done in a defensive role.

  26. I own a PM-9 w/night sights that I really like. It is very reliable, and after about 2000 rds, it has yet to fail. It fits into my front pocket nicely to a point that I forget that it’s there. Many people, with permits to carry, don’t carry because their hg is tooo cumbersome and heavy. The Kahr PM9 is just 14 oz dry! and fits into my front pocket in a nice leather Galco. Great carry piece it is!

  27. I got one and I like it.
    Many reasons to Pocket carry – It works for me, even with a 7 round magazine.
    Shot close to 1000 rounds and still very good

  28. Picked up yet another PM9, this one a Black Diamond… put trijicon Night sights on it… and a pachmyer #4 grip sleeve, and Pearce extension on the 6 round mag. Sweet shooter, no fails even with REALLY cheap reloads, VERY accurate. Love the trigger. IWB Kydex Cook holster, Great EDC. My expensive 342PD has excessive recoil, only 5 shots and is not nearly as accurate. I think almost all Kahr issues stem from inadequate break-in, poor lube, worn out recoil springs or the older mag follower issue. Address these and you have an outstanding pistol.

    • I am a retired motorcycle cop Detroit P D (30 years service)

      To me just put good night sights on a Glock 26 or 27 , I prefer the 26 , and your good to go.

      I have had many serious health issues , so I ask every chance I get: Do you KNOW for SURE where you will

      go when you DIE? Based on Gods word alone, NO RELIGION.

      Knowing for SURE has been PRICELESS to me. Feel free to e mail me any time gary.severs@

      Have a bible handy. Hope I hear from you gary

      • The Glock 26 is a fine pistol… but it is too wide for me, in terms of IWB carry.

        You can follow any mythology that pleases you… probably best to not try to throw it at folks that come here to talk guns… and fella, when it comes to the universe, life and beyond… all the hundreds of ancient myths… NOTHING is for sure… no matter how much you wish for it to be so. PS: their followers all say the SAME EXACT THING that you do. Thanks for your service.

        • Hello there. If you are really looking for a hand gun that meets all criteria, try the Beretta Nano. I did and never looked back.

          • Thanks, Juan, I may do that… I have tried most, but not the Nano… Didn’t I hear it had some reliability issues? I guess most pistols do… at least a few lemons in every batch… I am very happy with my Kahr PM9 Black Diamond, and just picked up a LE trade-in Glock 23 Gen 3 for $299… great deal!

        • G26 “too thick” for IWB carry? Seriously? Sure, it’s a TINY bit thicker on the slide, but it’s no thicker overall than one of the most IWB carried pistols of all time…the 1911… Hell of a lot lighter with more capacity, too. And, before anyone argues .45 versus 9mm, modern 9mm hollowpoint duty loads are plenty effective.

  29. Have owned a PM9 for about five years. I carry the pistol in a nylon belt slide holster. It’s soft and you will never know it’s there. The nylon belt slide holsters are the only way to go.

  30. ive had my pm9 black diamond slide for about 3 years now..i can honestly say i have roughly around 2000rds through it. this is my favorite carry piece. i do own several glocks, but i always snd will continue to carry my pm9 daily due to it’s size and reliability. i do not pocket carry, i carry it in a crossbreed minituck…PERFECT here in Texas.

  31. I forget exactly when I bought my PM9, maybe 4-5 years ago. It was used, (but not really- a safe queen), apparently belonged to a local assistant DA. I bought it because I shot a friend’s PM9 and was amazed at the accuracy I managed to get from a pistol of it’s size. I’ve carried it often, because it’s so small. Lately I carry a 9mm shield because I can shoot it a lot easier, BUT it’s so much harder to conceal, and heavier. Actually, I really like both pistols. I’ve put night sights on both, with the PM9 getting a set of XS Express tritium sights (BIG dot up front for quick acquisition of target point). I’ve generally gone with outside-the-belt, but lately looking at a Mika pocket holster, or a Sneaky Pete, for the PM9, since I just don’t wear pants with pockets big enough for the Shield.
    P.S.-No reliability problems with either, but I only use the six round magazines for the Kahr.

  32. I am carrying every day for 45 years. I have carried a KahrPM9 in my right hand pocket for 5-6 yeas now. It fires anything I put in it. I own 4 Glocks, and sometimes “about 1/2 the time, catty one of them also, sometimes an XDS, but the Kahr is always there. If someone sees that you are armed, they may get the drop on you and you may have to give up a gun, if you are outnumbered. But having the Kahr with an extended 7 round mag, still gives me the option of shooting my way out if necessary. I hate to think like that, but having a home invasion in 1980 in an apartment in a luxury high rise, has taught me anything can happen any ware. And the guys that think they are safe at home, are sadly mistaken. I was a business owner with 5 stores, not a drug dealer.
    Also driving a fancy car like my Porsche or Ferrari, “around Manhattan”, back then, was a target 3 times.

  33. I own the Kahr PM9 and also the S&W Shield in 9, as well as G17, 19, 22 & 23. My PM 9 is my ‘going to the movies’ & ‘going to church’ gun. I use only Speer Gold Dot LE and can jut about count on the 1st round jamming when the 7 round mag is full and the chamber empty. Other than that I LOVE this gun. I carry ITB and it is very comfy, sometimes I forget I even have it. It is accurate as anything I own inside 20 feet and that is the furthest you will ever need a pocket carry weapon.

    My SUV has a Glock 22 in the glove box, pepper spray in the console and a baton in the back seat, but those are all to big to take into church. I have a bedroom Glock as well. But when I am walking around the PM9 makes me feel very comfortable knowing I can get 2 rounds on target in a couple seconds.

    Thanks to all of you for your input. Things to think about.

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