Gun Review: GLOCK 45 9mm
Josh Wayner for TTAG
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There a number of people in today’s world that are impossible to make happy. Chief among these are gun people, and the most notorious and outspoken are fans of GLOCK pistols. Today we will be taking a look at a gun that makes a tremendous amount of sense to me and many others, but has somehow irked some of the faithful: the GLOCK 45.

The G45 is a bit of a strange misnomer, as it’s not chambered in .45 ACP. The expectation was that it somehow would be, but seeing as how GLOCK has never released a gun with the model number corresponding to the chambering, I’m not sure how that could be that confusing.

The GLOCK 45 is in fact chambered in 9x19mm and GLOCK calls it a compact crossover, with a compact G19-size slide on a full-size Gen5 G17 frame. That makes a great deal of sense when the direction of handguns and end users are taken into account, but that still wasn’t enough for some I spoke to.

Gun Review: GLOCK 45 9mm
The G45’s forward slide serrations (Josh Wayner for TTAG)

When the G45 was announced, it was met with vast amounts of disappointment. I heard from no less than two dozen of my usual contacts who said they hated the gun and had been anticipating another crossover design, this time with a G17-length slide on a G19 frame. Or maybe a G19 slide on a G26 frame.

The idea behind this is that you can always conceal a longer barrel, but not a longer frame. It’s hard to fathom who would complain about such a thing when so many good compact pistols are around.

The practice of long slide/short frame is at best a hilariously foolish attempt to extend a compact pistol’s range by increasing sight radius. It’s as if the proponents of this configuration are just going to, at a moment’s notice, have to make a precision shot at 100 yards with a cartoonishly long pistol like Jack Nicholson’s Joker gun. You’d have a better chance of convincing me that Die Hard is a Christmas movie than getting me to buy into the long slide/short frame idea.

Gun Review: GLOCK 45 9mm
Josh Wayner for TTAG

You can’t accuse GLOCK of not knowing their purchaser base. The reason why they released their crossover designs the way they did is because the broad public wouldn’t buy a goofy, stunted-looking pistol that’s hard to control and has limited standard capacity.

The G45 and GLOCK 19X are extremely well designed guns and are in high demand as a result. In point of fact, the G45 is one of the most well-balanced pistols I’ve ever fired when it comes to weight distribution and recoil management.

The end buyer of this gun is one who’s concerned with comfort, accuracy, and capacity. The gun feels right in the hand, is easily manipulated, and has excellent capacity at 17+1 rounds. Three magazines are included with the pistol.

The G45’s Gen5 trigger, while not a night-and-day difference over prior generations, is an improvement in that it’s noticeably crisper and less mushy than its predecessors. Reset is about the same.

The grip geometry (no more Gen4 finger grooves) and improved trigger allow fir a great deal of control, thus allowing a short learning curve for new shooters. It’s a turn-key package for the average person, as it can be utilized in most every role most users will need in a full-frame pistol.

Gun Review: GLOCK 45 9mm
The G45 features a nDLC ion-bonded finish (Josh Wayner for TTAG_

The GLOCK 45’s best quality, perhaps, is that it wasn’t inherently designed for the concealed carry market. Like the first GLOCKs that were so popular with law enforcement, the G45 is a duty-sized gun that has all the good features of the popular G19X, but with a few differences that make it a great gun for the outdoorsman and police officer alike, such as the lack of a lanyard loop and a nondescript black finish.

I tested this gun with a variety of excellent ammo and found that it’s a very solid, accurate performer. Testing was done over my Oehler 35P chronograph, which was situated five feet from the muzzle. Groups were fired from the bench at 25 yards and are the average of three, five-shot groups.

Lehigh Defense 90gr +P Xtreme Defense——1511fps, 1.5”
SIG SAUER 115gr V CROWN————————1259fps, 2”
SIG SAUER 124gr V CROWN ————————1260fps, 2”
Black Hills 115gr FMJ———————————1217fps, 2”
Black Hills 125gr Honey Badger Subsonic———987fps, 2.75”
Black Hills 100gr +P Honey Badger——————1375fps, 1.5”
Buffalo Bore 147gr Outdoorsman——————–1100fps, 3”
Buffalo Bore Barnes 95gr +P+ ————————–1501fps. 1.75”
Hornady 124gr +P Critical Duty————————1230fps, 2”
Hornady 135gr +P Critical Duty————————1150fps, 2.25”
Hornady Custom 147gr XTP——————————1027fps, 2.5”
Hornady Critical Defense 115gr FTX——————1211fps, 3”

I’e noticed something when it comes to the new GLOCK models. They tend to run a bit fast compared to the old barrels. The results I got for the G45 with the match grade GLOCK Marksman Barrel were interesting, as I have quite a bit of trigger time on many of these loads this year in several 9mm pistols.

The results for these rounds were a smidge faster than I’ve seen in the past, but I think it is a matter of the individual gun here. I tested these same loads in a G19 Gen5 and the G45 was slightly faster on all loads despite having essentially the same barrel length.

Gun Review: GLOCK 45 9mm
Josh Wayner for TTAG

When it came to reliability, the GLOCK 45 just ran and ran. I had no issues at all and was easily able to shoot my steel plate out to 50 yards. Up close, the G45 handles well when shooting rapidly with its long, groove-less grip.

This may not be the gun that many GLOCK fanboys wanted, but it’s a gun that will make fanboys of the uninitiated. If this is the first GLOCK you fire, you’ll be very pleased. The G45 is an excellent choice in a full-frame gun handgun and is likely the best single handgun GLOCK has ever produced. I would choose this over a standard G19 any day of the week.

Specifications: GLOCK 45

Caliber: 9x19mm
Capacity: 17+1 rounds
Barrel Length: 4 inches
Overall Length: 7.44 inches
Sights: Polymer U-notch
Weight: 25oz with empty magazine
Street Price: About $550 new

Ratings (out of five stars):

Accuracy * * * * * 
I never thought I would find a GLOCK brand GLOCK that shoots as well as the G19X, but this one does. The grip size combined with the compact slide makes this gun just bounce in the hand under recoil and it just wants to stay on target.

Reliability * * * * *
I had no failures to feed or fire at all with this pistol.

Ergonomics * * * * *
This pistol handles like a dream. There is ample room on the grip for even the largest hands, but the gun is overall fairly compact. Just like the very similar G19X, this gun has great balance and is easy to shoot in general.

Customize This * * *
The problem with many of the Gen5 guns is that they have a lack of good accessories, but that will all change in the days to come.

Aesthetics * * * 
GLOCK has always taken the path of making sure the is farm working before painting the barn, even if that barn doesn’t get painted for some time. This is not an attractive gun, but it’s handsome enough for what it is.

Overall * * * * *
The haters out there will disagree with the proportions of this gun, but as the old adage goes, haters gonna hate. The full-size grip, generous capacity, better trigger, and compact barrel make for a gun that is only limited by the abilities of the shooter.


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  1. Just got one from my LGS-USED. The guy didn’t like the trigger after less than a box of ammo. Too bad for him.

  2. I stopped reading at “You’d have a better chance of convincing me that Die Hard is a Christmas movie “.

    I mean come on now, if you can not tell that die hard is a Christmas movie then how could you ever tell the difference between a good glock and a bad glock.

  3. I’m a hater on the looks….it may run fine….looks dopey.

    That said…I am surprised Fllck didn’t do a 17 slide on a 19 frame…oh wait its I’m not.

    I can’t hide that big grip easily. But I also can’t comfortably carry a 17 slide in my waistband.

    All in all, if it shoots well, people will buy them. I can see wearing one for one carry so the barrel doesn’t stuff into the car seats and whatnot.

    I’m waiting for the G48. I like slim guns even though I’m not.

  4. I’m an admitted Glockaholic. I love the the guns because I shoot pretty well with them. I’m a happy camper.

    There are Glocks that I’ve owned and traded or sold for other Glocks I wanted.

    I bought the 19X and really like it and finally got around to using is as my EDC for 10 days in a row last month. (My primary EDC is the G19 Gen 3)

    The one thing that I would not like about the G45 is the same thing that I don’t care for on the 19X – that smooth Gen 5 grip. I like the finger grooves. It just works for me. (I bought some Pachmayr grips and that solved that problem.)

    Will I ever buy a G45? I don’t know. I already own four Glocks in 9mm. Don’t think I need another one, yet.

    Now the G43X and the G48, I have no use for. 🙂

    • I was up until S&W released their m2.0 lineup. Just makes Glocks feel… like a fashion statement. Like if you have a tactical sticker on your truck, you better carry a Glock. No thanks, left that bandwagon behind.

      That said, I will never doubt their reliability, but all these new models are just them trying to stay recent and it’s not working.

  5. Die Hard 1 and 2 are both Christmas movies. Christmas is integral to their plots and neither scenario would have occurred if McClain were not travelling for Christmas. Always remember Die Hard was made possible by Christs’ birth.

  6. Can someone from the Glock Admiration Society tell me if there is a difference between Glock 9mm magazines as to fitment not capacity?

    I’m building an AR 9mm and I have an adapter which can use either Glock or S&W magazines. My gunsmith said the magazines are not all the same based on model. He isn’t a Glock guy.

    The adapter comes from Brownells. I called them and got, “100-002-771 would be largest capacity.”

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Shorter Glock mags, e.g., 26, will not work in a full size frame as they are obviously too short. The opposite is valid. Full size mags in subcompact guns. Works fine. Any 9mm magazine should work in your AR if it is long for the magazine catch to engage the cut.

      • Also, the only issue with using 3rd gen mags in 4th gen guns I s if the 4th gen gun is set-up for a left handed magazine release. There is not a cut in the right side of 3rd gen mags for them to work in a left handed set-up.

    • If you get g17 mags you’ll probably be fine. There’s 9mm mags single and double stack for now, 40/357 mags, 380 mags, and 45 mags single and double stack.

      The g17 mag is a double stack 9mm, and your 9mm AR platform is probably based on those.

      Depending on how flush they fit to the mag you might be able to run g19 mags too, but why would you.

      If you get it you can also run the stick mags bar glock produces just fine.

    • Mags for the 17, 20, 21, and 22 will work with the compact and subcompact models in their caliber. The smaller mags obviously can’t be used in the larger models because of grip length. Single stack models will not share with any other models as far as I know. I prefer the Magpul 21rd mags for my carbines – they give you good capacity and don’t look as ridiculous as the 33rd ones if I use them in my G26 too.

  7. 17+1, that’s a lot of bullets in a sidearm. Now is this the Glock that’s going to finally become the Highlander, the end of caliber wars and other pistols? As much as I do not like Glocks anyone could make this gun owner happy if they would give him one.

  8. The G-45/19x are designed to compete against pistols offered by FN, Springfield, H&K and Beretta who offer full sized frames mated to compact slides.

    • First thing I thought of when I saw this review is…

      … so Glock’s finally making a competitor to my 15-year-old Springfield XD? Full-size grip with a 4″ barrel… yep. Except, still no grip safety.


      • The industry needs some standardization of terms. Why is the G19 considered a compact? It’s got 15 rounds which is more than a BHP and the same as an M-9 or the original FS-92. As far as I am concerned it’s still a full sized service pistol.

        • You make no sense, as usual. Capacity means nothing when determining whether a gun is a full/duty size, compact, sub compact, or micro. A Glock 26 carries 10 rounds, the Nighthawk shadow hawk is a full size 1911 chambered in 9mm that carries 10 rounds. Does that mean the Glock 26 should be called a full size weapon?! My friggen word…

        • As usual you think you know more than I do.. A G-19 is virtually the same size as a every service pistol that the 45 is competing with. It is bigger every other striker fired compacts like the XD/m, P320, APX, FNS. I can probably name a few more. A pistol that is over 7″ long is not a compact pistol. A compact is whatever the manufacturer says it is. A Commander is called a compact and it’s bigger than a G17.

          So if you want to tell me I make no sense as usual try doing some research to hack up your claim before you open your mouth.

        • because their owners powder their cheeks with blush.
          even a glock review is better spent commenting on the po7 and po9.

  9. Not the first glock I’ve fired, previously the only one I’ve liked was the 35. The first glock I had to buy was the 19X and I think I’ll get the 45 as well. It’s a great piece for sure!

  10. I swear they’re doing this on purpose. The glock 45 is a 9mm, the glock 40 is a 10mm, and the glock 22 is a .40. It’s embarrasing telling people you want a glock 40 and they look at you like you’re a gangbanger with a grille and a face tattoo…

      • Not the patent number. The G17 was named after Gaston’s 17th patent, but the rest were named seqeuentially based on development order, not release order. The G22/23 were on stores first since they were basically rebarrels of the 17/19, but the large frame G20/21 were in development first. There are some inconsistencies, like the long slide 9mm G17L, but long slide .40 G24 instead of G22L.

  11. My wife and I wrap presents to Die Hard 1 through 3 every year…

    It’s by god a Christmas movie in my house.

  12. I believe Glock pistols are the best pistols ever issued. As to getting us common folks to plunk down our hard earned cash, they are not quite there yet. But they are coming.
    If I ever have to go to war within the confines of my neighborhood, my 17C Gen 3 will get stuffed in my belt. Won’t even think about it.

  13. had to leave this somewhere….why not here. Yes I know its not a Creedmoor but kinda close. lol

  14. I don’t personally like Glocks (grip angle thing), but you can’t fault Glocks on much: they’re reliable, moderately accurate, cost effective, fantastic after market support but I think Karl over at InRangeTV said it best: “Bang, bang, bang, it’s a Glock.”

    • Polymer 80 Glock 19& 17 kit has the 1911 grip angle plus it’s one more gun the ATF won’t come to your house and shoot your dog while they look for it.

      • See… why do you gotta tell me stuff like that!?! I’ll let you know how the build comes out lol.

        • @Bearacuda, thanks.
          @JD, grip angle is very relevant. In today’s market there is no need to train more to adjust to a Glock’s grip angle when I can train with other firearms that I don’t have that problem to begin with and not only get more trading but better training.

          • Back on topic, I love the look of the Polymer80 frames but for me the beavertail on it seemed to be more for looks–I got the same amount of slide bite as I get on normal frames.

        • Grip angle is irrelevant. If you draw a Glock in dry fire practice 100-200 times a night, in a few days the gun will point and present exactly where you want it to. But douchebags like bearacuda and many many others on this forum don’t practice on a regular basis. Train more it’s that simple.

          • Perhaps he owns guns for more than just LARPing? It’s relevant to him since he wants to actually *enjoy* his purchase. Pro-tip–he can dry fire with a CZ as well. Acting like you have the professional gravitas of an instructor because you *dry fire* is cringy.

        • @ bearacuda learn to grip the gun correctly, then you won’t need to worry about your hands bleeding from slide bite. And I don’t care how big your hands are, if they’re getting cut from the slide, your grip is wrong.

          • JD I grip it the same as I do my other firearms and it’s the only one that bites me. Sounds like it’s a bad fit! Maybe I should just dry fire it 200-300 times and let it scar up and claim it as a “training accident” when people ask about it.

        • @JD how’s this, I’ll carry what I’m comfortable with and exceedingly good with, you carry what you’re comfortable with and exceedingly good with and call it a day.

    • I also don’t like the angle or the feeling of holding a block of wood. I point shoot my Shields quickly and accurately. But I recently bought a glock 19 gen 3 and did the following with a dremel: removed finger grooves, trigger guard double undercut, scalloped mag release, grip reduction (JB Weld fill). Fun project. So much better now. If I would have known this was so easy to do, i’d by a Glock fan boy today.

  15. I used to dislike Glocks until I won a G45 in a contest and it finally clicked. Once I added the medium beavertail grip it was perfect, though it puts the height over bore at about M&P height. Better than bloody thumb meat at least! I like the barrel and slide length since I use a WML exclusively and I like the “standoff ability” aspect.

  16. I might get one of these, since I can get a lovely discount and sell it if I don’t like it. Maybe it’ll save me from the standard barrel and trigger upgrades that stock Glocks need.

  17. Good review. Very pleased with my G45. I don’t get the confusion either, when in 30+ years has any Glock model # ever corresponded with the cartridge ???

  18. Glocks are like bourbon; I keep buying different ones trying to convince myself I like them, but I always just end up disappointed.

  19. I’m in the market for a compact handgun, but can’t justify the price of a Glock 19 – especially with that stupid cutout in the front strap (I know, I could file the finger groove off a Gen4, but Gen4s still cost as much as Gen5s). And honestly what’s with the hump? Everyone tolerates it, but does anyone actually like it?

    Even some of the most diehard Glock fans swoon over the CZ P10C. I think I’ll go with that.

    • What cutout are you referring to? As for the hump, I think it varies person to person. I hate it on the 19 but I don’t mind it on the 45. Maybe it’s just where it’s located? A Kansas P10C is in my future for sure! The M&P 9c 2.0 is awesome also if you don’t mind the grip texture.

      • The Glock 19.5 had a half-moon-shaped cutout on the front strap for the purpose of stripping stuck magazines (something no one has ever needed). Users report that it’s detrimental to grip and comfort. It also negates much of the advantage the gen5’s new flared magwell. The Glock 45, the 19x, and the 19 MOS don’t have the cutout, so if you want a subcompact Glock 19, you have to pay extra for the MOS model just to have a grip that isn’t neutered. The hump… People deal with it but nobody likes it. The stupid is so thick, and I just can’t bring myself to pay all that money for a gun with plastic sights when guns like the P10C are out there for way less.

        • Ah, I know what you mean now. I wasn’t a fan of those cutouts either. I’ll be waiting to see what the verdict is on the USA made P10Cs but I am interested. I’m burned out on being a beta tester, lol

        • Well, I went to my LGS today and held a VP9 and a G19.5 MOS FS (no P10Cs in stock, of course). I can hardly believe it, but I like the flat blocky Glock better (the MOS FS model lacks that stupid cutout!). The VP9 forms to my hand, but that 2×4 woodblock feel of the Glock that so many people laugh at makes it “point” really well, if that makes any sense. I’m no expert, but I could tell that the VP9 has a “better” trigger – but I’m not sure I liked it better…. Oh no. I’m afraid I’m gonna go broke buying this gun and adding night sights and a light. Then I’ll be one of those people who spends a fortune on a Glock for the privilege of spending MORE money on a Glock =( Save me!

        • I added the Pearce Grips Enhanced baseplate for GLOCK Gen 5 M19,17 and 34, and never looked back. Don’t even know the cut-out is even there anymore.

  20. The reason people look for a longer slide, thus a longer barrel, is for the increase in bullet velocity. I thought that was well known.👍

  21. This Glock 45 sounds like their version of Colt’s Commander. I suppose it’s okay, but really, what niche does it fill? I always thought the mid-size frames were the thinking man’s Glock. At least until they came out with the 43 to fill the role of a true compact. Sort of like Glocks J frame.

  22. Ok, I love Glocks, but I’ve gotta be missing something here, that or Glock has completely jumped the shark. Didn’t they already release the 19X a while ago, and isn’t this the same pistol in black? Full size frame plus compact barrel equals… G19X! So what’s the Glock 45, exactly?

    They’ve typically been pretty good about using their existing designations plus slight modifiers for slightly different guns (examples being the “FS” or “SF” modifiers, e.g. Glock 21 SF). Are they now gonna pull a pre-M&P S&W, where every slightly different gun gets its own unique name and nobody can keep them straight without a spreadsheet?

  23. Are folks in California allowed to buy it? Fuckin punk ass politicians. They cant even count to 2 as in second ammendment.

  24. That is why tonight I am celebrating my newest Colt 1911 Series 70. Just received it. A stock gun and fresh out of the box with no mods and in Government configuration, but holy cow what a sweet trigger (not quite the trigger on the one pimped up by my grandfather). Plain old black sights, but oh so much sweater than any Glock.

    • “but oh so much sweater than any Glock.”

      Careful with all that sweat around your 1911… don’t want it to rust. That would definitely not be sweet!

  25. I rarely think to myself, “man! I gotta shoot that new Glock!” And I didn’t at first with the G19x/G45, however after reading this review and a couple of others, they seem to think that this frame and slide combo strikes a sweet spot and something magic happens when you shoot it. Like mixing honey and mustard, two common ingredients that become something new and delicious when combined.

  26. I could see this being a comedy bit ala who’s on first:

    P1:I just got a Glock 45.
    P2:Great, I love shooting .45
    P1:It’s a 9mm
    P2:A 9mm Glock? Which one is it?
    P1:A Glock 45.
    P2:Well then, what caliber is it?!

    and so on.

  27. I just recently bought the G-45 and went to the range and shot 200 rds. Through it. No malfunction of any kind.Now I can change to TruGlo sights and function test with my EDC ammo. If all goes ok the G-45 will be my new home defense and SHTF gun.

  28. I purchased a Glock 45 in early February , and fired-it for the 1st time (1) week ago . I also have a Browning HI-Power that I inherited after my father passed . I remember when he bought-it in 1994 , and he never fired-it . Both of these Guns are “New” for the lack of a better word .
    Well , I fired ’em both , and the Browning was absolutely……..SPECTACULAR ; Reliability ; Ergonomics , and Accuracy . I had no doubt that the Hi-Power would be extremely accurate . However , I did not expect the G 45 to be accurate , but I knew that Reliability wise it would not let me down . My G45 was grouping as well as my HI-Power . In my opinion , I believe that I’m in possession of the (2) BEST 9mm pistols ever made .

  29. Finally a gun disigned for Cops/Military/armed Professional .. full 17 round capacity with a compact slide that is lite enough to wear all day in a open carry holster. Sorry you concealed carry people but not everyone is worried about hiding the beast, this baby screams I am open for business….

  30. Glock was originally designed as a dependable, economical military service pistol that was to be carried in a secure duty holster. Police agencies very quickly realized this meet their needs also. The model 45 has brought Glock full circle and was designed to meet the needs of the military and Police. So all the agruments over conceal carry are irrelevant. Glock’s target consumer group for this weapon is once again Military/Police and I expect soon you will see this weapon in the duty holster of the vast majority of uniformed Armed Professionals.

  31. I wish they would have come out with this gun a long time ago. I have always carried my gen 3 glock 19 but my complaint has always been the grip. Whoever thought a short grip and a long slide was the answer I’m glad you don’t make decisions for Glock. You know what’s funny is you never heard people level this criticism at the commander size 1911.
    This pistol is perfect right out of the box. No finger grooves, no need to undercut the trigger guard and more capacity.

  32. My G45 shoots very well. Amputated, and reattached, my right index finger 4 years ago. First joint is frozen but no firing issues. Great home defense weapon. Have a P365 MS for CCW however.

  33. I have owned many Glocks over the years. The G45 is my first Gen 5. I have not found any ammo that I can run 10 rounds without a stovepipe or mis-feed. It feels good in my hand but I do not like the creepy trigger. If I have any business in West Atlanta I will take it back to Glock in Smyrna to let them have a go at it. Mine is a Blue Label gun and it will go into the safe until I can trade it on something else.

  34. I’m surprised no one has said this in the comments yet, but to me, a Glock 19 with a Glock 17 mag makes a lot more sense. It’s common knowledge the mags are interchangeable. That way, you can have either the compact grip or the extra capacity whenever you want. The G45 and 19X make absolutely no sense to me all. Perhaps there are folks out there who want the extra capacity 100% of the time and don’t care about the shorter grip of a regular G19. It seems like someone would just choose a G17 in that scenario, but who knows? There seems to be demand for the oddly proportioned (super ugly) G19X and G45, so more variety doesn’t hurt I suppose.

  35. The more things change, the more they remain the same….I have a Model 17, Gen 1, about 150 rounds fired through it I bought back in 1986 and promptly was not that impressed so I tossed it in a safe and it has sat there, reliably, for the last 35 years give or take….think I shot it once during this time. It had the original “adjustable” rear sight that broke off as well as the case with the rack for 50 rounds inside the box……I sent it in once when it cracked the spacer sleeve using “carbine” ammo (hot loads) and they sent back a newer box and fixed sight….didn’t realize the impact of that until all these years later…3 digit serial number….sigh…who knew?

    One thing I distinctly remember though all it had was a gentle push no matter what you threw in the mag….it just doesn’t have recoil….I confirmed this through later gen glock 17’s and suspect this one will be the same with a slight flip virtually non-existent with the original…this grip is very reminiscent of the original grip….bland flat….maybe some more pebble grain to hold it as the original had almost none….

    For control and rapid fire, it makes total sense…anyone who has ever picked up and fired a G17… is about as soft shooting as it gets…amazing what a little more grip purchase will do….interesting debate about the G-19 and slipping in a g-17 mag with spacer…fair argument but, if you just like the full deal, no manipulations of any kind this makes sense…kind of like the .357 sig vs. .40 cal change the barrel idea….close, not exact but, functional…..G45? Sounds like a fine weapon….

  36. If this design is so great a G26 slide length on the G17 grip frame would be greater, right?

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