Gun Review: FN CC Edge 9mm Pistol

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FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

When FN launched the 509 LS Edge about a year and a half ago, they promised it would be the first in a series of new upgraded, premium pistols. Think BMW’s M models or Mercedes’ AMG cars. Better yet, think Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center guns or SIG’s Legion line.

With the recent announcement of the new FN 509 CC Edge, FN’s made good on that promise and a second handgun now officially makes the Edge Series a series. FN chose to make their first new gun after the competition-minded LS Edge a compact-size pistol and to give it a twist.

The 509 CC Edge has the same height and slide length as the 509 Compact Tactical. But as with the LS Edge, they used that as a jumping off point to kick the CC Edge up a few notches, including in the case of the new gun, an auto-indexing compensator.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

Unlike some other pistol compensators, the CC Edge’s comp features two ports that direct gasses up and away at angles…rather than straight up.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

That keeps schmutz and debris off of your front sight. That’s not insignificant, as, like the LS Edge, the CC Edge has a slim, suppressor-height fiber optic-equipped front sight post.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

The compensator will also keep any weapon light you might attach to the Pic rail from accumulating carbon deposits.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

Unlike most compensators, FN designed the comp for the CC Edge to attach via a bayonet-type mount for quick, easy auto-indexing. That’s important given the compensator’s contours that blend with those of the CC Edge’s PVD-coated slide.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

The proprietary mounting system couldn’t be simpler. Detach the slide from the frame, pop out the dual captive recoil spring and slide the barrel forward slightly. Then depress the comp (which is sprung) and rotate it 90 degrees to remove it. It’s that easy.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

The primary function of any compensator, of course, is to minimize felt recoil and muzzle flip. The CC Edge comp does both nicely. I shot it side-by-side with the LS Edge and reckon the shorter, lighter pistol’s compensated muzzle flip is about the same as that of the bigger, longer, heavier pistol.

Shooting the CC Edge without the compensator, you’ll notice more muzzle flip, the same as you would with any standard, uncompensated compact 9mm.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

FN ships the CC Edge with three magazines; a 12-rounder and two 15-round mags.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

All three magazines have metal baseplates. That means they eject quickly and reliably every single time. The 15-round mags allow anyone with hands smaller than a silverback gorilla’s a full, four-fingered grip.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

That said, I was able to get all three digits on the pistol with the 12-round magazine mounted, too. Then again, I have small hands. Your experience may differ.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

As with the LS Edge, the CC Edge combines excellent iron sights with FN’s Low-Profile Optics Mounting System.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

No other handgun maker has a better combination of irons and out-of-the-box red dot mounting system.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

FN ships the CC Edge with the plates to mount virtually any micro red dot sight you choose.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

You won’t have to lay out more money to buy a plate to adapt your red dot to the CC Edge.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

And your mounted and zero’d MRDS will cowitness quite nicely with the CC Edge’s iron sights.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

Like the LS Edge before it, the CC Edge has lightening cuts on both sides of its PVD coated slide. They look good and give you a sure grip on the front of the slide when racking, if that’s your custom. Unlike the LS Edge, the CC’s barrel has a gold titanium nitride coating that’s a little more blingy.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol
The CC Edge ships with three grip panels to match the size of the shooter’s hand.

The multi-textured grip has the now-characteristic Edge side panels of skateboard tape-like pebbling that’s aggressively grippy in any situation, including rain (ask me how I know). The extended magazine release button is nicely knurled and easy to get to, even with small hands.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol
The CC Edge has ambidextrous slide release lever and the magazine release button can be reversed for lefties. (Dan Z. for TTAG)

The Edge’s one-piece flat trigger is an upgrade from the standard hinged 509 trigger shoe.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

FN rates the CC Edge’s trigger pull weight at between 4.5 and 6.7 pounds. Our gun was clearly and consistently at the low end of that range with a short, tactile and audible reset that won’t inhibit fast followup shots.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

Accuracy is very good. I shot everything I could find from 115gr Magtech and Armscor range ammo to 147gr personal defense rounds. All turned out more than acceptable accuracy results out to 25 yards, but the CC Edge seemed to like two the most. Nosler 124gr JHP and 135gr Federal Hydra-Shok Deep both produced 1.6″ groups. That’ll more than do.

FN CC Edge 9mm pistol

Just as important is the CC Edge’s reliability. I attended a rollout event where about a dozen media types shot the hell out of the pistol. Not one of us experienced a stoppage of any kind.

I’ve since put hundreds more rounds through this one, blending different weights and bullet types. The CC Edge runs them all and then asks for more.

I can visualize the comments now. Some are going to complain bitterly about the CC Edge’s price tag. If it’s too rich for your blood, so be it. But if you look at everything FN has put into the package and compare it to their 509 Compact Tactical model, it’s not hard to see where that additional money is being spent.

With a second pistol now in the line, FN’s Edge Series now has two very attractive entries. Premium though it may be, the CC Edge is a very practical jack of all trades pistol. As a compact, it can be wonderfully effective as a concealed carry or home defense gun. With its optics-readiness and the effects of the compensator, it can hold its own in competition, too. In short, there’s very little that the CC Edge can’t do and do really really well.

Specifications: FN 509 CC Edge

Caliber: 9mm
Operation: Double-action
Magazine Capacity: 12 or 15 + 1
Weight: 25.5 oz.
Barrel Length: 4.2″
Overall Length: 7.5″
Height: 4.8″
Width: 1.35″
Pull Weight: 4.5-6.7 lb.
MSRP: $1,569 (about $1350 retail)

Ratings (out of five stars):

Style: * * * * *
There aren’t many truly good-looking polymer striker-fired handguns…or maybe that’s just one man’s opinion. That said, the Edge Series’ styling is a clear step above most of the rest of the poly-striker world. It may not take much to best the rest in this competition, but FN has clearly done it.

Ergonomics: * * * * *
Truly excellent. From the placement of controls to the upgraded grip texture to the flat trigger shoe, everything is right where it should be and operates as well as you could ask.

Accuracy: * * * * 1/2
For a polymer striker-fired handgun with a 5.4″ sight radius, accuracy is very good. Maybe not quite as good as you’d want if you’ll be using it for competition, but the CC Edge is more than accurate enough for virtually any role you’ll ask it to play. The upgraded fire control group/trigger, excellent sight system and the effects of the compensator help to make real world accuracy on par or better than virtually any similarly sized pistol.

Reliability: * * * * *
Literally nothing made it stop. The CC Edge shot and reliably cycled everything we fed it.

Customize This:  * * * * *
This is an area where the CC Edge really shines. Carry it with a red dot and the comp if you want. Or don’t…it will be more compact and very effective with irons sans comp. If you want to buy an FN threaded barrel and use it with a can for home defense, no problem. Want to shoot a bowling pin match? The comp is part of the stock gun. Go to town. You should be very competitive. Pocket gun duty might be the only thing the CC Edge can’t do well.

Overall: * * * * *
No, it isn’t cheap. Some may quibble, claiming the (upgraded) Edge fire control group and trigger aren’t all they could be, but I think the CC Edge’s trigger compares favorably to any other striker-fired pistol you’d put it up against. Others will whine that the included optic plates should be steel, not polymer (and they’re probably right). In the end, the FN CC Edge probably fall somewhere between 4.5 and 5 stars. But when you consider the full package, the pistol’s overall quality, everything it includes, and everything the CC Edge does and does exceedingly well, that tips the scales to the full cinco estrellas. You’ll look long and hard to find a better all-around 9mm pistol.


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  1. I love my FN FNS-9 because it is truly ambidextrous. Great accuracy. My favorite range pistol. But I can’t see this CC model as a concealed carry pistol. OWB yes, but IWB no. At least not for my fat old man body type LOL.

  2. I’m sure FNs are quality guns. This one just looks a bit too Buck Rogers for me. Similar to how trucks generally had smooth, clean lines a dozen years ago, but new models look unnecessarily bulky in an attempt to impress.

    • Who pays north of a grand for a pistol that appears to have cheese grader in its dna? I own a Glock and a mosin nagant so I know ugly when I see it. This gun is ugly.

  3. What a beautiful piece of art.
    I just love a plastic framed pistol. Just something about the way the fancy grained plastic blends with the unpolished steel that gets my dick hard.
    Yessiree Bub

    • It sure is a purty GLOCK for having been made from recycled milk jugs but will it take glock magazines?

  4. I’d be happy if FN and Umarex worked out whatever is wrong with the FN 502 pistols. Have not seen one (anywhere) since the first…and second recalls early in 2022.

  5. That is one ugly gun. How could you give it 5 stars for style, when it’s so butt-ugly?
    It makes a Hi-Point look good by comparison.
    If the rear sight looks familiar, it’s because we’ve seen that same shape rear sight on plastic toy guns, plastic airsoft guns, and plastic BB guns.
    Five stars for style??? I’d give it one star.

    • The word hideous comes to mind. I’m sure it shoots great, but for that amount of money, I expect something that, at the very least, doesn’t make me feel ill when I look at it.

  6. It’s just an elfin 9mm not an object of religious reverence and a completely unnessessary addition to the already over loaded market. Is it worth the money? Nah. It’s all Dick- Swinging one upmanship.

    What’s YOUR commision on this one?? I’d reckon $US 100 or 10% at least.

  7. Ugly or not is irrelevant. Guns are tools and need to be functional. I could see a full size version of this for competition use, but why make a compact? Compacts are for concealed use and this gun has several features that make it a no-go for concealed carry. Raised sights to catch on clothing, no thanks. Compensator, well ok if someone makes a holster for it, but you just severely limited your holster choices. Slide cutouts are fine for comp guns, but unnecessary for normal use. No one is going to run enough ammo through this in the real world to heat that barrel up enough to need extra cooling. The cutouts are now just a way to introduce dirt and debris where you don’t want it. I’m sure someone will buy this just to show their friends.

  8. I got the long slide version for about $ 800 used because I’m a sucker for FNs. I think I’d be into this one for about $350…

  9. Damn, that price. I love my FNX45T, but was not impressed with the 9mm offerings. Plus, why does the FN509LS slide look very similar to the HK Vp9 Longslide, which looks very similar to the Walther 5″….

  10. The FN 9mm CC Edge is a reliable, powerful pistol that is ready to take on any task. It has a 16-round magazine capacity and a 1/2-inch-wide barrel. The pistol is lightweight, accurate, and can be concealed with ease. This pistol has an attractive design with a black, textured grip and a white outline on the front of the gun. It also has a night sights, which are made of tritium. The grip is ergonomic, so you can easily hold it with one hand. The trigger has been lowered to improve the shooter’s control and accuracy.

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