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I’m in love. If only .44 wasn’t so expensive. Results of my first 25-yard test with the Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy after the jump . . .

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  1. I love my 44 and I used to think it was expense to shoot, but shooting my 500’s every week makes the 44 and 45 ammo look cheap so I don’t feel to bad about the cost.

  2. Henry’s are classic, beautiful lever guns. My favorite Henrys are the .30-30s, which I think are beyond compare. Fun to shoot, well made, and priced properly. In the Big Boy line, I prefer the .357 over the .44 or .45 because .38Spl ammo is pretty cheap, and the .357 hits hard. Even their .22s are lovely and would make a great first rifle for anyone.

    • I love my Marlin in .357… it’s tons of fun, especially with .38 spl loaded in the tube.

  3. Want to shoot your .44 cheaply? Learn to stop worrying and love the reloading press.

    If you load cast bullets and keep the velocities below 1100 fps, you can shoot big pistol calibers for less than 20 cents per round.

  4. I love to shoot my Marlin .44 lever gun.

    But the only way I can afford to do it is by reloading.

    I haven’t bought .44 mag factory loads for five years. Which reminds me. I need another batch of 240 grain JHPs.

  5. I have a Henry Golden Boy .22. I like it and the price was good. But the sights suck big time and it’s hard to get a good sight picture with them. Maybe I am old but I still shoot iron sights and for some reason I never got comfortable with the sights. I have filed the rear sight a little wider and that has helped. I have owned this rifle for 7 years and I have put thousands of rounds through it over the years. Many a squirrel or rat perished from its blast. But I also have an old Steven’s Favorite which I tend to grab when I go to shoot rat’s & such. I have owned this rifles since I was a kid and I have know idead how many rounds I have shot thorugh it. But it is a straight shooter and I have no problem with it’s sights.

    I think the Henry is well made & being made in the USA is a plus in my book. I have thought of putting a scope on it….anybody do that?
    Rob Drummond
    Hillsboro, NH

    • Rob:

      Consider putting a tang peep sight on that Henry. We love ours, it’ll drive tacks … and as you point out, Made in USA!


      • Bud,
        You know thats a great idea I have had peeps on other rifles in the past and I like them.


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