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Even as my Caracal C with Quick Sights languishes in lock-up (Day 182), the Arabian gunmaker sent me a full-size Caracal F with Quick Sights for T&E. Shooting the 18-round semi was like having sex with Elizabeth Hurley before the whole botox thing. Granted, I’ve never had sex with Elizabeth Hurley, either back in the day or since. But if I had done the horizontal mambo with the safety pin siren, I imagine it would be as much fun as shooting the Caracal F with Quick Sights.

Or not. Who knows? All I know is that the F’s ‘effing brilliant. The trigger’s as smooth as [your choice of reference to Ms. Hurley’s pre-Passenger 57 anatomy] and the gun feels as good in my hand as [that’s enough of that then]. There’s an issue with slide lock, which I’ll discuss in the full review. White whale indeed.



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  1. As much as I would love one of these bad boys, CA compliance isn’t going to happen. I will just need to dream about them from afar!!

  2. Can anyone who owns/shot both the Caracal or the Steyr compare them against each other?

    I just recently purchased a new Steyr S-9 A1 for concealed carry a few weeks ago. I’ve been interested in the Caracal since I first learned of them, and had the opportunity to fondle the Caracal F with the quick sight system, but I seem to remember the Caracal having an awkward Glock-style hump along the spine of the grip in my smaller-to-medium sized hands, so I opted for the Steyr instead. However, I always wonder if the grass ain’t greener. How does the Steyr’s trigger pull and reset compare to the Caracal’s? What about the trapazoidal sights of the Steyr against the QS system of the Caracal? How do the pistols handle under recoil compared to each other? General ergonomics? Balance, weight, profile? Which do you subjectively prefer?

  3. “There’s an issue with lockback, which I’ll discuss in the full review.”

    So you’re saying this one has return problems as well?

  4. As much as I would like to try the Caracal, I’m definitely in the Steyr M9-A1 camp and doubt I’ll need or want anything more so enough to get another.

    Add the fact that it’s made in UAE, and I’m definitely NOT rushing out to purchase one. (I know I may sound a bit hypocritical due to the Steyr being made in Austria, but in my eyes, Europe is far more desirable than products manufactured elsewhere.)

  5. I’d trade the quick sights for quick customer service. Six months to replace a defective piece is insane. As much as I like the Caracal C, I wouldn’t buy one with your money.

  6. Elizabeth, Mmmmmm. Oh yeah, I am anxious to try one of those Caracals soon as they are back in the market.

    Looks like it ejects hot brass all over you though!

  7. I love ya Robert but the comparison between shooting the Caracal and sex is unworthy of a 15 year old virgin let alone a grown up. I gather you’re starved for the wild thing but, lordy, give the rest of us a break, OK?

    • “but, lordy, give the rest of us a break, OK?”

      Amen. I wish TTAG would simply drop all the snide and snarky tone already. Just review the damn guns.

      (think I am in the minority? RUN A POLL)

      PS – Bad enough our government is so stupid we have to buy half our oil from the sand-nazis, I wouldn’t buy a gun from them if it was 1/10th price.

  8. The external combustion tendencies of the model C have turned me off the entire brand; I’d not touch one with a ten foot cliché. Hell, I don’t want to even be on the same RANGE as one.

    Have fun, dude, and good luck.

  9. Safety glasses on the hat? Well unless I guess the hat has eye holes where you are looking out. But interesting sight concept.

  10. Anyone else notice the inconsistent extraction on this? It looked like some shells were hitting him right in the forehead, others going over the right shoulder, and at least 1-2 just plopping onto his (fortunately covered) arm.

    RF, any thoughts on this?

  11. Have heard good things about the F model,would like to pick one up when they are back in stock.Have heard that after about 100 rounds,they settle down and any feeding or ejection problems start to disappear.Keep your powder dry.


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