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From Gun Owners of America email blast:

Lewis G. Carroll said it first: “First the execution; then the trial.”  On Wednesday, Donald Trump echoed that sentiment when he said: “Take the guns first; go through due process later.”   Well, that’s not exactly the way due process is supposed to work . . .

But Trump made these comments — and more — at a roundtable meeting with several congressmen at the White House.   He supported various gun control proposals and vowed to take on the gun lobby to get his measures passed.

Trump endorses Gun Confiscation Orders

On Wednesday, Trump endorsed the heinous gun confiscation orders that several anti-gun states have enacted (California, Oregon, Washington, etc.).

Under these laws, the police or a relative or perhaps a government official could convene a secret court proceeding (called an ex parte hearing).

The gun owner would NOT be allowed to attend or make his or her case to the court.

And, in fact, the first they would know about it is when the SWAT team arrived at the door to ransack their house and, if they resisted, to arrest or even shoot them.  This is what happened at Ruby Ridge.

Leftist anti-gun Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) suggested to a beaming Trump that anyone you had ever dated should also be able to convene a secret proceeding to take away your guns.

Wow!  Talk about driving a stake through the heart of the Second and Fourth Amendments.

This will open up our gun rights to horrific abuse — as people will be able to take revenge against you to take away your rights, as happened toShane Morgan in Oregon.

How ironic that just a few weeks ago, the President said in a tweet, when talking about one his aides, that, “People’s lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation…. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?”

Apparently, due process is needed for people in the White House, but not for people who may be falsely accused and have their Second Amendment rights stripped from them.

Incidentally, the Gun Confiscation Orders would have done no good in Parkland, where the shooter was judged to be “low risk.”

But he COULD have been barred from buying a gun if he had been brought up on felony charges during any of the 40-50 police visits.  And NEWS FLASH:  Holding a gun to someone’s head IS a felony.

Not only that, he could have been deterred from even attacking a school if he knew, in advance, that there were armed adults inside the building.

But the gun confiscation orders were just the beginning of Trump’s anti-gun love-fest.

Trump endorses Universal Background (Registration) Checks

The “base bill” for Trump’s comprehensive anti-gun package is the proposal introduced by Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) from 2013 — legislation that is commonly known as Universal Background Checks.

Under that bill, if you wanted to sell your gun to your neighbor … you and he would have to go to the nearest FFL … pay whatever fee he chose to charge you (without limit, but you can expect to be AT LEAST $50 poorer) … and then HOPE that you’re not one of the eight percent of all Brady Check purchasers who receives a “YELLOW” (hold) response.

At the very least, this would mean you would have to make two trips to the gun store.  However, under very technical language in the 2013 version, it may be that you would NEVER be able to buy the gun.

Of course, the other problem with Universal Background Registration Checks is that the ATF is currently routinely making copies of 4473’s in many parts of the country.

Think about it, if everyone has to get a 4473 under Universal Background Checks, then everyone and their gun will appear in that national registry.

The Manchin-Toomey language garnered 54 votes in 2013, but then dropped to only 48 votes in 2015 and 44 votes in 2016.

So, right now, Universal Background Registration Checks are being supported by less than half the Senate.  But don’t be surprised if President Trump starts twisting arms to get more votes.

Then there’s Feinstein’s semi-auto ban, which Trump also entertained as a possibility.  Her bill would probably get roughly 35 votes in the Senate.

Trump openly asked Manchin and Toomey to accept the Feinstein semi-auto ban, which would ban millions of semi-automatic firearms — and would ban standard capacity magazines, as well.

Trump dismisses pleas to pass concealed carry reciprocity

Concealed carry reciprocity was brought up at yesterday’s meeting.

But Trump rejected this bill as “unachievable,” even though it has already passed the House and has 55-60 votes in the Senate, based on our extrapolation of the 2013 vote on reciprocity in the Senate.

So to recap:  A PRO-gun reciprocity bill with 55-60 votes is “unachievable” for Trump, but two horrendous, ANTI-gun bills supported by less than half of the Senate are the core of Trump’s agenda.

What does that tell you about Trump’s view of the Second Amendment — and the gun lobby?

Finally, there is Trump’s continued push to disarm hundreds of thousands of soldiers and sailors — who are perfectly capable of carrying a full automatic in Baghdad or Kabul — but they will return to the U.S. to be treated as second-class citizens if Trump raises the age to purchase a long-gun to 21.

Kudos to pro-gun champions Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) and Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) for trying to steer Trump off his anti-gun rant.

Sen. Daines reiterated the need for armed protection inside our nation’s schools. And Rep. Scalise pled for Trump to reconsider concealed carry reciprocity.  But Trump just dismissed Scalise’s pro-gun pleas.

Perhaps the only bright spot in Wednesday’s meeting was that Trump reiterated his support for arming teachers.

However, by the end of the meeting, it seemed pretty clear that Trump would not fight for this if it meant the death of the gun control package.

Did Trump just throw the 2018 elections?

Donald Trump has said, repeatedly, that he’s prepared to “take on” the Second Amendment community if we resist his agenda.

If he had said that two years ago, he wouldn’t have been the Republican nominee.

So Donald Trump is about to learn a very hard lesson.  The liberal media and the Democrats will hate Trump no less because of his betrayal of his base.

And, in fact, his actions will serve to energize the Left, just as he tries to weaken the people who elected him.

It’s possible that Trump just threw the 2018 elections by depressing turnout by his base.

Again, it is imperative that we bombard the White House with phone calls.

Let the President know that he cannot expect to keep the support of the gun owners he courted if he’s going to shred the Constitution in the manner that he is proposing.

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    • You continued Trump supporters aren’t dumb… You’re goddamn delusional. I’m sure Mexico will come around and pay for that wall, too : )

      • Everyone just pull your panties out of your butt. When the first gun is grabbed then you can worry. Until then there is no reality. Just theater.

        • Reductio ad Absurdum (also known as: reduce to absurdity)

          A mode of argumentation or a form of argument in which a proposition is disproven by following its implications logically to an absurd conclusion. Reductio ad absurdum is a technique to expose the fallacy.

          I have this dream where Trump gets the first draft of the proposed “stacked against 2nd Amendment – loaded for bear” bill and turns around to the democrats and says “You know, this m’fr does not go far enough. Why don’t you guys make it even stiffer? I won’t sign a feel good bill. I want “more cowbell”. Then the democrats go back and add more crap, making it more and more unconstitutional, and Trump just keeps repeating himself “Go back and make it stronger or I won’t sign it.” In the end he doesn’t sign anything and his charade unmasked these “nobody wants to take your guns” idiots and Trump says “Mr. and Mrs. America, I couldn’t sign it , don’t turn them in at ALL.”
          ….sigh….I can only dream….
          The other thing is that gun hysteria headlines have disappeared pretty much overnight from the Yahoo’s and other left fake news websites of the world ….This guy can play all these newsies like a friggin violin and they are too stupid to see through his master promoter craft.

        • Hey, I live in CA. They’re been grabbing our guns and restricting access to new ones for years.

          This is already happening.

          • Wow, Kyle. That is right to the point. Some dudes are out there Googling California facts right now to try and double check your story.

            It’s true folks. It’s true.

        • Flinch – when the first gun is grabbed then it will be like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

          The goal of political activism is to stop bad laws from being passed in the first place, as it is much harder to have a law repealed than it is to enact one!

      • Hey, concern troll! Your village just called. They are sick with worry that their idiot is missing, and wasn’t wearing his nametage shirt.

        Or, if that is too subtle for you, go back to the DailyKaos/Huffingpoo. And take JoeSkidMark with you.

        You f*ucking leftist shills just need to go. TF. Away.

        • I think the concern here is that if your produce salesman sells you some bad apples, you might also get a batch of bad oranges.

          The oranges might be fine. But for the safety of your family, it’s important to thoroughly inspect everything you get from that guy, especially after he intentially sold you bad apples.

        • Hate the GOA all you want. Have you fing seen the NRA’s stupid as sh_t response? With enemies like them, who needs friends?

          (As posted in a previous OP) the NRA’s response was nearly worse than what the President said.

          ““Instead of punishing law-abiding gun owners for the acts of a deranged lunatic our leaders should pass meaningful reforms that would actually prevent future tragedies,” said NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker.” – Breitbart News reporting

          WT everlivin F ??????????? “meaningful reforms ” WHY DIDN’T THE POS MF JUST SAY “COMMON SENSE REFORMS” that bunch of stupid POS MFs.

        • So you have no actual argument? Why didn’t you just say that, and spare us the time we wasted taking you seriously?

        • I think I ‘said’, without using the exact words, “what is your complaint against the GOA, if the FING judas-goat NRA, supported by all, if not most of the GOA haters above, is spouting some meToo crap that’s essentially watered down gun-grabber talk”.

          If you didn’t get what I said, you may not be alone. But the small group of you are.

        • @ Joe – I think you’re reading into the whole “meaningful reforms” thing incorrectly. Repealing gun free zones would be a meaningful reform. Arming teachers who wish to be armed would be a meaningful reform. Placing armed security in schools would be a meaningful reform. I think that’s what the NRA is getting at.

        • @ HP

          I hope so. But [for me, and IMHO] they still stray too close to the line on the language of the dark side. If they’re trying to “take back” control of the ‘language’ so that they can coopt the TERMS, then they gotta do that. They can’t just use them and let them ‘float’ out there.

      • The GOA apparently didn’t get the memo that this is Trump trolling the Democrats so they can walk into another trap like the DACA renewal+mandatory citizenship+wall deal. Hold onto your MAGA hats just in case it’s not, though, in case he really has turned (D) on us (I already need a new one).

        • I hope the president was just trying to sound unbiased during the meeting knowing that the gun control measures would not pass. If he does sign a gun control bill then he will find out why the politicians fear second amendment supporters. He will be a one termer. I will wait and see while I call my senators and representatives and send money to groups to stop infringements.

    • No, the GOA isn’t wrong – just making their position clear. I really think this is a red herring on Trumps part: it is intended to fail.
      I would predict it just a matter of minutes until his critics complain that it won’t go far enough and what they want is outright bans on our civil rights – and when they predictably do, we’ll know that isn’t the direction to go and no movement at all will occur.
      Fast forward a few months and maybe we can start getting some progress made on the HPA and reciprocity… As it is right now, not gonna happen until the feeding frenzy calms down.

      • How right you are about his critics. Daily Wire is reporting that the bill being put forward by the Democrats is “radical”. No way this passes.

    • I appreciate when people take a nuanced approach to developments as mundane as a politician talking. So, conversely, there’s very little about GOA I appreciate. They are the most feckless bunch of fist-shakers in the 2A universe.

      • Have you seen their short pants brigade guy they trot out on social media in his dad’s tie and suit jacket. Good lord he’s embarrassing, sometimes it also matters who says the thing you agree with, if its a 16 year old with his almost can grow a hipster beard, not so helpful.

    • It’s times like this that are forefathers had the insight to give us the Second Amendment. It was so we could form a militia and stand up against a Tyrannical government even, if it’s your own

  1. Good thing I put down “None of the Above” on my ballot for President.

    I live by one simple rule in life: DON’T. TRUST. POLITICAINS.

    I knew getting him in office was going to bite America in the ass. He wasn’t Clinton, granted, but Trump isn’t going to turn out too much better.

    The lesser of two evils is still an evil.

  2. This guy turned out to be a real peice of shit. Maybe the Bernie people got the part right about Chump being the next Hitler…they both seem to respect civil liberties about as much aa the other. 1000X worse than Obama and its only year TWO. God damn lying ass two faced pumkin colored son-of-a-bitch…I cant believe I voted for Little Donald. Deciding who to vote for in this last election is akin to having to decide what way you’d like to go…gas chamber or electric chair!

    • Berne is a commusatannist POS MF who honeymooned in the Soviet Union. YOU GOTTA

      L O V E

      COMMUSATANISM TO HONEYMOON IN THE FING SOVIET UNION (Which, btw, still needs to GTF outa Georgia).

      • We’ll see how triggered I am when he starts signing executive orders like Billy “the rapist” Clinton and fucking us with no lube. You remeber that “unconstitutional” peice of shit that scumbag signed in 1994? How was buying that AK or 30 round mag in 1996 workin out for you? Only MORONS don’t notice when they’re getting fucked by their “own”.

        • How is standing up for the POS (D) communist left [by trashing Trump in POS (D) terms] not ‘getting fck’d by your side’. Did they convince you that you’d be one of the ‘ruling class’ who ‘gets toilet paper’ (like Venezuela) when they were done?

        • Hey Joe r. I’m not standing up for anybody you DOLT, simlpy stating that Trump is proving a the assholes right that call him Hitler when he’s so ready and willing to throw civil liberties and due process out the winow like an empty KFC box! You seem to be the one triggered by your own lack of reading comprehension skills you dummy. Trump showed his true colors by talking out the other side of his mouth again. I haven’t been thrilled with much hes done, our A.G. is a fuckin MORON and his revolving door hiring policy is a fuckin joke. Hes gonna be a one term wonder and the Republicans don’t even have a credible decent canadate to run thats not a visible snake and bought and paid for shitbag. We patriotic Americans will be neutered while trying to convince each other “its not that bad, it could be worse..” shamefull…and people who think like you are part of the problem. Jerk.

        • Joe’s natural habitat is under a bridge. Not a cool Russian internet troll, an actual troll, but he’s also a White Social Justice Warrior too, but I don’t know why they’d want a troll, trolls aren’t white, they’re more a muted grey. “White Flour”

        • I looked up “troll” on the interwebbings and, I figure I’ll just tell you now, no matter how many times you throw your twelve-sided dice, you won’t beat one.

          You threw “white” in there, I figure that’s some sort of projection, and that you’re not. Let us know when your parents tell you that you’re equal. White social justice ? ? ? Maybe in S. Africa dude, when they start pitching anti-apartheid here we know (from history) it’s time to kill those complainers, before they come and try to kill you.

          My other comments were only meant to say that, no matter how bad DJT gets, until he becomes one, he’ll never be as bad as the evil POS (D) and that ‘guns’ ain’t their only problem.

    • No, it isn’t. Trump has betrayed us. We expect this from the Democrats- at least they are honest about detesting civil liberty. Trump stood at the NRA convention and claimed he would champion 2A rights. I truly hope he is somehow removed or incapacitated so Pence can take over. Trump can go F%^K himself.

      • Yup Big E is right. Trumps words alone are betrayal.

        Dare I break into more analogy? So Trump is like the wife of Trump supporters. This hypothetical Trump-wife says to her husband (Trump supporters), “I realize our marriage was built around an understanding that you won’t bang anyone else, and I won’t bang anyone else, but I’m definitely gonna bang other dudes. And maybe a horse.”

        Now, she (Trump) hasn’t gone through with it yet, but her husband (Trump supporters) are like, “Awww, she’s bluffing. Right guys? Right?”

        And all of the husband’s friends (2A supporters who don’t have faith in Trump anymore or never did) are like, “Um, she said she’s gonna bang other dudes. Why would she lie about that? How do you know she’s not doing it right now?”

        • And so the story continues as one would expect… The wife (our 45th president, in this narrative) continues to make it known on the interwebs that she’s ready to engage in extramarital affairs with anything possessing 0-4 legs and the ability to hit ‘like’ on her Twitter account.

          Despite everyone witnessing the blatant betrayal in progress, the husband (Trump Supporters) continue to publicly post comments to the effect of, “Haters gonna hate! Y’all are just jealous. I speak 4 languages and she would never cheat on me. She promised herself to me and me alone at our wedding/NRA convention.”

          And the husband’s friends (those of us 2A supporters who don’t support Trump anymore or never did) try to chime in with, “It’s ok, buddy. We all make mistakes sometime. You meant well. We were at the wedding. It hurts us too. But it’s time to cut your losses. This geriatric f**k is a lost cause. Check out Pence over there, givin’ you that wild eye. He’s not perfect, but he means well, just like you. Ask him to dance!”

        • 😂😂😂 “speak 4 languages” hillbilly you’re a trip man!!! Nailed it! Or her, or him, or them…

    • The equivalent of a woman being slapped in the face turning around and thanking her abuser…

    • The equivalent of a woman getting slapped in the face and turning around and thanking her abuser…

  3. “I’m gonna confiscate all the guns, and make Mexico pay for it. Its going to be amazing. I swear. Amazing.”

  4. I’ll be sending the frequent mailings to support the Republican Party and Trump with a note in their prepaid envelope that they will never see a penny from me again if they proceed down this path. I wrote more emails to candidates about the Toomey/Manchin Bill than ever about an issue and now it just gets worse with the illegal ERPO’s and what it seems as support for an AR Ban. I guess I’ll have to dig out my notes and start doing it again.
    Seems we have been Trump Fk”d.

  5. I posit that we don’t yet know who is really doing what yet. I am not going to get upset until I see what DT does and what the results of it are. He could do anti-gun rights things so poorly that it ends up helping us.

    • If Obama said this, all of you would be screaming for his impeachment but put an R next to it and magically it becomes brilliant strategy. It truly is a cult…

      • Joe, you don’t know anything about me. It was rude and stupid for you to have made this comment.

      • Nah, Trump’s s used car salesman or PT Barnum.

        He was in a room full of gun grabbers so he did what a used car salesman does and told them that they wanted to hear. Unfortunately, it was also live and on-air.

        If he was in a room full of NRA & GOA members, he would have told them just the opposite.

        In the end, I believe he’ll actually do whatever will get him reelected which means he’ll not do anything that will actually harm gun owners. He might issue a bump stock EO (just to make like he is doing something) that he knows will be overturned in it’s first court challange.

      • But we knew Obama really wanted to screw us. Donald is just fondling us and screwing democrats as his end game. Or so I hope.

  6. It is all an elaborate ruse. All part of Lord Saddam’s Master-Genius plan to lure the yankee invaders into Baghdad, and once they are convinced they control the nation, pounce upon them from the shadows like lions.

    • We fk’d Saddam’s sh_t up, and he issued months of edicts from a spider hole wearing the same drawers for months.

      We could do it again with less, in less time, BUT THEN HOW AND WHERE WOULD DARPA GET TO TEST THEIR TOYS?

    • If that’s what you think the Iraq war was, bud you need a serious history lesson. I mean serious, serious history semester.

  7. Although I’m a Trump supporter, it’s pretty obvious that he revealed some strongly held beliefs that go a long way toward underscoring many People Of The Gun’s suspicions that his support for the 2nd amendment is campaign bullshit. What we may have seen is Trump’s well known negotiating strategy where he throws out lots of appealing possibilities—anything is possible here: let’s deal!—which he then uses as negotiating points to achieve his real agenda. This is something he described in “The Art Of The Deal” and it’s something we’ve seen him do with the DACA negotiations. He could be doing this. Maybe.

    While I thought about that as I listened to him during his meeting, I also thought that what I was hearing could also be what he actually meant to accomplish. So, yes, we may be seeing the famous Trump negotiating strategy but what If he actually decided that banning the private sale of firearms and/or the full acceptance of the Manchin-Toomey-Feinstein coercive gun-control agenda is an acceptable ” common sense compromise”?

    If Trump actually means what he says, if he really wants to ban or confiscate weapons that people legally own, then we just saw him lose about one-third of the conservative-populist constituency that got him elected. That voter base, while loyal to him, is also about a mile wide and one inch deep. Messing with our gun-rights is going to seriously piss people off. My second thought was that the US Congress, never great fans of the president, is about to hand him his head if he begins supporting the gun-control agenda. My guess is that, either way, this is not going to end well.

  8. wtf ever. Build the wall, end Remittances, you’ll pay for the wall two ways or another.

    • I totally agree with you! Stop sending the State of Israel $20 Billion dollars plus a year. We can use it to give our children a REAL education instead and also stop fighting their wars for them. That’s a couple trillions right there.

      We don’t rank 24th in the world in education for nothing. Public Schools are a Social Engineering Indoctrination; just look at Parkland H.S.! . My suggestion is to home-school or private school your children if at all possible. It’s safer on their brains.

      • My suggestion is to home-school or private school your children if at all possible.
        News special on TV about 2 months ago.
        Lutheran schools in Fort Wayne runs rings around the public indoctrination centers.

      • Ok, so we’ll need to have the wall’s footings dug-in about 18 ft and flood the tunnels.

  9. One of the things that should be noted about the Legislative process is that when a bill is voted down it goes back to square one. That’s A LOT of work out the window.

    This is why the HPA has been sitting in a committee for years. It protects the bill from being killed and therefore having to go through the various committees again (I think it’s five or six committees and two sub-committees in the case of the HPA, all of which it has passed btw) and allows it to be brought to the floor for a vote when the time is right. Call it legislative maneuvering or a “trick”. Hell, call it whatever you want but this is how things work.

    So, when we start talking about packaging bills together there’s an upside and a downside depending on the package and what side you’re on. If the majority of the package is likely to pass then attaching a bill to it makes increases the chances that said bill also passes. If a bunch of the stuff in the package stands little chance of passing (as is the case with this package) attaching another bill weakens that bill’s chances of passing meaning that said bill goes back to square one and may further weaken the chances of the package passing (likely in this case).

    Now, with what’s going on these days: Adding the AWB, as Trump suggested to a giddy Feinstein, is taking a package of bills that has very, very little chance of passing and taking that chance down to basically 0% while doing the same thing to Feinstein’s bill. Keeping the Scalise CCW bill OUT of the package however means that that particular bill is unaffected by this legislative “trick” and whatever work has already been done on it stays “done” for the time being (I’d have to look up the bill and where/how/what’s gone on with it and what, if any, other committees and sub-committees it still has to get through).

    So this is basically offering “Hey, do a FUCKTON of work just to watch it all go down in flames. That’s my best offer”. Democrats, hungry for power and vastly overplaying their hand because they live in a media echochamber at this point are probably going to fall for it.

    Something to ponder.

    • I’m OK with it getting voted against (from a tactical prospective). The new congress takes it back to the start anyways, but if it’s actually voted down that exposes a lot of frauds who can be cleared out.

      • “The new congress takes it back to the start anyways…”

        Not if it’s being protected in a committee or sub-committee. There’s a version of the HPA has been through multiple Congress sessions and survives in committee just waiting for it’s time to come up. It’s been there since like 2013, well before most people even started talking about this.

        That, however, is the point. Once the bills are brought OUT of committee they are no longer protected and can be voted down or they can expire at the end of session. Either of these outcomes could be what Trump is looking for here.

        Personally I don’t think Trump is the “greatest politician ever” but I do think he has some fucking smart people working for him. People who know and understand not just politics but also Legislative process and parliamentary rules. Harry Reid was a master at the latter. One of the reasons McConnell isn’t very effective (IMHO) is because he’s really not that good at procedural stuff compared to Reid.

    • Trump might be playing a chess game while others are playing checkers. Then there’s Feinstein’s semi-auto ban, which Trump also entertained as a possibility. Her bill would probably get roughly 35 votes in the Senate.
      I just wonder if this is actually a poison pill.

      • If you think it can’t get more than 35 votes then you would have to surmise that it can’t be anything other than a poison pill if it’s not a stand-alone bill, hence why Trump is encouraging her to add it to a gun control package (assuming he doesn’t want the stuff to pass).

      • Or Trump is playing with his poop, while the republic follows it down the john. Face it, he’s the fat kid in the corner eating his boogers.

        • Yeah, the billionaire living in the top of Trump tower with a long history of bagging countless extremely hot women. Sure, the fat kid eating boogers in the corner.

          • Bagging? Is that like stealthing? Or is it the old brick and duct tape trick? Must have been something cutting edge. He sure paid them a lot to go away…

        • Says the guy with basically no evidence to back up his claims.

          Look, I don’t care for Trump that much but the hatred some people have for him is just irrational, obnoxious and, quite frankly, boring.

  10. Maybe Trump should lead by example! Since the Trumps are under investigation for the Trump/Russia Collusion probe then maybe the Trumps should temporarily lose THEIR 2nd Amendment rights, have THEIR Firearms/Weapons confiscated, and Due Process be Damned ! I’m sure the DNC will now clear Trump because he’s now one of THEM !


    I don’t give a flying F, what the strategy is / was, DJT did some permanent cat-fv<King there. And nobody likes a cat-fv<Ker.

    A G A I N

    A N D

    S T I L L

    I want fing Reparations. Give me open Post 1986 rolled full-auto weapons. Give me reduced-to-no tax stamps, Give me the Hush Act, give me National Reciprocity.


    H U R R Y
    F ‘ E R S

  12. Don’t worry guys, our Stable Genius is just messing around. He’s really Very committed to 2A Believe me.

    He cares about 2A as much as he cares about Two Corinthians…
    Oh $h1+…

  13. The Manchin-Toomey language garnered 54 votes in 2013, but then dropped to only 48 votes in 2015 and 44 votes in 2016.
    If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

  14. Trump doesn’t need to worry about his 2020 campaign. This was enough to turn gun owners with brain cells off to him for a second term.

  15. Then there’s Feinstein’s semi-auto ban, which Trump also entertained as a possibility. Her bill would probably get roughly 35 votes in the Senate.
    I just wonder if this is actually a poison pill that Trump is throwing in the gun control package. This would be a smart strategy.
    If Trump is playing Feinstein’s semi-auto ban straight, then he is going to destroy his base.

    • If D.C.’s going to play-along, none of them need to come home at recess, we can wall THEM off too, and they can play their happy human millipede games until satan calls them home.

  16. He had better turn from banning to supporting or he is gone.
    Why in the world is he proposing such a douchey thing? Does he want a hug from Pocahontas or a goose from Feinstein? Get on board the NRA bus or get off in liberal crack town. Life member NRA.

  17. Write your Congress critters. We are still better off with Trump than Hillary because of who he has appointed to the federal bench. I never really trusted him with our gun rights, and that’s why I have the habit of telling my Representatives what I expect from them.

  18. Go listen to Ben Shapiro’s take on this. You guys are freaking out prematurely. Trump says dumb stuff.

  19. What keeps running through my mind over and over and over is when Trump stood up in front of us at the NRA convention and told us all that he was our Second Amendment hero and that the past 8 years was over and that he was on our side!!! WTF!!! When am I ever going to learn that you can’t trust ANYONE in Washington!!! DAMNIT!!!

  20. You are acting as if a new law passed…….. nothing has… NOTHING.. don’t have a stroke. The left is being trolled and somehow everyone is biting.. just be patient or turn off the news for a few minutes… and maybe the internet

  21. We bitch about mental health after every mass shooting but then complain when the government comes and takes their guns.

    I hate to say it, but if people are threatening to regularly shoot up schools and they are very obviously insane, I think that’s more than enough to go and snag their guns for a while.

    Call me a gun grabber and a liberal and all that and blah blah blah but seriously, mentally insane people should not have firearms. And if they do, they need to be taken immediately. We need to stop eating our own tails like this every time something halfway reasonable comes up, ya paranoid lot.

    • I think the wacko did enough in terms of presenting a clear and present danger with the means, motive, and opportunity to commit an aggravated felony that the coppers could have grabbed him and his guns without a warrant.

      It was reported that he put a loaded gun to the head of more than one person. That, coupled with repeated threats of being a school shooter and all of the 911 calls, should have been enough to arrest him.

      • Totally agree Emfourty. I’ve posted similar today. Cruz should not have been able to purchase a firearm. Whatever needs to happen to prevent that needs to be accomplished. I personally would start with firing every government employee that failed at their jobs to protect schoolchildren when whackos announce they are going to shoot up a school.

  22. Wow.

    Complete bat-shit hysteria.

    Has anyone showed up to take your guns yet?

    Take a breath, relax, and see what happens.

      • If they are going to do that to 100 million gun owners, I think they are going to need to recruit ATF agents from Europe, Mexico, and China.

        And, if I were someone from those places considering an offer from the ATF, I think I’d reconsider signing up for a suicide mission.

  23. Wow. POTG siding with antifa to run Trump out of office. Who would have thunk it?

    I think I’ll just wait a bit before running into the hillary/antifa camp.

    • About the only time I’ve agreed with you. Hint: we’ve done this before under my other names. For many, many years.

      • You’ll forgive me if I don’t recognize you. I’ve got such a huge fan base here, it’s hard to keep them sorted.

  24. Are we as a community investing as much time contacting our lawmakers asking them to vote against any and all attacks on our Second Amendment rights as we are squabbling on this forum?

    • Already emailed all of my elected Federal & state representatives and the White House.

      I’ve emailed my Senator three times this week.

  25. He wants to lose the next election so he will be free to kick off and preside over his new “trump tv” media empire. Always been his end game. Get publicity by running, get beat, claim it was rigged, rally disenfranchised republicans over to his media empire. Acquire and conglomerate new conservative media. Surpass fox news (good model, just need to be more hip). Be a winner.

    Meliana told him the last election race, “this is a dumb idea Donald, what if you win? I don’t want to be stuck in that DC sh*thole!”

    “Don’t worry!” Donald said. “I won’t win, it will just be close, I know what I’m doing.”

    Never could he imagine that the DNC would conspire and succeed to field the worst presidential candidate in the history of the universe, Hillary Clinton. As the election drew near he tried and said everything he could to lose support, but Hillary was just an infinite font of awfulness. Her bottomless cup runneth over.

    That’s when Meliana started to really worry, and after the election, that’s why Meliana seems so icy toward Donald. She told him so.

    The End?

  26. I have this dream where Trump gets the first draft of the proposed “stacked against 2nd Amendment – loaded for bear” bill and turns around to the democrats and says “You know, this m’fr does not go far enough. Why don’t you guys make it even stiffer? I won’t sign a feel good bill. I want “more cowbell”. Then the democrats go back and add more crap, making it more and more unconstitutional, and Trump just keeps repeating himself “Go back and make it stronger or I won’t sign it.” In the end he doesn’t sign anything and his charade unmasked these “nobody wants to take your guns” idiots
    and Trump says “Mr. and Mrs. America, I couldn’t sign it , don’t turn them in at ALL.”
    ….sigh….I can only dream….
    The other thing is that gun hysteria headlines have disappeared from the Yahoo’s and other website of the world….This guy can play all these newsies like a friggin violin and they are too stupid to see through his master promoter craft.

  27. The fact that ANY citizen of this nation believes anything any politician says, amazes me.

    With that said, I have long thought it would be a republican president to make the largest strikes against the 2nd Amendment, not the Liberal Dem. Is it happening now? Couldn’t tell you, I have no doubt we will lose something…they are playing the long game.

    I’d like to see “us people of the gun” to stand firm, close ranks and support each other…but I’m sure we’ll just argue about glocks or some silly shit, and don’t get me started on the funds.

  28. If they can find the boat, they night find the gunz, maybe, the current was pretty fast, probably scattered from here to the Atlantic by now? Support Your Local Law Enforcement

  29. The only question now is what to be done about it.

    I am probably overly optimistic in thinking this might be the straw that breaks the GOP’s back and reforms it into something that cares less about corporate welfare and more for it’s actual voters and not fundraisers. 2020 will probably tell the tail.

    Will gun owners do something to punish the party that is complicit- indeed even active- in screwing them over? Or will everyone say “well, we don’t want a democrat so we’ll have to vote for Trump again!” and teach them that they can do anything they want? (again)

  30. Fair criticism from the GOA based on Trump’s words. The POTG should be melting the phones because this may not be a drill. Still I am withholding judgement until I see more concrete action. Trump says a lot of crap.

  31. I’m reserving judgement until he actually acts on the stupid things he’s been saying the last few days. If it’s just him shooting from the lip and recanting after being educated, I can forgive.

  32. most of youse on here are “missing the point”;
    even if all this Florida school “shooting”/push-by-the-left/gun grabbing commie crud gets nowhere and Trump does nothing or nothing is done….what do you do when the next, even bigger “mass shooting” occurs and there’s even more pressure to enact Australian-style gun laws, eh?
    youse have got to attack the very validity of these incidents…..youse have gotta question their very raison d’être …..
    (as in: did they even occur in the first place and, if they did, did they occur any-thing like they are being ‘reported’ as occurring [?] )
    @ the very bare minimum…youse hafta push like HELL for legislation to be enacted so that such incidents cannot be used to attack any Constitutional rights …..
    in fact: making it a federal FELONY to do so……
    OTW: you might win this battle…but….lose the war….

    as the saying goes: youse hafta beat back the gun-grabbers every single TIME….but…they only gotta win ONCE…..
    and…. re: that “once-r” …. once that FEDERAL legislation is passed….youse’r goners…..
    in fact: youse’ll be even WORSE off than AUssies b’cs the Aussie gun laws are all local/state laws and the six states and two Commonwealth territories only have a voluntary agreement to the Australian National Firearms Agreement; if one state ‘backs out’/’breaks ranks’, then, the gun-grab laws go ‘south’ ……
    and…b’cs of the precarious political situation in AUssie….that could occur any time….
    (bet youse didn’t know that, eh?)

    • AUSSIE – I agree!!! Expose their lies to the light. That is the only thing that can kill them. It is difficult though because they own basically the entire Media.
      I have 189 Videos of the first 24 hours of the Valentine’s Day 14th (((LIVE))) Let me know where to send it to? I have not had time to look at any of it yet. But I’ve sent copies (((EVERYWHERE))) Don’t want any to magically disappear… Keep up your outstanding reporting!!! Anyone want them YouTube gives me strikes and bitchute doesn’t let me post them. Any suggestion friend?

      • first off, mate: “save” them… you can always figure out what to do l8r…..
        second: there are apps you can dwn/ld that can run videos on, say, a WordPress ‘blog…..
        forget what the app. is called right now..but i know of people who have been totally ‘kicked’ from YouTube and started their own ‘blogs hosting these vids…..once you done that, its just a matter of gettin’ yr-self “up there” in the search engine rankings…. pref. an engine like Bing or DuckDuckGO b’cs people are, now, starting to steer clear of Goog …..the whole “axis-of-evil” …. the troika tyranny… Goog, YouTube and FaceBook ….
        although FB has been dragging its heels a bit in ‘del’ alt-news type stuff…..
        lastly: try the other hosting sites….. i would suggest LiveLeak first (that’s got the most ‘action’ after YouTube)…. metacafe, dailymotion and vimeo are all worth a look…..
        as they say in the stock-market: diversify, diversify, diversify…..


  33. by the same token, though, i still don’t think that youse can or, even, will get AUssie-style gun laws;
    the unique conditions that existed in AUstralia in 1996/1997 which precipitated those laws do not and have never existed in the US and, in fact, no longer exist even in Australia itself…..
    an out-right ban of semi-automatic rifles seems an impossibility ……
    even a ban on hi-cap magazines seems highly unlikely….
    ‘banning’ AR15s or AKs is just not do-able because you can, now, virtually, “grow-yr-own”/ghost-gun them using either 3D printing or CNC milling…….
    a lot of laws would hafta be changed on the Federal level and, then, opened up to major SCotUS appeals … which, if the SCotUS refused to hear them, would, in and of itself, cause very serious problems…..
    the US ain’t AUstralia….if the gun-grabbers push too hard…then…the 100+million US gun-owners will PUSH BACK even harder…….maybe all the way up to and including a full-on civil war…..
    the very last thing that the US needs now is wide-spread civil unrest….
    its erstwhile foes will take that as “a green light” to pretty much do what they want and may, even, arm and supply certain factions that they deem to be favourable…
    that is: if the US does not totally balkanise…..
    there are too many different voices in the US now…all singing from different song-sheets…there is no real common purpose or goal….
    it can still hold together but a major gun grab will go a long way to destroying it….

  34. I have worked with a lot of sales people over the years… and they always tell you what you wanna hear to get your business… Trump is a sales man… its just seeing who he lied to, the 2nd amendment supporters who voted him in or the people he is currently making promises too…

  35. He’s baiting them.
    He’s running circles around them.
    He’s eradicating the Leftist Democrat Party, once and for all.

  36. Tone down the hysterics, it’s embarassing and starting to smell like the Left and their tantrums…

    It will play out and it will reveal Trump’s hand. Like all the countless politicians before, the PoTG will respond as necessary to whatever outcome.

    However, if an all out ban happens, it’s going to get ugly.

  37. Please call the President immediately at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 and tell him you do not support gun control laws.
    This is your chance to actually do something.
    Be polite and courteous, dont scream these are your rights.

  38. if he did anything he energized republicans for the midterms

    its ALL about the midterms at this point

    the whole future of the republic is at stake

    the opposition party in congress has already filed articles of impeachment against him

    if he loses congress he gets impeached and then the whole thing is done over finished


    its all gone

    kiss it ALL goodbye

    everybody needs to just take a chill pill right now

    lets just get through the midterms

    everythings going to be fine

    theres no bigger 2a guy than me

    nobody was more pissed at the nra about bump stocks after vegas than me

    im not worried


    be patient

    have faith

    trump has gotten us this far

    hes done everything else right

    the heritage foundation is calling him reagans third term

    dont worry…youll see

  39. If you’ve read the comments Mr. Trump made during the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban, you’re probably not too surprised by these latest statements. True colors coming out.

    That being said, checks and balances prevent the President and the Legislature from implementing actions that violate the 2nd, 4th, and 14th Amendments. It’s doubtful that most of what the President stated this week will go much further than just commentary. And, frankly, God help us all if it does – we’ll be headed towards a “…gun behind every blade of grass” scenario that nobody wants.

  40. This will be ripe for rampant abuse by anti gun family members. Also with Donnie boys statements Donnie has made himself a one term president. I can’t see any of this going well at all.

  41. Think my last comment went to outer space or something. Anyway, here goes again.
    Our forefathers had the insight to give us the 2nd amendment so we could quickly form a militia to stand up against a tyrannical government, even if it’s your own. I pray that never happens, but f it does you’re not going to do that with a bold action rifle. Has anyone paid any attention to what is happening in Eastern Europe right now. Gun confiscation is no longer talk.

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