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      • CNN has shitty ratings, with that Morgan show they imitate O’Reilly pretty much. Neither has any journalistic value and at best just serves to reinforce previously held beliefs that the host shouts at some random dude in your stead.

      • the gun grabbers can convince themselves that they won. the responsible gun owners can win the arguments, but liberal media will never admit that.

    • I’m not really sure that was an interview. More like Mr. Morgan yelling about… something while Mr. Pratt argued against gun-free zones. Couldn’t understand much, maybe my speakers are broken, but that’s what I got out of it.

      • Piers believes that the Second Amendment only refers to muskets. He also won;t say this, though his behavior from when he was in Pommiestan aka the United Kingdom of once-Great britain and Northern Ireland, suggests that he believes that the First Amendment gives you the right to hack into other peoples’ personal phone conversations like he was fond of doing. Obviously, these values that he holds, do not, quite, stand for what a lot of decent people all over the world believe in. On the other hand, if what a person does and talks about defines them, then the side that Piers throws his lot in with, the gun banners, that is, are people with his morals, or, more specifically, his lack of them. Obama, Biden and Feinstein, of course, lead that list.

  1. I love how people cant shut up enough to listen to eachothers opinions. Like yelling over what their saying makes you look any better. The media has gotten gotten out of control. Should we impose a media ban?

    • At least a Piers Morgan ban. At the very least a 30 second Piers speaking limit. Surely we can bend the 1st amendment to accommodate that–now that the Constitution has no relevance.

      • I would second a Piers Morgan ban. Does he realize that our 2nd Amendment is the only reason he has his 1st Amendment?

    • I would support common sense restrictions, except I can’t propose any scheme or beurocracy that I KNOW would administer them fairly.

      • How is this unprofessional and childish behavior of Morgan’s tolerated? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard this guy and I was shocked. You can get a TV job when you act like an internet troll?

        What’s next? He’s going to start flinging handsfull of his own feces? I’m so glad I gave up my cable.

        • Couldn’t watch the whole thing. Piers Morgan is intolerable. This is the worst hack job I’ve seen from him, and that’s saying something. Rude and willfully obtuse at best, a shameless liar at worst. He’s not the only one, though. Bill O’Reilly has been doing the same thing on the other side of the fence for years.

          The best thing you can do with these self-important gasbags is turn the TV off and walk away.

      • What common sense restrictions would you pass to keep someone from stealing guns and committing random atrocities?

        I keep on hearing this “common sense” talk over and over. How many “common sense” laws did the shooter break on Friday? How is further regulation against lawful gun owners going to stop these kind of attacks?

      • Sorry if I was too vauge, I meant “common sense” media restrictions like don’t lie and don’t be a pompus ass when you’re interviewing someone, but lacking a trustworthy method of enforcement, I’ll stand by the 1st amendment.

  2. “Complete” and “utter” are the same thing. They’re not cumulative.

    Piers Morgan is a total moron.

  3. PM was Pwned and he did not even know it. And the finishing shot…Neville Chamberlain! That was just like kicking a puppy to death.

      • Neville Chamberlain was the British Prime Minister from 1937 to 1940 and was a big proponent of appeasing the Nazis in their rapid power grab and building of their war machine leading up to WWII instead of taking a hardline against the Germans.

        • Wow, really? That should sting then. I can’t believe that they let someone like Piers on TV. It’s intolerable and down right deplorable. I wish we could vote to deport people like him. Maybe we should invent that law since the Constitution doesn’t mean anything anymore.

  4. It’s really a shame his ratings are so low. If more people heard his rambling, persistent ad hominem, and lack of hard data on the subject, he would make our argument for us.

    The problem with these “conversations” is that only the pros seem to be conversing. Meanwhile, the antis are busy attempting to come up with cherry picked data interpretation and grade school insults. Their vain attempt at making their opponent exhibit some negative emotional reaction is almost comical.

    • This jagoff should really stick to those sham interviews with entertainment celebrities that are essentially free promotion of the subject’s latest film, television show, etc. Putting him in a room with anyone with an IQ over 80 and a dissenting point of view is high comedy.

  5. That was the first interview I have seen where someone actually keeps talking instead of being interrupted by PM. Everyone should take a lesson from how to tackle biased talk show hosts. Make your point and don’t let them talk over you and be bullied.

    • Alan Gottlieb from the Second Amendment Foundation stood up to Piers and kept talking too. It was quite amusing because Piers talks every everyone he disagrees with and got FURIOUS that Alan used his own tactic against him.

      • That’s a great video if you can find it. Alan ended up laughing at Piers antics, and Piers felt that this attitude was insufferable (i.e., he was pissed.) Piers pulled the same stunt with John Lott mano a mano, and there is a recent interview Piers did with Lott and two others I did not recognize. Piers spends most ofhis time interrupting, yelling, and preventing his guests from getting a word in edge wise. A sentence here or there at most. Exceedingly unprofessional.

  6. Good on Mr. Pratt, he took a strong stance while not letting the name-calling from the worthless commie get to him.

  7. I cant stand obama but piers morgan just pisses me off to no end! Who the puck is he to tell us in the usa what to do? He was phone hacking like crazy and should be in jail. Foreignors should but out of US politics!

    • I trained as a journalist. In my day we were to be impartial and unbiased. CNN and PM throw that out the door. PM should just moderate the two sides. NO ONE cares what a foreign journalist has to say about how we do things in America. I used to turn to CNN for my news and now I have moved on. Time for PM to move on.

      • To call Piers a journalist is a huge insult to journalists. I think it’s actually funny though, they used to denigrate bloggers for not having integrity and everything now is an opinion piece instead of real journalism. I think I actually trust bloggers’ integrity more, at least they admit their position and many are willing to hear the other side of the argument.

  8. Two grown men yelling over each other and calling names due their differences of opinion. But hey, they’re wearing suits, so that makes it a debate.

      • Pretty much this. Unless you agree with his political agenda (like that night he and Costas were giving each other HJ’s under the table), he’s just gonna yell over you, resort to ad hominems and then repeat how he thinks you’re evil/crazy/stupid after the break when you’re microphone’s been killed.

  9. He is still sore because we kicked their collective British ASS when they were the only Superpower in the world back in the late 1700’s. And we did it we with a bunch of squirrel hunters with SUPERIOR firearms.

    Guess he knows that lesson all too well….

    For a good show watch Mankind, The History of all of Us on Hist HD. The episode is called “Revolutions: Mankind Tames the Wilderness” it will be on again on 12/22 at 6:00pm

  10. Hey RF, you should do an article on all the different large pro-2a groups in the US, so we can have more information to get involved. Thanks-

  11. Typical anti…. no solid facts or arguments, just random finger pointing and name calling. How do we help this go viral so more people can see how amazingly stupid the anti crowd sounds 99% of the time?

  12. Another example as to why I abhor 24/7 “news” channels. The infotainment which are their actual news coverage is bad enough, but when it gets into the purely entertainment parts like that show I just want to curl up and cry, wondering why America has turned from supporting actual journalism to consuming shit like that instead.

  13. Larry Pratt handled that rude jackass with an incredible command of the facts and the patience of Job. I’m joining Gun Owners of America.

  14. Whenever Piers Morgan and the 2A come up, we like to say that PM believes it only applies to muskets (I find the quip humorous). But here’s the thing: police response time (depending on source) was 10-20 mins. You can shoot 20 people with a musket in 10 minutes. It’s not as dramatic as a modern black sporting assault death ray rifle, or even practical. But still.

  15. Anyone els get a laugh at Piers attempt to make an argument?

    Or how about his fall back stance of calling names? Typical.

    Next we’ll hear the liberal media calling Pratt a terrorist and racist for disagreeing with a British man. Bravo for Pratt stating the obvious faults of “Gun Free Zones” but typicaly it was ignored. Shocker.

    Gotta wonder if Piers is actualy that dim or if its just an act.

    Oh and the way he tried to manipulate the sheeple even further was hilarious, stretching the “scary” words and refusing to let his opponent speak, thats what the liberal mind calls “leaving them speechless”

    And you read the comments? Brain washed morons threatening to kill Pratt
    And yet their calling us dangerous and ignorant? Funny how the ones trying to take away rights are the ones threatening to cause the most harm.

    • “I dont agree with anything you say so youre a shteuuupid shteeuupid man.”

      i felt intellectually crippled after listening to that. I cant help that morgan could have done so much better… Ill give him a “N” for needs improvement.

  16. Maybe, if we all collectively concentrate, at the same time, we can cause piers Morgan to spontaneously combust. Ready? On 3….1….2….3. That guy is a huge tool and gives real britsna bad name. Amazing what passes for journalism these days. It’s all shock jock emotion devoid of logical thought.

  17. If Piers Morgan despises this country so much, he should move back across the pond to his gun-free utopia……and bring Alec Baldwin and Barbara Striesand along with him!

  18. Yes, the UK has always been safer in the cities, even when they had zero “gun control”. They’re catching up to us though, and I think they’re worse on stabbings. They also lie about the stats, both the police and Home Office.

    • NYPD was caught doing the same damn thing.

      The total state doesn’t want the proles to know that all their aggressive militaristic nanny state B.S. doesn’t do **** because it’d undermine their whole existence.

      • Oh, the UK as a whole lies so badly about their stats. I found out the other day that they only count a crime involving a gun as a “gun crime” or “homicide by gun” if there is a conviction. Not just an arrest even, but a conviction. So according to the UK, you could murder 500 people with a rifle and as long as you weren’t arrested and convicted, no murders involving a gun occurred. It’s ridiculous.

        • So by UK standards, no “gun crimes” were committed in Newtown, because no conviction will ever be secured, seeing as the perpetrator is dead.

          Nice. That would probably improve our stats as well.

  19. The last 2 times PM had John Lott and other 2A folks on he also degraded to blathering & belittling. Meanwhile they maintained their composure like RF did on TV the other night.

  20. A british guy telling an american guy to lay down his arms, and arguing over an amendment that was written because of the british, kind of ironic, isnt it?

  21. My company has offices in the UK and they tell me they don’t want Piers either.

    Piers is like a shock jock on the morning FM dial except he is not funny nor has any wit.

  22. “Taken from the most recent UK Telegraph Report”
    “UK is violent crime capital of Europe
    The United Kingdom is the violent crime capital of Europe and has one of the highest rates of violence in the world, worse even than America, according to new research.
    “There are over 2,000 crimes recorded per 100,000 population in the UK, making it the most violent place in Europe” By comparison, America has an estimated rate of 466 violent crimes per 100,000 population. The UK had a greater number of murders in 2007 than any other EU country – 927 – and at a relative rate higher than most western European neighbours, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Overall, 5.4 million crimes were recorded in the UK in 2007 – more than 10 a minute – second only to Sweden.

    In the US, two states stand out as “violent states” where gun control is the norm. The states of New York (almost two times the national average for homicides in the US and over 57% from guns) and Illinois (slightly over the normal average for homicides in the US and 83% from guns) where law abiding citizens have restrictions on ownership..

    So….. Piers get your facts straight…..”You” are more likely to defend yourself and or stop from being a victim of harm or worse should you be able to carry a firearm. The nonsense is that you are from England and trying to impose your ideology in the US. My suggestion is to go home to England if you hate it here so much…. Oh and be careful you might end up one of the 2,000…. or is that why you moved to the US…. It’s safer. I thought you were smarter than your comments…..

  23. Been watching PMs “town hall” on CNN. Every person who tries giving a rational explanation is shut down before they can fully answer because PM doesn’t like what he’s hearing. 3 different guys and each one got cut off. PM asked John Lott to explain why folks need a AR. John Lott tries to explain that all semis work the same, self defense, sporting, hunting, etc. and it’s just cosmetics and PMs rant kept being “how many bullets can it fire a second”, blah, blah. Another guy said PM was on a crusade and PM not happy about that either.

    • I love how PM filled the audience with anti-gun people and victims. CNN should be embarrassed that both sides were not presented in an equal light.

      • If CNN wasn’t long ago embarassed about its own descent from a highly-respected source of journalism to being the news world’s equivalent of the E! channel (seriously, if Sandy Hook hadn’t happened, this limey fruit would’ve probably been interviewing a Kardashian or Honey Boo-Boo tonight), then Morgan’s shameless crusade the wave the bloody shirt as loud and proud as he can isn’t gonna give Time Warner shareholders any red faces.

  24. Before the show started I said to myself “this is going to be a cherry picked audience”. Now that it’s over I was right. 3 folks who weren’t allowed to speak their piece re: 2A & the utility of the AR platform & the rest of the audience ready to lynch them.

    Back to shopping @ the MidwayUSA site for parts to build my 1st upper…

  25. One of the big box retailers with a gun department in my area has broken a few one-day gun sales records the past several days. On one of the days they sold $75,000 in guns.

    Piers is a hoot! This is the second interview I’ve ever watched him do with the first being Alan from the SAF. Alan started laughing at Piers for his ludicrous irrational behavior and Piers got upset with Alan too.

    • This was my exact thought. Larry Pratt did an absolutely stellar job of stating his case and not letting Piers get to him, far better than I ever could have.

      I was amazed when Piers said, “You are an unbelievably stupid man, aren’t you?” Amazed. Completely unprofessional.

      • For a snake who has shown no absolutely no qualms about wiping his own merry ass with ethics, flat out just calling a guest stupid is one of the more above-board things this twat has done in his career. At least he didn’t tap Pratt’s phone line (yet, that we know of).

  26. I love how Piers was using selective statistics. He kept saying “gun murders” and not murders. If you want to use statistics, use the whole statistics. Of course there would be less “gun murders” but lets compare actual murder rates where your statistics may not be so great. I also love the 100’s of rounds and how the Colorado shooter (I refuse to speak his name) used his AR. Beta mags suck, they jam all of the time and killers do everyone a favor when they try to use them and in Colorado it jammed and he mainly used his shotgun. If they wanted to limit the damage, they would actually ban shotguns because they are a lot more effective in close quarters but killers are ignorant thank goodness.

    I also cannot believe how rude Piers was. If I acted like that when I was a kid, my parents would have grounded me forever. You never talk to someone like that. It’s time to cancel CNN and Mr. Morgan as they lost the last shred of respect I had for them (it was a really small shred).

  27. Ughh…I puked in my mouth a little listening to Morgan fail miserably to sound like he has two brain cells to rub together.

  28. If we didn’t have guns, we’d still be British. Next time the Brits come begging for guns like they did in WWII, we should tell them to (you fill in the blank).

  29. If the stats CNN were posting on the screen are correct, it said there are 50K+ gun dealers in the US. My back of the napkin guesstimate math would suggest that eliminating just the AR market could potentially put well over 50K folks out of business/unemployed. Dealers, sales staff, support staff (admin, IT, etc.), gunsmiths, casting foundries, machinists, tool/die makers, etc. not to mention the companies that make the wide variety of uppers, lowers, accessories, etc. on the market. I’m not a business major type of guy, but as crazy as the lib/dem segment can be do they really want that big of hit of unemployment and economic decontribution (not sure it’s a word, I just made it up)?

    • They DON’T care. That is something I can’t believe I never really even thought of, but just the thought of putting that many people out of work over such a stupid load of sh*t idea that we all know won’t accomplish anything that they say it will and everything they say it won’t, really just puts a knot in my stomach. How can they claim to be so smart and sympathetic yet be so dumb and so ready to throw (like you said) some fifty thousand people under the bus by pretty much taking their jobs away for nothing?

    • Especially Morgan. I enjoy watching him turn beet red and balling up his tiny little fists. What a useless turd.

  30. Exactly why CNN has poor ratings. Morgan is a typical liberal when he can’t win the argument logically, he resorts to insults, like “your incredibly stupid”. LOL. He’s a joke and I give kudos to Larry Pratt for putting up with the abuse to at least try to get the audience to think, when it’s obvious, Morgan can’t and wont. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! I think she’s calling you back to Jolly Old England, you fool!

  31. Best Comment I have seen so far:

    Pop quiz: How many civilians died in the 20th century after being disarmed by their governments — plus or minus 10 million? by DougRoss

    Game, Set, Match….Goodnight Folks, Drive Home Safely….

  32. How is that news? How was that an interview? It only Piers exposing his agenda and hurling insults. The liberal media has destroyed all their credibility. It will only get worse and they will grind their news network into the ground. Normally, you ask a question, not a pointed one, and wait for an answer. Oh well, I’m a life member of GOA and will never give up my firearms. Good luck Piers, all the best.

  33. Piers Morgan has just tried to create sensationalism his whole career. He was editor of several very low quality tabloid ‘rags’ in the UK including The Sun, News of The World & the Daily Mirror where he deliberately printed stories/photos guaranteed to stir up a sh*tstorm. He also has a close relationship with Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul so you can be assured that whatever media/government message is flavor of the month will be propagated by Piers Morgan on his ‘show’. Also we mustn’t forget his insider dealing in the UK where he profited from the purchase of shares in a company called Viglen. Despite the fact he was eventually cleared, it seems suspicious that he cleaned out his and his wife’s bank accounts to pay for the shares………. He was found to have breached the Press Complaints Commissions guidelines for financial journalists though. To me then, he is a slimy 2 faced idiot who somehow has got to a position where his mug is plastered all over the news night & day. And what sort of interviewing style involves personal attacks and shouting over the guest?

    I’m from the UK originally and would love to see this guy go back there!

  34. When you teach kids they came from animals, do you expect them not to act like animals? Bring back the King James Bible in school with no curriculum for it except to have them read it individually. As much as some of you might not like to hear it, this so called ‘Christian’ nation of ours has forgotten God. Back in my father’s day, people carried guns up and down the street without controversy, people seemed to have a little more common sense then than this generation has.

    By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the LORD men depart from evil. – Proverbs 16:6

  35. That was just about the most childish behavior I believe I’ve ever seen from anyone in the media.

    I think Morgan is just pissed that we won the Revolutionary War, and that we saved Britain’s ass twice.

    How humiliating that must be for him.

  36. With no doubt that Morgan believes what he espouses, it is still to his advantage, and CNN’s, to engage in controversy. His ratings were low before this. The interview gave him much higher ratings certainly. Higher ratings mean higher advertisement revenues. Why do you think Jerry Springer features “Lesbian Midget Incest” and Maury gives us “You Twelve Are NOT the Father.” I turned off my Television a long time ago and have not been to a theater since Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven”. Why should I subsidize trash, made up controversy and yelling along the lines of “Did Not.” “Did Too.” “Nuh Uh.” Not to mention contributing money to Celebrities who have the ability to play Dress Up and Make Believe, so Society thinks we should listen to their opinions. I opt out.

  37. What a shellacking that Morgan brought onto himself.

    Larry owned Morgan….without even trying, and remaining polite the entire interview.

    Nut jobs like Morgan are the enemy of freedom everywhere. That guy is scary. As are most people who choose emotion over factual evidence and history.

  38. He didn’t even address what Larry brought up, he just kept quoting stats, “3 million guns,” and saying his media buzzwords. Assault rifles, murder! GUNS! MURDER!
    Blah blah.
    Larry brings up valid arguments, and Piers just yells at him, calling him an idiot. He then proceeds to completely avoid whatever Larry said.

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