Gun Optics Maker Leupold Names Calvin Johnston New Prez and CEO

Optics makers Leupold & Stevens have named Calvin Johnston as the company’s new president and CEO, effective July 19. Before taking the helm of “America’s Optics Authority,” Johnston had dealings with The Sports Authority, as group president/CEO of Russell Athletics. Before mastering the zen and the art of corporate politics, Jonston got his educational foundation from The Foundation of the Gator Nation: the University of Florida. Johnston then showed his commitment to acquiring business acumen by leaving the nation’s top party school (2008 – 2009) for frigid Michigan, earning a master’s degree in marketing and business strategy from Northwestern University. To quote Johnny Nash, Johnston can see clearly now the lawsuit’s settled (with Bushnell). Under new leadership we fully expect the “repurposed” company to find a kick-ass sight for TTAG’s test AR-10.

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