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Regarding the news from yesterday about the new ATF rulings going into effect soon, we still don’t know how much of the proposed regulations survived the public comment period. Perhaps it’ll be everything ATF is seeking to do. Perhaps, hopefully, it’ll be an extremely small portion that we can work to overturn. Regardless, I definitely went full Frank Costanza on them in my comment, as I’m sure many of y’all did, and we’ll see soon what effect it had.


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  1. If they were honest the canned response from them would be “all your rights are belong to us” or “look at me! I’m the Constitution now!”.

  2. ME: (spends hours wordcrafting a submission that perfectly represents my stance on a particular topic, sends it in with a deep feeling of satisfaction knowing I’m doing my patriotic duty to defend the very Constitution our GOV is actively undermining)

    AFT AGENT: (munches on a glazed Krispy Kreme while watching reruns of Murder She Wrote on his phone, oblivious as hundreds of incoming emails arrive on his computer screen)

    • Haz,

      That sums it up nicely. We care about the Constitution. The ATF cares about self-aggrandizement through the expansion of regulations and the expansion driven by Krispy Kremes.

      • “We’ve taken care of everything, the words you read, the songs you sing… “

        It turns out the priests of the temples of Syrinx are Republicans…

        “AUSTIN, Texas — Outraged at the parents and politicians who are trying to rid school libraries of books they denounce as inappropriate or even pornographic, a band of Texas school librarians is fighting back.

        Shortly after Texas state Rep. Matt Krause called for the state’s school libraries to review a list of 850 books for possible removal, four librarians formed “#FReadom Fighters” to resist what they call “a war on books.”

        • so, nothing is inappropriate for the jungcorps?
          who put “fun places to stick your pinky” on the shelves, the real heroes?

        • “Pay no attention to that critical race theory behind the curtain,” said all the talking heads on Templevision.

        • So just what is this critical race theory y’all keep talking about, can you give me an example in public schools as you suggest?

        • “Can you give me an example?” barked the sea lion.

          But although there were many examples, and more than one person in the room had studied the very thing he requested, and in fact knew some of its most ardent adherents, no one bothered.

          They all knew it was impossible to have an honest conversation with such creatures.

        • “But although there were many examples“

          So what “many examples” can you list of critical race theory curriculum in public schools?

  3. Electronic submissions were sent by a faulty mailbox rule to either Junk or Spam. Written submissions were filed in the magic cylinder which is always empty the next morning.

    • Oh I’m sure they keep you on their list, your squawking to them about what is and what isn’t does no good other then reinforce the reason you need to be on their list.

  4. It will be everything. After all why listen to a group of people the ATF, the democrat party and the military hate and want dead?

    You really think they would listen? The ATF and bidens puppeteers want nothing less than to go the home of every single person that commented in opposition on either of these and kill every single one of us.

    The left, democrats along with the entire federal government and 100% of all military leadership only desire ones thing when it comes to guns: the literal complete and total ban of all private gun ownership and the mandated extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that owns a gun as well as the complete and total extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that would is against killing every gun owner even if it means deploying the nuclear arsenal to do it. And if you do not think this you are as delusional as you think I am for writing this.

  5. avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

    “we still don’t know how much of the proposed regulations survived the public comment period.”

    I’m betting on most of it being implemented by them.

    And that was stupidest thing they could do, this close to the mid-term elections. If they were thinking tactically, they would drop that turd in the punchbowl after the election.

    Doing it now will really piss off the gun owners, and angry people show up at the polls. It will be just like Obama signing that abortion of a health care act. Pelosi actually said she wasn’t worried about a mid-term blowback, that her people will be running on that shit show that destroyed so many people’s health care.

    The result of that was the biggest blowout of Leftist Scum in the lower houses in probably 100 years, and Obama couldn’t get any substantial legislation passed for the next 6 years of his administration. Ramming that shit sandwich down our throats completely polarized the lower houses (as it should have) and his political capitol was gone with just one law, the ACA. That cost them dearly when Sandy Hook happened, and he couldn’t get his AWB passed. There were no defections from the right in the senate, and he probably could have peeled off enough votes from the rinos, it weren’t for the anger the voters had after the ACA debacle.

    The Leftist Scum seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that center-right America has zero interest in what those Marxists are selling. They seriously believe everyone thinks the way they do, and those that don’t are ‘raciss’ Cretans that can be ignored or squashed into silence by their silicon valley tech gods.

    Proof of that was the utter shock they showed when Trump won in 2016. It utterly baffled them that they lost, especially since the media was 1,000 percent in Hillary’s corner.

    We saw it again in 2020, when they realized they were gonna lose around 10 pm, and stopped counting votes in those key precincts and got the ‘R’ poll-watchers escorted out of the counting rooms so they could stuff the ballot-boxes to push Biden over the top in votes.

    Them doing that with the ATF will ensure we will kick their asses out of the house and senate next November. We now have a SCotUS better positioned to slap down their gun control bullshit, as we discovered when the New York carry case was granted certiorari and heard last October…

    • “If they were thinking tactically, they would drop that turd in the punchbowl after the election.”

      That depends on exactly what they’re doing and how they’re thinking about it.

      This administration has shown a proclivity for being willing to take an L in exchange for the damage they can do while the L is pending.

      Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you get struck down if the action gets you most of what you want in a way that’s very hard or impossible to undo before the courts step in. The damage is done and your base loves it even if it wasn’t fully successful.

      This is not a new regulatory tactic and it’s a pretty good trick in many cases. It also works with certain appointments, like SCOTUS picks.

  6. Under the current Administration/Regime I doubt the ATF gives the sort of fucks it did back when comments caused them to back away from the M855 ban.

    This administration is out to do some serious damage/gain some serious ground depending on your point of view. I doubt rather strongly that public opinion is something the Executive Agencies will be instructed to give much credence to.

    When you have an administration that openly says that they know something isn’t legal and will be struck down but they don’t care because they’ll get a bunch of it done before the courts can stop them… yeah, that’s novel to say that particular quiet part out loud.

    It seems to me that the supply line issues have greatly reduced their stock of fucks to give but that they remain pretty well stocked in the “balls” department. You have to give them that much.

    • The Left — the so-called Biden administration in particular — is dominated by narcissists and psychopaths. (I mean, look who they chose for VP; they recognize their own. And I told everybody way back in the early primaries she’d be anointed to ascend to the White house…I was right, even if I didn’t foresee how it’d actually happen.)

      They get such a high from hurting and controlling people that they’re happy to hurt themselves in the process. Best thing you can do with people like this is recognize what they are and distance yourself from them. Cut them out of your life.

      But if you can’t get away from them…if there’s nowhere you can go, and they’re determined to stay…what then?

      • Personally I think this goes a bit farther than just narcissists and psychopaths.

        There’s an odd sort of group-think that goes on with Lefties that I don’t claim to fully understand and I think probably requires a deep review of legit psychological literature. Within my own scope I note that this has tinges of what some call a “herd mentality” in terms of group-dynamics and enforcement mechanisms within the group. It also has some significant shades of Game Theory attached to it, albeit in a truly twisted way, and I’m honestly not sure if that Game Theory is internal or just a semi-decent schema for interrogating the overall situation from an outside point of view.

        Certainly the Left loves to play dangerous games an externalize the costs of those games to a great degree, hence why they appear narcissistic and particularly why they seem to exhibit forms of sociopath and psychopathy.

        But there’s something deeper going on inside the Left’s herd/group dynamics. You can see this if you isolate them. Get one of these people alone and talk to them and they’ll agree with you about a great many things in private but will revert to their *old self* upon being reintroduced to members of their own group. This is true even of hardcore Antifa types.

        That said, there’s some sort of social reinforcement mechanism that they use which seems to be purely internal to their group and, seems, specifically meant to be so. This is why many have noted that the so called “Cancel Culture” is aimed more at the Left itself than it is at the Right. It’s a Lefty form of policing their own and members of the Left seem to fear it in a deep way that no one else understands, possibly because only members of that group can understand it.

        IMHO, it’s clear that this has something to do with personal identity being drawn from the group and fear of ostracization from said group due to a fear that involves a form of loss-of-self, as if they cannot separate themselves from the group on a personality level. It’s also why, as a group, they react to basic questions or statements of fact as if you just dropped Cesium into a bucket of water yet an isolated individual can appear fairly rational and reasonable right up until they are in physical or perceived proximity to another Lefty, at which time they rapidly revert. This would, IMHO, seem to be an exhibition of addiction-like behavior where addicts often cannot go back to their old environment until well after they’ve kicked whatever substance they were addicted to.

        Yet, that previously mentioned control mechanism clearly has deep flaws within it since it’s been widely noted that the Left eats its own. It’s interesting to note that Cancel Culture really fails to meet the normal Lefty criteria of fully/mostly externalizing game costs and, rather, internalizes those costs in a way that’s self-destructive to the Left itself.

        That’s fascinating in some regards since it means that what we call *The Left* cannot endure. It also may go some distance in explaining the outright neuroticism that Lefties display since they seem to derive much of their own personal identity structure from the very group that is self-destructive and on some level the individual members of the group must know this and that’s GOT to create a hell of a lot of cognitive dissonance and therefore pain, which would explain the tendency to lash out. As if, in some regards, they’re trapped in a death cult and they know it but they also can’t leave because they also love being in that cult. They don’t want to be there but they cannot leave and then, on top of that, like the Mafia the harder someone does try to leave the more the group pulls them back in like the cult’s a psychological black hole of some sort.

        All of this generally seems to be true of a lot of Revolutionary movements. It seems to me that it’s also linked to those movements lacking a principled base behind their Revolution, which I suppose you could sum up as them being *rebels without a cause*.

        Overall, this would line up with some of the research done that strongly suggests that Lefty-ism is strongly correlated diagnosed neurosis but that doesn’t help you much, it just makes this nut seemingly more difficult to crack.

        Overall, the way I see the mental make up of the Left doesn’t bode well IMHO when I compare that to polling which very strongly suggests that the long-held Rule of Thirds is breaking down in ways that are, at best, suboptimal and realistically, again IMHO, damned dangerous.

        • “There’s an odd sort of group-think that goes on with Lefties that I don’t claim to fully understand and I think probably requires a deep review of legit psychological literature.”

          it’s simple. it’s a cult. a cult of “us. just us. only us.” that’s all.

        • I’d love to believe that but your description doesn’t match up with what’s actually going on in basically any manner.

          When your theory describes, at best, 5% of observable phenomena you need a far better theory.

        • alright, a cult that persists over a hundred generations, that views the universe as being created expressly for them, that views themselves as the legitimate human beings, that views everyone else as being talking animals put here by god to serve them to be eliminated if they don’t, and that operates in an organized cohesive manner to take possession of all that is rightfully theirs.

        • Let’s be clear: this “cult” you refer to, Ant7, is the Jews.

          And who are the Jews? Just one more ethnic group among thousands, albeit better than most at ensuring cultural and religious cohesion amongst themselves. And they have indeed played a central role in the bloody course of the long 20th century, which leads people in search of simple villains to fixate on Da Joooos! as if they were simultaneously some baleful cosmic force and a mere human outgroup that could be thwarted if only enough people would imitate history’s most infamous totalitarians.

          Maybe you could eradicate them, or at least turn them into some sort of untouchable caste, if you did it “right.” Problem is, even if you do “get it right,” all you get is an even more total totalitarianism with extra helpings of misery and death for everyone that isn’t you (and what was that you said about a cult of “just us, only us?”).

          No thanks.

        • Yes, you can see the behavior you describe in the interviews of Trump supporters at his recent rally in Texas.

          “this has something to do with personal identity being drawn from the group and fear of ostracization from said group due to a fear that involves a form of loss-of-self, as if they cannot separate themselves from the group on a personality level. It’s also why, as a group, they react to basic questions or statements of fact as if you just dropped Cesium into a bucket of water“

          A large percentage of Q cultists along with plenty of anti-VAXers and even several flat earth believers.

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